Candy Crush Saga Levels

Candy Crush Saga level 213

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Sweet Surprise episode. The objective of level 213 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 213:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6

Level 213 strategy

With double jelly everywhere, you need to do some serious clearing of candies. Try not to clear the double hit blockers preventing the chocolate until you get closer to the end. There is a useful color bomb buried and frozen in the middle. The bottom pieces are of course the hardest ones here, so any vertical candies you make will be extra helpful in passing here.

Clear all the Jelly and score 130,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 130000 points
2 stars: 250000 points
3 stars: 300000 points

Level 213 cheats, tips and tricks

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Olivia Ferguson: i like

怡昆 陳: thx ^^

Irini Giannarou: Why do you take so long to make a move? O.o

怡昆 陳: with my friend

NUTZJ98: Thinking would have been as good of an answer. I hate watching people just fling candies around as fast as possible then wonder why they're stuck on a level for 7 days lol.

A. Mccormick: I disagree.

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Sultanah F.S: I'm stuck ugh

joana kapsa: 2nd day today im stucked here level .. ur so lucky

怡昆 陳: TY

underoathava: wow after I watched this I finally beat the level.. weird.

underoathava: I'm watching this in hope I'll beat this damn level soon.

怡昆 陳: ^^

saimarazzaq10: Hmmnu

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BlayzedBlue: I normally hate playing games on my iPhone -- except this on. It's so damn addictive. I keep wanting to come back every time I almost finish a level, except for missing 1 or 2 freaking jellies!

怡昆 陳: keep try..(y) will make it.. 

toluca1117ms: Uphyg

Martin Huang: Really lucky on very last few moves... Well done

Harrell Terrell: This game is to Download

EuropeanGuy87: Why dislike ?? people come here to see how he plays and get some tips.. The nice guy who uploaded this video PASSES..and then LOSERS hit Dislike.. I just dont get it..

怡昆 陳: thanks a lot....many people say cheat??!! i never cheat.... >"<

EuropeanGuy87: ur welcome, don't worry they are just jealous because they are probably stuck on this level for many weeks or possibly months :)

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Adam Landon: Yes well played !

Giorgos Mpozatzidis: very nice played! 

怡昆 陳: thanks ^^

nanaedilashvili: mshvrnieria

ramtamart: What do you think sets this game apart from similar puzzlers?

怡昆 陳: Keep calm

ramtamart: Hm, what do you mean, I am curious :) because I have not played it before and I know it is popular, so I wonder what makes you addictied if you played other puzzle games since you are very good at it

怡昆 陳: english so poor.. @@

TaikoChirai: 他說之前沒有玩過... 不過還是知道這遊戲好流行 大約是問你為何會玩起癮來

怡昆 陳: 你幫我回她吧 我英文很爛... 我本來也覺得沒甚麼 越玩越好玩~

ramtamart: Oh, sorry, no problem :) You play well!

kenn ng: cuz it's way more difficult than other similar puzzle games :D it's juz kinda addictin.. for no reason. ;)

bmoholonyane: I like it

怡昆 陳: 謝謝.=Thanks 

tulilintu: The closest I've got was one piece of jelly left. Starting to really hate this level.

怡昆 陳: lol...go go go...

Navu Singh: You play gooooood

怡昆 陳: thx...^^

Tinker Bell: Hi, how do I know if I have the new or old version of level 213? Whats the difference? .....I'm hoping I have the old version cos I can't do this level at all and was really enjoying candy crush till now :0(......(had to buy 5 extra moves to get through level 167 though ;0) lol) xx

怡昆 陳: APP is old version....but it upgrade to 245... level 213 is change to new version... old version Cream> rich in flavor...

cjpringle: i cant even do 29 haha

Cyntia Senepart: ma maman joue tout le temps a sa!! et moi sur mon new gsm!!!^^lol

怡昆 陳: lol...

