Candy Crush Saga Levels

Candy Crush Saga level 102

This level is part of the Ingredient Drop levels and can be found in the Salty Canyon episode. The objective of level 102 is to bring down all ingredients to the bottom. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 102:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 102 strategy

Kill the chocolate. It won’t grow with the spinners there, and until you break through the spinners, you can’t remove it. but if you can put together a color bomb or mix a striped and wrapped candy to plow through it, AFTER you get rid of the spinners,try to remove it asap. Watch your bombs as they are only 5 move bombs. 40 moves for 4 ingredients should be doable if you aren't overwhelmed by the chocolate or forget about the bombs.2

Bring the ingredients down (2 acorns, 2 cherries)

1 star: 65000 points
2 stars: 115000 points
3 stars: 145000 points

Level 102 cheats, tips and tricks

chaskii07: Love this game its all free even above level 100 its awesome

Simon Thomas: Enjoyed it up to 102. Now I need to get my life back.See you folk's (rehab)

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juanc kelate: This game is only a free game when you are at lvl 100 and below.. when it comes to lvl 100 and above, it become a paid game unless u are very2 skillful to finish at every level.. gul luck all!!!!

宗維 劉: video show crad will kill chocolate his row Why I crad then chocolate won't disapper? and one more chocolate (at the black) (I'm computer ver)

anisetus ariandi: kudu nga hoki iyeu game mah..... urang yakin si eta geus sabraha kali ngulang..... yakin 

Jenny Chen: 為什麼電腦版條紋糖果不會被黑色方塊阻擋?!

bunny y: thank u. finally solved it :)

bunny y: wow amazing! idk how ill solve this level :(

chenwj: pure luck

Jess Miller: Wtf is wrong with mine..i did what you did at 0:30 with the candy stripes and the freaking chocolate didn't blow up, plus appears a new one...f**k! I hate this level

FoxyAnne118: You need to use the choc 1 before the others and they are meant to clear the black one's

Spare Change: This is so BULLSHIT!!! How in the world do you even get a combination like this video...Crap, Crap and Double Crap...Not to mention the software maker has a problem with replying to emails( and not gripe emails).

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skillgaming: That's true!

Spare Change: Yeah, I'm a patient person, but when I'm willing to pay for in-game purchases, I expect to be able to contact the company I'm doing business with if I have a valid problem...Not to Facebook is the worst in this category...there is no real way to contact them...can't wait to see it flop for something customer svc related...

FoxyAnne118: I totally agree and I don't know why people are saying it costs a fortune to play and pass levels on this game that's what's ''RUBBISH'' as I am now on level 103. I've not spent any money and don't intend to I do watch these video's carefully once you figure out what you've to do its NOT ROCKET SCIENCE ALTHOUGH STILL TRICKY AND CAN TAKE A FEW TRIES TO CLEAR THE LEVEL THANKS ''SKILLGAMING KEEP THE VIDEO'S COMING THEY SURE HAVE HELPED ME :D !!

FoxyAnne118: This is not ''BULLSHIT'' !! I've been playing Candy Crush Saga for months now and I have just passed this LEVEL 102 !! I always come on here to skillgaming and have a look at the video b4 I start another level, I have found the video's great help esp when I was stuck on level 65 for 3months I look at the video and low and behold I passed level 65 and the next and next !! YOU NEED TO WATCH THE VIDEO AND PICK UP THE HINTS !! DO YOU WANT THEM TO TELL YOU EXACTLY HOW TO CLEAR A LEVEL ? I DON'T

Thomas Drake: wah wah wah!!!

lena greer: I agree this is bullshit I am ready to throw this computer 

animlnitr8: Ok yeah bull...that NEVER happens...not on iPhone or iPad!

Artbug: ??? How do your stripped candies destroy BOTH the black wire things AND the chocolate in one go? Did the game have a recent upgrade to make it more difficult?

swamigal: Just finished it ! woohooo

swamigal: on my first try i was closest to solve it, fucking hell, had 2 lucky striped and wrapped candys and got careless with a bomb ticking and lost chance to finish it with 8 moves to go......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa­aa

criminal238: I would have had this level done if it wasn't for the stupid bombs which most of the time depend on luck to get rid off

FoxyAnne118: Ahaaa I figured out something about the bombs only when I got to this level if you take your time and look you will discover the same as I have ?? Good Luck

criminal238: Thanks, I did make it by this level after a few trys I am now on level 186 I think. But level 183 was so hard if I didn't have the boosters the game gave me I would never have beaten level 183.

descore: what are you talking about???

ranchmom1: This is the worst level so far in the game.

Barbara Reiñanco Ovando: i cant believe...i pass this level but google chrome stop it fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck skillgaming helpe i pass the level to the same way like you ...sorry for my english

Barbara Reiñanco Ovando: este nivel es un reto y creo que vienen muchos mas dificiles pero si he llegado hasta este nivel puedo continuar es un desafio que hay que tomar

Daryl Oh: When I got 2 donut side by side, I AM SO HAPPY. But I left 1 hazelnut ARGH

Lisandra Deleon: damn this niggah is a pro

FunnyNaily: I think in this level the only thing you need is luck! Otherwise, it's impossible.

skillgaming: No, I don't think so, because if you receive a solvable set you still need skill to actually make it. Most of the upcoming levels are even harder!

