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Candy Crush Saga level 323

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Munchy Monolith episode. The objective of level 323 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 323:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 323 cheats, tips and tricks

SabRinouch94: What kind of sorcery is this..?

Alex Torres: did on my ipad in one week u just need to do alt of combinations

Kleiver Sanchez: It is not impossible to pass this on IPad, just do it 30 minutes ago. I came here to see how can I do it. Then "knowing" that was impossible I try for the last time and did it :)

jesseFNjames: First try on pc, been stuck for a week on android. I mapped out the way they fall, and two of the isles don't connect with others, they don't cycle through like in the video. Its broken

irezeenare: been stuck in this level for more than a week now, so sad :(

Angie D: I used my iPad too! :)

Angie D: I finally won with 7 moves left after 28 tries! :)

Stacy Ab: They are correct.... have to use PC. It was pretty easy then.

janes sangita: in this level now

skillgaming: Good luck!

Gene Eik: this level is really depend on luck, no strategy :(

Lefty7788tinkatolli: Beaten on third try bitches!! I'm good at these jelly levels!

Lefty7788tinkatolli: GRRR I'm on this level now. How many more hard jelly levels will I have to do!?

gladys frysca: I need 40 min move huhuhuhu hard

Sharon Kaill: It does now - the latest release on the phone fixes it :-)

twya2000: 到底那ㄧ個方格是第ㄧ個,我看不懂它是怎樣流動,或者說,是沒有­規律嗎?

Carole Greenberg: I cleared this level on my iPad

明泉 洪: 為什麼手機板的右下角那一格都不會流勒?你的都會流動勒

hideaki Tingly: มัน ไม่ ตก ลง มา ตาม เรา ต้อง การ นี่

1withstyle: Mobile versions (Android and Iphone/ipod) do not work anything like the one on this screen. I've been stuck on this level for a week. Going to try it on my PC. If you're on a mobile device, give up until they fix it.

itinkle: Very lucky. Had no busness winning that one. Your screens luckily kept running over and over. The standard game, it shifts once and stops.

bunny y: OMFGGG i freaking did itt!!!!!!!! woww!! got a color candy+ strip ..and fish in end saved me....

bunny y: omg wats the secret to win this level????? i need 50 minimum moves :/

bunny y: so hard

jhamjfc: Impossible to pass this level i tried many times all the techniques but it doesnt work on mg android and phone

Charlene Bettinson: Just did this level on my laptop in 2 life's it's a bug on iPhone/iPad that won't let u complete it

Charlene Bettinson: Omg can I help as like get past this level can any one give me tips

Annemarie Mcknight: Been stuck on this level for 4 weeks on my iPhone? Is it i Impossible ???

tdwilson04: I agree it's impossible on my iPhone

Jason Brockie: Top left corner does not drop to bottom left on Android ... wtf

Bas B: Seems so fucking much easier on pc than ony phone ..

reen yaja: I stuck here 1 week....huhu

TheDrivinIvan: I couldn't beat this level on my phone. I played it on my PC and beat it in one try. The pieces move differently and have a higher chance of breaking on the PC.

Qvn24: Goddamn impossible level, you'll need lots of luck. Stuck for like a week now

kiwigirljacks: On my tablet the pieces don't move as these do in the video! I wonder if its another bug which they need to fix as they had to with other levels that only worked properly on a PC... Frustrating!!

ajijemuran: arrrrrrrrrrghhh how to play this levellllllllllll.........

Joey Tharissorn: กูว่าแล้ว

fizkotxo: If you want pass this level you have to play in your pc in Facebook. In your mobile is absolutelly impossible because a bug in the conexions of teleports.

Don Espanto: Its different when using your phone.. The other part doesnt move ..

MsKerry33: I don't think there is any strategy for this level.

a409130882: 我330......

Bingqing Zou: so lucky......

foccalabindella: only luck

Ken Lin: 我玩我玩手機的,到95關卡住了

Alan Cheung: super hard level !

kian Ann: For the booster...actually need to to pay because we can just hack the game to get it for free

Merry Christmas: the boosters are free, no need real money, please see the video description, it tells you how to get free boosters.

tenrc26: Has to be fake! He's playing on the app game and the lollipop hammer boosters only cost $2.99 lol $15 ? I call bullshit!

Merry Christmas: the boosters are free, its cheating, no need real money, please see the video description, it help you to get free boosters.

jonnyghoul: You spent almost $40 to play a FREE video game level? You're either rich as FUCK or the BIGGEST TOOL ALIVE

Merry Christmas: the boosters are free, no need real money, please see the video description, it help you to get free boosters.

Marielle Dia: You just spent a lot of dough for those hammers. Is it possible to pass this stage without powerups?

Chui H. M.: 我在手機版玩到323也遇到同樣問題, 我已寄了電郵給KING.com要求係下個更新版更正此bug.­

怡昆 陳: 用電腦玩很快就過了 粉絲團都有公告遊戲問題

Jenny Ng: 過不了 _

怡昆 陳: 手機有BUG 請用電腦玩

shihying0000: 真的用電腦玩真的很好過!

怡昆 陳: ^^

小好 郝: 太蛋疼了,停在这好几天了

怡昆 陳: 手機版本有問題 用電腦玩 一定很快就過了 

小好 郝: 没用。安卓和IOS上确实有问题,不可能过关。电脑上玩了N次,­经常还有十几步,只剩最后一个却一直消不掉。无比崩溃。这游戏的­关卡难度设置和逻辑实在太扯淡了,有些关(两三百关)简单到死,­有些才几十关就难到死。基本来说一百之后大部分是靠运气,或者付­费。

怡昆 陳: 遊戲就是娛樂 放鬆自己 沒過就放著有時間再玩吧...

小好 郝: 是啊哈哈。我基本不玩游戏也少上FB,上月跟好友进去玩的,我这­人有点强迫症,要玩就一口气通关才行,于是20天玩到323,卡­在这三天。。。

wine720101: 我稍微研究了一下,眼睛很仔細的看它掉糖果的順序 總共有4個框,分左上 左下 右上 右下 並再細分為直排的1234 ( 從左而右 ) 左上1和右上2是一個循環 左下1和右上3是一個循環 左下3和右上4是一個循環 右下3→左上3→左下2→右下1→左上2→右下3 循環 右上1→左下4→右下4→左上4→右下2→右上1 循環 八九不離十,但是說實在對過關好像沒幫助....

怡昆 陳: 太犀利 確實沒幫助 超閃低...呵呵

5290high: 嗯嗯 我用電腦玩看看 ~謝謝^^

5290high: 想問一下 這關怎麼玩......玩好久還是看不懂它牌是怎麼掉的 救救我~~~~

怡昆 陳: 用電腦玩 手機版有BUG

smileray229: 看完這篇 深深覺得還是運氣問題.....每次都剩一兩個而已 真想翻桌 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

naBACT: 我也是, 第5步已有31萬分, 但最後以56萬分都沒過關 運氣還沒來 :(

naBACT: 這關就好像角子機一樣, 靠彩數 到了46萬分, 也過不了關 -,-

怡昆 陳: 這關 根本就是水果盤...

clairedkl: 這關有沒有技術可言?

jazmine Salvallon: you need to update the game on your mobile 'the old version is crash

Enzo Zappulla: playing on a pc is different than on your mobile device

sbentjen: How much it moves depends on what pieces you break.

TheThengst: ummm why is everything moving so damn much? mine will maybe move twice.. three tops..

Blazini23: All that money for one star?

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