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Candy Crush Saga level 208

This level is part of the Objective levels and can be found in the Sweet Surprise episode. The objective of level 208 is to collect all orders. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 208:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 208 strategy

You are given a frozen color bomb up top in the center column, try to make use of that once you grab a wrapped or striped candy. Generally, the wrapped one is harder to create, so if you can pull that off first go for it. Once the color bomb is freed up via a horizontal or vertical striped candy setting it off mix it with one or the other and then create the next color bomb.You don’t have a lot of room to make color bombs though, so this might be the difficult portion.

Collect all the orders (1 wrapped/color bomb mix, 1 striped/color bomb mix) and reach 15,000 points in 40 moves.

1 star: 15000 points
2 stars: 65000 points
3 stars: 90000 points

Level 208 cheats, tips and tricks

gt4dk18: What a fucking cheat

SnPfreak: voll gepumpt mit booster :D

mirv22: I will not buy boosters for this game. I finally beat it after about a week. It is pure luck to beat it. I finally did beat it in about 5 moves and got a kick ass score but it had nothing to do with skill. I was just fortunate. Hardest level yet, I thought there was no hope.

coolbear19: WTF

Dani Jen: I happen to be at this stage. And it's extremely hard to complete this level....crap!!!

a0925501388: 看範例是買道具才能過.不買到道具就不能過ㄇ?出現都是爛牌.

John McClure: Did I see correctly, he started with a chocolate and a wrapped candy virtually side by side, made a striped candy on the first move and another chocolate right away. How on earth did that happen?

skillgaming: Luck :D But without boosters at the beginning this level is extremely frustrating. Personally, I think it's the most frustrating in the whole game...

John McClure: I didn't realize he had boosters. It seemed odd that he could be that fortunate as I've never even had a striped candy to begin. I equate this level with Level 121. That's the one that starts with a bomb enclosed in the middle of a 3 by 3 square. You need 2 matches in the same place just to bust it out and then another match to eliminate it. I think it had a 10 on it to begin.

kokokrunchhh: what the fck special boosters 

Vanessa Qiu: 這用道具的吧?

Buffsterron: It took me about 200 times before I finished this one. Actually got it done when I was drunk :-)

Jack liu: wow so luck

特 維: 扯

CandyCrushSagaHelp: I did it without the boosts...really hard!!!...come to my channel to see the video

Tracy Britton: Just completed this level, REALLY hard, but did it without boosts. So it can be done, took about a week!

Tracy Britton: how about showing us with no boosters please

hotrodchrisPy: Lame!!! With all those boosters I wouldn't consider this "skill gaming"

aznfyrepixie: Didn't do this with any boosters, so it's possible. I didn't find it as difficult as 181 or 183 though, probably only tried it 30 times? Maybe less. I had been getting frustrated with it and took a 2 day break from Candy Crush. Went back to this level and got it after 3 tries. It's totally solvable without boosters! Just need luck and don't screw up a good set of candies when you get one.

Cat Huang: Failed the first time and watched ur video to see the comments about how haid is this lvl, then I tried the second time and passed it~!! what a miricle~!! I just planned to give up this game...2 minutes ago. It's not purely luck, but if you can get a pretty good patern at the beginning of the game and make a strip candy immediately to get the color bomb fall down. it's a lot easier afterward. I have a lot extra move when finish the order and got 3 star without booster~!!

Carole Greenberg: I fail to see the accomplishment when you got through this level only because you BOUGHT boosters.

Carole Greenberg: Stefan's Alvarez - for me it would not be fun to get through a level with boosters. Lets face it. Anyone can get through the levels with the boosters. For me it would be like someone getting an A on a math test. But they got it by cheating. It took time to get through this level. But if you keep trying eventually you will get through it.

Carole Greenberg: Completed without boosters. I have never paid for a booster or extra moves.

Expressivenification: OMG completed this whilst NOT concentrating (watching Eastenders and lazily throwing candy around)....28 moves left, shocking what a rubbish ending to the grueling 2 days trying to finish.

