Candy Crush Saga Levels

Candy Crush Saga level 342

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Pearly White Plains episode. The objective of level 342 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 342:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 342 cheats, tips and tricks

John McClure: Talk about BS, having to guess where the jelly is hidden. Absolute farce, especially since there are so few moves. This is the epitome of being unfair. It needs to be revamped.

Angel Luna: Well I already cleared all the jelly y the first block & nothing still stuck... I don't understand why..

angeleigha giacovelli: I don't understand I've been stuck in this level for about 2 weeks can't get it:(

Angie D: There's a jelly behind each block. The trick is to first clear the jelly you see and then use the fish to clear the ones behind the brick! Good luck! :)

manonneke: So are the jellies hidden behind each block or just the first row?

Guitarrgirl: Wow! Comments all over the place. What's the matter with you @skillgaming, you won't translate your comments into every possible language known to man? And you can't anticipate what happens in everyone else's version of the game either? Tsk tsk. Thanks for posting your own work!!

ChronicYonik: Fuck this game

Chary Sandin: Omg i did it :D

Chary Sandin: Is this level similar to real life?!

Yura Butiniv: Good day! I'm Josh.I did -30 lbs in two weeks.Open

Angie D: Holy crap! I just won on my 16th try! :)

Angie D: I just lost by 1 jelly! :(

eyk686vi: there is a jelly hidden behind each block, you need the fish to get those. total of 12 hidden jelly behind the boxes, so the trick is to clear visible jelly and then get fish to clear the hidden ones. good luck!

kaztrinh: Your biggest help will be mixing a spotty one with a fish

Hunter MacLean: Got lucky with one of these with 3 moves left. It like tripled my fish.

chunkspizza1: *hidden jelly

chunkspizza1: I managed to get through this one with two tries after watching the video and reading all the comments. My hidden candy apparently was in the top row of the covered ones.. Saved the fish to crush the jelly. Didn't need any booster. It's totally possible, requires some lucks though

PrettyPenny8: THANKS i just wanted to know where's the freaking jelly

wildhorse78: This guy played a easy version of level 342....every1 will pass this level easily if we get a challenge this guy...playing on laptop version its really close to impossible....i broke more jellies than this guy...all on the top row...but still not passed.

hep5: This is BS! Did they modify the level? The 3rd row from the bottom has jellies too (within the boxes). But in this video you only need to clear what is visible. WTF there are not enough moves???

Jonathan Peak: They must have. I'm mad.

hep5: I even cleared the entire 3rd row of boxes and the game still didn't end for me. This is ridiculous.

PrettyPenny8: me too, why?

andrlts: omg i hate this kind of level,last time it took me months to pass..

vosidao63: Help me find all jellies. Pls.

bunny y: i finished this completly by luck..color bomb and strip candy mix did d job

NAILed2dawall: Omg this level is gonna drive me crazy you your jellies under the foil were in different places than mine.

Kathryn Shahan: This level was the reason I stopped playing. There was a similar level like this earlier in the game and the only way to win was to buy the candy smashers to get rid of the rest of the jelly. This level you can't even see where you are trying to eliminate jelly! Frustrating!

rowanne: how many jellies are there in the blocks???

Luciana Popescu: I live tok sexus man

Luciana Popescu: Den var feil

Jaco Haasnoot: This one sucks, because it's not that hard. I already tried it 30 times.

seafight88: muss man dieses level verstehen ? :) hab garnicht gesehen wo alles gelee versteckt war

Katrin Seitz: ja wäre auch sehr dankbar für einen tipp..ich versteh das nämlich auch nicht..:(

ajijemuran: errrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh!!! this level so hard =,=!

shunejinejine: 請問石頭消掉第一排為何沒過關?那要消除那裡才會過關?謝謝囉^­^

Franklin Weng: 底下所有的石頭都藏有 jelly。必須靠魚兒去消。不過運氣很重要,因為我的魚兒老是­跑去吃上面的 :(

GranTurismo4Recordss: Can't see jelly under cream!!

hpesoj sgnab: This level is killing me :(

Puiying323: how many bubble is there

Chi Ng: this shit is bugged. way too much jelly under the blocks. fuck this shit

DougCaraffini: This is pure bullshit. I had creams blocks with jelly that haven't been exploded in this video. If the game is cheating against us, cheat with its. After losing the game, click continue and chose Bank Slip, fill out a random name, the captcha and simply close the next window. It's done, you'll have 5 more turns. Do the same till you finish this shitty bugged level.

