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Candy Crush Saga level 158

This level is part of the Ingredient Drop levels and can be found in the Pastille Pyramid episode. The objective of level 158 is to bring down all ingredients to the bottom. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 158:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 158 strategy

You've only got one ingredient to move, but you face a few challenges. The easy one is getting the ingredient down through the left portion down to the bottom. The hard part is the right hand side as you have chocolate fans and 2 locked in pieces that will prevent you from getting your ingredient through the exit at the bottom. If you can unlock either of the pieces at the bottom from the start, go for it. If you can make a powerup on the right hand side, that is always helpful. Otherwise, you will need horizontal striped candies to shoot down the chocolate on the right side to get your ingredient through.

Bring the ingredients down (1 cherry) and score 10,000 points in 20 moves.

1 star: 10000 points
2 stars: 45000 points
3 stars: 50000 points

Level 158 cheats, tips and tricks

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winglam428: Fucking lucky, how about candy crush change its name into'lucky crush'

0428mimi: I hate candy crush! Stupidest level ever!

elaine Huang: very lucky !! 

Jenna xPenn: Those damn chocolates. I hate candy crush.. So evil..

ElZurdoPinedo: Got it, striped candy y chocolatito con grageqs

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Joanna Fargus: This level is a huge suck

Lisa Kaschmitter: I call level 158 the monkey level because it's nothing but a level of pushing the candy around and not accomplishing anything, a monkey could do that. Such a scam. Growing very bored of KING games. I like a challenge but not rocket science. I want to play to entertain and enjoy myself but this is getting ridiculous and started be a job not a game. :(

Lisa Kaschmitter: Funny how these videos always show players who just happen to everything so perfectly aligned. I can play 60 times and still not get that lucky. If it were not rigged to manipulate your moves I'd have way better chances at chance than I do. :(

Lisa Kaschmitter: This level sucks!!! It is luck, too much manipulation in these games.

ratttttyyy: 99% luck. Just like the rest of this tedious game.

strokers12345y: Inglorious lucky basterd

bunny y: omfg i passed it. the only way to pass is to get the color canday and strip togehter

bunny y: omg how on earth m i ganna get similar candies

Carole Greenberg: When I did this level the board you are doing never showed up. How come on all your videos you happen to have a board that no one else gets and a board where you can make power candies?

TopTwistGaming: This level is about 90% luck. I can never get rid of all the chocolate once there's a lot of it, and then when I do, the cherry has some how moved to the sides of the level, so the only way of getting it out is by swapping it with another, which uses up all of my moves. This game is bullshit.

Sébastien Gay: SUGAR LUCK

aznfyrepixie: I tried this first without watching the video, lost, so I came here. Watched the video, passed it on next try. Easy level!

irezeenare: i had use a lot of lives here..but still can't be able to pass on this level., :(( you are so lucky dude,

MrLfc64: @spikechip69 I couldn't agree more, this level irritates the hell out of me aswell!

spikechip69: I feel like breaking something....This level irritates the hell out of me

woogieman007: Only took me 2 go's on this one with 3 stars :D

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kakacarmenheath: you were so lucky!!!!!!!! I can't mix a color bomb and stripped candy!

Angie D: And I needed the chocolate ball to get rid of an orange since the ingredient was just above an orange candy on the right and I needed to get rid of it to win!

Angie D: I got so lucky on this one that I was able to make most of my moves on the right side and only used the left to make a chocolate ball! I won on my 3rd try!

BellatrixKeehl: Levels are gettin getting ridicolously difficult and boring. .___.

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kakacarmenheath: that wa quick!!!! i couldn't have sth like that!!! :( 

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