Candy Crush Saga Levels

Candy Crush Saga level 165

This level is part of the Objective levels and can be found in the Pastille Pyramid episode. The objective of level 165 is to collect all orders. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 165:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 165 strategy

Slowly work through the chocolate in the middle of the board while keeping an eye on the 7 move bombs and focus on the blue pieces, you need the most of them and sometimes if you make a color bomb, just hit a blue piece with it to gather all the blue pieces off the board in one shot to help you out. Remember you have chocolate fans in all 4 corners pushing at you.

Collect all the orders (99 Blue, 49 Yellow, 24 Green) and reach 50,000 points in 60 moves.

1 star: 50000 points
2 stars: 80000 points
3 stars: 120000 points

Level 165 cheats, tips and tricks

Erandeni Lopez D' Ramirez: :c

Jorge Arriagada: unfair level... they give like 2 frikin blue candies in the last moves, so frustrating!

supermario3459: this level is harder than GYORG !!!

beginner349: U get lucky in this lvl͵ i hav stuck here for like 2months already

Medeya Espina: Just passed this with 153 520, only took me like 4 tries. I lucked out!

Andrés Olmedo Salcedo: King is scumbag enough not to hide the fact that they intentionally stop giving you blues so you can lose and motivate into buying their shit.

Charisma09120: Ich sitze zur Zeit auch an den Level *NERV* kein wunder das man das nicht schafft wenn nicht ausreichend BLAUE Candys kommen!

skillgaming: Ja, leider Glü ausreichend Geduld hat das level aber bislang noch jeder geschafft ;) Also am besten weiter ausprobieren. Irgendwann klappt es schon. Viel Glück!

Slovenia51: where the fuck are all the blue candies -.-

Shakeel Sahib: This level is score was over 80thoi...needed 2 more blue ones with 5 shots to go but fcking thing won't do it...I guess you guys have something set up that makes it easy...good luck guys...

Joe narvaez: i notice if you get rid of yellows then the blues drop...can anyone else confirm this???

CHONG YOOK SANG: Sooner or later i'm deleting this aps. Level 165 is just rubbish all they need is topping up with fb credits. To achieved the 99 quota is ridiculous cause the feeds are lesser than the required amount.

feleisha lynn spry: this is the first time i've ever been stuck.. 165 SUCKS!!! i got down to two blue candies and lost..and i cant even get close to that again!! they never give enough blue candies;; they should at least make every level long as you make the right moves.. how can you clear 99 blue candies when they only give you 73 and your out of moves!! first rant EVER!!

Dondionela Alenoid: I wanna eat the candy crush chocolates and crush it and bomb it in KING.COM territory

Dondionela Alenoid: No blues,lots of chocolates...7 attempts already

aarles159: want free lives on cell phone? go to settings, manage aplications, select candy crush, erase data, then go to the game, conect to Facebook and you have 5 lives. play all day long

Lobitangv: How came you got lots of blue. I barely get blue on mines

Demplz81: What saybanana said. I just read this and cleared 165 after one try. THANKS!!!!

Racine773: If your playing mobile versions you can keep pushing the back key until you get a better set up.

coeryibelle: How come there is always so many blue candy? I always lack of blue candy

saybanana: 2 days on this level and finally passed it after over 80 attempts. Only started playing Candy Crush 8 days ago. My secret was try to make combination bombs and knock as many candy out. Dont go for the blue ones unless there is a lot and easy to take out 3. I read that somewhere and took me about 30 tries to finally make it since reading that. Chains helped a lot. I think having the chocolate block the top corners helped the cascade chains.

Rudeascute: I've been stuck on this level for weeks. If I dont pass it today, im uninstalling the game.

richard snape: Im still trying to get past it, about 2 weeks now, i was running toe to toe with a friend for weeks, he is on level 240+ now and i'm still trying. Worst thing was the version on my phone decided to log out of facebook when I had over 100 lives on it, logged back in and all lives were gone. Best I can do now is use the 5 lives I have on phone then go on facebook and use the 5 I have on there >:(

supermario3459: this level is fucking impossible !

漢武 徐: he is to lucky= =

漢武 徐: 5 chocolate....can't pass

Eris Chiner: How many tries in average does it take for you to pass a level? Some people could complete a level on their first try but for some, it takes weeks to finally pass a friggin' level!!!! So unfair!!!!! :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((­((((

Maria See: The most annoying thing about this level is that THEY NEVER GIVE ENOUGH BLUE CANDIES!!!!!!!!!!! One time, I ran out of moves (60 friggen moves) and I haven't even cleared 3/4 of my blue candies. Too much reds and purples but not enough blues! And don't forget those petty bombs that decide to come down in areas deserted with candies of their color.

skillgaming: That's true, I understand your frustration! In levels like these should always make sure, that enough candies of the collectable colours fall down!