Cyntia Senepart: mais j'aimerais l'avoir sur mon ordi mais esque que tu sais comment on fait pour le télécharger?merci^^

怡昆 陳: Télécharger What? Candy crush APP?APK?

mialo66809597: good

怡昆 陳:

cannavaro228: 哈哈哈哈哈哈

怡昆 陳: 這麼嗨喔~

Chiu Fung Mak: ming

tang9319: 93198111

alpitv: i passed this in 20*25 attempts but 305 is a nightmare..i am tryin since 2 weeks on 305th level.. 275th also very hard level

怡昆 陳: this video is old version 213.... if you pass in this version... u r very lucky..and smart... lol... 305 need luck...too many "?"...275 bad design...

alpitv: you are right.. i have new version :D

Gaorong Lian: @kristin551

怡昆 陳: ???

Jennifer Wright: Ma

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ErotiikanMaailma: oh my god i just finished this level! it's 2:43AM here and I was frustrated as hell for this level. Had been playing it 24/7 all day night everyday.. Phew, I was almost sure the game is rigged to make people buy stuff from them!

怡昆 陳: hahaha...i think so...many people buy stuff... new version 213 is change .. old version 213 is hardest in candy all level...

chansally43083: cy

courtemanche437: Level 213 before it's update may have been the hardest level in the game, but it will always be infamous.

giovanni titoli: i don't like you game 

怡昆 陳: it's ok... lol..thx for your coming

怡昆 陳: i had many video for 213... maybe other... you like..^^

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Akaki Jandieri: i am in 28 lvl yet :D

sensionJMY: i will be retired till i finished it... i stay at it from november 2012

怡昆 陳: keep try... 213 is change... look my video u will be know.. now so eazy... 

怡昆 陳: thx... i don't need...^^ 

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Bumbar6252: this level's gonna kill me -.-

怡昆 陳: good luck... i pass 213..7 time... very hard...

18rumpel: excelente! espero lograrlo pronto! :D

vartanpl: Passed. 50-60 tries BUT... I did buy 1st bonus for real money to get 2 needed moves extra and finish. When I will finish all I will come back here and to it without bonuses.

怡昆 陳: good...^^

FerKzrs: About to quit this game. It's been a month, I think, since I got to this level. It's too bloody hard.

怡昆 陳: good luck...

Pasi Tomisaho: this level sucks. by far the hardest so far. cant pass it. stuck for soon a month. blah. n no luck either.

怡昆 陳: so many friend..suck 213...>"<

Pasi Tomisaho: yeah, you kinda need two-three chocolate+striped combo, and maybe a bomb + striped combo. n come on, how on earth am i gonna get such luck so i get that in one try? lol just luck can get me there. i think i soon quit this game. coz this level is imposible,.sucks much.

怡昆 陳: Play 213 more than two thousand times.. only pass 3 time.. very hard... need big luck...

Pasi Tomisaho: and i play maybe 30 times a day. so i shud then solve thisin 20 days aprox, coz thats kinda 600 plays. but i dont have the luck. i know perfectly well how to make combos n stuff, but u still need lotta luck too. nah, this level sucks. a bad one. never been stuck a month b4. lol

Pasi Tomisaho: is there any place to write to them and complain? i think they could get rid of the chokolate at least. if i wanted to play a luck game, i would play slot machine or something. but as for strategy games, i always presume it shall be about skil and not luck, and each play should have a board possible to solve, if you make the right mooves. this one is pure luck. no matter how smart you make youre mooves, if no luck, you wont beat it. lol and who wanna play a slot game? lol

怡昆 陳: I think so...but companies want to make money hope you spend money to buy props..>"<

Sarah Jiménez Moreno: Awesome. . . I'm stay in lvl 213, I don't have lucky for pass. . .

kristin551: There have been a lot of shit nightmare levels so far, but this is by far the shittiest.

Pasi Tomisaho: i agree with you. why they make such a hard level. at least they could have spared us the chokolate. and give us like 20 extra mooves. like 70 or something. then i could maybe clear it. lol nah, this level sucks. n it aint funny playing anymoore.

kristin551: I know! It just became a habit to play it after a while, with no real goal or ambition to ever finish. Oh and I totally did it a few days ago. Nearly got a heartattack.

怡昆 陳: Congratulation..

kenn ng: undeniable D=

Giorgos Rusinov: i cant pass it :/

怡昆 陳: Good luck

Giorgos Rusinov: Thanks man :)

candicevodka: so lucky you are :)

Icarus Tran: I'm passed 230

怡昆 陳: good job...

