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Candy Crush Saga level 100

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Salty Canyon episode. The objective of level 100 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 100:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 100 strategy

You only have 20 moves to bust through the white blockers and clear the gel, but you do have to get to the bomb since it explodes after 15 if you don’t match it. It’s harder to remove the top level white blockers and the bottom corner ones. Note the blockers in the bottom right and bottom left are NOT gel squares and don’t need to be removed.

Score 60,000 points in 20 moves.

1 star: 60000 points
2 stars: 85000 points
3 stars: 110000 points

Level 100 cheats, tips and tricks

Jing Ma: it's a cheat game .there's only pure luck to win this level.

Madison Griffiths: This one took me over 30 tries, I'm still not finished. I am not getting good turn outs, because I make one turn and then it tells me I have no more possible matches and switches, I made one more move and it did the same again! LUCK is the key to this level. Damn it this game is evil.

Nugget1205: Yeah that was all luck

seekeroftruth111: this one only took me 3 tries

tsrn74373649: It's not skill ! It just because u r lucky!

applelaurocks28: close one.....a tip would be to get rid of the mist on top of the bomb first!

tesha84: Lucky

RenzAllenGremio: This level is shit!

supermario3459: SHITTY LEVEL !!! THUMBS UP !!!

whydouneedakno: Why are there always so many dislikes, obviously you are not going to get the same board layout as he got you fuck tards

Jenna Chelvan: because he is German!

precipice65: i finally cleared this level. don't ask me how i did it coz i dont even know.

coco-chan jazz: mis respetos :)

blobbernize: you're so lucky :( I've been playing this level for days

misstifler: Hallo :) eine Frage schaffst du jedes Level direkt oder braucht du auch mehr Anläufe? Lg und danke für deine Hilfe

skillgaming: Nach mehreren Anläufen schaffe ich jedes Level direkt ;) Kommt halt immer aufs Level an. 50-75% schafft man mit 1-3 Versuchen, bei dem Rest kanns im Worst Case auch mal bis zu 200 Versuche dauern!

wawai ng: no good ,because he is very lucky

kcabrera2079: No puedo pasar ESA fue suerte

helzonwheels: I think more moves were made on this video then was on the level we play!

bunny y: id to use so many extra tools to get over this level

Pang Suki: This level is hard

Elaine Lin: amazing

Ms27twentyseven27: lucky fish!! im stuck on this one too! =/ 

Carmen Trisnevschi: pure luck dude 

lacey Stewart: WOW Your so good...I've been following you every level so far but this one ..Im stuck and i hate it lol

Lanna Silverwings: YOU ARE SO LUCKY

valepape: A ti te resulta muy fácil... Esta etapa me tiene pegada hace dos semanas :(

susan nichols: you make it look so easy

isadora pinheiro: Adoorro esse jogooo

jellydgasdga agfasgagsg: Fuck this noob level, you can only win this with lluck

Hong Hai: yeah it depend on how he new game colours setting. some of so fking impossible

Karola Schmill: ich komme einfach nicht weiter bei Level doch echt zum kotzen das Level

Michelle Cardoso: grrr i fk hate this lvl >_<

EmpireOfficialoo7: Watch the video Candy Crush Saga ===> /watch?v=bu8HWCbFmww

Eliluce Farias: vou tentar tbm,mas ta dificil...rsrsrsr 

moinmoinalda: da war noch ein gelee übrig ???

skillgaming: Alder, nein!? Die Sahnetupferl müssen nicht zwingend entfernt werden, zumindest da in diesem Level dahinter (ausnahmsweise) auch kein Gelee mehr versteckt ist!

moinmoinalda: jo

Amanda Dias: Menino vc e fera nesse jogo em...

RCandRK: lucky madafaka

Geht DichNichtsAn: Ich ich dieses verdammte Level hasse . . . Man hat noch nicht mal einen Zug gemacht und das Level ist schon wieder vorbei, so ging es mir gestern, und zwar mit allen 5 Leben ^^

Michael Ranger: wow!this hack really work!==> <<

Adrienne Cureton: Ur caption says "NO BOOSTERS" but you used a booster to paint strips

Merry Christmas: the video caption is "Candy Crush Saga Level 100 Cheat" and please see the description , it tells you how to get free booster. thanks for watching :)

Lakersfanneworleans: Where is that paintbrush located in the game?



Kevin Macklin: SO how do u get the cheat?

Merry Christmas: free boosters

f1oRlicious: i like this game... but i cant belive people would spend money to pass levels..

Merry Christmas: i like Candy Crush too.

Marky Cooper: all luck

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