Candy Crush Saga Levels

Candy Crush Saga cheats, tips and tricks

Here we will cover general Candy Crush Saga tips and tricks to get you going on this fun, addicting game. Our Candy Crush guide is committed to helping you in any way we can, with a complete candy crush walkthrough and help so you can play and beat all 575 levels for android and iPhone! Below is a detailed list for Candy Crush online help that will help guide you with Candy Crush android, iPhone, and Facebook. Enjoy!

First thing's first. Before you get playing we recommend that you take a mental look of the entire board and plan out your first moves before randomly matching. What are the objectives? Is this a timed level, how many moves do you have, what fruit are there on the board, etc.

If your objective is to push fruit down the bottom of the screen, focus on those rows of your playing board first.

If you get stuck and don't make a move for a certain amount of time, the game will provide a hint for you in the form of candies flashing. I wouldn't always recommend using this as often they are random and are not the best possible move. If you can't figure out a better move for yourself besides the one given, then use the hint provided.

Stone Squares: On some levels of the game you will notice stone squares. These squares don't actually hold any candies inside them, but they do need to be opened up. When you match candies next to the stone square, it will break open and can then be used.

Jelly Squares: You should always try to get rid of the squares with the jellies first. By matching candies in and near the jelly squares you will be able to complete the level within the set number of moves. Be wary of jelly squares on odd corners of the board, as they will be more difficult to remove, so try to get rid of them first.

An L-shaped or T-shaped candy on the board will give you a special candy that is wrapped in plastic. Wrap this special candy with candies of the same color and it will remove a larger set of candies in one single move.

Giant Candies: You can get a giant candy by combining the plastic wrapped candy with the striped candy (striped candies are formed combining four of more candies of the same color). Giant candies will get rid of the largest amount of candy possible horizontally and vertically in the row.

Cheat that works on every level

Couple of hints

- Combine special candies to create awesome effects and power blasts.
- Combine the wrapped candy with the chocolate sprinkle ball.
- Combine the striped candy with the chocolate sprinkle ball.

Ingredient levels tips and tricks

One of the main things to remember with Candy Crush Saga ingredient levels is that the main focus is to push down the ingredients towards the exit holes. So, instead of just matching random candies on your board, you must push down these candies first in a set number of moves.

Notice how many fruits you need to bring down. On the left or top side of your screen there will be the fruit or nut icons with the number of ingredients in that level that will need to be pushed down. Not all ingredients will appear on your screen at once, only after you push the first round down.

Remove the licorice whorls in later levels to unlock the locked candies, this will allow the cherries to exit at the bottom.

You may have to sacrifice not using or losing some of your special candies in order to bring down the ingredients. That is okay since the objective of the level is to get rid of the ingredients primarily.

If you can avoid having the ingredients on the very left side of the board when there are less tiles than the other rows this will be for the best. That position on your screen makes it more challenging to get rid of your ingredients.

Jelly levels tips and tricks

Objective: To remove all jelly tiles from the board.

You can remove a jelly tile from the level by making a match over the jelly's square. Focus on matching the jelly tiles first before you move onto other candies on the screen.

Notice: Beware of the jelly squares at the top of the field, and jelly squares in odd corners of the board. These are more difficult to match 3 candies in a row, and you don't want to run out of moves with those tiles remaining.

Jelly Squares and Stone Squares: Some levels will have both stone squares and jelly squares. It is important to remove both, as both are equally important to passing the level. For stone squares you must make a match next to the square and it will then break open and can be used.

Boosters that can help you with jelly levels:
- Jelly Fish Booster
- Shuffle Candy
- Coconut Wheel
- Color Bomb

Candy crush combinations

3 candy matches are the most basic candy crushes in the game. To get three matches you must align three of the same colored candy either vertically or horizontally. To do this simply switch one of the candies with the other color by tapping the selection on the screen, and once the three candies are together they will com-bust and the rows above them will move down.

4 candy matches will get a striped candy of this color. It is much more valuable to match 4 candies together if you can because the striped candies can produce line blasts that will remove all candies in the same line, horizontally or vertically.

5 candy matches will get a big chocolate ball that is covered in rainbow sprinkles. This is a great candy to use for when you combine this candy with a normal candy of any color it will blast and remove all of the candies of that same color. Try not to use this candy right away in the beginning for you will gain more points if you use it later in the level when you need more points.

