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Candy Crush Saga level 197

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Caramel Cove episode. The objective of level 197 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 197:

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Level 197 strategy

The entire bottom half of the board is jelly. Once you can finally break through the blockers or shoot a couple of vertical striped candies down through, you can smash 2 bombs off of each other for a lot of action.

Clear all the Jelly and score 80,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 80000 points
2 stars: 120000 points
3 stars: 150000 points

Level 197 cheats, tips and tricks

supermario3459: good thing that the hero of winds and time had a fairy in a bottle, this fairy helped him to complete some levels, until this level, where he dies... again.

saybanana: finally beat this level after 4 days. I went through 196 levels in 8 days, and got one this level that made me so frustrated. It is all about luck. Kept pushing trying to make combos. Played this level maybe 80 times. I love to try to beat my score but for this level no way. I hate it. What made me pass it was finally getting the wrapped and striped combo plus and chocolate/striped. That happens once in 30 games for me.

Fomelogo: pure luck, dude

Laura Cruz: este es re feo al igual que el 181, el 184, el 65 jaja todos esos me costaron como este!!!!!!! yo tambien los odio cuando veo que pasan!

Lucas Rosario: y eL 70?

Sersan Jaka: This is not a major luck like sudden appearance of stripes and chocolate balls or whatever... it's like a series of mini-luck where pieces are falling in the correct sequence to destroy the next jellies

BlackSN8K: I'm always just one clear box away from passing. It's not that hard, it's just they truly guck your game up so you won't pass!...

vinh tu: This guy must be blessed by god.

kokokrunchhh: this level sucks

kokokrunchhh: if 2 jellies left, use lollipop hammer

Joseph Baldomero: That was supposed to be skill gaming?

MizKaitlyn: i hate when you actually start doing good, you only have like 5 moves left. hate this level!

DJNiTTram: with that luck everyone can pass this level..

Hendrika13: Stuck too for about 2 weeks! It just doesn't give me the good combinations.

bcarri2014: At least I'm not the only one struggling on this level. The main problem I have with this level is the "lockdown" that forces me to clear pointless candies from the top half.

Daniel Tsai: It's maybe by skill but I think the ratio between "skill" and "luck" is 10:90

aznfyrepixie: This one is pretty hard, took me 50 tries or more. I always feel dumb when it takes me so long to pass a level and it seems easy to others. I passed this with a reshuffling of candy in the last 3 moves that made it possible to win with no moves left!

Subspaceking: This is a tough one. I haven't had a level this difficult since level 183.

deepradu: on iphone or android is more easier than on facebook

MrChem04: Vidio

Andre Hallqvist: it's not luck, it's about skill!

bunny y: yea

revolutioncan1: you must be new here

eliseo ricci: mi facebook eliseo ricci

sambobeez: Ahhh, another level where I'm gonna have to wait a week to get lucky with bonus candies lol

11vgirl: very difficult level i so hate it !!!!!

cherrymabet: Hmm I've been stuck in this level for 5 days already and haven't been that lucky! (have been left TWICE with only one jelly to clear!!)

ajbrtn: that's better than what i've done! hahaha

romynitus: I hate it when you pass these levels just by luck... I waste like 20 moves trying to get some striped candy or something... I think i'll be stucked on this a few weeks more ¬¬

revolutioncan1: just by luck ? dude you reached the max skill level for this game in the first 10 stages, then is ALL ABOUT LUCK !!!

ayadigarov: very lucky here

Chom Pair: ติดแง็กมาหลายวันละเนี่ยยย =,= ไม่ผ่านซักที ท้อ ๆๆๆๆๆๆ

licensedtokill13: This level is driving me insane

bcarri2014: I took a break from the game because of this level. This level took me 4 weeks to beat ... and that was because of a Lollipop Hammer.

Narayan Benavente: what is wrong with this level? I can't seem to get any luck. I get left out with 15-20 more jelly.

otavioserenoo: I hate this level. Lucky is the unic requisite! Intelligence here is not necessary!

eastmidlands: Soooo bored with this level

vartanpl: It's a Hardcore level. About 40 tries for me. Ended with 6 moves. One time 1 move i needed more and lost.

Luka Vukmirovic: you are so bad player, but very lucky player

candicevodka: lol don't know what to answer you :)

shantopiaalyxchris: Oud

zezo zoze: This game is 70% luck, 30% skill. 

SohRockBrazuca: Congratulations! You are very good

Navu Singh: Nice

kgiyg9ff: te tuvieron que "avisar" como ganar, jajaj

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