Candy Crush Saga Levels

Candy Crush Saga level 29

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Lemonade Lake episode. The objective of level 29 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 29:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 29 strategy

Candy Crush Level 29 is one of the first levels where you have to clear a large amount of jelly which is why a lot of people struggle with it. You are given 60 moves on this level, so you have plenty of time to make special candy combos. There are no obstacles such as licorice, bombs, or chocolate that will get in your way on this level, so all your moves can be focused on clearing the jelly. Try these cheats and tips to help you get past Candy Crush Level 29 in no time!

1) Start at the bottom half of the board
This tip is essential to level 29. If you start making your matches at the bottom, you will not only open up your board by clearing the frosted jelly, leaving more opportunities for special candy combos, but you will clear the top of the board by the falling candies automatically. This will leave you more turns to get rid of the pesky jellies stuck in the corners or other difficult areas at the end of the game.

2) Make as many special candy combos as you can, especially a striped+wrapped combo or striped+sprinkle combo
Since level 29 is early on in Candy Crush, a lot of people are not aware of what they can do with the special candies. There are 3 types of special candies - the striped candy, the wrapped candy, and the sprinkle candy - but many people are not aware of what special effects these candies have when you combine them together. The best options for a level such as level 29, where you need to clear a lot of jelly, are a wrapped candy + a striped candy combo, a striped candy + a sprinkle candy combo, or a sprinkle candy + a sprinkle candy combo. The wrapped + the striped candy and the striped + the sprinkle candy are easier since you cannot move a sprinkle candy into place without activating it, making the sprinkle + the sprinkle combo more difficult to place next to each other. Both of these special candy combos will clear majority if not all of your board in one move, and they are easier to come by than you would think. Even if you feel like you are wasting moves trying to get them next to each other, the amount of jelly these candy combos will clear is essential to clearing all the jelly on level 29.

3) If you run out of places to move at the bottom, look for special candy combos at the top
Obviously you are not going to be able to work from the bottom the whole time, and will come across a time when you run out of places to move at the bottom. Try and use your moves at the top to your advantage by making special candies that will also hit the bottom, rather than just clearing 3 candies at a time to clear the top jelly. The top jelly will eliminate majority of itself so do not waste all your moves at the top!

4) Watch out for the position of your special candy
This tip means that you should look at what areas your special candy combo is going to affect once you activate them. You want them to be in optimal positions. For example, a striped candy + a sprinkle candy is not going to help you if the candy color you match it with only has a few pieces of that color on the board, and a striped candy + a wrapped candy is not going to be as helpful if it only hits areas that are already cleared or do not contain any jelly. If you focus your entire time making special candy combos, you will not only effectively clear the jelly but you will score the most points, which on this level requires a minimum of 100,000 points.

Don't get impatient and swipe your special candies by themselves - your main goal on this level is to get as many special candy combos as you can. Once you get the hang of getting these special candy combos, you will be surprised how fast you will pass Candy Crush level 29. It is useful to start making as many of these combos as you can, since this skill will become essential in later and more difficult Candy Crush levels, and this level is a great one to practice on since you have so many moves and so much jelly to get rid of. Use these cheats & tips to help you beat Candy Crush level 29!

Level 29 cheats, tips and tricks

Soraya Carvalho: fase do cão ;; há 1 semana tentando

miranda velazquez: Yo cuando voy a acabar tengo 28 movimientos y me desespero

Ashly C: You need some skill but LOTS of LUCK to beat this damn level. I, sadly, am not a lucky person... : /

Charlihadley19: Ill NEVER best this level!

Re5identHitman: I DID IT!!!!!!

Manuel Hinestroza: pienso que la estrategia principal es eliminar los lados que son mas difíciles de eliminar y no prestarle mucha atención a los de arriba ... igual yo tampoco lo he pasado jejeje pero estoy cerca

et1165: It so annoying i can never get any good matches at the bottom

Jie Chen: I have been playing at this level for 100+ times now. Still not passed yet. :(

vvanezita22: En el minuto 1 0 7 podría a ver movido salchicha hacia arriba y haber echo una explosión

SCHIZOPHRENlC: I am pretty sure the makers of this game made this level so you couldn't beat it unless you buy their stupid extra ingame shit... for the last 50 fucking times I have gotten so close but just needed 1-2 more moves, those sneaky fuckers want us to buy their shit.

ThePaaMgordizh: your username matches your comment:)

SCHIZOPHRENlC: Well guys... after writing that comment, I ended up actually beating it without paying lol.

ziLLMindx: this shit is so annoying

yu jen lin: 2:00 左邊就一直有巧克力糖 怎麼沒發現呢

juliio84: the set-ups in this video are never set up so easy when i play!

Zak N: ive been stuck on this level for weeks. so addictive

probom17: Good job rockers.

Kris Boswell: I can't beat this level and people say its easy... NOT.

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rsplayer11: this level probably is getting them the most money, cuz you have to be very lucky to make it without buying stuff.

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damarcus lindsay: WTF this level is impossible tho

Daviansmommy22: I've been stuck here for two weeks too!!! Ugh. Nicely done.

Anthony Zhu: You could have finished the game by creating a five in a row with the orange candy at 1:45. I couldn't wait for you to catch that, but alas, you didn't

Mizz Monique: I been stuck on this level for two weeks.

