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Candy Crush Saga level 311

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Savoury Shores episode. The objective of level 311 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 311:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 311 cheats, tips and tricks

a0925501388: 出現都是爛牌.根本玩不過.爛牌.爛牌

Rosemarie Juarez: Boy, I thought I'd never get past this level but one day I just got super lucky, I got out, and I even had 10 more moves to spare!


paxxation: There is a slight cheat to this level. If the switching candy at the start form 3 in a row underneath the cellophane when they change they explode to get rid of the cover, then explode again. This some how completely destroys the block they are touching and the jelly underneath which gives you a huge starting advantage. It is blind luck for it to happen, but it wont happen if you break the cellophane on your first turn so go high up with your first turn.

RachuTg: Why do I feel you have either too much luck or you cheat

Hanna Pettersson: HAHA! love to see the end *_*

dennis jay: This game is funny at the beginning..After 150 level or so, this game is boring..It just encourage you to consume more and more money on their I quit..There are still many other beautiful things in life. Don't waste too much time on this game..

SirKiLLaLoT2010: would u say its easier to pass on a phone app or facebook?? I been using facebook and I cant do it I tried 1000 times already

TDRock8: I take it this is an old version because the candies aren't changing colors. This level is killing me.

debie ang: this vid is really inspiring me!!! been stuck for almost 2 months. i cleared it without booster!!!

Guitarrgirl: Ugh. Stupid spell check! "BOY DO I GET IT!" Is what that should be...

Guitarrgirl: Grrrrrr... this ones driving me nuts! Funny, I've never seen you use a booster before, but not do I get it! I'm still refusing to pay for anything. Like others posting I seem to clear the level right after watching the vids, so... fingers crosses. And here's hoping CCS comes out with some NEW levels!

playz: Sucker used lollipop

Stephen Snyder: I clear out a ton early on with the combos, but I always get stuck down at the bottom. I can never clear it because all the useful candies suddenly disappear until I have 10 moves or less left when all of a sudden useful candies start dropping again and it's too little too late.

John McClure: Exactly what happens to me. I can't get any groups of 3 near the bottom for the longest time and then all of a sudden some appear, but as you, too little,too late

Marygrace Fernandez: This level is sooooo imposible even that video can't pass this level without booster..i wish all players stuck in this level give free boosters..and I do hope so..

aznfyrepixie: It's possible to pass without boosters! I found this one easier than 290 so if you passed 290 without boosters, you can pass this one! Same kind of strategy -- wrapped candies and wrapped + stripe are most useful. For this one don't bother saving the fish, just use them as necessary when they get in the way of a useful move.

Tamara Drew: Not all of us have the boosters or want to pay for them

Randy Spivey Jr: Very good. U used a booster though

Lefty7788tinkatolli: Oh great ANOTHER hard jelly level for me to do. I hate the late 200s and early 300s cuz its full of stupidly hard jelly levels. I'm not a fan of jelly levels in general. When these episodes first released I remember thinking, "This section will be hell" now I'm in it and it is hell. I just finished 305 for gods sakes, and 290, and 275 and all those other godawful jelly levels around this section of the game!

Carole Greenberg: Cleared it second try. No boosters. I cleared the bottom out first.

Jenny lee: Money spender. Wasted!

wpkeagles: the end lol

Michel Smith: I so hate this level! 

bbqdota: this level too easy for me...

bbqdota: wtf lol use booster....

bunny y: ughh another hard level D:

psychoticmania: Yes!!! I just cleared it! right after watching this video.

Sims2ProducsionMaker: OMG it's so hard Dx of course it's no 147 (which I found to be the hardest ever) but I already know I'm gonna be here a while.

NatasicaD: this level suuuuuuckkkksss

Lígia Sanches: Hehehehe..passei após 3 semanas ...sem ajuda de nenhum Booste! Sufocoooooo!!!

romynitus: When I combine a striped candy with a wrapped one the damn rocks dont get broken! (sorry for my bad english) i don't know why... I get them white,.. then i combine the boosters and still stays white... grrr now i get why i can't pass this level... candy crush is cheating on us!

