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Candy Crush Saga level 181

This level is part of the Ingredient Drop levels and can be found in the Cupcake Circus episode. The objective of level 181 is to bring down all ingredients to the bottom. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 181:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 181 strategy

The only way to beat this level is to clear through the blocks in the middle and shoots horizontal striped candies, mix a wrapped and striped candy, or mix a color bomb and striped candy. The first block on the side columns is 3 hits, the second and third are 4 hits and the last is three hits. So clear as many blocks as you can early on and make the horizontal ones as often as you can.

Bring the ingredients down (2 cherries) and score 20,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 20000 points
2 stars: 55000 points
3 stars: 65000 points

Level 181 cheats, tips and tricks

Temi Ojo: Is anybody else watching this and thinking, "Aaw that is total bullshit how he gets all those lucky special candies?

Lisa Kaschmitter: Boy CC you really took the fun out of this level. Totally sucks!! It's not enough that the board is hard enough but then you add that many layers to the side candy. Boooo.

Alice Louise: 100% agreed!

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ingenue15: i hate this level with a passion

djoanna oclarit: i really hate this level because i played this for almost 2weeks...gosh...!!! how can i pass this level...

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mupet00000: Hello there, my name is Fucking Bullshit, and I'll be your level today.

TreeckoAndCyndaquil: U HAVE LUCK DUDE

TreeckoAndCyndaquil: STUCK!!

jihnel santo domingo: if i can only get my feet to give the bird, i would give this level 4 FUCK YOU's

generalnsj: I feel your pain...this level is a bitch!

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Jackyyy202: 2:23 you failed lol

Lindsey Duke: Nice but how bout people who don't have a computer and use an Android phone. Help me! I'm stuck on this level its driving me crazy

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Bazi Svetlana: I hate this level :((

bklyngrl7784: love how magically when there was 1 move left--you got the cherries down----gimme a break! ridic these levels already!!!1

skillgaming: bklyngrl = brooklyn girl. deciphered, ha!

Alice Louise: There were 2 moves, left, actually.

918kiwi: Took me 2 days but I finally passed it. Such a relief!

klove69flava: this level hard

whydouneedakno: This level is beyond annoying, i just needed 1 more striped candy with 4 moves left and i could not do it and i have not even come close to passing it after that

918kiwi: I thought 169 was hard. This level is ridiculous.

Xime Alfaro: Como descargo este juego???

Jesse Laurin: 2:23 oops.. LMAO 

askadeq90: hahaha.. it make my stomach hurt seeing that move!

Jesse Laurin: wow, that move at 1:29 is 1 in a billion .... so lucky.

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rap1dcs: The luck is unbearable.. By the way you missed a chocoalte bomb

chrisbell267: He can at Well

mauralgroot: Ik zag dat hij zo een spikkel bom kon maken

kokokrunchhh: 2:48 man you could make color bomb

kokokrunchhh: i need that kind of luck, stripped candy + color bomb x stripped candy + wrapped candy

BlackSN8K: I fucking passed it after waTching this!!!

Tampabayraysgirl: This game is no longer fun. This level is so damn difficult. I've matched 4 wrapped and striped candies and it hardly does anything. When I combine a chocolate bomb with a striped candy it only goes off vertically. Doesn't do crap!!

bater55: One of the hardest levels thus far. Damn this game!

alli turner: I'm on my iPhone and I have apples not cherries and there are no purple candys I've been on this level for two months I hate this level

laisooncheh: 2:48 you could make a colour bomb

Alphonso Agee: One thing I hate is when I combine the chocolate ball with the striped candy, most of the converted candy of the same color is striped going up and down vs sideways, so it's wasted for the most part.

Alphonso Agee: Why did you choose not to combine the chocolate ball with the striped candy about halfway through this video?

foxface421: OMG im only on level 14 and im kinda stuck

John Arnold Francisco: Could you just open my facebook and play this level . please reply as soon as possible

heemoso: Muy difícil

Giesje007queen: OMG can you help me. I'ts so hard

youtoldharpoto beatme: Hard!

ANGELinFortWorth: I don't like this one. :/

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katieking1870s: i cant :'( 

Yeyeh Alcaraz: awww! this level is giving me a hard time :(

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jslee499: this level its really hard

dolphinguy32: when i think i will never get past a level after days and days of trying I finally get lucky, think this may be hardest level so far

Li Iris: I have lost my temper on this fxxking level!!!!!

Pyromaniac Hunter: Candy crush saga makes me hungry...Anyone else? :D

fon onlyfon: This game 99.9 depends on LUCK...

Carole Greenberg: This levels are different on the iPad then on a PC. On the iPad you have two apples. On the PC there are two cherries. On the iPad you have yellow candy and no purple. On the PC you have purple and no yellow. On the PC I did not come close once to beating this level. On the iPad it took a little while. Butf I finally did it.

