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Candy Crush Saga level 130

This level is part of the Objective levels and can be found in the Wafer Wharf episode. The objective of level 130 is to collect all orders. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 130:

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Level 130 strategy

Candy Crush Level 130 is a very difficult level. The goal is to collect all the orders, which on level 130 is to match any 2 striped candies together a total of 5 times. This can be tricky given the amount of moves as well as knowing how to place the candies so that they match up next to each other in order to make the match. Try these cheats and tips in helping you beat level 130!

1) Make as many striped candies as you can
This may seem like an obvious tip, but since the board on level 130 is so big and does not have any obstacles, there are many opportunities to make all kinds of special candies. On this level of Candy Crush, you are only given 40 moves which run out pretty quickly, so do not waste your moves making any special candies except for the striped candies. The other special candies (i.e. the wrapped candy and the sprinkle candy) can actually work to your disadvantage because they make it more likely to accidentally explode the striped candies you have created before you can match them.

2) Create striped candies above or below each other in order to match them, rather than to the right or left
The trickiest part about collecting all the orders on Candy Crush level 130 is not creating the striped candies, but being able to place them next to each other in order to swipe them together. The easiest tip to place these candies next to each other is to create candies above or below each other. It is much harder to match these candies next to each other when they are to the right or the left of each other - this tip applies to any Candy Crush level where you are trying to get 2 special candies aligned next to each other. If you're really having a hard time getting them next to each other on level 130, you can always aim for bringing them all the way to the bottom row to match them, but this tip can waste a lot of moves if you attempt it every time.

3) Be careful not to activate your striped candies before they are correctly placed
While this is sometimes impossible to avoid, make sure you are examining the board between each move in order to predict where the candies are going to fall. The most frustrating part about collecting special candy orders, such as level 130, is that they more often than not explode before they are ready because they match up with falling candies.

Ultimately, Candy Crush level 130 can take you a lot of tries until you succeed. Using these cheats and tips will help you optimize your chances and beat level 130. As with all Candy Crush levels, it takes a lot of patience and partly depends on luck with the board you are given, but it also involves a great deal of strategy. Good luck!

Level 130 cheats, tips and tricks

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Sarah Aspillaga: The " grey " striped candies do not exist. It is just a symbol to tell you that you have to mix TWO striped candies....5 order to collect the order.

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Sarah Aspillaga: The " grey " striped candies do not exist. It is just a symbol to tell you that you have to mix TWO striped candies....5 order to collect the order.

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Sarah Aspillaga: The " grey " striped candies do not exist. It is just a symbol to tell you that you have to mix TWO striped candies....5 order to collect the order.

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Miranda Hall: how do u get the striped candys that u need though

TOA k: You mean how to get the striped candies count? You can find a striped candy by crushing same colors 4 in a row.. But you can only let them count if 2 striped candies are Together.. And you switch/swipe them to each other ..

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