Candy Crush Saga Levels

Candy Crush Saga level 109

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Salty Canyon episode. The objective of level 109 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 109:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 109 strategy

The 5 white blockers are all Jelly squares and the 4 individual squares on their own islands are as well. Work through the bombs first as one horizontal striped candy will clear them out, them the locked in pieces. Then do your best to make striped candies to remove the remainder of the pieces to finish off this level. A color bomb is exceptionally helpful here.

Clear all the Jelly and score 40,000 points in 35 moves.

1 star: 40000 points
2 stars: 90000 points
3 stars: 140000 points

Level 109 cheats, tips and tricks

SpiderRiderKya: I wish I could get this lucky on that level. I have been stuck on it for months now.

xxriders1971x: Fuqing lucky

bombarderoazul: You have no yellow candies, therefore your chaces of lining up candies are easier, try playing it on PC, it's much harder and challenging.

eidenify1: No me jodas! jajajaja no puedo pasar ese nivel! D:

Wiintendoh: This game is a fucking joke.

BreSanner: It took me 3 attempts to beat this level without any boosters and made more than 200,000 #MyLuckySelf

Diane Manuel: how did yu get the time bombs

Don Johnson: Either slide a stripe or two chocolate sprinkles next to each other

Eli Hanovitch: the above had so much to do with luck. Two brownies, come on.

Racine773: I never been on a level more than a day...I'm at 110.

Harry Maynard: Create horizontal lined sweets and bring them down until the get to the bombs

Rika Gault: Why u dont have yellow

skillgaming: cause i have purple as I'm not playing on mobile devices.


precipice65: i am also at level 109 and frankly i don't believe this game has much to do with skills. its 99% luck.

King: damn i managed to kill 2 bombs but fail the 2 above

ickbar: There is no skill in this level whatsoever. It all depends on luck, reallt badly designed level...

symmetricalastic: @skillgaming Could you please explain in the videos why you make the moves that you do? It might help me more

coeryibelle: U r really lucky

TheSlinkyGuyShow: This level can go fuck itself.

lcw0623: How to remove the time bombs? Help!! Thanks!!!

Tampabayraysgirl: HA!! Victory is mine!! After 1 week and at least 25 tries per day, I finally completed this filthy level. This and level 65 the worse by far!!!

cheddarr29: don't forget level 97 where you have to get an almost impossible 100,000 points in 24 moves while disarming bombs!

Tampabayraysgirl: This level makes me want to slit my wrists!! Impossible!!! I managed to finally line up the striped candy to destroy the bombs on the sides but cannot get the two candies on the sides up top! It's making me nuts.

Krista Brewer: I've scrolled down three or four times, hoping to get some tips, but there's just too much dirty language on here, I had to get off

Erica Boyd: I have never seen those moves before

Amy Chan: How to remove the time bombs? Any good strategies?

ralfh lobitaña: habang ginagawa ang level na to siguro lasing sya

CastleFlameGal: I can't do this level. I manage to get rid of the bombs sometimes with just pure luck, and the furthest I've ever got is hitting the top two jellies once somehow. But then you have to go and hit them again to complete the level and I can't seem to do it. And if I find a striped candy thats in the same row as the jellys I swipe it and it ALWAYS clears the path the opposite direction that I want it to go in. It's pissing me off way more than it should -.-

Brandi Salazar: I know exactly how you feel!! This level is driving me insane! This video gives me hope but it just seems like it's all luck to me. Sigh... I hope you have good luck and beat that freaking level :)

CastleFlameGal: I managed to beat it! It was more due to getting lots of chocolate circles and just swapping them with the colours that I needed to get rid of. Took a few tries and a lot of the time just luck of what comes up when the game starts and tiny bit of thought process but it is possible :) Now I'm stuck on level 110 -.- lmao

chanelnm82: anyone know how to beat level 109????? been stuck on it for like 2 weeks now

PunkinKrust: this version doesn't have the yellow candy making it easier to get 4 or 5 in a row making the chances greater to win. BULL!!

bunny y: wow he solved it in blink of an eye!