SABIAN MITCHUM: it is not the right candys that I have on my candy crush !!! :(

Andre Knight: I hate that i have to wait HOURS for it to recharge then end up failing:( Such a frustrating game.

Sayonara Noleto: I'm stucked on this level until last week, thank you so much.

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bananpeng: stuck on this for 2 weeks -.-

MyCuteHimalayan: This is so hard :(

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Jay Tyler: this is impossible!! ):

itsonlyraining: I only needed 1. :'(((

xiKyLaLa: This is ridiculous.

Manolo Cervantez: this level is makin me so damn considering deleting the damn app cuz of this level

James Cole: I feel the same way!

jose1670: este juego es de pura suerte, depende como te toquen acomodados los dulces... yo siempre utilizo la misma estrategia del creador del video (por cierto, gracias), atacar desde abajo xD, pero a veces se me acaban los movimientos abajo y vale madre todo, inclusive a veces se me "revuelven" los dulces por que quedan tan mal acomodados que dice "No hay mas movimientos disponibles".. llevo 3 días queriendo pasar ese nivel xDDD solo espero que me toque suerte algun día :p

王 宣婷: 我一直過不了這官謝謝你的影片

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Peedot1219: I have been stuck on yhis level for weeks now. Keep buying more lives and still cant. Video not a help either. They just want you to dpend money to continue. Hate level 29.

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sarahlucas25499: Each time you fail a level, it changes the pattern.

pianohead186: This level making me so nuts.

cheddarcheese2003: me also

mscindymjohnson35: Still stuck

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angie rosas: pero eso no explica como jugar lo intente y no pude

Jordan King: Been stuck on this level for nearly a month. Driving me insane

ourpoppydog: i have watched how you get around no 29 only my items unless they are all three matches will not swap place to give me higher score and complete the page. Is there something wrong or is it me. many thanks

ourpoppydog: hi

uhsting: I'm really provoked on completing levels 29, 30 and 65. Many still stuck on level 29 and 30. However, nice demonstration!

luckychampion9829: all boards are different for different people

lin0932886158: 好看

Chris Si: I can't make it >.<

Lefty7788tinkatolli: The weird thing is, I don't remember this level at all. I certainly don't remember being stuck on this. In fact I only just found it this is a "hard" level. I've just beaten 167 and after what I've been through this is NOTHING.

willi2kn: u_u

Saki Taştan: waay amk 

nikkib1002: Wow! Your good! Been stuck on this level for 3 months! I'm pissed!!

skillgaming: Try playing at the bottom and focus on creating vertical groups. It's not that hard, really!

Christe OP: I did it on your way and i am still stuck..

FOQRS: Yeah, It's been about two weeks for me. I don't get many chances for combos on the bottom. Everything winds up in one spot. I've come down to having one jelly left several times.

jadirahok: I'm stuck on this level for 3 weeks :-(


21ninesco: Wow

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magiczhen57: You're playing this on facebook or is an exe for pc? O_O looks very different from mine.

skillgaming: on facebook! but the design has changed some months ago :) gameplay is still the same!

anjoe320: I'm stuck for 2 days ady (º~º)

hotrodchrisPy: None of the videos has a person explaining the techniques involved, that would help much more

symmetricalastic: I am not exaggerating. I have tried this level sixty times and I still cannot win. I am watching the video. It is too fast for me. I don't understand the technique and I am very frustrated

LushLife1325: Can't beat this level x 3 or 4 days ready to smash my iPhone 5 with a hammer

floridabarbieee: Im stuck on this bloody level for over 2 months... I just can't seem to get passed it -____-

txgirl M: I am stuck at this level now for over a day in a half.

Missskerryxx: im stuck on this lvl cant bleeding get past it :(

alliefraggle: Two days later, I finally passed! What helped me was combining one of the striped ones with the multi-colored ones! Thanks for your help!!

skillgaming: You're welcome :) Special combinations are very important in this game!

Lisa Liscio: omg I finally passed this level thansk to your tip to start at the bottom and vertical and it worked!!! been stuck for a week on this level so thank u thank u :))

dancedonkey1: STUCK D:

Alex V.: Thanks, it worked no i am stuck in level 35, luck is also important in this game. Sooo addictive :D

skillgaming: Cool, congratulations!

Alex V.: Whats the thing of this the candies are always different

skillgaming: It's about showing tactics and one way of a solution. These guides are getting more helpful when the levels are more complex (level 165+). If you need some shelp for the start: Always play on the bottom and match vertical lines instead of horizontal lines. This gameplay tactic increases your chances for chain reactions on the top of the screen, so the jelly gets destroyed automatically. Good luck!

alliefraggle: I've been stuck on this level for days. I hope whoever developed it steps on a Lego barefoot.

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Joseph Edgar Lim: OMG im still stuck in this level for a week now HAHAHAHAHA imba!!!