FoxyAnne118: I totally agree with that !! I thought at first there is no way this level is going to take me a few months :( However NO A COUPLE OF HOURS :D THEN IT WAS SWEET,,,SUGAR....CANDY CRUSH !! I GOT THE LEVEL CLEARED LIKE ALL THE OTHERS WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY... IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED TRY AND TRY AGAIN TILL YOU GET SUGAR....SWEET....CANDY CRUSH LOL

Fany douglas: is almost imposible to pass this fucking level full of bombs and chocolates

Nilton Costa: o jogo é muito bom, porém chega num nivel que voce não passa nem ferrando, só comprando... afinal, esse é o intuito deles... Uma pena.

YaNoAwantoMas: If I was a religious man, I'd say that level was design by the devil himself... Took me at least 100 tries. D:

Lefty7788tinkatolli: Beat on 1st try with a score of 166,423.

christie m: Same here.. I don't understand 

christie m: What I don't understand is, when you make the Striped one go down, it destroys the black one AND the Choc. one. When I do that, it only detroys the black one...

Barbara Reiñanco Ovando: all the reason its freak 

poisonboy7777: this must haveb been a server error cause he played this level quite long ago and it may have been corrected...

tomas9660: So much luck!! Arrghh

karaona: I still cant do this..I have no idea how! The chocolate takes over and i cant get threw it

descore: The chocolate is your friend if you accidentally drop a timebomb down there. Once the blacks are gone the vertical stripies cut right through the choc. What I don't understand is how the stripies cut the black and chocolate in the same move in this video, must be a difference between the facebook and Android versions.

amykins812: how many tries did it take? lol i have tried like 20 times now.. aggravating!

skillgaming: Well I managed to solve this specific level within a maximum of 5 trys as far as i can remember. Keep trying, you've already solved much harder ones!

amykins812: thank you :) I have no idea why I cant get passed this lol..

ProBRUCEr: This video was not even remotely helpful. *sigh*

lena greer: I can't even get enough lives to beat this one

MarleneAug2010: With the chocolate, ingredients falling and the bombs...IDK. I don't think I'll ever get past this level!

whydouneedakno: This level doesnt even seem possible, i always fail right away cuz there are no colored candies that are the same as the bomb

lena greer: this one is driving me crazy, I want to throw something

valarievomit: Damn @ leonard butler ...

Necula Eugeniu: nu reusesc sa trec de nivelul asta de 2 saptamani :(

TwoMinecraftMasters: Im on level 100

CHEE WEI Chin: im stuck here..but will try!

Leonard Butler: I must find somebody that has passed this level to pass it for me. But I have nobody to turn to. I used every strategy in my arsenal, I came close to passing it twice, and I am still stuck. I really have to track down the one who is a friend of my mother's. She is the master of this game in my city. She is my only hope.

Leonard Butler: I been stuck on this level for 3 days now. I have two co-workers that have passed this level long ago. They used a strategy that I have failed to use. There has to be a way to pass this level. I need luck. But I do not have it. I can use a lot of help passing this level. I do not plan on giving up on this game.

Leonard Butler: It's about making the right moves at the right time. It takes luck, skill, determination and patience. Tracing Card Games are the same way. It's about drawing the right card needed to help turn the battle in your favor. But Trading Card Games has nothing to do with this game. In comparison, it is harder and tougher than any game ever made. Luck, Patience, and Determination. Remember those three words.

Leonard Butler: I have made it passed level 100 not too long ago. Now I am stuck on level 102. I know it takes luck to pass it. A friend of my mother's is almost to level 200. A level only a few has ever reached. To really pass all the levels leading to level 172. We need to watch all the videos on the levels that we are stuck on.

mitrooper: I wish I had your luck...

achlada: iam really mad about stucking in this stupid LEVEL... ill kill my laptop

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Iulia B.: eu de doua luni ma chinui :|

kelly kollida: lucky 

MsBarbieDollDiva: i can't beat this level!

Racine773: Got off this on my third will get off every board just have to be patient.

Chad Susott: If you play a level for long enough, the candy crush gods smile on you... Be patient. It's a lot about luck and some strategy know how.  If you're not a patient type, better be rich.

Pill Driver: Nice of you to put this on. I don't think you can call it a strategy though since this game is based on luck for like 80%. You can't foresee all moves, you can try to use a certain strategy but in the end it all depends on what's coming down and it's just a matter of starting over and over again and wait till you get lucky. For this same reason the game is starting to bore more and more...

hrl15: I'm sorry but I can make em happen to. I've played this game for two weeks without buying crap and I'm man of enough to say a lot of this stuff is luck. There is sometimes a certain way to make it work but if your not being thrown good combinations or the one you are Linsey's

Flakito0018: I really hate this fucking level ¬¬'

monster09gaga: omg i can't more 3 star

DianeArellano304: <<wow really work this hack.i tested

Lucille Joy Abatayo: After playing for a period of time, I'm making poor decisions. Guess that means I need a break lol but your video helps. Hopefully, I won't be stuck on this one for two weeks. Thanks for the video!