CallMeJoystix: beautiful! I'm stuck here.

怡昆 陳: 213 Similar 167 i stay in 167...a month The hardest..

ayumas2002: I stuck for 1 month alreadyyyyyyy... Argggg...

Lola s: I've been stuck on this level for 2 months.. i'm almost ready to give up :(

Atit Humagain: lucky son of a bitch :-|

yakanura12: Matigas kasi ung bato haha dapat jan 100 moves :) fucking jelly !

yakanura12: Easy :)

TheInescapableLove: I was actually playing on my friend's candy crush acc and beat this level for her, she and I were so happy and I did it in a few tries with such luck, but I got so upset when I realized when I get myself to that level I probably won't be as lucky!!!

TreeckoAndCyndaquil: Worst than level 65 OnO

WillSirAllen: Not sure if skill or luck, every move seemed to just make more special candies

dignalea carpena: problem is how to make those bombs come out. It is not that easy.

dignalea carpena: you make it look so easy but still can't get through. have been stuck for 4 days already.

ayoushicutie: i been stock on this level for at lease one month cant finish it whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Keko Kanapapiki: I hate the damn chocolates!

SvizacST: Seems like I need to use color bombs right away instead of trying to make a color bomb-striped candy combo

Ay Ya: this level is frustrating!!! grrrr! 5 days now - the longest I have ever been stuck at a level!

blktenor: What happened to the German translation? That was one of my favorite parts of your video.

TheSqueeksqueek: i hate this level!!!!

kalinissy: Been stuck on this one for almost 2 weeks. I have tried both facebook and phone app. I'm about to throw them both out the window. Gggggrrrrrr

rockchalkbabe12: this level will be the death of me.

Pablo Picaso: for me too. I was 15 days in 213  i cant complete it ¡¡¡.

Marian Grantham: Got it this arvo after work. 3 stars, no boosters. Off to find the next (sweet) challenge. Love the strategies in this game.

skillgaming: Just for your info, together with lvl 305 it's the hardest of all "clear all jelly" levels, so it'll become easier again if you pass this beast! Oh and thanks for your feedback :)

Coral C: *IS* there strategy to this game? I feel like there is for some levels. But, on levels such as this, I think it's pure luck!

Lefty7788tinkatolli: I've just reached this level and have just failed my 4th attempt. I wonder how long I will be stuck here for. 1 day? 1 week? 1 month? 1 year!? Maybe I will never beat it? Maybe I will beat it on my next try? I've just gotta hope lady luck is shining on me. Wish me luck for I am entering what could be the end of the line for me.

Lee Wallace: lmao! don't be a quitter I'm right there with you been trying for a week now. Does anyone else notice it's much easier to win on the phone app?

Lefty7788tinkatolli: This is old, I'm on 290 now.

Luubelaar: Yes I have experienced that too, Lee. Much easier on the phone app than on the Facebook game. 

Jenn B: I have played on both phone and computer and haven't seen any noticeable difference.

Marcy Leng: Gah, this level is getting to me. I've been trying so many techniques. I'll just keep playing it till i get it !!!! thanks for the video.

pot tan: stuck at this level. this might be the end of my candy crush journey! :(

skillgaming: Oh no! But if you can manage to solve 213 you will also reach the 300 lvl-mark as 213 is one of the hardest ones!

Tracy Britton: thought i would give up at level 204... so anything is possible :)

Lefty7788tinkatolli: It's much easier than it was after it first came out. I literally beat this in a day or two.

Adam Frederick: you are pure know that? lol I always turn to your videos

skillgaming: Thank you so much!

jowong1974: U r very good at this. I'm still stuck in this level. Anyhow, thank you. Xoxo

skillgaming: Haha, thanks for leaving a comment and good luck on your candy crush journey!

Eddie SanMarco: must be nice getting so many fivers

iMarc89: That was some lucky shit, brah.

tummyroad89: thanks for the video, great job, now i got to go get it done on this level

TigerEyes360: Wow! You're pretty good at this! I am still stuck at this level.

aewallace81: Wow, nice job finishing it with so few moves. The score should reward you more for that.

AfGunMeLo7: 140 hahahaha sweet chocolate!

silentchick102: hmmm u still had a block... hmmm

AfGunMeLo7: I agree. isn't it strange? I can't pass this level, ugh!

mahdi trix: comment ???? 