Carole Greenberg: Thea Cariaga, I was going to tell you how to have unlimited lives but did not see where I can respond to you..

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aznfyrepixie: Beat this after 3 days! I must have tried about 70 times? Maybe more....this one definitely needs a bit more luck and A LOT of concentration so you don't screw up a good, winning layout. I had only 2 or 3 moves left.

Fangzn: 好厲害喔= =

Betül Demirel: çok zor bu yaaa

bunny y: i think im ganna smash this screen if i dont get over this level soon >:(

Sade Tucker: Soooo addicted

EuropeanGuy87: You can tell a nasty level by how many views the video has.. I'm stuck on this one for 3 days, came close twice thought..

aznfyrepixie: Is this level going to break me?! I have been playing this game for a month and this is definitely the most difficult so far...even 65 and 147 were not so troublesome.

Lee Wallace: ARRRGGGHH! I CAN"T DO IT! lol

amyvitality66: I noticed that in the PC version, you auto-lost 1 move during shuffling. But in the mobile version, it never lose a move during shuffling.

skillgaming: wow, didn't know that. thanks!

Carole Greenberg: Also on the PC on some levels you get purple candy and no yellow. And on the PC on the same level you get yellow ones and no purple. For me it is definitely easier to get through the levels on my iPad then on my PC

Kjell Inge Sandvik: That's true, and if you play both pc and mobile-version, you have actually 10 lives :)

Subspaceking: I hate this level, but not as much as I hated the ones with those chocolate machines in the pastille pyramid.

bcarri2014: I've been tempted by items (I would've beaten this level with a Lollipop Hammer but opted not to) because of how hard this level is. My Horizontal Striped Candies always go off at the wrong times and I always seem to get unwanted Colorbombs and Wrapped Candies.

Mimi Rozana: I wonderhow many time u try i.. I still stuck at this level for about a month.. Gggrrrr.....

jordelene oliveira: you are the best!!! Great!!![iminent=RcPRX7YVffOB]

Marian van der Zwart: And yes there are no yellows in this video...not fair

Marian van der Zwart: Simplify this level please!

Sylvia Makus: You made that seem super easy!!

skillgaming: Thanks Sylvia, but you need a lot of luck here! Tricky level but doable :)

Lefty7788tinkatolli: Tricky is an understatement. I found this level SO HARD, in fact, it was the hardest level for me in the whole game. Maybe even harder than 147 for me, and harder than 65 (which I did on third try). I had well over 200 attempts on this before bailing out by using 4 lollipop hammers. "Tricky" is the biggest understatement ever. Chuck Norris almost went insane on this level.

Carole Greenberg: This level is not as hard as it seems at first. Keep at it and you will get it.

WookieMonster01: I have no idea what this game even is about. My gf thinks its the greatest thing ever. All I gotta ask is, whats up with that trippy melow music on the video. Is that how it sounds in the real game?

bcarri2014: That music plays during "ingredient" levels.

atwtfan1: I've been stuck on this level for a week now. 


WALLUMOT: Another level that they want me to buy items to get me through. I will never buy though.

gabywire: I'm loosing my mind on this fckn level!!! :( I'm so saaaad

skillgaming: Take a look at your own avatar here on youtube and it might give you positive energy again!

markbennett123: Bullshit video!! Theres yellows on my game

Marian van der Zwart: I'm close to remove candy crush from my iPad...;-) this is not fun anymore....too hard!

Sheila Jarquín: God this level is hell

OrbiTaLRushEr: This level....haven't finished it yet, the closest ones I've been to was a few moves left to destroy the last remaining block using a stripe candy that's already in place..... Gawd

Jessica Jess: it's been the hardest level Ive EVER seen >.<

mark G: 100 times 

Trudy Bradley: This makes it look so easy! All in the way they fall! I'll be stuck here for a while!

Marianita Diaz: I have been trying to pass it since 1 week ago :(

hardcorepaddy316: I never get Candy's like that..They fell almost too perfect here

Rawr aymj: fuck this level

Lefty7788tinkatolli: I never thought an INGREDIENTS level could be so hard. I thought they were supposed to be easier than the jelly ones :/

Jewel Lee: youre so lucky 

andybbcx: this level is fucking hard!!

clairechen1449: Level so hard:)i always watch your videos..and it helps..thanks much..grateful also i have a unlimited life:)why others still dont know:))

thea cariaga: how to have an unlimited life?

thea cariaga: how to have an unlimited life?

