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Candy Crush Saga level 133

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Wafer Wharf episode. The objective of level 133 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 133:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 133 strategy

Since all the Jelly is in hard to match places and double to boot, making striped candies is especially useful. Try to drop a horizontal striped candy down the middle column and once it hits bottom match it to make mega progress. Striped candy placement is key here. If you can pull off a color bomb and match it up with a striped or wrapped candy, that will make it a lot easier on you.

Clear all the Jelly and score 45,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 45000 points
2 stars: 70000 points
3 stars: 95000 points

Level 133 cheats, tips and tricks

Cristhian Belizario: This is fake, your used the booster

Wiintendoh: They reward your horrible epic failure with a striped candy that let's you finish the level. Fuck game logic.

Spaceman487: Cheater. There's no such thing as a hand booster

Oliver Gubio: Those hand booster thing must be purchased in the market of candy crush in order to get that so he's not a cheater

themachine45: Why do you not have any yellow candies? Mine has all the candies

Hugoooohh: I can't even complete lvl 29 lol...

51sebastian: what are doing here then? Go to level 29 tutorial.

Jonnie Da SIlva: Use a fucking booster dick

TheBlueLightStones: hundreds of dislikes...... you want to use a booster but you WASTE it

gwayav9: U got like 5 colored bombs, used a booster, got fucking lucky on the last move, and did it with only 2 moves left... fu ! :D

Angy Minimoys: t'as eu du cul c'est tout franchement!

dan0ssan: I love it when a plan comes together.

maywaaah: I'm stuck at this level just for a day and I'm already getting frustrated

MiiSSAmandablue11: i think we're pretty much all looking and thinking.. "you lucky bastard"

Slovenia51: haha fucking true :D

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Oliver Gubio: yours too. that "is" XDD

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precipice65: i finally cleared this level - with a lot of luck!!! i did it with a 2 colored bombs combo and a colored bomb/striped candy combo and a bit of everything else.

Precure2013: 2:21 u should move the orange on the top left so you can have a colour bomb.

Kin fai Yiu: 有這麼多次冬甩都不會好好用,最後還要用道具,u are so suck!

98schokokeks98: it's possible to pass the level without cheats. you only need luck.

桃貴 蔡: 好爛~~ 這什麼鬼 根本從頭到尾靠運氣 到最後還用道具!! 用道具還沒用好... 好鳥... 

James Cawthorne: Fucking hell. I always have ONE jelly spare when I have like 20 moves left and I still cannot get past this fucking level!

William Huang: 狗屎阿

marcox3: hahahha failed!!!!

loupixuk: cheat!

SvizacST: You used a booster in this video, so lame. If I wanted to spend bunch of cash I wouldnt't need to watch this tutorials

VerseIsStyle: Robert

Yen Ting Chou: You are so lucky. You got 2 candy bomb at the same time!!!!

MsTifalicious: I've had 5 at the same time. It isn't THAT hard.

bunny y: Hmm

Yey4Jay: Fucking luck. Been on this level a week now :/

SUPERTIGER123454321: 用道具就食屎啦,學人POST比人睇..凸 

孟寯 郭: 用道具就沒意義了 

Lucy Hopkins: Thankyou :)

Anthony Swanson: Jesus christ I am lucky to get one of those on this level and you got like 4-5. Ridiculous.

animlnitr8: What the hell is that hand thing?!?

andywesternexpress: you can change two change right next to each other without them even matching (only on the computer) (or if you buy them)

Philip Chan: I played this twice only with no cheats and i got 3 stars

Donny Surjana: fuk u then

ShinaAlboma: Ha! In the end u still need swap booster.

Jeff CC: I've done for level 133 in a day without using any addition help. I used striped candy + big chocolate ball once, and big chocolate ball twice at the last step to pass this level. I was glad to overcome it.

GoldenCondor79AD: i have over 2million scored on this level, on my phone without any help... once i did the level they just kept on cascading lol

tenrc26: Boosters don't count :p jk. I use them all the time :)

kakaboo: cheap thing about this game is whenever you unlock a new booster and you get 3 free one, they auto switch it on for you for the next round, so if you forget to turn it off there it goes

fppgames: second day on it

fisher00769: Does anyone know about the chances of completing 2 double colour bombs? I don't think I can finish this level otherwise. I mean... I'm doing what is humanly possible to do. I'm thinking ahead for about 5 moves. I make the least possible amount of mistakes, I never miss bonus candies, I either wait for a combo or not regarding the layout. And the closest I've come to finishing this level is 2 jellies left. It's insane. Sometimes I don't have a single switch throughout the game in the lower parts.

xristoskst: it's not really you or any player for that matter. It's just some stages having a very specific structure that prevents you from clearing them no matter what you do. I am pretty sure you have realized that already in previous stages, when you were losing after 5-6 moves because you couldn't destroy a bomb no matter what. I assume that's the case here. Most of the times here you are meant to lose. You just need to be very careful and lucky when it's possible to clear it.

kakaboo: i think it is possible for this map because there is no yellow color. in the previous level 132 you probably had to learn how to make chocolate bomb, just without restrictions. from lv 125 onwards till now i dont think luck is involved as much as in the previous levels

xristoskst: what i was trying to say is that not every single life you are playing on each level is meant to clear it. There are some levels that the initial position of the colors (and the colors that will appear on later) makes it impossible for you to clear the stage no matter what move you make.

kakaboo: yea i understand what you mean but this level is not one of them. this level should take at most 5-6 tries to get pass it, unlike previous levels like lv 65 n 125 (and the bombs) where its more similar to what you mean. every match i play in this i manage to make at least 2 chocolate bomb even if i didnt manage to clear it

fisher00769: I'm already at level 183. But the level is bugged. You have 50 moves but if you don't clear it in like 4-5, you will not have enough points(100k)

strspot: Cheater ;) 

skillgaming: Yeah kind of. But the stupid gloves didn't really help, because until now I don't even know how to use them correctly.

strspot: Yesterday i did the level without any Joker, im very happy after 1,5 weeks playing this level ;)

Josie Monroe: Me eidera haha

jonee129: bobo! 

Molly VRA: I love your videos and enjoy seeing the moves you make. I'm stuck also on this level but one day I'll get thru it. thank you so much.

WallyDogsMommy: This level is driving me CRAZY!!!

Michal Jacovi: that was sheer luck. as least twice you missed very good moves (e.g., creating a giant candy, you should have switched the candies the other way around so the center of the giant candy is above the two jellos below; there was another time in which you could have created a giant candy but just bombed all special candies).

Meudi74: I know, right? lol... As I stated somewhere in my website, I'm far from being an awesome player - I publish my videos mostly to show that this game can be played without boosters by anyone, no special skills required :) Most of the time I play when I'm very tired, just before going to bed, or while I'm doing other things, like watching TV or petting my animals... I'm aware that I miss a lot of possible moves and I go "duh, that was stupid" but oh well, if I win it's ok ;)

Peggy Thompson: stuck on this level grr

Meudi74: You're welcome :)

bourraslandboss: thks 

Agilie Putri: Thanks .butmim still stuck here

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Fran Fabricante: Can u do level 113? Thank u

mekonicole: I am stuck on this very Level and Ive been looking for your updates.... I've been trying to do this board that exact way its very tricky! Blah lol thanks for the update

lolo barette: i'm stuck on 133, help.........................

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