DX LIU: 1:40 lmao almost died laughing

Combat79: 1:40 ... lol

katesgram: This level is horrible!

seewee lew: Damn hard

Jed174: you could of made a colour bomb with 38 moves to go lol

明慈 許: i dont think i can make it to higher level.i am a bit duxx!!!

怡昆 陳: 加油~

yan kuan: Oh nooon !!! moi qui attendait ton dernier coup de maître ha ha ha

怡昆 陳: lol...thanks for your coming...ha

Wing Hang Chan: you missed a few chance to make chocolate

怡昆 陳: ha ha

ivaila dimitrova: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..­ sorry you tooo...just only oneee...noooo 

怡昆 陳: ^^

18rumpel: buu, aventarte los 6:49 y luego para perder por una gelatina! -.-

TheBlaze267: im sorry for you lol

怡昆 陳: haha..^^

Huang Antony: 真的是爛死了,這叫我小孩用這麼多道具也能輕鬆過關

Kimberly Borias: I call bs your chocolate took to long to spawn it does it right away yours did not

frank west: Just passed this level, I'm in lvl 214 right now . It took me only like 5 tries, it seems hard but is actually easy if you know which matches to make

hot751201: 3:45的時候左下的藍色3顆消掉~就可以消掉橘色了 真蠢~ 一直用道具 這還可以較攻略喔????爛死

xXTano92Xx: -.-

qo45p: 爛欸 用道具破關有什麼好放上來的

a0925501388: 出現都是爛牌.還要花錢買道具.就不能出現好牌一點ㄇ

Jed174: i made it passed this level just now without a colour bomb my main destruction was 2 square lollies together lol

桃貴 蔡: 用那麼多道具 還敢PO上來喔~~ 可恥

fforlife: Booster or not these videos always help me find some trick to pass the level so thank you skillgaming :D

Carole Greenberg: It took time. But I got through it with no boosters. I refuse to pay for boosters or extra moves.

Allen Ng: Lol. What a Saga!

Allen Ng: U Fxxking Cheated using boosters!!!

skillgaming: U Fxxking watched an old video and not the more recent one from our playlist.

Rowin307: Gah!! Nearly passed this. Failed with 1 jelly remaining! No booster.

Rowin307: You could have cleared the last jelly without booster.

Edith Fuentes: Voy por el 245 y nunca he comprado nada para poder pasar de nivel

ALCOSBLOODLINE808: Omg I've been stuck for over a month. I don't use boosters so is there any other way to heat this level?

Thembi Mathews-Tirado: Why would you show this with boosters!!

skillgaming: Find our candy crush saga playlist to see a more recent video with no booster usage.

kirihitiana: I hate this level, been stuck on this one for about two weeks now, using 15 lives a day.. (even my cat is impressed)

Joshua Salizon: level abgeschlossen? O____O what the,lol. it must be LEVEL COMPLETED WITH CHEATS! xDD

Lefty7788tinkatolli: I've just reached this level and have just failed my 4th attempt. I wonder how long I will be stuck here for. 1 day? 1 week? 1 month? 1 year!? Maybe I will never beat it? Maybe I will beat it on my next try? I've just gotta hope lady luck is shining on me. Wish me luck for I am entering what could be the end of the line for me.

Alexandre Mathias: booster is for losers... I reach level 213 with NO boosters at all.

joana kapsa: i dont have any booster ohh nooo again--

NAILed2dawall: I wish you hadn't of used boost I normally use your videos as guides to help me when stuck

Naeem Chaudhary: damn, i cant even get past level 65 lol

jcncmom03: This is the worst level ever!!!

lobelia2: uhh you used the painitbrush. cheater

skillgaming: Then check out our candy crush saga II video for an updated video without booster usage.

lobelia2: 147 is the 2nd hardest

iMarc89: As far as I'm concerned, you haven't beaten this level. Boosters are for the weak. I've reached this level without using any and I'll be damned if I'm going to now. You lost my respect with the simple use of that lollipop hammer.

Angie D: I didn't use any boosters either!

Angie D: not a noob!

