Candy Crush Saga Levels

Candy Crush Saga level 290

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Candy Clouds episode. The objective of level 290 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 290:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 290 strategy

You have 8 jellyfish in here to help you out, but the top portion is 4 hit blocks with jelly, and the bottom portion is 5 hit jelly pieces. Do your best to set up striped candies to zip through multiple pieces as often as you can and when you can’t make one, make something that hits multiple blocks at once. The bottom portion of all of this is the hardest part to remove.

Clear all the Jelly and score 35,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 35000 points
2 stars: 70000 points
3 stars: 95000 points

Level 290 cheats, tips and tricks

a0925501388: 打不過都是爛牌.巧克力不好做.範例看起來都有好幾顆.好膩喔

tyrefetisch: Anyone having a nice strategi to share???? Now after 250 rounds and not even close anymore I'm giving up, again... In the beginning I did get only 1-3 left as I said below but now I'm lucky if I have only 20 left. I've tried concentrationg on striped+wrapped, didn't work. Colorbomb+ striped, not working. wrapped+wrapped... And of course mixing everything that comes up no matter what. I'm out of ideas... This is THE worst level so far. I've tried the famous 65 but that's a piece of cake compare

tyrefetisch: After 150 games on this level I think it's easier in the app than on PC. On PC I always have 10-25 left because I always end up just switching candy in the top and even get reshuffels. In the app, I usually only get 1-3 left but I don't have any extras to use so it's no luck anyway. And have anyone else noticed than when there is about 10 switches left, it happens something in the game. I can't mix anything, only 3's... I have even covered the counter, so it's not in my mind. Cheating game.

ANGELinFortWorth: This level seems as if it would be so easy, but it's not. :/ I've been on it a couple days now... geez.

Subspaceking: This level is simply WINNABLE for me. I ALWAYS have a chunk of blocks left at the ends, and once I had ONE jelly left. I hate how this game cheats...

秉均 柳: 強ㄛ""

mylovemyfaith: I passed this in mobile with about 15 trials, I think mobile version is easier

Supermona1994: wie lange hast du gebraucht ? :O

skillgaming: Weiß nicht mehr genau...ich glaube ich hatte damals Glück und es direkt mit einem der ersten Versuche geschafft....

Hoai Nam: very lucky.

23imtheking: N hsq dT e tR t

nee800415: how many color bombs you made!? awesome!

Sharna Clennon: Gang hh

hwforever0812: great..

trodarius1996: Good

Allyson H: Cant believe I am stuck here now. Left two and three. How am i supposed to pass this level? help lol!

aznfyrepixie: This one was alright, a bit annoying but after 15 to 20 tries I got it. Not as difficult as some of the more infamously difficult levels...just need patience for good candy drops! Some tips are if you combine jelly fish with special candies it's usually a waste because if it doesn't hit a candy it doesn't turn into a stripe or a wrapped after swimming around (at least on a PC). Just keep going for wrapped candies to cause lots of damage -- two wrapped together is useful.

missbrown512ful: Wow

Marsha Church: Lvl 290 can be done on phone.  It took awole but dd do ut

anarios541: me  gusta jugar al candy crush saga

Guitarrgirl: Bunny. Update yer app. Mine has about 320. BTW, on iPhone the fishes ARE clearing underneath the cake tin blocks! Yay for that. Still not easy though. Lefty, really? Like having ONE last jelly and losing has never happened to you before? Happens all the time!

Lefty7788tinkatolli: Twice now I've been one one-layer jelly away from winning. This is BS.

WArren Fcker: I don't understand why people dislike your videos, I started to watch your videos over a month ago when I was on level 90+ (when levels getting so hard) and found your videos very helpful, and ever since when I have trouble in any level I always watched your video to let me get tips on how to finish it, now I'm on level 290.. Just keep it up man! :)

chuckuckuck: Okaaaay, that string of chance candy bombs was totally unfair :(

Electrifying91: Got it in the first try !

