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Candy Crush Saga level 162

This level is part of the Objective levels and can be found in the Pastille Pyramid episode. The objective of level 162 is to collect all orders. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 162:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 162 strategy

Making striped and wrapped candies is a bit harder here as the middle of the board is almost off limits for making anything with the lack of space, so you are probably going to have to aim to drop your wrapped and striped candies down in the bottom corners, but keep your eye on the chocolate situation to make sure you can eventually pull this off. Wrapped candies are a bit harder to make, so try to concentrate on them more.

Collect all the orders (2 striped candy/wrapped candy mix) and reach 30,000 points in 40 moves.

1 star: 30000 points
2 stars: 70000 points
3 stars: 90000 points

Level 162 cheats, tips and tricks

kelly thompson: I watched this video and literally passes it in the next level. Google is watching

TheBlackWatchRHR: I actually managed to get this done, So yes it can be done keep cool keep attentive and if you got 2 reds that might screw up your red package set up remove as soon as possible (so in other words try to keep your set-ups clear of other possible moves of that colour or anything that could destroy the set-up as much as possible) and leave at least half of the playing field clear of chocolate (imo THAT was what bugged me the most of this level).

TheBlackWatchRHR: and yes a certain level of luck is required but hey just keep on trying.

Ralph Razaq: that's not fair..where is your yellow candy???

skillgaming: where's your purple?


Tampabayraysgirl: This level is so freaking difficult. I can match the candies once if I'm lucky but not twice. Requires a lot of luck. When I manage to get a wrapped candy it explodes. Pain in the ass!!!

precipice65: i cannot believe this. i completed the order on the last move but i was 29 pts short of the 30k target.

Matthew Negus: lol I got exactly 35000 on one where I needed exactly that to move on.....I was like glued to the screen swearing n stuff at the sugar crush like youbetter get thereee

Periculo8910: whats more disturbing other than the perfect drops is that he plays with the music on..

Sarah W: Hahaha.... everyone is so mad.

sevendst19: This level is pissing me off. Either I can never create a wrapped candy in the entire game. Or if I do create them they fucking explode because they throw down the same colors right on top of it immediately or it sets off because a striped candy goes off on the other sie of the board. I've tried this level about 40 + times now and maybe 5 times I have made 1 combination then never get close to making a second.

MLXHRox: Haha ... Let's all hope that we can passed this level with "flying colours" !!!

VerseIsStyle: haha this level is 90% luck and 10% skill

bunny y: omfg i freaking passed this level..cant believe it!!

bunny y: omg so hard

Carole Greenberg: Once again you posted a video that no one else has. You always manage to start off where you can get wrapped candies, etc too easily. I,passed this level. But it was sheer luck.

朵 朵: good

raven jhillyne Untalan: I passed this level already after being stuck for two days 

Bube825: When I am stuck, I watch your video and it really helps. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Parker G: FYI for Venessa.. starting at the bottom doesn't work. What you need to say is, start from the bottom and pray to god that 95% of your drop are good.

Luubelaar: I agree completely, Parker. I was stuck on this level for nearly a week and I only just completed it a few mins after watching this video and thinking that this was just sheer dumb luck. I had managed one striped-wrapped match in most games, but the second one eluded me ... until a stroke of absolute and total sheer dumb luck about a minute ago.

Parker G: Here is an idea: Post a video that doesn't involve ideal or perfect drops like the rest of us. Trust me, it'd be nice if we all had drops that allowed us to get wrapped candies but frankly that isn't the case.. so what exactly is your strategy for that? Sit on the level forever or do you have something to input other than "look at all these great drops I'm getting" These videos need to stop being posted

Josette Bihannic: Impossible de réaliser ce niveau

Dominik Matijević: i cant pass this fucking level and it is bboring level -.-

vern joseph: start at the bottom

Gracie Susel: it´s almost impossible to get wrapped candies!

myshubby: I agree. ridiculous. the spaces are way too small

troels bjerregaard: first try..

KatherineJane001: OMG..........I'm so glad I watched this video :S for weeks I've been trying to put the square candy together with the chocolate candy, not the striped candy!!!

eeeduardo82: lool really??? how many weeks? and u pass this level allready?

KatherineJane001: This level is impossible :( I've been on it since forever!

eeeduardo82: and this level its not impossible... the level 165 its really impossible im stuck there

Migopower: im stuck on this level now 

Charlotte Potter: Toooooo sloooooww

Suusjuhzz: Tips to clear this level?

Teoke2468: 5 minutes . fuck job

Christopher Runko: wow, nice and lucky at the end, i would have made many similar moves. note, after you made the BLUE STRIPE at 2:42 there was an easy ORANGE BOMB right next to it.

Sabrina Fernandez: que suerte tuviste..yo hace dias que estoy en esa pantalla y esta costando horrores.

Andy Christensen: you could have done it one attempt less :P have been stuck here for DAYS and just finished after seeing this. did it with 27 steps lefs and got 116.600 point. pretty nuts !

haus tkidd: Dik

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