Candy Crush Saga Levels

Candy Crush Saga level 117

This level is part of the Ingredient Drop levels and can be found in the Peppermint Palace episode. The objective of level 117 is to bring down all ingredients to the bottom. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 117:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 117 strategy

Placement of the ingredients is essential to beating this level. If they are not in the 3 middle rows, then you have to manually move them to the 3 middle rows to get them down and out. Once you can break through the white blocks, kill off the chocolate and keep moving down the ingredients. Try not to get them stuck in a corner as its virtually impossible to get them moving once they are stuck there.

Bring the ingredients down (2 acorns, 1 cherry) in 40 moves and score 35,000 points

1 star: 35000 points
2 stars: 70000 points
3 stars: 105000 points

Level 117 cheats, tips and tricks

bill schmidt: This level is a pos!

Jeb Ekhert: How did the fruits start off in the middle? What the hell is this Candy Crush for retards?

Miss Laska: Was kann ich tun wenn mir eine Frucht in einer Ecke festhängt?Wie kann ich sie wieder rausbekommen? Danke

skillgaming: Am besten Level neu starten....

Andrés Olmedo Salcedo: this level is really fucked up man... no luck, just no win ¬¬

fairy27690: 2 weeks and still trying. always get the fruits on the sides. arrrrgggg

Long Nguyen: i hate this level. there were frustrating levels. but this one.

Acuminous Jeff: thats bullshit the ingredients never fall down in the middle....that is bull shit

LAholler: Most fuckin annoying level ever.. lol..... It's the damn fruits that they put all the way on the sides. And if they drop them on the sides you'll never win

brecheendonna2667: bull I've played it about 100 times. Where are you getting all those stripped candies? Every time I have to reshuffle within the first 3 moves. Then two or more times during the game.

Malcolm Field: This is the silly game people on fb are raving about? I's fucking tetris....

Jackyyy202: i hate this level so much, i've been stuck for 5 days and every fucking time these stupid ingredients stuck on one side and i can't swich them :/

geniebottle100: i've been on this level for almost a month already... so frustrated.. ugh ... but i still play :)

King: cant belive i pass it with 19 moves left

Aswin Adirono: the chocolate spreads slower in your level, it seems.

PPWilliams1: Chocolate only spreads if your previous move was not made next to it.

Aswin Adirono: thx didn't know that. Found out also that it spreads one block per move. I didn't realize the faster I played, the faster it spread -___-'

Dan Teuton: Finally I got past the level!!!!!!

sunlillyfairy: As soon as I see the fruit on the side, I just refresh the page. Even when I focus on just moving the fruit to the middle, it give you almost zero opportunity. This level is ridiculous....

Jarrod Rudolph: Me too, i keep refreshing it until i get a favorable board lol I've been stuck for 2 days now smh

King: i jsut realize that this level need ridiculous luck to pass

SaveTheRepublic88: This would be simple if all the fruit dropped in the middle.

Jarrod Rudolph: That would never happen smh 

nee800415: how will you do if the fruits are at the right side or left side? give up?

skillgaming: if you can't switch them with the first move....yes!

nee800415: I just cleared this level before several minutes. I still had 12 steps to swith. what i need is just luck....

prinsesanj: getting stuck with the fruit on the right/left side is simply annoying and crazy.. i hate this level

Jarrod Rudolph: I'm stuck on this level. Thanks for the motivation

koyangi417: It is totally not fair that you can make this look so easy while I want to pull my hair out and punch my computer. LOL.

nonocrazygurl: this level fucked me up

Tampabayraysgirl: I always watch your videos before I start a new level. I'm not happy about seeing that damn chocolate again!! I don't know what's worse, those or the bombs.

malulandra: I don't care about the chocolate, all my fruits always appear in the sides of the game :(

bunny y: I dont like these multiplying chocolates! So evil

Maria Poirier: It really does take skill to deal with what comes your way. I've learned to never give up because your brain knows after a while what to do by trial and error. Keep trying! I know I'll beat this soon.

insx: I didn't realise you could combine with chocolate (0:45)

besix: actually you can't :) it was magic that worked...

CastleFlameGal: You can't. If you look carefully it was the red candy that made the chocolate disappear.