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DeehPedroso: OMG I can't HAHAH someone help me

traner56: Dxdd

Yasmin Richardson: Im stuck on this for daaaaaaaaaaays! grgr

skillgaming: But thanks to this level you left us a comment :P :)

Yasmin Richardson: And thanks to your video I got it! :)

Sol Cufi: Yo tampoco puedo aggggg llevo más de 4 días intentando! Me quedo sin movimientos y aún me falta l mitad de gelatina para eliminar :( voy de pasito a pasito arggg hasta me están dando ganas de dejar de jugar porque no puedo pasarlo :'(

TheJosh903: This level is soooooo hard i've been stucked for 4 days


Alina roman: I'm so stuck on this damn level for a week or so

skillgaming: Before each single move, starting from the beginning, always try to eliminate the jellys in the top row first (if possible). Cause at the end - with just a few moves left - they are the always the ones that are hardest to solve. Good luck!

Sabrina Desir: same here! im getting so frustrated...

shivosummoner: este nivel esta bien dificil de pasarlo yo llevo 1 mes con este nivel y esposo de mi prima esta en el nivel 83 y me gano que malo.

Daniel Velasco: This is so hard

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ladyleese1966: awsome job 

BamBamtot: wie hast das lvl geschaft ey ich verzweifel an dem lvl -_-

skillgaming: Gibt noch wesentlich schwerere, eigentlich ist es sogar ganz einfach ;) Mit der Kombination aus Schokokugel und Streifen-Candy oder der Kombi aus Streifen- und Tüten-Candy kommt man hier schon sehr weit. Am besten immer nach jedem Spielzug schauen ob man ganz oben links oder ganz oben rechts was lösen kann, die oberste Reihe ist im Schnitt am schwierigsten zu lösen und bleibt am Ende oft als letztes an einigen Stellen übrig. Viel Glück!

Jesse Horn: I hate this level XD

ItsEmilyyyyyyyy: Been stuck here for about a month D:

MsManikia: OMG I been on this level for weeks now

Ivan Goncharuk: I finish 28, then I came to 29 just beat it today. l V

Ivan Goncharuk: My sister was stuck on it for a month, my mom is still stuck on it. My friend was stuck on it for 8 days. I was stuck on level 28 for a day. Today was the day I finished 28. It took me a couple of tries. But I just finished it today. Am I fucking lucky or what

Jennifer Wong: I've been stuck on it for a week .-.

purpletomoko ray: this level is so satanis.. i hate it...hate it.. hate it...

Don Bekham: Candy Crush Saga Secrets Here, Take a Look You Will Be Shock watch?v=-Ds9Jn1N-lY

Nannue Osama: OMG this level stinks i've been stuck in it for a month!

Ahmad Salim: Whh do ppl spend money on this game all u need to do is change the time a hed and u can keep on going

Jamie Lewong: I can't believe I just youtube how to conquer this bitch of a level -.- it called for desperate times! Level 29.... SMD niggggga.

j7sh1: This level is a bitch

shemiyah carter: This is suppose to help how? Everybody's different. Every time someone loses a level when they try again the candy is in different places and less or more of each type. Why make a video bragging how you passed it when you know a how to video on it won't help

latlovrrr: Retard six movez left

TheChelseaross: im stuck on this level

abigail jallores: I stuck .. :(

Das Negro: how does this help? everyones is different

Dante Everheart: I have spent about $30 ALONE on Level 29 and I am still stuck!!!!! :'((

So3oodiya: I was one jelly away like three times and Im still stuck yikes

Michy Tuliao: damn this level .. I'm stuck ..

Imagynuity: 1:33 wtf.

Georedboy63: Ik this lv is so hard on stuck on this still

gladitsnotme: ATTENTION: Here are some actual tips: 1. Go for vertical clears more than horizontal. 2. Focus on the top corners and sides to clear those jellies throughout the level. 3. Plan moves 2 and 3 moves ahead, don't just click on the first match you see. Figure out which pieces will move where. 4. Remember that it's RIGGED! King Games programs levels like these to get you to buy boosters with real CA$H. Don't do it. Eventually it will drop the pieces you need once it realizes you're not paying.

Daniel Linares: I have been on this level for 6 years ughhh!

rachael owens: fuk knows how long ive bene on level 29 its taking me quite a bit to complete it GRRRR!!

Giordano B: I know how to pass this level, but you would need a rooted phone. I was stuck and after this it just took me 5 min.

cooksgyrl: what's a rooted phone????

Realllllllzzz: Finally beat this level today. I've been stuck on it since last week.

Laurie Reynolds: I only see a video of someone playing that happened to pass. No "secrets: The other Help videos for level 29 are just as bad. Some started at the top, some at the bottom, so all over the place. I don't want to watch a video of someone else winning, I want help tips. WTF

chimaera01: Yeah I don't get why they bother posting these. But then again, there can't exactly be tips when the candies are placed completely at random and you're basically (to use a poker term) playing the hand you're dealt.

Jade Christina: My gosh I've been stuck on this level for over 3 weeks!

James Benedict: Any one EXACTLY know how to clear this level? Is it trial and error? Or is there a real strategy involved?

geforce9009: Finally passed 29. just take ur time. Just make ur moves as close to the bottom as u can

Markel Sfhuhh: I got passed this level yesterday after I been on it for months I was so happy

Michelle Paul: Been on it for almost a month now... It's evil!!

xXTatianaBbyGirlXx: I've been on this level for 3 months . ._.