VerseIsStyle: Lol I'm stuck on this level I just started less than 2 weeks ago

FAMOUSPO701: Hate these bombs lol, I thought I couldn't stand the brown boxes re appearing lol

andyman820: yeah this one is called pure luck. nothing more.

andyman820: and then immediately playing this level after that comment, i get so lucky that i win with 6 moves left. what in the fuck.

NaturalHalostar: the trick to this game is not just matching candies, but thinking ahead. It's not all just on hoe the candy fall. If you have a good eye you can see how the candy will fall to determine what moves to make. I got o 109 today and I started playing candy crush March 12. I have not purchased any special moves, although every now and then I get some from friends. It's just a game guys. Strategies is the key. Have fun

skillgaming: Thanks for your feedback!

Yan-Araujo Clan: yes... i suck at strategies :-) but getting better...

Louise Sikkens: what kind of bullshit game is this? I can only make 5 moves and the game is finished. I am on this level already 3 weeks and the examples here are from the persons that make the game. Not so strange that they win it e? How in gods name you know in front that you will make the level. Bullshit it is!!!!!!!!

Charlsen Tay: Help~ pls teach me how to play this level

Bola S: your videos helped me a lot!!! thanks ;)

skillgaming: Thank YOU for watching!

Louise Sikkens: bullshit man!!!!! you can never know in front if you make the level, so how can you explain the video? Maybe the americans are stupid to believe this, but not me

BeautifulQuinesha: When I play, I have ALL the candy. This video has no yellow... Ugh.... I've been on this level for a week already. I'm getting frustrated

rah42: I've noticed the phone version and FB version are TWO different things. The phone version has ALL the candy and the FB is missing the yellow. This game isn't consistent between the two which makes things aggravating. But... it's not like we're going to stop playing altogether...

TheMadameRocio: The countdown is one thing but I agree on what someone wrote about things falling into the right place in order to get rid of the bombs in time. When I play, nothing falls into the right place so easily but at least I know how to try when watching this video.....

justbeth82: @skillgaming it starts at 9 like on here but counts down much faster I'm playing on my phone vs the computer so maybe there's a difference I dunno

skillgaming: what are you talking about^^ The counter decreases with every move you make...

justbeth82: Again I just played this level and those bombs explode way quicker than what this shows so something isnt right here

skillgaming: so tell us what your counters are initially showing?

justbeth82: Hmmm I swear those little bombs blow up a lot quicker when I play

tyedye67: Lucky bastard

Anthony Swanson: So damn lucky. It is all luck!

Clarinet Sisters: Lucky.

Ray C: Easy to do on computer, more difficult on phone with extra color

Vladimir Putin: this game is not always just about luck. Sometimes you must think of how you can solve. Think more before you do moves. Trust me it helps!

Artbug: Wow... guys this level was actually really easy. Once you destroy the cream puffs in the middle, this board is nice and open and it's missing yellow candies... so with that said, it's real easy to make striped, wrapped, and truffle candies. That's how you win this board - you go on a special candy rampage! It's fairly easy if you know what your doing, and this guy does! He's not making random moves hoping they'll works, he's showing you how to win. This board is WAY more about skill than luck.

Yuki Kristen: damn. you are a lucky lucky man!!!

jellydgasdga agfasgagsg: Lucky piece of shit

Expressivenification: Despicable

xTheFutureisOursx: Why bother posting a video with the solution of combing two chocolate candies. Most levels with only a couple of jellies can be cleared that way if you're extremely lucky. Post a video without doing that since most of us won't be so lucky.

Hayam Saleh: Ya noobs, finished this on my first try hahahahahhahaha

Ricardo Hadler V.: Well, yeah. But you're called Hayam Saleh, that makes you an instant loser at life.

swamigal: nice one lol

tomas9660: Oh shit! So much luck! :))

onebdp: whew! beat this level on my second try. got real lucky getting striped candy in key spots. thought I was gonna be stuck on this one forever!

maalvarezc: Wowwwwwwwwwwww

Yamsoc Zapata: ok

fisher00769: This level is a bad joke... there's no way I'm ever gonna get sok lucky.

eeeduardo82: take ur time, i lost like 20 lifes and im on 138 level now, the most important think is lucky.