Angie D: Yes! I finally beat it after 83 tries! :) And who are you calling a noob? Anyone who gets up to see this level is most definitely not an

jj124379887: noob

Angie D: OMG I just lost by 1 jelly! Grrr! Hate this level!

eliseo ricci: estuve 1 mes con ese nivel y con mi otra cuenta de facebook 4 meses

dordonii103: might as well get 200 lollipop hammers...

Dominik Matijević: how long did you need to pass this level?

swtshrty89: Only pussies use boosters

swtshrty89: Hey

ulmis66: I took Lance A way and passed the level with steroids but I regret it now and came back to 213 level aiming to win it clean way.

Reaz Minajer: i passed it from my 1st time! with extra moves!

Didi Ioana: he could distroy the jelly without the last move.. only put the yellow up and the oranges came down..

funnybollocks: got stuck on 17 for a day ,,, on 20 now waiting for a boat ,,, maybe finish it in a day or 2

LifeOfBrianXX: Okay. So u use the lance armstrong way....cheaters: you will never taste the real glory of success after trying to beat that level for weeks...tzzz :-

Jessica G: ugh... at this lvl right now =/

Jessica G: btw, is it possible without boosters?

FerKzrs: Yes. After trying to pass it for four bloody months I finally could without any booster. I can't even begin to describe how relieved I feel.

Bryan Sanchez: Cheater using a booster.

eelw22: I got lucky with two striped+wrapped candy combos to clear the bottom rows at the end.

onebdp: after being on this level for the last 3 days I finally broke down and bought a booster to help me beat it. I had one jelly to go with 2 moves left and there was no way I was gonna let this chance to beat the level pass me by. especially since I knew it was next to impossible to beat based on my own exeperience and from reading all the comments to this video. I bought the hammer to let me break the last jelly. hey, I've spent alot more money on worse things than this! fuck this level

deadhead dion: I'm stuck on 213 also. I'm about ready to quit this game, because of this level. Hope they change it so it's actually possible to complete.

Angelette: I am not going to spend money on this game; I will stop playing it before that happens. God only knows how many times I have played this level and I have been so close so many times its ridiculous.

Lori Focht: yeah it's easy to beat with all the boosters you used. It took me awhile but didn't use any booster to beat it.

blamputt: You cheated, youve got an extra spotty black ball thingy!

Martine Vanpuymbroeck: facile avec 3 joker mais sans jcker faut faire quoi 300 parties et encore pas sur 213 pas possible j" aime mais là pas possible

alex gosset: avec des bonus c'est facile :/

Alexis Albaugh: There are severe balance issues in this level. I work in the free to play gaming industry and it would have taken my team a day reading feedback to realize there's an issue here. I finally beat today after playing 5 lives almost every night since they released the levels. I finally broke down and had to buy 10 extra moves and a chromo ball or whatever they call it to beat it. If you don't get lucky and get your chromo ball next to a striped candy early on, it's almost impossible.

FerKzrs: I've had one jelly left THREE times, THREE! Fuck knows how many times I've played this level, but I still refuse to buy anything.

Bart De Reu: The last lolly wasn't needed ! just look !

marlydawn: Hey I just wanted to thank you for posting these solutions for Candy Crush Saga. It's very helpful and very much appreciated!

Stephan Seidel: hey robert, ich bin mittlerweile level 210 und ganz schön einsam da oben so alleine :-) hätte dich gerne als anreiz vor mir. nimm doch bitte hier kontakt mit mir auf. grüss dich

licensedtokill13: This level is just insane. Makes 167 look easy. Ive been trying for over a week no boosters :(

IgorPoulpupov: ... your channel is probably very interesting, but it will never help people who don't pay for playing free games.

Veronica De Los Santos: I don't have any booster available now, so I guess I have to keep trying or wait until they made it easy for everybody

chris arisse: I made it!

zerstoerer0289: i just did it without any boosters :D but i guess i had 200 tries

maucravelli: this episode 200-215 is very difficult!!

