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Candy Crush Saga level 110

This level is part of the Target Score levels and can be found in the Salty Canyon episode. The objective of level 110 is to get a certain number of points in a limited number of moves. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 110:

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Level 110 strategy

While the scoring isn't the hard part here, keeping an eye on the bombs to prevent them from exploding is. With only 5 moves on each bomb, you really have to keep an eye out for the and matches.

Clear all the Jelly and score 100,000 points in 40 moves.

1 star: 100000 points
2 stars: 150000 points
3 stars: 200000 points

Level 110 cheats, tips and tricks

crystaly3112: I hate this level!!!!! I even got 97000 which was frustrating

xxMessiahbolical: Did an update make this level harder? Because this has been one of the hardest levels for me so far... even when I was doing amazing getting chain reactions, breaking bombs left and right, and mixing 2 rainbows together and stuff like that I still came short of the 100k points. This level was just as hard as 65, 70, 97, etc for me but your points racked up hella quick for some reason. Is the Android phone version harder than the PC version or something?

eggegg500: Can't fuckin beat this level

Kristina Nag: This level is fuckin pissing me off!! I've probally been on it for like over a fuckin month now!! My mom just passed 125, now I'm really pissed cause this fuckin level is fuckin IMPOSSIBLE to pass!!

Kristina Nag: This level is f***in pissing me off!! I've probably been on it for like

tuankiet315: I personally aim for the bombs as first priority as they come out quite frequent. Each bomb get you 3000, simple calculation get approx 3000*40*AverageBombRatePerMove­. Which can reach 100'000 if you get enough bombs.

ratbuhed: patience and focus is a must in this level..

Asahel Williams: this level sucks balls. fuck this game

NinaGoesAbroad: i just used 3 color bombs in one game and mixed two of them with striped candy, didnt make it to the next level. what the fuck is this?!

whydouneedakno: This level sucks and is very lame, it does not even give you a chance to detonate the bombs... Plus i got 125,000 and still lost cuz i did not detonate the bomb but it was not may fault cuz there were only 3 candies of the same color on the board so i had no chance

King: damn i reach 95000 points hate those fking bombs

MsLavenderchic82: I meant it wouldn't let me pass.

MsLavenderchic82: It actually is impossible to pass this level. I got over 100,000 points and it would let me pass. What the heck is wrong with this game.

Rosario Costa Navarro: its really impossible to pass this level, any tricks? please!!

bunny y: and wow no dislikes for this level lol

bunny y: this level was much easier than 109!!

pchoooooooo: When I finally did complete this level, I was like "What? I actually did it?". Cause what I did seemed no different than the previous failed attempts where I was able to get through without a bomb blowing up, but reaching not enough points.

Marysol Sanchez: omg ive been stuck in this level for like almost 2 months and I cant pass it and all my friends are in levels higher then me so frustrating,,,,,uuuuuuhhh

pepirino1: This is crap!!! I've been trying for over a month and the closest I get to the goal is 97,580 I think. I'm so frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!

TheBlaBleeBloo: I get the same exact number! I think there's a bug with the game. That number keeps coming up no matter what I do!

BabyTsaiTsai: How to get 6000

BabyTsaiTsai: How to get 6000?

Stian92lol: This level and the ones responsible for making it to the hard piece of shit that it is, can fuck right the fuck off.

huskymentakolimundan: They have some SERIOUS problems with that level. I mean cmon, if you change the pointing system then please change requirements aswell!!!

GerardGProject: This is bullshit, I get like 200 points for chain reactions, not 6,000...

Louann Shaw: Hi could i ask you a favor if i give u my facebook info can u please get me passed level 110 in candy crush saga i have been trying for 2 weeks now and i cant seem to get past it please help

Parker G: Yep, confirmed. No longer getting 6000 points on any of the bomb clears.. all are 3000. If this were the case, most people would be scoring over 100,000 points easily. How exactly is this level doable now that it's only 3000? Not enough bombs drops; chain reactions don't give enough, even very large ones.

lobelia2: this is bullshit. they made it harder. LOL

strontkegel16: this is bullshit. I scored over 100.000, but at the end of the game it simply says "did not reach the score!"

Lefty7788tinkatolli: Why are you getting 6000 for getting rid of the bombs? Are you hacking?

skillgaming: No, but if it's not possible any longer to receive 6.000, 9.000 etc. for chain reactions including bombs than might have changed the calculation.

Shahrin Rahman: maybe they have because it is so hard to pass that section. i have been trying for months now. ugh! so annoying.


