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Candy Crush Saga level 265

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Holiday Hut episode. The objective of level 265 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 265:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 265 strategy

This is a little tricky as all the jelly is double jelly, off to the sides and you have bomb dispensers once you eliminate the pieces. The helpful part is all the jelly is in the same 4 rows so you can can create horizontal striped candies and set them off in those rows, that’s the most common way to get through this level. If you can create a color bomb and mix it with a striped candy you can do major damage and it will make it a lot easier to pass this level in 30 moves. The hardest part is keeping track of all the bombs and making them disappear when needed.

Clear all the Jelly and score 40,000 points in 30 moves.

1 star: 40000 points
2 stars: 95000 points
3 stars: 115000 points

Level 265 cheats, tips and tricks

Dương Uyên: i cant pass this level :((

a0925501388: 都出現爛牌.要神ㄇ沒神ㄇ.爛

Allen Jajich: this game is ALL about luck 85% of the time! Ive been stuck on this level for forever. I literally have no interest in playing anymore because I feel like it cant be beat unless you play it 100000 times and get that ONE lucky run

Hendrika13: This level is impossible.

frivola85: questo in italia si chiama Culo!!!! this in Italian is called Culo!!!! 

Scolastika Seza: ahh been stuck here since few days ago

aznfyrepixie: Beat this on my fourth try and got 300,000 points. This one was scarily too easy for me, set up 3 choco balls.

Jaume Badia: can't pass it . the boosters seem to appear easily in these clips. why do they not appear on mine. ?

Bert G: did it on my third try. ha ha ha

negra juanca: I want to marry made it look very easy...huhuhu

skillgaming: I love Japan!

Carole Greenberg: For me the key to this level was to bring the bombs out so when you can blow them up they all blow up at once.

dixiespixies: This level is glitched. This person broke the jelly in 1-2 pops. I've played this over and over and have to break the jelly FOUR times. Power bomb and stripey haven't worked yet either.

nlcsmvp96: my jelly requires 2 pops as in this video. 

Pablo Picaso: i was 2 weeks in 213 , in 3 days I advanced until it fucking level ¡¡ I also hate booms jaja

Huang Bin: 這種關卡... 運氣 90% 實力10% 但金錢100%

Sweetstars3: Omg I hate bomb make me crazy!

Mariale Ramírez: Aburrida, tratando de salir del nivel 

Angie D: Got it on my 2nd try!

WoodedQuill: 好難呀!!!!

ulmis66: Is is possible, just made it. Multicolor chocolate and a striped x color candy, with as many as possible other x color candies on board. Try, and you'll see that most of the jellys will explode.

clairedkl: I don't think i can pass this level, i think it is time for me to stop playing this game, >.<

Christina Vaughn: OMG I feel the same way, But just many times have you said that.  :) It is possible we just have to keep at it LOL

chisshinu2b: !Candy

Reaz Minajer: i cant pass it , impposible level !

jesedmoga1: I was about to like your comment when all of sudden I passed the level... It's not impossible, but damn! You really need luck

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José Villalobos: Candy Crush vs Jewel Star, to me Jewel Star presents more of a challenge because of the multiple moving options, you can keep matching colors even while they fall this feature really use a lot of skills, while Candy Crush locks moving while the game is scoring or matching colors. In a touch device Jewel Star can take advantage of using all your fingers to skill up.

lAzTl KillCropSs: ñlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll­llllllllllllllll

Muhammad Amin: my 5y old could clear this level with so many boosters :/ not impressed

Tanner K: Watch out, We got a badass over here.

Blaine White: if you had drop the lemon down and cleared the blue out, then down the hammer to get chocolate ball and stripe candy combo, you could have ended it sooner.

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