Amber Sanders: I been on dis damn level foe 2 month now

TheBigNerdGame: after this level life is easier

Raven Heart: Think this is the pay to win stage, getting annoying

ThePrincessMuffie: I just beat it I had to colorball thingys and I switch them I didn't win that way but it helped a lot

Abel TaughtMe: been stuck on this level for the past two weeks. -__-

probom17: My God

ThePrincessMuffie: Started playing this level yesterday I though I would have figured it out by tomorrow but now that I see that some of u have been on it for months is a shame I'm scared

roughryder5: Been stuck on this level for the past week.

73mathesar: This level is ridiculous, It's as if the game is rigged to never give you the right colors unless you've paid for boosters / upgrades.

cuala Ramirez: In my two weeks stocked. Damn it!

Raksmey89: this level was created by Satan himself

imperfections18: It's bloody hard!

Dee ryan: i have been stuck here for the last 2 weeks, honestly its pissing me off!

BuiltToDesign: Guys Urmm people are saying 29 I hate you? I wanna meet this level 29!

Migz Pacetes: You sir, are one lucky bitch... -_-

socialplaytips: Try this written walkthrough -­m/p/candy-crush-saga-level-29-­tips.html

msmoker37: god ive been stuck on this level longer then any other ever! and to make it worse i was just 1 jelly away once.

tipsynoah: happened to me three times now. And I've been stuck one day only.. -.-

mattfox14: Just had to do this for me friend haha and even tho I'm so many levels ahead this took me ages!

mglvlyeyes: Level 29 us a curse to man kind! :(

Firas Zahr: fuck this game!! fuck this level!! i've been on this level for 2 fucking weeks!!

jamesmovies1: i hate this level

Cat Chh: I've been on this level for one week.

Gameplayed7: D:

LittleBlackKat1: This level is killing me!!!!!!

Muhammad Saidybah: I think I need to go to a rehabilitation centre, Level 29 is slowly killing me.....

ZaqualaPanda Hawks: Two months

Skye Diver: Level 29 is so hard!!!!

Akiyah Garrett: I ment april

Akiyah Garrett: I have been stuck on level 29 since apeil i hate it just hate it

Valeria Chumbi: Level 29 I hate you!!! XD Youre made me mad!!

Dominick Garey: I hate this level. It just doesn't seem fair. Especially when I get 53/54 jellies. One week and counting.

Lesley Ellis: Glad to see I'm not the only one stuck on 29. Thought it was just me. This is driving me nuts.

Jay Sweeting: they say 29 may be the hardest level to pass....been stuck for a couple days and bout 30+ lives now....lololol

tomesky: saaaaaame and i cant be bothered paying for boosters

MrC0xy2: You wouldn't be watching this video if you weren't stuck... We get it

Eliseo Perez: I've been stuck on this level for 5 days

mayann2121: I cannot past this so I watch this video

Paul Alolino: I'm stuck with this level :3

hapibth0pel3ss: this one doesn't seem hard its just they keep giving me moves that don't help me beak the jelly..its really frustrating.

Kris Boswell: Still stuck, after 2 weeks.. :/ Boo.

Fernando Escalona: I did it, i was stuck for 3 days, but i did it

Freddy Gabriel: It's all about a good random drop. It can take up to months before you pass this level. You never know, each time you play it, you can get lucky as well. He had a good start. I have yet to get one and it's been two weeks.

AnayaDarius: I'm stuck on this level!

1100tasha: Months. Hate this level. I'm giving up now lol

Karen Greene: I've been on level 29 for two months still trying to beat this level

TheBigNerdGame: I know at least 5 people stuck on this level like me.

TheBigNerdGame: 2 jelly shots....

Lorenzo Niel Esteban: I'm stuck in this game in 3 months

EviLDoG1337: I have gotten so close. 1 jelly to destroy but run out of moves...FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

kyle east: I've been stuck for 12 days this is really annoying :(

Xantie De Leon: 3weeks nko dito :(

laur1813laur: I have been on level 29 for over a week. you have to get lucky, there is no other way, you just have to get fucking lucky

marilou anido: puta 5 days na ako 

david hayes: I've been on this level for 3 months it takes the piss

Kinky Minky: this game sucks shit

Ditshegolee: lol..its funny how u see her mistakes nd ''shudv'' moves but wen its u playing u get stuck for weeks.

shakiraheckram: Fuck this level honestly!!!

Damon wolbert: 5 weeks and countin how long have u been stuck?

Cassandra Jackson: I have been on level 29 for 5 days

Keke Smith: Level 29 is complicated

ElemenohpeeHD: this game is fucking stupid

LeahVids100: ive been stuck on this level for weeks, and still stuck

MrSmart1992: This level is ridiculous

Aashinee Andy: Stucking in this level for 3 days _¦¦¦

WoWSmirv: Sorry, but a how to does not work in this game, all candies fall at random. 

CubiaChannel: Stuck for like a month rofl x.x

Ashley Moss: Been stuck and I'm ready to freaking delete the game

Geovanni cabrera ovando: I hate these level

Racine773: Every stage is random, Because I got off this with no problem, its only going to get harder, you will get off of every board if you just play until you get a good set up.

Weedo POP: @Robert Brown did I say you can post a comment on this video. Now fuck off!

liz326522: 9 days stuck on this level, wtf?

Robert Brown: Why do you swap them the opposite way you idiot?

