Candy Crush Saga Levels

Gingerbread Glade - episode 11

Gingerbread Glade is the eleventh episode of Candy Crush.The player encounters a Wizard with his Pot for his Green Colored recipe. This episode was released on August 2 2012. Three-layered meringue is introduced.

This episode contains levels 141 to 155, and is the only one that contains all five level types, namely: Jelly, Target Score, Timed, Ingredient and Objectives. As of the 27th episode release, level 144 marks the final appearance of the Target Score level type. Some of the levels in this episode are extremely challenging, the most notorious of which is level 147.

This is the actual only episode to contain all level types. All 5 level types are present in this episode, something unique to this episode. This episode falls in the very thin margin of levels between the first objectives level and the last target score level. There were no target score levels in Wafer Wharf, so that makes this episode the only one to have all level types.

Gingerbread Glade levels

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