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Candy Crush Saga level 169

This level is part of the Objective levels and can be found in the Pastille Pyramid episode. The objective of level 169 is to collect all orders. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 169:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 169 strategy

There is an army of chocolate fans behind the 2 hit blockers, but you can work without opening that up. Try to focus more on making the powerups and only deal with the chocolate when necessary. You should be able to score the striped candies easily, so focus more on the wrapped and color bomb. Remember only 1 piece of chocolate can advance at a time!

Collect all the orders (1 striped/striped mix, 1 striped/wrapped mix, 1 striped/color bomb mix ) and reach 45,000 points in 35 moves.

1 star: 45000 points
2 stars: 60000 points
3 stars: 75000 points

Level 169 cheats, tips and tricks

melioo1: I hate the episode, each level is hard :(

supermario3459: i hate this level, getting the goal is already hard and they put a too high score to get

Leah Oglesby: Been stuck on this level for two weeks... :(

Nikadastylist83: I can't get it! !! Smh

akhiem6: Stuck for 3 weeks. That's all

Amy Medina: I have never had the score high enough to pass. The few times I did get all 3 orders, no dice. The closest I have gotten is 39K :(

aduffy1976: Passed after 2nd day seemed impossible but all fell into place

SusanneAndCatherine: After many many tries, level 169 all fell into place. Previously I had achieved all three orders on one occasion but my score was way too low. Many times I achieved 2 orders. But this evening, I got the spog candy pretty quickly, and well before my moves ran out the others were achieved. So it's not impossible as I'd previously thought. So it's worth keeping on at it!

AfGunMeLo7: I am stuck for 2 weeks. This is the hardest level!!!

Marcus Svedebo: This level is fucking bullshit I've beaten it twice and not gotten a high enough score. This game is half luck on most of the hard levels and it's making me not want to play as much

BlackSN8K: Beat this on my first try- level 167 was a lot harder!... I got lucky on this one; I knew if I didn't pass it on my first try, I was gonna be stuck here for a long time!

thinBillyBoy: Okay so the strategy is to just focus on making combos instead of making space and preferably not the striped on striped ones... Yeah okay.

akhiem6: I knew it was gonna happen, but I was hoping to see you fail.

precipice65: finally cleared this level.

precipice65: i did the orders but scored only 32k on my first try. i guess this game is more about the score than the order.

Steph Ann: I've matched all of the orders three separate times, all with failed scores. Fuuuck

bby pitung: I was stuck here too. I watched this video a lot of time to make myself understand more better. but still,I couldn't pass this level. I hate the chocolate more than anything else! I wonder how you do it. Do we need a lot of boosters or what?

Shelly Lin: really hate this level, make me wanna cry. I only matched three orders once but failed at scores. so sick this level

SvizacST: This level is VERY HARD I allways get 2/3 orders

subbothi: I was stuck in this level more than a week and I completed itl after watching this :) what a coincidence!

bunny y: just beat it with 88300 score phew!

Guga Games: i something use on lolipop hammer in levefl 167 , i need clear something one more piece in level 168 i pass level 86-168 in 2 weeeks

NatasicaD: o come on!!! i cant solve this in 35 moves. this game needs to be fun, not make people frustrated.

Pirahna67: Agreed!!

awongski: lucky to get it on first try! :) i know it's hard so, i have to come here and brag about it.. :D

Giorgos Mpozatzidis: i did the orders anf failed the score... so sick...

brabusx2: lololol me too... -__-

Donna Tordoff: I have the same problem @lbendik6301 :( I've been stuck for over 4 weeks gggrrr 

lbendik6301: i dont have a problem getting the three needed matches, but then i cant get the score to be high enough for one star so i fail.

bourraslandboss: lucky you.... this one is complicated. i thnk i can't make it! 

pollardjm3: They must have tweaked 167 to make it easier, I was stuck for weeks, then I go back a couple days later and beat it after 2 trys

licensedtokill13: I also beat 167 with no boosters with pure luck. It took me almost a week. Lots of powerballs/striped and packaged candy.

Natalia natalia s: After 8-9 days i passed level 167 without boosters.It's veryyyy difficult but possible.

Ilaria Bracuti: me too!

alma roche: I was looking for 167 too, I don't think I'll ever solve it if they don't give it a little tweak :(

HsingHan Ho: I guess he pass the level 167 by using lots of items. I can't imagine a way to pass 167 without using item.

Ganso Nogueira: Where is the level 167 video??????

skillgaming: I don't think its solvable without buying boosters. But there might be a chance that level 167 will be changed with the next update to make it easier.

SvartSyn333: I solved without boosters.

Alex Vlad: i did it without :) 

aznfyrepixie: The OLD one was much harder. Jeeez people, stop bragging if you only completed the level recently. When 167 first came out months ago, it was almost impossible.

andyman820: beat that one without boosters on like the 20th try and on the last move.

aznfyrepixie: The OLD 167 was much harder. You had fewer moves.

Tegan Leigh: I did level 167 with no boosters. But I CANNOT GET PASSED 169!!!!!

Melissa Crimmins: same here, it is infuriating

Marcus Woo: You are just plain lucky man!

monte68x: You know what really sucks on this level? When you fill the orders but don't have enough points! I could have screamed. Filling the orders is hard enough. This might be the point where I give up on the game.

john kirk: i'm struggling on this level, it's the hardest level so far for me.

aewallace81: Found this the hardest so far, 181 is a close second though.

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