Portronda Bishop: I'm so frustrated at not being able to pass this level...its crazy

Sherri Fogle: Ive been stuck on this level for 3 freakin weeks. Even tried xtra moves. Uggh

Tksa96: hate this level

Joshua Thompson: I have been stuck on this for weeks now

Rafael Vasquez: I thought i was the only one lol!

suleymagranados: I been stuck for a month lol

victoriaparcon: I've been stuck for a week

z28kindaguy: I've been stuck for a few days. Argh.

Quintin White: It's useless trying to make a tutorial for Candy Crush. Every stage is completely random.

Carmine Malandro: This level is so fuckin hard

Neal Waller: What a shitty tutorial...........

Josh Cellini: this doesnt help at all you faggot

puggster: I found an exploit on this game for android! im currently developing the app which should be able to unlock you to any level, if anyone would like to beta test this once compiled, you are most welcome to pm me for aproval, if you wish to wait for a stable release please sub to my channel for updates! have a nice day :)

emzendejasify: F this lvl

Janice Coleman: been on this level for a wek..i get down to one jelly on the last move and i have to start all over again...smh

larsmickey: Everyone gets stuck on this *** Level!

09283662636: I'm not the Only one, still stuck on 3 days! grrrrrrr

jcruickshank10: Rubish tube

sesd619mami: This level drives me crazy

simplestyle888: Thos level drives me crazy..

devtodev: at very first attempt i cleared all but 1 jelly in the bottom with 22 moves left, and it was just 1 move to finish it but i went on playing to get more score and in the last move when I tried to crush the jelly, i didnt coz it needed 1 more crush xD, since then no fucking doughnuts to me, I played nearly 20 hours till now yet no doughtnut

Colipto Niro: Its All about luck!

Toha Roji: So hard for this level

lizzy empact: Shit this level is making me nuts

LAREGIALINDA: After 3days i got it

albin durant: you can t make a "how to", its random at the begining 

juan lee: so essential you have get lucky for 2:15.. wtf...

SuperNadiem: True Chinese 

scimmieurlatrici1: this shit video doesn't show any tips -_-

Lucas Davy: after weeks trying this level, the guy says: JUST CLEAR THE F*CKING JELLY ALREADY MOTHERF***ER

kary nady: el video me ayudo en algo ñ.ñ y pude pasar el nivel wiii thanks

tpt213: hes good.

ananas102: *she ;)

Tj Trolly: I'm just bored now. I've been at 29 for a month. I can't remember all these patterns and codes anyway. I'd just like to get to 30...LOL

Mary Park: As I can turn off the option to claim offer hearts to ask my friends?

brendencoblentz: level 362

7891234able: I am never getting off of 29. Grrrrrr

sesd619mami: This level drives me seriously crazy

sigmakia3: Thank you, I finally made it after 2 months 

KaryDoom: I don't understand how this video is supposed to help me...

sigmakia3: put the multi colored circle on a striped candy and it will hit all rows

mochaIluv: My level 29 doesn't look like that...I dont think the game sets the candies the same each time, so this is no help :(

symmetricalastic: I do not understand either. I have played like 600 times this level. I am so exasperated!

mochaIluv: I finally got off the level but trust me I DO NOT KNOW HOW! Lucked up on some donut balls and strips. Im stuck on level 38 and will probably NEVER pass it!

symmetricalastic: They make this game impossible to win! I mean for pete's sakes :(

mochaIluv: Im at level 40. I will NEVER pass it. EVER! What level are you at now?

symmetricalastic: I am on level 65. It is worse than 29. It has this stupid build up of chocolate and it looks differently than the other levels. I hate it

Mabel de la Torre Pérez: Podríais poner otras posibilidades gracias

Mabel de la Torre Pérez: El nivel de candy crush que sale en el video mis piezas salen en otro orden

mica balca: salen en otro ordebn xq siempre ess diferentee

TAROlovex3: Passed through this level :) It's the hardest one I've played so far =__=

lucia27contreras: @clara jordan  me too

Clara Jordan: Been stuck on 29 for a week

Clara Jordan: he got the cheat code

ananas102: First of all, I'm a "she" and I did no such thing.  I just do levels over and over and over again until I pass. I resent the accusation.

Donald Armstrong: Everyone says the person has a cheat code, They just don't know that on ALL games it nothing but luck

mochaIluv: And what would it matter if she did have the cheat code. You are obviously on this video to get hints on passing the level as well, that's "cheating" too, isn't it?

mena muria: there are no cheats dumbass

leon godfathervld: i share that feeling can't find the right way still :) keep trying :)

daabbot: been stuck on this level for weeks.

Czarina Salvaderia: Same here. 

josue robles: me too

Melony Dejean: so stuck on 29

Dirty H: It's a difficult level, but i'm sure your able to pass it!

Jcizzle210: Need FREE Candy Crush LIVES/MOVES/BOMBS? Then check out of my methods on my video on how to get these for FREE! All of my methods are legit, easy, and working. I also provide 24/7 support. Go check out my own personal methods that I am sharing! :)

probom17: My God.

Sandra Trevino: Stuckkkkkk :(

Dirty H: don't give up :-)

Soph H: One time I only had like 3 jellies left to clear but I was on my last move :/

Dirty H: I know how it feels.. i had it so many times on this level.