IvanPetrov6: cagão

morforme1: Four days so far!! This is the only game that has ever made me want to cry with frustration. Thought games were meant to be fun!

zsgyongy01: Wunderschön!!!! :))

Darlene Hayes: How long does it take to know the strategy of the game

Stephanie Episcope: I'm losing my temper on this level :))

skillgaming: It's quite tricky!!!

Luciana Maia: bem 2 dias presa nessa fase

bartone6: 1:09 line 2 :D (top)

jowong1974: I meant thanks for your help and tips....<3

jowong1974: It takes me forever to defeat this level....btw u r really great....this for the tips....<3

gakire: how many times did you try this level? please tell me more than 10 so I don't feel so lame.

skillgaming: It took me more then 10 tries as well :) I guess it was something in between 20 and 30!

Lefty7788tinkatolli: I've tried about 75-100 times, still no luck.

Lefty7788tinkatolli: 20-30!? This cocksucker level took me about 200 and I'm not even exaggerating. I would still be stuck on it now if I didn't use 4 lollipop hammers! I feel lame that I couldn't do it without boosters but I had to - this level was driving me to an early grave.

Guitarrgirl: How you get all those hammers?? I only use the iPhone app, but when I do use a computer I don't have any of those and the normal helps that used to be there say they aren't available at this level. Yikes, I think I might be here a while.

Roselena Nava: I been stuck on this level for 2 days cant beat it I have it on my fone and my tablet on.the same.level and.cant beat it grrr

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XxbestofthebestxX: This level is just trying to get outta hell. Its funny, I passed this on my 4th go but my friend didn't. After 2weeks, I finally passed it for her, we screamed in the car so loud lol.

tagamaola: so lucky...

Fotis Tsinopoulos: arxidi

Kelvin Kam: 2:46 Line 3

skillgaming: Wow, I always do a lot of mistakes. Nice find :)

valmont067: had a two stripped candis and a two wrapped candies and I finally got them together but another stripped candy formed ontop and cleard the center. So pissed at this dam level

Aiden Raccoon: It helps to have multiple Facebook accounts so you can request lives from yourself ;)

Angie D: I won this on my 10th try! :)

iMarc89: Again, luck for the most part. I've gone through this round three or four times with luck going completely against me. I clear the board of single whites in 6-7 turns but the pieces just won't fall to let me make the chocolate balls or striped candies. And when they do, they almost always get popped by new pieces falling from the top. It's a joke! I've had my entire game destroyed by new candies more times than I can count. No amount of skill can get round that!

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emir altın: bu kadar kat şeyler olur mu

Reaz Minajer: i passed it with 1 stripped boost! and colour bomb , SO HARD :(

SpiralFaded: How many tries you did to complete this level? This almost take me foreverrrrrr

wongin4: candy crush sags level 173

Costinel Stancu: candy-crush-saga-cheat.blogspo­

Alexandra Santana: eu ja passei dessa fase

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CherayBlues: Does anybody know the name of this song ?! Its sound like some clasical...

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postfrau74: Ich möcht des auch so hinkriegen :-( SUPER!!

drankkkkkk: fuck this level is hard

merijnmerijnmerijn: its not hard, its impossible

34098591: i hate this motherfucker level...2 month playing this shit

OBmaster: I hate this level!!!

Damien Leprovost: 2:45 Chocolate ball available by blue move at the top of the table !

sunnybabies: Watching you play this, I predicted each of your moves, as I would have done all the same moves except where you didn't combine the chocolate ball with the striped candy one time. I have come very close to beating this, but to no avail. Sigh

Danni I I: ótimo

licensedtokill13: This level is driving me insane :(

ibratinhio: 2:24 Was that a mistake? I don't see why you wouldn't have combined the chocolate ball and the striped candy.

skillgaming: Haha I remember ... mistake ;)

John2000123321: Woww!

mary70961: You have 6 lives................^^

bunny y: oh mann,,the last moves are so hard to make!!

Guitarrgirl: I got to this level WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING!! I can't anyway, don't have the bucks. I also don't, as a rule, use any boosters. Twice I used something on the Facebook version when my daughter recommended it, but didn't help me anyway. And btw dude who posts these... I like the red circle on the cursor, but could ya trim down the vids to edit out a full minute of no moves? Thanks for posting.

Sandy De Jong: wow I thought why did he upload this it looked like there was not way you could beat this now watching your goes you had left but out of the blue POW! I never thought you could get so far into this level and still do it like a dinner :) thanks

Meudi74: Hi Myra, yes, so far I can confirm that they are all doable without buying boosters. There were two levels (167 and 169) that gave me a hard time and I bought boosters just in order to advance to the next levels, because I need to be up-to-date with the progress, but then later I went back and beat them without any purchases. Good luck to you too!

myramc60: Meudi74, that is good to know that you can actually pass these levels without paying for anything, I wasn't having a go at you. Good luck.