A sugar crush occurs when at the end of a level you have either have more moves remaining or special candies left over. You can use these to get a Sugar Crush where you will get bonus points for having beaten the level so well.

Important tip about matching: Often times the game will give you a hint for candies to match (they will be flashing and moving on the screen) when you haven't made a move in a certain amount of time. We recommend not always using this unless you are out of moves because their hints are random and are merely recommendations, and not necessarily the best move. Explore your other options before taking a hint as you only have a certain amount of moves.

Gameplay tips

Know your objective: If a level requires you get a certain score as well as completing a task, make sure you've achieved that score before you make the final move to complete the task.

Learn to recognise the match patterns: Matching three candies is easy. You're working on a 3x3 grid, and your brain will easily learn the pattern combinations that can make a three-candy match. Matching four and five candies is more difficult. I won't go into the maths here, but learn what you're looking for. Maybe even study the background wallpaper on this website and see how many match 4 and match 5s you can see.

Crush candies at the bottom: For most levels, crushing candies at the bottom of the grid is the best strategy. There are exceptions to this as you progress through the game: but in most grids, starting at the bottom will give the greatest amount of candy combinations.

Make effective striped candies:When you find a four-candy match, you're going to get a striped candy. The candy will be striped in the same direction as the candy you moved to make the match. So if you moved a candy down to make the match, you'll get a vertical striped candy, and if you moved a candy across to make a match, you'll get a horizontal striped candy. I got to level 80 beore I learned about this...

Use the special combo cheat sheet: Knowing which special combinations do what is key to clearing some of the later levels. Use our special combo cheat sheet to learn the most effective solution for your level.

Destroy the distractions: Meringues, licorice, chocolate: if completion of the level requires that they be taken out, take them out early. Always destroy time bombs at the first opportunity.

Plan your ingredients: There is no randomness as to when an ingredient appears on a level. Learn what triggers the ingredient to drop (usually the first swap after the last ingredient was cleared) and plan accordingly so that they go into the vertical column that's easiest to clear.

Swim with the fishes: Fishes will go for whatever jelly is on the board. So if you use them near the end of the game, they will go straight for the hard-to-get jellies you've not managed to clear.

Need to cheat?: Then you're a lost cause, and a very, very bad person. Shame on you. Now go and reset the date and time on your mobile phone so that it's a day ahead and enjoy your extra five lives. Or, if you're using Facebook, open multiple browser tabs with the game open when you hae five lives.

Know when you're beat: If you've been dealt a bad hand (or a bad candy grid) give the game a reshuffle before you start. A match 4 or match 5 at the beginning of the level can be all it takes to win sometimes.

Special combos

Striped Candies + Striped Candy = a row and a column cleared. This is true, even if the stripes face the same direction.

Striped Candy + Wrapped Candy = A Giant 3x3 Striped Candy which clears three rows of candies and then three columns of candies.

Wrapped Candy + Wrapped Candy = 5x5 area cleared.

Striped Candy + Colour Bomb = All candies of the same colour as the Striped Candy also become Striped Candies and detonate.

Wrapped Candy + Colour Bomb = All the candies of the colour of the Wrapped Candy, and all the candies of another random colour are cleared.

Colour Bomb + Colour Bomb = All candies on the board will be cleared. Meringues, twister candies and some other obstacles aren't affected.

Striped Candy + Jelly Fish = Three regular candies will be turned into into Striped Candies at random by three Striped Jelly Fish, then detonated.

Wrapped Candy + Jelly Fish = Three regular candies will be turned into into Striped Candies at random by three Wrapped Jelly Fish, then detonated.

Colour Bomb + Jelly Fish = Three regular candies will be turned into Jelly Fish, then 9 Jelly Fish appear. Four candies of each of the three colours will be cleared.

Striped Candy + Coconut Wheel = Five candies converted to Striped Candies as the Cocunut Wheel passes them.

Wrapped Candy + Coconut Wheel = All candies passed by the Cocunut Wheel will be turned into Wrapped Candies.

Colour Bomb + Coconut Wheel = All candies passed by the Cocunut Wheel will be turned into Striped Candies.

Coconut Wheel + Coconut Wheel = The first Cocunut Wheel will turn all candies it passes to Striped Candies, then after the Striped Candies are triggered, the otherCoconut Wheel will turn all candies it passes to Striped Candies again.
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