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Candy Crush Saga level 341

This level is part of the Objective levels and can be found in the Pearly White Plains episode. The objective of level 341 is to collect all orders. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 341:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 341 cheats, tips and tricks

Sharon Pederson: I officially hate this level. I got 5 a couple of times but can't get 6. It stops being fun.

Guitarrgirl: Aaaaaack! Got it! And had 3 chocolate balls left over!!!!

Guitarrgirl: LOL. On my FIRST try I got 5 color bombs completed and almost had the 6th. I thought I'd for sure have it the next turn. Boy was I SO wrong. I'm now stuck in limbo with nothing moves. Ugh.

katesgram: I am so close to deleting this game from my facebook page-challenging is one thing-almost impossible is another. The game just isn't fun anymore

Vytautė Kerpauskytė: This level is bulshit !!!

Angie D: Omg I just got so crazy lucky and won this level in my fifth try! I happened to get 2 chocolate balls next to each other with 3 moves left! :D

Joel Neely: i think this guy works for the candycrushsaga company

skillgaming: Em...have you watched our channel? We habe 7.000+ Videos. Do you think the candy crush saga company would like us to also upload videos of different developers games? I don't think so ;D

bobos07: This is so unrealistic :(

aznfyrepixie: This is level is doable even without a candy ball magically appearing as candies fall. Just clear as many of the blocks as possible but always keep an eye for an opportunity to make a candy ball. The goal is to combine two candy balls together actually to release the 3 trapped on the right. Then work on making the 6th one. Or if you find you need to activate your first ball to try and get two together, do that instead. This is what I did to pass -- made one ball, used it, and then made two more.

Carole Greenberg: skillgaming do you work for Saga? How do you always get boards where with a few moves you get exactly what you need? I did this level at least 40 times before I could even get one bomb on the right hand side. The first 35 times I played it I could do ONE move before it would mix the candies. And every other move it had to mix the candy.

joybugger: It's all luck. No skill makes 5 in a row suddenly appear as happens at the beginning of this video.

Alicia January: Awww! Dang!!

bunny y: omg did it!! key is to combine two color bomb

bunny y: omg

lbendik6301: i feel like its all about chance in this level

Vitoria Hansen: Add me

awongski: last move should be combining 2 color bombs, you could have failed it..

José Antônio: Consegui fazer e sobraram ainda 17 movimentos...a dica é juntar dois brigadeiros o quanto antes...

ldnguyen45: show off 

Jeanlee6008: I stuck at this level for one week already = =+

lxallen: Just Luck~

unclelink: just make 2 color bombs and put them together!

Camila Loyola: just luck :/

skillgaming: :/

tweeko1987: why not combining the 2 colorbombs to set the colorbombs in the left corner free.

Ramoana Stone: LOL omg down to the last move, that was incredible.

marauderfh: The amount of luck involved in this is astronomical. 

ckarea55: wow... it seems like it is all about luck level... hate this kind of design

奕辰 劉: .卡了

slytherinstargirl: this level is SO frustrating and i can't believe you beat it.

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