Maria See: I finally completed this level last night after wasting around 100 lives on it. Good luck everyone!

skillgaming: That's cool, well done!

so trum: why you have many blue candies???? i almost got enough the green and yellow ones but the fucking blue candies did not come out more.

Niwotmom1: Just beat this level a few seconds ago. It's a matter of a lot of patience and right moves. It's doable, don't give up!

gilka petrova: That was excellent content. I found this coz my pal has become a lady-magnet - and he's fat He began getting girls magically. He pretended he failed to realize. He finally admitted it two days ago. He said he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you'd like to learn about it... He's seeing a sexy chick... Lucky bastard! Where are the most useful movies on Youtube?

tamemister: I've never even seen 100 blues in a round much less swapped 100

Geovani Garcia: I never have blue ones, fuck this level. I'm in this since one month ago

Lisandra Deleon: i never get a lot of blue candies this is bulshit

ttg444: it must be nice to have blues just magically appear like that! I can't get SHIT!

Dusty Doodah: the more "special" candies you swap the more blues will come down in my experience xx

Ahmet GÜRLEK: my blue never enough for pass this levet.. i hate that .. or this video game is so lucky

SnPfreak: Level is kaum zu schaffen weils kaum blaue gibt

Nadia Evelyn Ramirez lobera: Ya entendí gracias a los comentarios de abajo espero que resulté de otra forma es imposible tener dulces AZULES!

Nadia Evelyn Ramirez lobera: Estoy harta!! En este nivel llega un momento en que no sale ni un dulce azul pierdes movimientos usando otros dulces NO SEVALEEE

Jackn96288: 這關已經卡了一個月了!有點想放棄!=..=

a0925501388: 範例都是好牌.為何我們玩的藍色都很少也都是爛牌.藍色99不能­少ㄇ?

Magdalena Grozdeva: I passed this level on the first try.. It's actually lucky game and for all levels you need luck..Sometimes you passed the level on the first time, sometimes you need to try hundred times to got it..This is the game..

Amy Medina: wish I could get that many blues...

John McClure: This video is crap. There has never in 100 tries been that many blue candies on the screen. I agree with Lisa, it is an unfair level like #121. Remember that one with the bomb locked up to start, had to get 50,000 points in 90 seconds. Got that one by luck on what was north of my 200th try. Got a chocolate and wrapped candy near the end of the time and exploding it got just enough points. Probably have to get something like that on this level also. Wonder when that will be.

Lisa Kaschmitter: Make it fair cheaters...send enough blues or lower the goal. What I especially HATE about your game is that it isn't enough that you have those damn repetative chocolates but then you add the bombs too! One obstacle is enough when you ask for an already impossible goal to accomplish.

gia10081: Ok, been stuck on this level longer then I was on 147. Getting wrapped candy and striped and clearing all chocolate from corners isn't working. In fact I did this and still only got like 5 pieces. WTH?!

Scott L: I am stuck on this level right now. The key, as is shown in this video, is to work on getting as many striped and wrappered candy as possible to demolish the board to get more blue candy to show up. Doing it piecemeal will never work, you won't get to 99 blue candies.

Felisia Fanteli: it takes forever to get the blue come out!!

precipice65: what is this level about? if there are not enough blues on the board how are we suppose to collect? generate our own blues? getting more and more illogical!!!

SamantharoseLarryjoe: I always play on the Bathroom it give me more time to think my moves...


jei liau: 藍色小藥丸阿

Imm0ralKnight: Fuck this level. Fuck the chocolate. Fuck this game!!!

桃貴 蔡: 這邊藍色的  少的超誇張的~~ 是想逼死脽

polly anna: GET RID OF THE CHOCOLATE IN THE CORNERS, THIS CREATES THE BLUE ONES, I did this first time after seeing the advise and it worked

drumonabumable: BLUUUUEEEEEES!

Tyler Chorzempa: This level killed my interest in the game

caitrionarooney: Yep. Me too. And I was addicted.

gaegade: ทำไมสีฟ้าออกมาแค่นิดเดียวเองอ่­า ?