HTTPgamer25: THIS LEVEL I AM STUCK ON 3 weeks @$;&&:&

Dirty H: Maybe you should stop playing for a while and then try again. I'm sure your able to pass it.

WoWSmirv: LOL, been stuck on this one for a while now. I randomly come back once in a while and play it, but still have not passed it yet. :) one day, I might. Not that upsetting as it is just a stupid facebook game. It is always fun to come back and play once in a while to see if I pass it.

princessmel8701: i am still stuck on this level for a week now...

AbbottN Costello: ....I've been stuck here for a long time. How am I supposed to remember all those moves? Damn..... 

Dirty H: I guess you simply need some luck in this level.

beasttitan: This doesn't even show you how to beat the level. It's just some guy playing the level and he happens to be good at the game...

jAYNAeh: Jealousy :'(

aaroncrowleymurray04: Fun rit

TheShadylloydence: I stucked at this level and I keep on asking my friends for lives because I really hate this damn level !! You really need to try your luck. TT^TT

Dirty H: Maybe you should stop playing for a while and try it again in a week.


Dirty H: Relax it's just a game :-)

Tony Marklew: I've been stuck on this damn level for about 3 fucking months now & i still can't clear it ffs!

Nimph Duffy: lol

MsLastonehome: not lucky  - started out with 63 moves - how did you do that?

Dirty H: I probably got 3 extra moves from a friend :-)

dawsonscreek2013: This isnt the same as mine. Do you have any pointers on this level. Ive been stuck for a while

Dirty H: Well the only "tip" i can give is that you need a lot of luck in this game.

wtfwtfwtf325: so damn lucky ;( u got 2 special candies at once

wtfwtfwtf325: i mean 3!!!!

Cindy Yuen: hello

Cindy Yuen: hello

Dirty H: Lol yeah i was very very very lucky with that :-)

Sai Redrick: @hbyde ;-) YOURE RIGHT

iamkiai: If my level 29 is different to yours, how am I supposed to use this to help me? Please don't take that the wrong way. I just can't work it out and.. well.. HELP!! lol.. Seriously though, thanks for the trouble you've gone to.. :)

Dirty H: What is different in your level 29 then? Is it a complete other level?

iamkiai: Yeah, all the sweets are different. Lol, managed to do it now though. More through plain luck than skill mind.. hehehe.. Now am stuck on 30... Thank you :o)

Dirty H: Good luck with level 30 :-)

Zane Myazaki: its always the FUCKING last jelly.

Dirty H: Don't give up! I know it's a tough level, but your able to pass it.

Tony Marklew: I know that feeling too! I always get screwed on my last move!

Sai Redrick: ive been stuck for like 5 days..what a pain! but i love it!

Dirty H: Just remember that it's only game.. don't let it rule your life ;)

Larry Crowne: Hack for this game search in !!

Shae Alysia: i've been stuck on this level for 2 weeks.

Dirty H: 2 weeks? Hmm maybe you should stop playing it for a while and do something that gives you more fun. You could try it again after a while, i'm sure it will go better :-)

quincesza28: dahaillll did that happen ? I've been stuck on this level fr d whole day. you just got lucky lol

Dirty H: lol yeah your right i was very lucky on this level :-)

desTROYer74: You're starting with 63 moves, no wonder I can't finish it!

Dirty H: I think i had a bonus in this level.. some free power-up that gave me a few extra moves.

MItty D: Ugh, this level has been a pain in the ----!

SoshiLoveable: I have been stuck at level 29 for like...more than a day =.=

Dirty H: Don't worry, you will pass this level for sure!

hondaj32: Stuck on this level for 3 days now....smh

Costinel Stancu: candy-crush-saga-cheat.blogspo­

Costinel Stancu: candy-crush-saga-cheat.blogspo­

Gannondalf: finally passed this bullshit level today

Dirty H: Congratulations!!

angielomas1973: How are you moving candies that dont have two similar candies next to them?

Dirty H: You can only do that when both are special candies, like i did with the striped candies in this level.

dubceezie: Yeah I've been stuck for a week

Dirty H: This level is hard, but you can pass it for sure.. you just need a bit of luck.

goingstrange: Stuck here for two days already???!!M!

MsDalquist: I am stuck at this level since christmas... going nuts trying to get out of it !

Dirty H: Try to relax.. just remember it's just a game ;-)

mgil1407: I can't beat this level for shit.


iHeartNailsxoxo: I've been stuck on this level for over a week now ._. don't know how to win it lol

jessica ogilvie: me nether :'(

Dirty H: You need a lot of luck just like me.

Jess Ward: She's focusing on the bottom and the special candies up top x

Luisa McDonald: Im divorcing this game.. I feel I have been married to this games and nothing!!! I dont get my cut.. Im done!!

Don Bekham: Candy Crush Saga Secrets Here, Take a Look You Will Be Shock watch?v=-Ds9Jn1N-lY

Joan Cadillac: What is she actually doing to pass the level. I don't see a cheat. I would cheat if I could.

Emily Burton: what a cheater 

Sophia Liwanag: First bitches :)

ZeUsEdO: bravo dè

Peter Wagg: Are you on KDE?

mrsngwenya32: Been stuck on this level for the past 4days....whats the trick????