Levin Zhong: So lucky!

bunny y: ahh this level's annoyingg!! lost by one jelly >:(

bunny y: very clever moves!!.. all the good moves come in like only last 10 moves

mariashaw75: I like this

Jaco Haasnoot: I need 30 more moves.

bunny y: lmao me too!!

tomas9660: Seems like this episode? Is it right? is pretty hard!

liaannaghee: very good

GranTurismo4Recordss: Which is the way to win?? D:

chonticha koikoy: Yeah not on pc, i played on my iPhone and i did it!!! Hahaha really happy :-)

bunny y: in mine..the game ends at 275 on phone!! how do u get other levels after 275 on phone??

ccleuzaa: Uau

chonticha koikoy: Almost pass many times but there's 2-3 jelly left. Playing on PC would be easier for this level?

skillgaming: I'm not 100% sure but I guess yes. Because people told me the fish don't go through the toppings to destroy the jelly beneath in level 285. So if the behaviour of fish is the same for level 290, you'll find it easier to play this on pc/facebook so the fish will always go for the jellies left. No matter where they are!

chonticha koikoy: :-) just passed whooowww keep going on 293

skillgaming: Wow, that was fast :)

chonticha koikoy: I stuck in this level for a week!!

skillgaming: But you already solved harder levels! Just be a little more patient and you'll master 290 as well!

Gabriella Koncz: hujhjnkmkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk­kkk

Sophie McFarlane: Hhhm i was looking at the lives and 19 stayed theyre twice fishy ps ive passrsd.this level numerous times

ajijemuran: this level so hard!!! =,=

dordonii103: passed this level with no boosters , but still hate it -.-

bunny y: how did u pass? any tips?? D:

dordonii103: Go for the corner blocks on the bottom first, and try not to waste the jellyfish

Safwan Soekirman: *even ( instead of "ecen" l

Safwan Soekirman: Geez, I wouldn't even make level 40, so I won't ecen think about making level 290!!!

Ninis Posch: don't give up!!! :-D I thought the same as you some weeks ago... can't imagine to pass level 100! But now I'm in this level ;-) Somehow you'll aways pass every level :-D

Leonard Irwin Arifin: stuck on 290..cant clear the bottom parts..or out of moves :(

Dominik Matijević: i pass 289 :) but this level is -.- i hate it :(

TheJimmywhitmore: Too much time on ur hands lol. Im stuck on 33

Dominik Matijević: i cant pass 289.. :(

Aiden Raccoon: I was 1 move away a few times. You just gotta keep breaking pieces. Don't make a move unless you are breaking as many pieces as possible.

yi chen: wow! 

mesmerist777: Way to go, lvl 290!

karenpatton480: Try get candy crush

raf da: F Lhasa k. Xx

Janetofgoldridge: Great game

annemariederbybarlow: Goodgame

SATAN576 .: crazy game


knuddlknutschi: damn i have no chance fuck this level <.<!

Eva Morongova: i need level 305 please im desperate

armagedonmatias: woow 

SonyXdCamHd23: Can u get LVL 291?

michael hermosilla: Unbelieveable

musicianjoelin: Skillgaming used 6 color bombs and barely finished it with 2 moves left...... Tried and true, the color bombs are the ultimate answers. I end up passing the level with 2 Color+Stripe and 2 single color bomb, and even mixing up 2 color bombs just to show that I can......barely finished it.

tyrefetisch: Luck. :) Last game I got 6 wrapped + striped, and 4 color bombs matched with a striped... and still there were 5 candies left in the end. I think I must have a bug... no an elephant... somewhere in my version of the game... :(

KristeneGuzman: too much hassle with this. want working hack tested on july 2013? hack from Even my little sister is on 299 lvl now.

Bigfellr: Where's the yellow colour?

Scylla Anderson: WTF MONSTER.

ShakzyO: What a fucking beast.

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Kailun Wong: 謝了,感恩

Kailun Wong: God,可以提示一下哪幾關嗎?

怡昆 陳: 305 311 313 325 347 350 361

Kailun Wong: 悶了四天終於過關,147之後這關卡我最久,痛苦指數絕對破錶

怡昆 陳: 後面關卡有機會讓你繼續破表 ^^

美子 申: 過不了啊...

怡昆 陳: 這關會玩到稅著~充滿無力感~ 

naBACT: 請問這關是應該怎樣過 我做了很多次不同的組合都過不了 

怡昆 陳: 如果你是用手機玩 可能要改玩電腦版 因為手機改版 魚不吃果凍 本來魚咬奶油 會順便吃裡面果凍..等於攻擊兩次 最好是彩虹球+包裝 可以清掉兩種顏色 剩下的糖果比較容易連續爆

naBACT: 我也玩了差不多五天, 都過不了 總是差2旁及最底2層的奶油 手機都是昨天才開通的 那............ 魚可以在最初時被用掉 不用等到最后用囉? 我朋友們都超過我了 卡關卡得太久了 謝謝你 :D

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