Shahrin Rahman: I am jealous. One of my friend just came from level 127 and passed it so quickly but I still couldn't do it. Congratulations!

Artbug: Some of your bombs are giving you 6000 and some are giving you 3000... I've been watching this video over and over, but I can't figure out what it is that dictates how many points you get for getting rid of bombs.

VideosDeCapuccino: Je n'arrive pas à dépasser les 90 000... Snif !

TheGChanel1: Does anyone have a video on level 167 ! My wife is going crazy caus she isn't able to finish it !! Thx ...

skillgaming: If you were subscribed to my channel you would have found it first some hours ago ;)

Cristiane Alves: Aff! dificílimo !

z2sam: I'm also done with level 110, they told me to play the other levels while waiting for more levels...

Mirek Ż: hallo, ich bin auch auf level 110 in Candy Crush Saga, aber ich kann nicht weiter spielen. fruher musste ich eine Woche warten und jetzt muss ich warten bis das Spiel weitergemacht wird :( du auch?

skillgaming: jo, ich kann mir die neuen level ja auch nicht bevor sie entwickelt sind aus dem hut zaubern ;)

edward chong: ONLY lUCKY!!

Rocky Cruz: I enjoys the videos they help me so much but I don't see 100 can you make video for that level please.

rockindezlocs: The bombs r just exploding too quick. If it wasn't for that I think I could beat it.

Kathi Berglund: I'm with shadychristian! I worked this for a month and couldn't get passed 110, then I watched your video and did it in one try. Arghhh! (but in a good way)

daniel sikem: i cant proceed to 186 since it comes back in mystery quest. n siz tym it nid full marks.. damn..

daniel sikem: doing dis guide makes easy pass for 110 but 110 come back in mystery quest which u nid to get 150k points.. dats suckss..

beselbeka: The hardest thing in this level are the bombs! I always forget one:((

soepkipke: How long where you doing there on ????

516wsr: I've been stuck on this level for over a month idk what to do :(((

Locagomez74: Hey toa thanx for the instructions on all your videos as it always help me pass every stage!

shadychristian123: After being stuck on this level for over a week it kinda bothers me that I was able to beat it on the first try just from watching this video. Thank you!

TOA k: I assume you mean it positive! hehe good luck with the other levels!

KKbrazil: Sometimes I can make 3 chocolate bombs, a whole bunch of striped candy and even then, I only get 97,000 points never 100,000. So upsetting :-/

Andrea Franks: I always look for your videos before I start a level, other videos are ok but the way you write out what your doing helps tremendously !! Please continue doing them & I'll keep looking at them because I need all the help I can get!

TOA k: Thanks Andrea! I will :)

prophetiq7: On level 17 there's a glitch in the video and its back to level 16 so this wasn't complete in 1 game smh stop with the bs

Julie Johnson: Your videos are the only ones that help me. Thanks for telling us what we should try and do.

patty Treston: no one gets boards like that!!! it's unrealistic!! how many gAMES did you play to get that board?

asianleo24: How do I find your channel? Thanks

parentsgratae: Have you uploaded level 103, the current one I will attempt on Monday; I always look for your videos before attempting a new level; I am an ordinary player and need all the help I can get. Thanks Parents I could not find 103 on your channel? Thanks

gabyplaysroblox: °¤µ¿¡¬͵ʹ`₹₪៛ฯ฿:P

Kenny Morales: How did you get the free boosters???

Merry Christmas: install IAPfree! please see the video description, it tells you how to get free boosters.

stim100986: Well how do you get free boosters???

Merry Christmas: install IAPfree! please see the video description, it tells you how to get free boosters.

reddbone78: Oh he'll naw you paid 16.00 to win this game hell no I'm not doing that

Merry Christmas: No need real money, all boosters are free. thanks for watching :)

NUMB3R441: Very good.

Merry Christmas: thanks for watching  :)

SunDance00: cheat???!! where´s the "cheat"?

Merry Christmas: free boosters

FootballCollectors32: My friends highest score is 120750

Merry Christmas: Great!!

FootballCollectors32: And im still a kid i cant purchase anything!!!

FootballCollectors32: Nobody had liked this vid so i should and im stuck at lvl 110!!!!

tulilintu: I really, really hate the time bombs.

usaalways: where did u enter the "code" for this level? Given the opportunity for a color bomb very first move, plus constant wraps and stripes???

COSMOGENA: no code,. no tools, no digital help, just Luck,. and smart moves :)  I like to play fair, with the rules..!

lori hayes: You used two powerups

Nicole W: Can you play my game I have been on this level for over a week

MrBoogaloo23: You cheated

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