Carolyn Mendoza-Canales: Aww, dang. This is the first video that does not help me in any way.

bunny y: holyy shitt i just completed without any boosters and without the middle color candy :OO and in 20 moves :OO soo proud :'D

bunny y: Just watched another video of this level. Nd wow looks ppretty hard to solve it without booster U either have to b genius or super lucky! Or both

OrbiTaLRushEr: Well damn, I was so close with one stripe-combo candy combi left I got one, but........... GODDAMNIT I accidentally switched the stripe candy to the other side, ruining everything

zzxx12121: 這各一開始就是很好ㄉ糖果組合當然容易破關到下一關卡ㄌ ㄑㄑ

wpkeagles: i just get through this haha hardest level ever !!

skillgaming: yes, it's one of the hardest without free boosts from special ccs-promotions.

colbjay99: I've been stuck for 2 weeks

sophia1985666: ?: O how to play sooo easy???? T-T

joana kapsa: it means il be stucked for days or weeks here level too??? nooooo way

stelar5: im stuck in this level 2 months now...

Stefany Alvarez: this sucks. what about the people (like me) who can't buy those boosters? -.-'

ajijemuran: this lvl so hard!!!! =,=

Angie D: I got really lucky though. I won it with my last move!

Angie D: It took me 31 tries to win it!

May-Ying Lim: What does the tick candy do?

laipot23: he finish just becoz of booster looser!

Michelle Cardoso: loser you who stop by to watch and cant finish it alone

Peter Dwight: psssh!! can't even pay for a setup that good!! Been on this one for a week now. the dumbest crap ever. 99% luck.

onebdp: I just beat this level without powerups but it did take about a week and atleast 40 or so tries. I just got lucky to have been able to make a color bomb with my first move and have everything else I needed fall into place after that. fuck this level

Ninis Posch: Häää.. Sooo ein Riesenglück hast Du! :-p

D Her: Seems impossible without powerups....

Wallace Xavier: Desistooooooooooo não tem como passar =

Silvandreia Martins: igual eu ninguem fez so q não gravei...não comprei nada...

strongwuk: Come can admit that you work for the company who made this game lol

skillgaming: Noooooooooo. It was simply pure luck. But I admit that without boosters this level is really hard and frustrating ;)

TheBlaze267: I just beat this level with out boosters took me like 15 tries but i got it lol.

raveboy24: LOL- that is so GAY-LUCK

maucravelli: this level is impossible!!!

payitforward71: The reason this player beat the level is because they started with TWO DIFFERENT POWERUPS! This game was fun before decided to take the stance that they were going to try and force everybody to give them money in order to pass certain levels.

skillgaming: Yes and no. This level is easier than level 167. The only level which is unfair is level 213. I was just not willing to give this level too much tries to solve it. But still if you are patient it's solvable. Use a vertical striped candy on the bottom to make the colour bomb fall down and you are (almost) 50% done with this level. Of course it's hard but you have enough moves that you can solve it for free in at least 1 out of 50 tries or something.

Mandy Cummins: YEah, if only every board looked as great as this. I've had boards that start out amazing and then end up in horrible, stuck messes.

femsuii: So, basically you just need to be lucky with a board and then follow as much as the computer's instructions? After switching the red and the blue candies at 3:39, you should have switched the color bomb with the purple, to clear the board of purples and then make a new color bomb with the green candies next to your wrapped candy. Would have saved you many unnecessary steps and gotten you a higher score.

dennis jay: I think this game is just a test-bench for your luck.

NikiBritishPop80: pensé que iban a enseñar algún truco. muy difícil ese nivel.

Zeynep Fenty: hileli mi? 

mryolasan: sadece şanslı :)

cvalenzuela320: Regresa

Merry Christmas: thanks for watching :)

fishoovoo: 超沮喪,根本不能過,我不花錢的。

candicevodka: 我要么不花钱在facebook游戏,运气好的话(谷歌翻译)

Larry Crowne: Hack for this game search in !!

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