Ming200902: ทำไม่ด่านนี้ยากจัง

RyanFella83: Yea when I do this level I don't get as many blues as this. This wasn't his first go at it anyway. I think it's fixed to try and get u to buy boosters. Don't buy them, I'll get it in the end. I've never bought a booster. I don't care if I'm on this level for a year.

ANGELinFortWorth: I was just 1 blue away from beating it. Like really, candy crush?? You can't give me one blue. lol

BeautifulQuinesha: I figured it out. Don't let the chocolate fill the 4 corners. The way to get blue candies is to break chocolate. The more chocolate u break the more blue candy drops down. Focus on that. The other colors are automatically easy to fill. Focus on blue!

Ching Wong: It does help! Thanks skillgaming.... I just passed it for the first try after I watched ur clip :)))

Misty Williams: free and real hack only here==>> candycrushsagasuperhack.blogsp­­­­ <<==

williamwaddell04: Candy crush sucks. Impossible to get the bombs in time as no same colour of candy near them, even on the drop that colour doesn't fall. WERE ARE THE FCKN BLUE CANDY.......fckn con....your getting no money of me. Rant over, but this game sucks know. Uninstalling.

williamwaddell04: There is never enough blue balls to finish level. So what chance have got. Load of pish.

bunny y: why is this level soo hard to pass!!i dont get it

bunny y: so many blues......

Emma Jarvis: I've been playing this level for weeks now, and in all that time I've never seen that many blue balls drop in one game. How can we pass when the game doesn't give us the opportunity? ie: give enough blue balls to give the person playing a chance to pass

thumbcatfan: this level is so hard that I keep getting bored with it and leaving the game for weeks, been stuck since November 2012! If I add moves at the beginning it just kills me straight away and when I have over 30 moves left and only 40 odd blues left it suddenly stops dropping any blues down so there is no way of getting though the level. The makers have made this so hard that we just get sick of it and leave the game. There is no way I am paying cash into it when they treat players like that

Carole Greenberg: I got through this level. It was not easy. And as many times as I tried I NEVER saw that many blue ones. I have NEVER seen the same board that he manages to get through.

EuropeanGuy87: I don't see a point if there is no challenge...if it would be easy you'd pass the game and then what ? The crucial part in this level is to make sure the chocolate doesn't eat the upper right and left corners because then you won't get as many candies and there is very little chance blue ones are going to come..there is some luck involved but it's mostly the way you choose to combine your candies ;) you need to plan ahead folks.. if you made it this far that means you are good..

bunny y: other levels were much harder..but i dont understand why this level looks so easy,but still so hard to pass

EuropeanGuy87: the hard part is only the chocolates blocking both upper corners which prevents the candies to fall..makes the blue ones fall less frequently.. right now level 181 is horrible and I've been stuck on it for like 3 days.

bunny y: i actually passed this level..and not only that i just passed level 185 too..ive never purchased any boosters ..but 181 was really hard yea..need many strip candies

skillgaming: Sounds good, congratulations! The next level which is really hard to solve without any booster is 213, so see you there I guess :)

bunny y: u know what i just solved 213..without any boosters!! but really 208 was much harder

Daphne Goh: I rarely get any blue, always get purple, red and orange. The bombs also come like once every two moves. Stuck there for 3 weeks >:( My friends have so many blues and pass in one or two tries. Not fair!

Christopher Bishop: If you like Candy Crush you should try U Guess It on iPad.

mayank barot: its very easy level if u use power of lolipop hammer with that u can break blue candy so its very easy plz use this tricks my feinds

Aaa Aaa: bullshit candy crash

Becky119S: Omg. I thought that I would never pass this level, almost gave up on the entire game. Then I miraculously passed it! I found it most helpful to focus on crushing the blue candies and had to luck out with a lot of bomb combos. Good luck :)

Becky119S: OMG. I thought I would never pass

Meagon Pait: How did this guy move two of his orange that didn't even create a line of three orange? Happens early on.

Missy sonofether: he didnt move the orange, it as the surrounding colours he matched up, think it was the red

amyvitality66: This level is so unfair. You have so many blues. And I have like 3 moves left with only like 40+ blues order left. With so freaking few blue candies. Screw this game!

sarcmatt: This level is proof that the creators of Candy Crush Saga hate us and want to see us suffer.

leeleeleeleelee100: They don't give me enough blue candies thanks candy crush you won't ever get my money

iluvesaladfingers: i'm still fucking stuck on this level after a month. my friend passed me, so pissed.