Hugoooohh: Focus on getting alot of specials. You have alot of moves so don't focus too hard on the three-in-rows. Hope this helps! I have getting closer to finish this level after this trick, :)

angelacalvo41: I beat that level months  ago

angelacalvo41: He cheated

svanderkolk85: Why does this fucker calls his movie HOW TO!!!!!!! When he does not explain anything asshole!!!!!!!!!!!

milliethedancer600: I've been stuck on this damn level for a number of months and days!!! Bout to throw my iPod down the drain and hope it never comes back!!!

Katherine Fernandez: Ive been stuck in this fucking level for about 3months now. And fuck this level!

Ryan Chandler: Well I crushed my phone, but the candy is still there!

Nicole Gomez: je suis bloquer au niveau 29 depuis plus de six semaines !!!!!

Sheila Perez: Wooow I have been O'this level for weeks!

sultanzsultanz: mostly depend on luck, I was stuck maybe for three days and then I did it with score 321360 *full stars* :)

5tarBr1ight: Been here for 2 weeks stuck

skiddy540: F this level...grr

gibsonfamily: Been stuck on this damn board to long

redaqua1: Will go crazy ....... Its 1am still stuck

Celestina Caroline: Well...i am not alone then...LOL.....stressfullll...


Kuo Guo: i tried this level 100 times 

karenflorentin: me voy a volver loca!!!!!!!!!!!! no puedo superar este nivel

louise cynberg: Yeah it's fake. Watch the score when it skips before and after! Cheaattttttsss!

V. Peters: Best tip Try switch form play on pc to tablet to iPhone to pc and them you get extra

Delisa Levy: Week 3...stuck.

Alyssa W: The level changes each time so how is it cheating?

ayoitsseano69: I'm about to beat myself to death with x3 lollipop hammers but that would set me back $1.99.

ayoitsseano69: Oh so you connect 3 in a row and then boom badda bing such and such level is over. I gotcha

nathjroberts: 2 weeks stuck on iPhone version, really hard

Abdul Razzak: I hate level 29

Mark Chapman: You helped me a lot!!!!

gbhighentertainments: Fuck this level fuck youuu

dxtrfn80: fuck too

Carlos Gonzalez: You are cheating! that's not coo

BubbleWitchSaga: No I am not. :)

Sinnarra: Please explain what happens @1:58.....

Carlos Gonzalez: Useless video, that's for the computer plus

michael gater: Lol pointless video and you my friend are cheating lmao

Tim Asani: this level is gonna make me throw my iPhone 5 right out of my 4th floor window

natashascott882: This is pointless

MsL22R: This is pointless because how often will you start with this same pattern!

zaandamdog: 1:58 are you cheating bro

BubbleWitchSaga: Sorry about the lag. I would need to update my RAM.

llindvior: Thanks for the guide! The next time I start with this exact same pattern I can finally use this guide! Oh wait....

jasmenslade: I noticed the glitch too....

Batzz10: it's been a week for me. pretty annoying D':

Am3r1c4nP13: 8 weeks....8 WEEKS TO PASS!!!!!!


hiccups6: that little glitch at 1:58 clearly proves that this, my friends, is a montage. it can't be done.

tamkand: stuck for 10 days! PISSEs me off!

BubbleWitchSaga: More skilled gamers get harder games. ;-)

raddyroo: I have been stuck on this level for six weeks!! I'm not giving in! X

BubbleWitchSaga: You will pass it soon, I am sure of that! :D

Franklin Brown: The same can be said of a kidney stone. It doesn't make it any less painful though.

Kalisha Townsell: i've been stuck longer than you, how about 4 months, that's too long for me lol.

coki1981: stupid jelly!! I CANTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

rachwes0: I've been stuck on this level for three days omf

BubbleWitchSaga: 3 days is yet nothing for being stuck. :P

Billa094: stuck for a week

Pinky pink: ive been stuck for 2 or 3 months!!!!!!!!

Angie Mortensen: Thanks you for posting your videos! I agree that some of it is luck, im stuck right now. But watching the videos gave me a better idea how to use strategy and some luck I will pass it. Thanks again

BubbleWitchSaga: Yes you can, Candy Crush Saga is so much a matter of random luck, so you just keep trying, you'll probably beat the level in no time and soon find yourself stuck at 33... ;-)

symmetricalastic: I have played this stupid level 600 times. I cannot beat it and this video is too fast! I don't understand it. I am exasperated

BubbleWitchSaga: Honestly I am not so certain that any of the Candy Crush Saga videos are that helpful, since the game is pretty much about random luck anyway. But it is comforting watching that the level actually can be beat...

symmetricalastic: I finally beat it last night after six days of torture lol I had one jelly left and I smashed it with the lollipop. Now I am stuck on 33. I really don't like these get rid of the jelly ones. I had advanced to 35, but for some reason now I am back at 33 =/

shaebuttasmooth: Ughh..fuck this level..

RandomLexify: This level. Fuck you t-.-

giuseppe petruso: been stuck on this for 2 weeks this game..

Andy Chan: fuck this level =_=

leeloo1967: I was stuck on this damn level for 3 weeks!!! I wish I had watched this video

Jennifer Wong: You were close tho (;

Sharvena Spencer: 29 is hard

Nur Erwan: Superb video. I'm here since my best friend all of a sudden turned remarkable with chicks. He started attracting chicks instantly. He acted as if it was standard for quite a while. He ultimately came clean on Friday. He revealed he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you'll find it... He is on a date now with a stunning girl...

svanderkolk85: Dank je voor de uitleg.!!!!

