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Candy Crush Saga level 277

This level is part of the Objective levels and can be found in the Candy Clouds episode. The objective of level 277 is to collect all orders. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 277:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 277 strategy

There are 7 locked pieces on the far right and then a row of 5 hitter blocks protecting you from the chocolate fans. In the left hand column you have 9 wrapped candies frozen for you, but don’t start with them yet. Try to make as many wrapped candies as you can early and set them off towards the top so you don’t need to worry about the chocolate fans just yet. Once you make the 10 you need then shoot 2 horizontal striped candies over first to unfreeze and second to set off the wrapped candies and you will clean up those 9. Make anything you can from the beginning though. Note that once you break through the locked in pieces on the right that the chocolate will start growing up.

Collect all the orders (19 wrapped candies) and reach 20,000 points in 40 moves.

1 star: 20000 points
2 stars: 130000 points
3 stars: 160000 points

Level 277 cheats, tips and tricks

Kin fai Yiu: all of his video is crazy lucky!!!

apark02: very lucky how you beat this level

SirKiLLaLoT2010: skillgaming if I get a color bomb and use it on a wrapper would that mean all the color of that would count as wrappers?

Meire Marchioni: moleza kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 

Huy Hoàng Trương: ok, he done. but his score is not good :3

revelinginjazzminn: vi don't even have purple candies on my level, its hard to follow this cheat when its not the same.

Vladimir Putin: way too much luck

Carole Greenberg: On the iPad if you combine two foil candies it counts. That is how I cleared the left side. If you combine a foil candy with a striped candy it does not count it. When I did this level I also noticed it did not give me credit for all the foil candies I got. So instead of getting 19 I really had to get 21.

Guitarrgirl: Ugh. I noticed the candy count inaccurate on my first try. So disappointing and infuriating at such an insurmountable level!! I thought it was just me till I stopped by here. This one may be the death of me.

Asterix G: maaaaaaan!!!!!you surely need significant amount of lack but after watching your video i did it because i realized something very important...every move COUNTS

hyperknux77: I really hate these levels where you have to collect wrapped candies. They're the hardest to form!

paula piwonka: why do we not get credit for all candies collected? Does anyone know how to get support. Three times I should have been done with this hideous level but instead did not get credit for my matches

Timothy Miranda: 2 wrapped candies do count on my ipad as of now

Philip Chan: lucky Starting from 2:04

linda a: i have the same problem tasha it is not counting them all

skillgaming: i can confirm that combining 2 packaged candys doesn't count (any longer).

sexinick: Yeah when u combine 2 packages they dont count it.

Tais Cruz: Damn it's hard!

Tasha Goldsmith: I'm not sure if it's a bug or a scam.. but I noticed that this game hasn't counted completed packaged pieces several times. Particularly when I combine two together. Just doesn't seem right.

skillgaming: hm, this is the first time i hear about that and usually people complain a lot about I think you mixed sth. up?

david0489: I confirm that the game doesn't count combining packed candies. I tried this just when there was 1 move remaining and there happened to have two packed candies next to each other. I swapped them and the count didn't drop (it's at 14 so I can't clear the level anyway, but just to test this).

kiraloves: It does the same to me... :(

Royson Lee: Same ):

roelie pit: I agree wi you doesn't count al he packagd pieces...When I combine them together they dont get counted

Dirk von Riegen: Hast du für dieses Level irgendwelche Tipps, wie man am besten vorgehen sollte? Danke:-)

sylvia lyon: this dont really show me how to complete it

skillgaming: could we help you? :)

東益 莊: 運氣也太好 = =

John McClure: This was a very difficult level. You need a lot of luck. Also, on my ipad, the game does not count some of the wrapped candy that gets exploded. When I finally completed the level, I had to get 21 wrapped candy explosions. Its was BS

Silvia Elizabeth Manriquez Calderon: yo boy en el 300 

怡昆 陳: good job.. 

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