Krista Brewer: YEP!

precipice65: you must passed this level by now.

fisher00769: I have already passed it. But now I'm on a level which I should clear in like 5 moves or I won't have enough points. (You have about 50 moves, and you need 100k points. I did it in 11 and I only had 80k)

amykins812: ugh this game pisses me off why do i keep playing it? lol.. now stuck on this level..

n00btube45: I don't think I could ever get this lucky...this is really hard!

SWebb1029: Funny how on these little videos everything just falls into the right place. Im tired of starting a game, and before the first move, Im out of moves and lose a turn. Then they put this nice little box on there asking me to buy stuff from them? Like Im going to waste real money on this game.

Jasmine H: Did you ever take the time to think how long it took them to pass this level?

34098591: awesome... like always... plus you have 3 stars!!

whydouneedakno: lol this level is a joke, they dont even give you a chance... Every level should give you a chance to win if you make the right moves...

symmetricalastic: @ananas102 I still don't understand this level. I wish when you guys played this level you talked and explained what you are doing. The board looks different every time.

Junmary Liuqamse: so affected in this b.p become higher than my score..damn! :-D

Junmary Liuqamse: when the bomb explode, i scream " fuckin shitttttt!!!" this bomb make me sick!!


Giorgia Sottana: at 2:08 you could move the purple one at the bottom, so you can get a combination of candyball+ red one while you have 15 more sugars. yet you are very lucky.

leeleeleeleelee100: Lucky

Miguel G: Pura suerte

fartsandfire: what a lucky fucker, spent far too much time on this level good job i don't have a life.

haus tkidd: Same here

kakacarmenheath: Man.....after i cleared the time bombs luckily, i couldnt clear the the two jelly on the top!!! :'(

Sherry Jeske: having trouble passing this one

Miguel Auguste: did you know u can do the coulor bomb chocolate with the the other candy with the white stripes

azw19921: im on this level right now

zandermac1: No skill involved in this level...just pot luck unless you buy. 

Lisa Wilkins: stripped candy doesn't get the bomb cos it swipes the wrong way that bombs are

Lisa Wilkins: Sometimes you seem so lucky to get special candies or balls so easy. Doesn't happen much to me!

emckenna2719: You got a really lucky board of candies.

xTrinityTrancex: SORRY IS 115 IS HARD

xTrinityTrancex: 117 is hard

Aleisha Worthington: do u have one for 107?

Liliann31: This level is friken impossible, makes me want to delete this game off my phone

Smmiley12: After watching this got past it on my first try ^.^

Mike Oxhertz: how about jus telling us how to move the bombs out of the fucking corners.

DragonZ19831: What !? So Hard ! i'll Call Someone to help me !

junior1984able: this level is almost impossible, you gout to be lucky or buy your win

shoewhre: Thanks! I won!

snovoice: This never moved.

Aeden Hivanova: The kind of stage i hate because you can win only with chance....

andrew cordell: Stop complaining an just play the game haha their not supposed to be easy an if they were why the fuck would u play?! This game is skill not luck

Lisa G.: What I was trying to say is the bombs on left and right go off before I have a chance to do anything!Lol...

Lisa G.: The bombs on ygo off before I have a chance toLol...

MsFlytooPerfection: Thank you for the strategy. It really helped!!

TreeckoAndCyndaquil: Thanks :D

rthor410: great tutorial - it worked! thank you

hobo753: dis luck...

Whitianga18: Thanks mate will give it a go, been stuck for days.

SurgicalGrind87: at 1:28 why didn't you use the cookie on the orange to win the game?

Christina Gray: lucky cunt 

Flisterdini: This level is impossible

ericmllee1112: lucky only

DragonZ19831: FUCKING LEVEL !!!

leeleeleeleelee100: This level is ridiculous I quit playing because of it

browningpro11: not a cheat when u buy everything lol.

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