Ericka Hampton: What??

97doggyluver: Han

SCHIZOPHRENlC: ...didn't even finish, half ass.

SCHIZOPHRENlC: Why do you assholes make these tutorials with TEXT, how the fuck are we supposed to see what you're doing ingame and READ you're writing at the same time? Really sick of these half ass tutorials, get with the fucking program.

manga4428: Omg, you have to pause your game and read. Things didn't go the way you wanted. Oh dear oh my. omg get over it.

hondurascalifornia91: I haaaaate this level. I've come to having only one filled left but no way to crush it. I'm starting to hate this game but at the same time I'm addicted.

sunnyskiesCA: I have been trying to beat this level forever! Maybe 2 or 3 weeks now? I usually end up uninstalling Candy Crush because I get so frustrated and then reinstalling it to see if I can beat it.

Jay Miche: Thanks! After being on this level 4 2 weeks. I completed it in the first game after watching your tutorial! I was so frustrated. lol

Suranga Weera: I found that really informative. I stumbled upon this coz my friend started to be a lady-magnet He went from a no-one into being amazing. He acted like it was natural for a little bit. He then told me when he was wasted on Bourbon. He mentioned he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you'll find it... He's on a date right now with a beautiful girl... Lucky dick! Where are the best movies on Youtube?

sharlotte hackney: couldn't read your instructions at the bottom

hannah woods: how are you blind or something

MGV2Entertainment: 6 months :(

Estudio Veme: been stuck here for like a month  :(

精灵公主: I've been stuck on this level for over 4 months...

vennskie azeunib: im two weeks stuck in this level :(

bhoermle: Try to get 2 chocolate balls and combine them

xemomalisax: that doesn't even help. -_-

firefemndavette: Thanks the methods worked

NeedHelpUseMe: I just beat it like 5 minutes ago!!! Yea!!! Just takes time. I was stuck for like 2-3 weeks.

Jay Tyler: lol, i love how they didn't even pass the level at the end of the video. #fail

Y Rachel: stuck for 3 month -_______- !

joyzhel kelly: been stuck for 3 weeks ughhhhh

Ngốk Mèo: I've stuck in this level like forever :(

rhopper151: This video sucks dick ....n w ho plays this shit on their home computer u fucking loser

whydouneedakno: LMAO you think everyone plays on there phone

thedj1971: Thanx..first attempt and i am through...finally !

Shady Brady: This is weird. I watched you play this and you did basically every move i would besides 1. Why the hell doesn't my level 29 come together as easily as yours? It's like mine is set on harder or something. I don't get it. I have played this level a thousand times and I've never gotten this lucky. You crush 3 candies and then they just keep falling and crushing. Candies you didn't even know where coming. This is bullshit lol I guess this is what 29 looks like after you spend money LOL

Chris Renshaw: the game is just luck. It's also rigged in terms of what falls to frustrate people so they buy boosters to win. It's the classic addictive game that people fall for including me, well fuck it, i'm not playing this shit anymore.

Claire Marie Uy: oh my g!!! thank you so much for your tips! finally passed level 29 after 987654321 years! lol :D

Carol Smith-Athanasion: Thank you so much for your help!! I finally passed level 29 but don't really know how BUT I did it!!!! I took your tips and kept at it and IT WORKED!! Thank you, again!!!

Las Hillar: There is no tactic that works. Its just luck. 

terence foronda: i agree

Sandy Battles: Can't get passed this level :(

minks1968: Me either

TheTheRandomGuy123: been stuck on this level for like 2 weeks already 

gladietita: me too!!!!!! hahaha I' m getting crazy with this game!!!!!!!!!!!! greetings from BELGIUM L de A de J ♪♪♪♥♪♪♪

Tami Berman: I've been stuck on it for 2 MONTHS.

Helen Macleod: what are the creams?

TOA k: The white things at the bottom..

Nataliiieeeee1: arent they called jelly.

AnayaDarius: Hard as heck!

edepot: Yep. Concentrate on the bottom first. It is easier that way. I like the neat sound when you click on Like button.

tiger crowell: A very difficult level

edepot: Yes it is. I got 3 stars too. Please thumbs up my video for my efforts!

pauline perez: I'm stuck in this LEVEL ! crap!!!

cmbrown404: Damn the fart trying to pass this fkn level

cmbrown404: That was a fart lmao

ZombieFetcher: at 0:04 i thing i heard a fart lol

daeun880120: My Level 29 ... Can Pass the Level ... I feel So Sad

drilliowa: I have been stuck for 2 weeks I get down to my last jelly and run out of moves

Mishaq McGregor: He means lay out of candy...

jflynn898: Been stuck on 29 for a month something is not right you tube is different then mine I have let others help they have cleared theirs no luck with mine going CRAZY HELP!!!!!

Crystal Clifton: my level 29 on my iphone starts out with a completely different layout. i have been stuck on this dang level for days, its driving me nuts

edepot: It is the same on all the platforms.

pauline perez: Yeah!! INDEED!!

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