Sunshine Schindler: I have been stuck on 213 for days now... well since the first day those levels became available to us. This level is merely impossible without any boosters. I've come close, if I had 10 more moves.. I may have beat it.. but not a booster I'm willing to gamble on

John Fitzpatrick: thats crap you should be able to complete it without powerups tut

marsouille95: Just finish this level with 3 starts and no booster but an incredible chance... So, it is possible, good luck all :)

marsouille95: *3 stars

FerKzrs: Congrats, mate. There's hope for the rest of us, then.

candicevodka: this level is the hardiest one!!!! never succeed and don't use any bonus.. :

skillgaming: I second that it's even harder than level 167 before its update. So perhaps is going to adjust the level parameters again. Despite of other companys they've always configured their games to be solvable without any booster-usage and I think that especially this fact has a strong impact in their success. So let's hope for a level-update within the next weeks.

CastChaos: 167 was hard, but I did it before any kind of update (I didn't even know they keep updating already made levels), however 182 has me standing there ever since its release.

skillgaming: Haha, the snowman from Banjo Kazooie. I love you channel icon. One of the best games ever :)

skillgaming: Haha, the snowman from Banjo Kazooie. I love you channel icon. One of the best games ever :)

CastChaos: I agree! :) And I went to the painting ingame and took a screenshot of it myself, specifically to use it as YT icon! :) You are not the first to point it out, but the first to guess what it is correctly. :)

Bart De Reu: I guess i must have been very lucky on 167. I played it out from the first time i tried it. This level is very difficult, and i had lots of trouble getting past 135 and 208

elpatiodenessun: I'm not able to finish this level...

zoro wu: i dont feel 167 is hard because i used about 2-3 life to finish it...maybe i am very lucky....but i stuck on this level for 3 days...this is shxt...- -(ps: never use any booster)

FerKzrs: I feel like this is going to be level 167 all over again. I've been trying all day and I'm not even close to finishing it.

skillgaming: I think it's worse, but I can't wait to see if they are going to make this level easier as well or not.

FerKzrs: Two jellies left was the closest I could get. I could only pass level 167 when they made it easier. I got to this level the hard way, without buying anything, so I'll keep trying.

skillgaming: I managed to solve all levels without boosts except 208,213 and 215. 208 and 215 are solvable without boosts, but you have to be patient for fortune. And I was not :) But level 213 is by far the hardest of all and I doubt that the majority can make it without using additional boosts. I think level 213 is only solvable in something like 1 out of 500 tries at the moment.

FerKzrs: I think my lucky try already happened when I had two jellies left. I don't want to use any of the free boosts, either, but I'm afraid I'll end up doing just that.

jameela001: level 167 is killing me.......

FerKzrs: I already quit this game a few weeks ago. Without any booster, this level is impossible. Level 167 is relatively "easy" compared to this.

mrosiog: Por lo que veo todos tenemos un mes atascados aqui y tu lo pasaste como si nada k onda danos bien el tip pork estoy a punto de desertar

petercriscuola: no hay tips idiota, este juego depende de la suerte.

Randy Spivey Jr: OUTSTANDING. I have been stuck for a while. TRULY TRULY OUTSTANDING.

petercriscuola: outstanding?? its all about luck, u dont need skill in this game.

eliseo ricci: yo tengo 14 años y soy el mejor jugador de candy cruh saga voy en el 365 y ayudo a todos con sus niveles

Walter Pastrana: tengo un amigo q va por la 415..asi q no te creas el mejor 

Iaku Peabody: ustedes ven la cantidad de puntos q sube por cada movimiento? :S

petercriscuola: es simplemente suerte.

Amya Sister: Loco?

Elena Camacho: que raro llevo 2 meses y medio ene se nivel y nada de nada :( como lo hicistes ????

jmichaeltongm: llevo cm 1 mes en este nivel no se si tuvistes suerte o lo hackeastes pero a mi no me da ni movimientos loco

Daniela Bentancor: Nunca me había costado tanto un nivel como me esta costando este... hace aldededor de un mes que estoy estancada aquí :(

Guillermo Pautasso: ehhh pero vos tenes una suerte. a mi nunca se me dio tanto culo asi

Vanesa Riquelmes: estoy en el nivel 213 hace mas d 1 mes!!! es el unico nivel q me costo tanto..

Claudia de Casas: Hace un mes que estoy parada en este nivel . grrr

marcelitus2007: Que capo!! La máquina generadora de chocolate debe romper las pelotas!!!

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