DiciaMusiCale: A month.....?? Crazy.... But I already stuck for a week.... sigh.... Hope I can pass it soon!

andyman820: this level never gives enough blues.... i've been in the same spot with 35 moves and 30 something blue pieces left, and MIGHT get it down to 20. such bs

xiionl9: I dont get that many blues either /;

ycha223: Been stuck for 6 months now, more than 10000 lives spent, still can't pass. Best I've got to is 1 or 2 blue candies to clear but then run out of moves.

stephanieadams78sa: I can not get enough blue candies to beat this dern level. Argh!!!!

Philip Keuleers: beat it second try!!!!!!

amanda dillon: i never have that many blues

tinuviel dontask: nope me neither i think it might have something to do with keeping the brown blocks cleared

Angel Luna: Yeah I never have that many blues, iather either

Lorenzo Pueblos: maybe my next question should be how to get blue candies like the video! lol

joana kapsa: : ( i dont wana be stuck for days ... or else il be in bad mood , il be angry ..

noppyize: Give that a couple of try and see how u do

noppyize: I did many combo on trying to pass this , after around 30 try I ignore the blue and just focus on bomb cause that should clear the blue for u

RadarLow cameron: if it gives you blue =0

angelika małyska: Blue candy at this level comes out very little. I can not go. Niebieskich cukierków na tym poziomie wylatuje bardzo mało. Nie mogę przejść.

NAILed2dawall: This is bs I've only seen all of what three bombs and start with 60 moves mine stars with 45 and the bombs don't blues barely come. I know the game is random but shit!!? Lol

ajijemuran: i hate blue!!!

Scott William McMillan: The trick for me was to leave off collecting all of the yellow and green ones too early... seems to make more blue fall down.

animlnitr8: This guy is a hack. He cheats somehow. Like on the timed levels where it's 120 seconds, his game goes on for over 3 minutes. These videos are Bs!

skillgaming: i recommand you learn how the game works before complaining for nothing.

07Spiritualwarrior: So then what is the secret to this level?

stargateheaven23: Man, you sound like an idiot. You dont even know how the game works. The reason he appears "skilled" in all these videos is because he uploads the successful videos. And the game is RANDOM.

Nately2: Learn to play pls

spikechip69: I know it sometimes looks like he's cheating, but actually people are saying this about all the levels he showed. I was stuck at many levels before, and watched skillgames moves. Sometimes it helped, sometimes it didn't. He probably also had to try 20 or 30 times before he passed a level, but he's not gonna show you the times he failed, that's useless. He's showing you the one time he succeeded, and hopes you have some profit from this. Give the guy a break...

skillgaming: You got it all right! Thanks :)

BelphegorLuver: Well he is called "skillgaming" for a reason you know. Jeez. People on the internet.

whydouneedakno: lol do you even look at the date to when he uploads these vids, the game has changed since last year when he played it and uploaded these vids

babydsmom218: I've never had that many blue!!!!

Angie D: Guess I got lucky. I got it on my 3rd try! :)

Angie D: Guess I got

Giulia Ralph: Maybe if we watch more of their bullshi# advertising, we may get more blue candy

Isadora Tetini: 29 days later 3 stars 4 times and still not enough blues to drop down and complete this game. How come every clip of yours shows more capable moves than any other person and fewer bombs. Notice all you other clips are the same. I'll just stop watching your ones.

mezo aboelmagd: lol 15 move with 50 blue i hate da fuq luck

Donna Rondeau: I've been stuck on this level for 3 days... play on iphone, ipad and computer. I have the extra 3 lives totally 8, so in essence I have 24 lives to use. Play every chance I get and with every game on this level I NEVER have enough blues on the screen. The most I got down to was 11. 1 move left and only 4 blues on the screen and not even close to each other. SUCKS BAD!

TheNinas11: had ONE blue left!!! stuck forever.. 

Mark james: me 2

MrZebany: Im on 169 now and for me most difficult levels were 65-140-158... I dont think this level is too bad comparing the ones i counted.

tulilintu: I feel like this level was planned only to force us to pay for boosters. And I'm not going to pay. If I can't get past this without the boosters, I'll leave the game.

kakaboo: is bomb dropping triggered by something? how come you only have like 1 bomb every 3-5 turns, but I get it almost every turn or 2.. getting killed by the bombs before even I can do anything

Michelli Duarte: nesse seu video quase nao vem bomba e veio muitas balas azuis mas no meuu aff esta mto dificil

courtemanche437: So lucky. SO LUCKY!!!

onebdp: had to buy the 5 extra moves for this one. first level where I needed help

eeeduardo82: come ooon you destroy 99 blue whit 11 moves, i mean u dont destroy the blues candys, they destroy byself ecxept 11 times, when u destroy the blues cadys whit a move, its a joke right, i play this level n i dont see the blues like here

andybrrrnz: Da fuq..