Meudi74: To begin with, this person is me. Yes, I bought a one-time purchase "charm" that increases your maximum lives from 5 to 8. That doesn't affect the performance through the levels, just gives me more chances to play, since I only have time to play a few minutes per day. It's not a "booster". I guarantee you that my videos are booster-free, otherwise it would defeat the purpose of my website. Have a wonderful day.

myra mcelhinney: This person is obviously buying things, because you can usually only get 5 lives at a time and they have a few things along the top, there is no way they would still have all these things at this level unless they were buying. I think anyone can eventually get through it if they buy, I personally refuse to buy for a game that is supposedly free.

Marousta GN: the game aint fun when u use boosters or u cheat.

Merry Christmas: thanks for watching

Jeremy Moeckel: haha candy crush cheated you!

Merry Christmas: ha ha, thanks for watching :)

Tampabayraysgirl: I beat it for free!! You don't even try. What's the point of playing ?

Merry Christmas: just for fun, 181 is very hard.

ying197724: 要浪费真錢

Merry Christmas: the boosters are free, no need real money, please see the video description, it tells you how to get free boosters.

Jessica P: Omg most stupid person in the world!!

Merry Christmas: just for fun, thanks for watching. :)

klaussmar: omg ....idiot 

Merry Christmas: just for fun, thanks for watching. :)

colinstephen1000: I just watched an idiot waste $60 to beat a level on Candy crush, hahahaha, your either really daft or have money to burn, either way your an idiot, pmsl, why bother to play the game if you can buy stuff and cheat to pass levels, hahahaha.

Merry Christmas: the boosters are free, no need real money, please see the video description, it tells you how to get free boosters.

戶 筱悠: 這樣居然還敢po上來!?

lck13972: 廢!!!

n3wen65: 使用特殊道具!!算了吧!

Folsombarbie Has: hahaha thats so funny no way

Merry Christmas: just for fun, thanks for watching. :)

Linda Tesoroni: OMG...$15 at a this person SERIOUS????..No game is worth THAT much cash.

Merry Christmas: agree! No game is worth THAT much cash. so I get the booster free. please see the video description, it tells you how to get free boosters.

stacy12611: It would've been funny if you would've spent all that money only to realize you still didn't win due to not having enough points. No thanks. I'll beat it the free way!

Merry Christmas: the boosters are free, no need real money, please see the video description, it tells you how to get free boosters.

AJ Fireway: Yeah, what vangyeyv said! What a waste!

Merry Christmas: just for fun, no need real money.

vangyeyv: What a waste of money...

Merry Christmas: the boosters are free, no need real money, please see the video description, it tells you how to get free boosters.

superkasha83: U got great candies! Lucky you!

Tiana Phan: I don't think people should use these vids because each game/level changes so it could be more difficult so i don't get why wasting time trying to help people when they are actually going to get a different one

Twila22Ton: Easy for u to do....I only have the 50 moves and sometimes the extra 3...I've been stuck for mths the wrap candies just blows on its own everytime...frustratingggggg

Tampabayraysgirl: I have matched a wrapped and a striped candy 3 times along with using the striped candies alone to go across and I didn't pass. I'm so confused.

Uzamakinarutoking: nice video 

Tamie Mcculley: cool music

billy piper jean: Nice!

nicolepeterson365: << not this hack.i tested

xaynciello deguzman: SO LAGGY!!! 

youngril60: Fr

SuperGRECHKA: Laggy I meant

SuperGRECHKA: Too lazy

wewessaassaa: Great music! A suggestion: place two wrapped candies together in vertical direction on the far left and right sides and horizontally aligned with the blocks that need broken. This level can be beaten almost every time like that.

hcsdave: That is a great strategy for this level as well. Thank you for the props on the music, glad you enjoyed it :)

davidsgirl0: MY GOD!!! this man is a wizard!

Supah Benja: I dont know what happend but i had 4 chocolate balls overall, and 2 of them next to eachother, i combined them and it deleted the cherrys... lol wtf?

pkcrewgod: Damn you. This is the hardest level in the game!

Garciaism88: Omg this level right here ... uggghhhh I can't beat it!!!!

Danielmf2000: Que dificil por diossss!!!! no los pongais tan chungos.....


Valeska Rivas: no entiendo como hacer para que los caramelos rayados se extiendan hacia los lados! :(

zammy2708: I've been playing for weeks.

Tracey Auterson: been on this one for ever it seems, will keep trying thanks

ananas102: I couldn't do it for a long time, either. Eventually you will be able to, if you try long enough! I'm feeling that way toward level 197 right now. But I know eventually I will pass it.

BennyFPS: Ich schaffe dieses Level nicht.

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