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Candy Crush Saga level 101

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Salty Canyon episode. The objective of level 101 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 101:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 101 strategy

Points are not an issue at all here, first thing you need to do is remove the bombs, then concentrate on bringing down the ingredients and removing the pestersome white blocks on the bottom. The bombs on the far left and right are harder to get rid of.

Bring the ingredients down (3 acorn, 3 cherry) in 30 moves and score 70,000 points

1 star: 70000 points
2 stars: 100000 points
3 stars: 150000 points

Level 101 cheats, tips and tricks

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