Diane Weiss: all i see is you got lucky with stripes and wraps. Unless you bought the helpers at start of this round.

MsCookieKirby: I never use boosters on my videos and I don't get "lucky". I make the stripes and wraps happen.. It isn't difficult.

NYsMostMissed: lol there are alot of stupid people posting comments on the page xD

CaptainSantaMusic: Move 25 is incredibly lucky- if a green piece doesn't come down right there the green bomb goes off and you lose.

Louise Sikkens: Don't see us as total idiots, because we play this game

Louise Sikkens: How else in gods name you know in front that you will end the level, so you can put it on video?

MsCookieKirby: I record every game I play so if I fail I delete and if I pass I save..

Louise Sikkens: All the examples I see here are not like the plays I play. I never get such good combinations, so I wonder if the examples here are put there by one of the makers of the game. Actually I am pretty sure it is one of the makers. Why you fool us this way?

MsCookieKirby: I can assure you I have nothing to do with the makers of the game.. I am just a player same as you.

descore: Lol if you try 25 times and succeed once which video would you put on YT? The one where you succeeded and got lucky combos...

symmetricalastic: I still don't understand the strategy. I have played this over twenty times

Jessica Jess: I was really lucky in this level to have a mix of color and stripe, two mixes of stripe and wrap, then easily finished the game >.,

mimi smith: Nice job!!

Leonard Butler: Watching videos of one player passing this level is not enough. No. We have to watch videos of many players passing this level. How they did it and which strategies they used to pass level 102. It takes not just luck, but it also takes wisdom, skill, determination and patience.

Leonard Butler: Unreal. That looks fantastic. I wish I was that lucky. It is a different strategy than the one ananas101 used to pass this level. Others players like myself are stuck on this level. We know that it takes luck to pass. But it is not enough, it also takes determination, patience and skill. We have to take being lucky even further. We have to go beyond being lucky.

j stewart: nice 

ladyjenkx: I don't understand what makes the candies drop to the bottom. There is no whole like in the previous levels. Is the only way to get the fruit to the bottom by using striped candies to break through? I don't get it.

dzkrzbtch: For that level, one color is gone. On mine, I don't have any yellow. They don't have purple. Not fake.

Merche González Reina: Tengo movil HTC y me dice que No esuu compatible para descargar candy crash saga

Nancy Hollman: I think this video is faked. No purple candies, only 3 or 4 bombs and everything lining up to make all those speicals including 2 chocolates??? No way.

SgtSlashbash: i'm playing on ipad and don't get any purple

Nancy white: why don't you have purple candies?

EuropeanGuy87: try to figure it out logically, genius.. -- it's not that hard.

Natsuke1985: Oh God I spent, like, 6 days on this level D:

Tony Adams: thanks!

Kat Mobley: I get about three times as many bombs as you do.

soshan60: You're not really telling me anything I don't already know, I know you need to match up special candy's to get rid of lots of fruits but you're no help because every game loads diffrerently so how can you "show" us how to do this level? Also I only saw a few bombs on your screen, when I play I get a bomb every time I match 3 fruits. Pretty pointless video in my opinion.

Hoi-Yi Ho: Oh boy i hate this level so much :P thanks!

Angela Pahl: Why don't you have any timed boms to deal with?

Delia Cotto: ok how did you make your green turn into yellows?

qtstripes: yay i did it thank you x

Tanika Carroll: Yes, thanks, but Can you put up how to play level 107 that's what I'm stuck on. You seem to explain how to do these levels better than the rest I've seen on here.

Patty O'Neill: thanks so about level 107?

CuppaChai11: I hate this level so much!!!!!

Christina Goodno: I LOVE when I get to combine 2 chocolate pieces... Thanks for the help! Your videos are definitely the most helpful!

hernandezj0081: Ive done 7 sprinkle bombs and tons of stiped candys and nothing

Snivy Tsuttaja: solo quiero nivel 7 eswtanto pedir

Hunter MacLean: So you basically need to get a sprinkle-bomb ;-)

Teresa Lau: Thank you :)

Heidi Heiberg: come on help me out, get me past level 102 how did u get the lollypop

Dirty H: it's a power-up that is available in the game.

emir altın: sende bnim gibi hile kullanmışın 

katesgram: Whoever came up with this round is down right evil! 

Dirty H: Lol then you will have a big problem with the higher levels.. because most of them are harder then this one.

Jake Little: I have been stuck on this level for two weeks. I do not get the round life saver candy that you show on your game. Why is that I wonder.

Dirty H: I still had some of those power-ups, so that's maybe why i get them in this level.

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