NAILed2dawall: i swear i hate this level with a passion if i could only get down to one jelly i would do the same as you and use a lollipop

ajijemuran: why...........................­ hard!!

paula piwonka: Dear candy crush are you serious about this????

paula piwonka: This level is the worst. Those crazy fish never do anything good!

Adrian Weinzettel: booster at last. loser

onebdp: just finished this level without a booste and with no moves left. it can be done...just be patient!

D Abey: Good one

Kavee Chen: 還是使用棒棒糖阿

Angie D: Yes! I finally won after 22 tries! Now I'm stuck on 313! lol

Marilyn Aton: ... it makes me laugh when you use a booster ... but good job .. thought you missed a lot of opportunities.... thanks for sharing... it seems good candies comes along once you played several life used .. so i wait when my time comes... no booster is my goal...

yourzzzz: booster at last. loser

deadic82: shit!! boosters again~~

Angie D: I lost by 1 twice! (-_-)

Nina Phongam: I have stuck on this level for a month iioii

MrPeppah: Anyone can pass this level using boosters...

Reaz Minajer: this is harder than 305 ! i passed it with luck

Aiden Raccoon: He did beat the level before this because of his high score already established. This was for Youtube.

Anthony Apilado: Shoulda combined the last 5 banger with a green. Wouldn't have needed a boost then.

hahaman468: I wonder is there any mistake caused by the person who set up this level because the jelly should be removed after the fish touch the rock. Why the fish only remove one layer of the rock instead removing the jelly which is different from the previous levels.

Aiden Raccoon: It is a double jelly under the rock.

nagarayah22: this level is the hardest so so far. i just finished it now -___-

Giorgos Mpozatzidis: i dont think its the hardest... 305 imo the sickest.. 

Ricky Sangani: I just completed this level such a nightmare and it was without any boosters I had 1 move to spare

Abhi Naik: how to get it done

Vitor Caldeira: this level seems impossible to me so far

Abhi Naik: very true

hahaman468: Yes, so do I, each rocks have 7 layers to be broken. Really difficult for me to finish :(

Vladimir Putin: to much luck

Felix Tam: is there any hints for this level?

CHLOELIKESCEREAL: this was so easy!

louislinyu: 還好我半小時就破了QAQ 這一關運氣成分也滿重要的,有兩三次一開始都剛好直接變色變成消­牆壁兩次 越到後面越來越覺得巧克力球+條紋糖果威力無窮XD

naBACT: 這關有點................. 上次留言到現在都還未有過 :(

怡昆 陳: 剛剛才用遠端幫一個粉絲過 第2次就過了 太害了... 慢慢想做低堆道具 一次炸下來比較爽~

naBACT: wow, 你也太厲害了吧 才2次就過了 我也很想做些道具, 但總是做不來 總是有一兩粒阻礙 ....... 仍在努力中

怡昆 陳: 冷靜思考 

clairedkl: 過了 300 後, 每一關都要卡一卡, 是不是我太笨? @@

怡昆 陳: 運氣問題 ^^

kucherry0730: ?是ㄇ

kucherry0730: 第311級

齡方 張: 好厲害,我咖了好久喔,可以請問訣竅嗎

怡昆 陳: 無數次的失敗阿... 呵呵~

Felix Tam: is there any hints for this level?

sinem nemli: No there isn't.just need a chance :)

shepherdofmysoul6: Wow u must have a lot of time to do this

Alexia Bowie: Errrr

Tinker Bell: .....and how many 'power ups' are you using to start the level!?!? lol xx

zoeyen1980: ok

Andrea Laricchiuta: Supero .

Andrea Laricchiuta: Sinceramente non ho capito come lo superò ?

Andrea Laricchiuta: Ma mischia tutto , non si può fare le stesse mosse

x19LUCA86x: si lo so, ci sono milioni di combinazioni possibili, lo stesso schema identico non si ripete mai.

Andrea Laricchiuta: Come faccio a superarlo grazie al video se lo cambiano sempre

x19LUCA86x: Quello che conta è lo schema, i colori poi sono sempre diversi, in tutti i livelli. 

GranTurismo4Recordss: Bravo Luca... Io non lo sopporto più questo maledetto livello!!! =)

SuzanneGower674: << wow this hack work.i tested

trixie baby: wow... nice one... 

mewfymarf: Excellent job. I'll try busting out all the fishies early, like you did.

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