MarshKingdomPrincess: After playing this darn level for a month, suddenly with a vertical strip candy, the three fruit fell down and in 2 minutes I passed this level, hahah >.< don't lose hope guys

Jennifer54553: I finally passed the level.

Jennifer54553: This level is hard. I even paid for the extra moves several times and still having trouble passing it

aznfyrepixie: I beat this level on the first try, skillgaming is totally right, there have already been harder levels that you beat earlier. Anyways, thanks dude for posting these videos, I've been watching them as I play Candy Crush and they always help me out, I've made my way very quickly through this game in just 3 weeks.

cezarjrk: this game is really easy, if u can put ur brain on the way, the candies come down with shuffle orders, but, everything its an equation, try this out, check how many combos of candies can u crush when it starts, f.e. maybe 10, when you get crusched 3 there will be 7 more to crush, in place 9, this is because we are playing with an equal box, and a sequence, so if u got 3 for brake, and you crush 5 candies, u will get out of movements, analize and you will win.

NorthernNightSky: My fruit is always on the side too, I was wondering why some people are so lucky to have it perfectly in the middle in those videos.

Jane Doe: Fuck this level .I've been stuck since about 1995 .Impossible

dxt178: You had it won with the two striped candies, but drug them the wrong way. :)

Clarinet Sisters: I hate this level so much. LOL Either the ingredients get stuck on one side or the chocolate won't stop spreading... Luck is on your side, not mine.

skillgaming: play at the middle of the game field, especially right after the last fruit dropped down. so the next one won't appear on the sides!

monte68x: This one is effing hard. I kept getting them stuck at the sides on the bottom corners. But I did like you said and tried to restrict game play to the middle and I'm getting a lot closer. Thanks.

supermario3459: the fruits spawns when you have 25 moves and 10 moves left

jmdeebo513: Also, what fun would that be if it were easy?

jmdeebo513: If your having a hard time passing a level, study his videos and it helps you to see how to pass. The game does give you a good hand occasionally and you have to have your game on to get past it. Remember, knowledge is power :)

eddylau135: Fuck this level i have try yhis level for 3 weeks...

Ari Miettinen: this level sucks... every level sucks... it's way too hard and frustrating to play same fucking level for 2 weeks

katesgram: my problem is the ingredients end up going to one of the side columns and it is almost impossible to get them to move sideways-I use up all of my moves trying to get them over

Ricky Lam: me too

MCGamersUK: @Skillgaming How the Hell do You this! XD This is SO HARD I've been stuck for like 4 Days =/ I need someone like You to help Me Lol

skillgaming: Keep trying you already solved harder levels....

Chomphue Comaediiz: Thanks

annagong963: What make this level hard is the things u need to drop is on the sides then the middle. I'm stuck on this

cestkoko: Yes, pretty much luck. If you don't get the fruit in the shoot columns, right off the bat, you're pretty much screwed.

brecheendonna2667: I've played this level about 100 times and 85% of the time I have no moves. I have to move one move at a time until about half of my moves are gone then it reshuffles about 4 times after that. What is causing that?? I think I'll just stop trying.


hcsdave: while there are some levels that require good fortune, I would say that this one is beatable in most instances. Clear the chocolate and move the ingredients to the middle. If moving ingredients aren't your strongest skill, I have an audible tip in my tips playlist (a link to this is in the description) that should help with that. Good luck!

lidija469: lipo

patty Treston: when you get the perfect board! your game rarely happens that way!

Vilma Chavez: No no

maaahyeah: nass q cagadooo

ana cecilia quiroga: no no no I can´t do it

malulandra: Just luck! All my fruits always appear in the side of the game :(

Dom Varl: this level is buggy

Don Johnson: Try winning without a boost

Merry Christmas: ok, thanks for watching :)

Jarrod Rudolph: you had to do all that just to win. I've been stuck on this level for mad long and i didn't have to do all of that tho. I almost won last night but didn't have enough moves to finish it smh

Merry Christmas: try to install IAPfree to get free Boosters

johnrex sanday: this sucks! its not a cheat

malulandra: Que tramposa, así que fácil. Todas las frutas se me aparecen a los costados. :( No pienso pagar para este juego.

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