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Candy Crush Saga level 178

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Cupcake Circus episode. The objective of level 178 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 178:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 178 strategy

What to say here, oh boy. This can be a very tricky level because of the 9 move bombs. Try to remove them before you break the blocks below them. Once those blocks go, the bombs will follow the respective transporter over to the right hand side and you can only remove them with a horizontal striped candy or color bomb, from there you can focus on the double jelly. The hardest pieces are the ones in the bottom left and bottom right, more than likely you will need a vertical striped candy in the column to zip through it.

Clear all the Jelly and score 60,000 points in 50 moves

1 star: 60000 points
2 stars: 90000 points
3 stars: 130000 points

Level 178 cheats, tips and tricks

gt4dk18: How gay is that >< didn't have to think how to destroy the bombs coz it was all lined up for him, all luck nothing else

Janine May O.: whoa! so lucky!

Phil Stiffy: lmfao..has to be the most shitty candy crush video ever posted.fucking pathetic

Sparky5856: I had to match two colored bombs with each other in the first few moves to get rid of those bombs, and even then this level was very hard cause of those two jellies at the bottom. Very stupid level X_X

ylpsi: I can't win this round ... Haiz ... Who can help mi ???

bunny y: such smooth moves

Guitarrgirl: OMG! So ridiculous! I've gotten only one of each color on bombs and No help from any surrounding candies! OLB!

msoteris: The first move was utter luck. Most likely you'll get one of each colour.

tlynch1956: nice . . .even with a re-shuffle.

Guitarrgirl: Ya, I know the feeling. But I've gotten to this level without buying a thing! And I plan to continue doing so. Good luck.

Sue Davies: why is it when i have 50 moves its game over before im finished

bklyngrl7784: because of the bombs--u have to match them up with their color before they turn to 0---those are so annoying and the killer of these levels!! ugh!!!!!!!

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