Migopower: stupid level. i always have like 17-20+ blue left :S

three norns: i've been stuck on this level for nearly two weeks.  usual routine is i get a lot of blues at the beginning but once i've got all yellow and green, the blues stop coming - usually i'll have three or four on the board totally not related to each other.

incident41: ...another 8 attempts later, I had one game where I went down to 4 blue left, and with another move I would have been down to 1. Clearly it was an attempt where the game decided to throw down far more blue ones than usual - all other times I was never under 20 blue left to remove.

incident41: After my first 15 attempts, closest I got was 28 blue candies left to remove. Usual "ultra-easy mode" video for something that absolutely, positively _doesn't_ happen in the real-life game :)

Nic Cox: as much as I hate this game.. i dont know why I'm still playing it.. i'm stuck on this level... fml

Angel Luna: So do I....

KevJKoz: OK..perhaps it's best to post something...I passed the level on my next try...and still had moves left. Thank you!

KevJKoz: I agree....I have been at this level for 3 days now...and a lot of lives later...still here.

MJ Cutright: he's got a lot of BLUE!!!

OBmaster: This is crap! ... I hate this level. This guy starts with 12 blues??? I only see 40-50 blus the whole freakin level.


Vikingandrea87: You are right! Maybe in German the play is more easy, than in other country?...

Vikingandrea87: After many attempts, I have passed the level. It was very hard!!!

froop84: nope :-( unfortunately not! I'm stuck at this level since weeks - but indeed I never had a level start and so many blues coming like this guy

ginbin2: If i got nearly that many blue i could pass it as well what they show you and what you get are totally 2 different things.....

kanndae2003: omg, total lucksack. i don't get anywhere near that many blue candies

ggeorg77: level 167 is impossible!!!! Who has passed it?

Geht DichNichtsAn: My friend also says it´s impossible

ggeorg77: NO, I passed it yesterday without help. just be patient

Geht DichNichtsAn: passed it . . . now level 167 it´s terrible :(

Tricia torres: I'm not jealouse at you just because you have a lot of boosters. Its just you don't play fair. You are using ipad, my mom has ipad and she can't buy boosters because she can't afford them. So please, I challenge you to play candy crush without boosters as in NO BOOSTERS and post is here in youtube and prove it that you can survive without boosters. Please play FAIR AND SQUARE!

Merry Christmas: all boosters are free, no need real money. thanks for watching.

Tricia torres: This is so unfair. You should play fair and square. What if there are candy crush players that has no boosters as in nothing. How will they survive if you don't play fair. I challenge you to play candy crush without boosters and post is here on youtube.

Merry Christmas: no need real money, all boosters are free. please see­/install-iapfree-for-candy-cru­sh-free_24.html

tammyadams74: this level hard

Bradley Chester: I cant do this level its a pain in the ass 

Merry Christmas: still stuck on 165?

Ty-Shana Maximea: That level is hard!

Merry Christmas: still stuck on 165?

petey1115: I guess its alot easier when you use boosters, cheater

Merry Christmas: thanks for watching :)

PrincezzXO23: I cnt beat this level for nothing

Merry Christmas: thanks for watching :)

Karin Wolterink: and now without extra stuff? thats difficult...try that for change,..with out help.....

TKWizard: I see that you hack yourself with 99 lives too.

Ezequiel Gresia: Buy those stuff for candy is for pussies

CHONG YOOK SANG: It's all about money making by CCS. Doesn't makes sense so my advice to u all stop playing and stop loading just to continue.

roby parma: Che culo......

alalalala04: Its annoying as ffff no blues coming down:/

Val Faulkner: I can never get that many blue candies sent down! That is the more rare candy by far for me on this level. I've been playing for a few days now and can't pass it. I guess it's always just a combination of luck and skill for this game, which is why it's so challenging and fun. Thanks for the post.

Patrick Siu: i start to realize that by not eating the blues directly, the blues will keep coming out. try it

axhian bebe: freakin blues are so hard..stuck on this level for ages

Laura Hyllested: me neither the blues are so hard

kokokrunchhh: you're lucky

James Cawthorne: I cannot get the blues >:-|

Dawn Marie: Thanks : )

Teoke2468: good job

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