Linda Byham: this level is killing me too - so annoying :(

DougCaraffini: It's a shitty fucking lie. There are more jelly under the damn white thing.

DougCaraffini: What the fuck?

Antwnia Latsia: i wish there was a way to skip this level !! does anyone want to pass it for me ?? lool

Daphne Tan: This level is mofo-ing hard. :/

Ting1301: i got that few box empty... but this cannot pass the level. WHY?

Lee Thao: OMG I finally beat it after watching this and reading all the comments. So what happens is....... there's AT LEAST one jelly hidden in the first row if not multiple. Clear all jelly and hit each block at least once!! Just literally made the impossible, possible! Was stuck and confused on this level for... ever!! Good luck!!

Tam Nguyen Thi Thanh: the problem is how can we find the hidden jelly? there is 25 moves only @@

Daniel Quijano: I did that and still doesn't work. I even removed all the blocks of the first row, there were 3 jellys hidden and I deleted them too. Had one move left and couldn't do anything. the game would not end :S

adam fry: my suggestion is; try not to use the fish until you clear what jelly you can see. then hope you get lucky :)

adam fry: how are you supposed to know where all the jelly is? it's just random luck!

denishamx: Aparte de eliminar la gelatina que se ve y las 3 escondidas hay que quitarles el punto de chocolate a los 5 de hasta abajo, bueno asi me funciono a mi y ya lo pase :)

marisol pano: me sirvio tu comentario lo pude pasar ya gracias

hans chueh: how the hell did u passed?

wilsagastizado: i clear all the jelly even the first line of blocks that you didnt cracked there was jelly there and still says havent clear all the jelly wtf fb game sucks

denishamx: you have to clear the chocolate dots on the lower line too

monogenes eraes: hi can i ask where is the jelly hiding thanks

Ming Fu: too hard to fulfill this level ! >< by the way, how many trials did Mr. Skillgaming play before success...?? ·

jayzzy abno: ..hey dude..342 is not like that right now..there's a jelly at the middle..

jane chon: where are all the hidden jellys!!?

fish5935: one of the worst games there are, and the game invites are a nightmare

戶 筱悠: On to this difficulty is a bit exaggerated The broken Road dying to win one .... 3 stars to~

William Banks: shit! are there so many levels?

skillgaming: hell yes, and even more than just 342 :P

William Banks: i wonder what happens if you get 6 candy at one time

The1Kitten: You won't be able to get 6 at one time it will just bunch up and become a chocolate ball.

William Banks: if someone hacked it it could be possible but the game would probably just freeze

V1PER27: I dont know about your level, but know matter what I try it just doesnt clear, I spent money on hammers to clear the level, and I my level there was a jelly right down the bottom in the middle, how the hell are u meant to clear it without spending money, i have watched other players and theirs is the same as yours, but not in Australia .

kenji4861: What? so you donj't have to actually clear the ones on the bottom? Ok, I think it's possible. will keep trying.

Richard Connolly: No fair

blamputt: ive been trying to clear all the blocks!

Bube825: Wow, you are the best! skillgaming! Thanks for sharing.

skillgaming: The best? - No! The trick is just to be patient enough for the right set to appear asyou always need a lot of luck.

QNKDUB711: Hey I've done what you did in the video and it said I did clear all the jelly, what am I missing here?

QNKDUB711: didn't* 

bunny y: well said. patience is one of the key things in this game

Ed Daniel: I get! I finally get it. I see where the jellies are way at the bottom.

andrey farias: gostaria de saber se você pode me dizer como faço para passar fase candy crush 342 (I wonder if you can tell me how do I pass phase candy crush 342)

Gyneine Harris: skillgaming you are awesome thx for all your videos :)

skillgaming: Thank you so much!

hahaman468: I just passed this level by using stripped candy + wrapped candy together. The mega candy break all the jelly at once (but have to break the top jellies first) and the fish towards the jellies under the rock then. :)

bbbbccc1717: i passed this by first focusing on clearing all the jelly you can see without using the fish. then i started using the fish to tackle the jelly hidden underneath the rocks. however, i do agree that the placement of the jelly and how many there are underneath the rocks seems arbitrary. there were times that almost all my fish were used towards attacking jelly underneath the rocks but i still didn't pass.

Therese Charlotte Margrethe Nielsen: you can actually see where the jelly is if you look behind all the "blocks". if you pause at 0:38 on the video, you see on the last row there is jelly beneath block number 1 and 2, but not under number three. just a tip :)

Andy Huang: how to distinguish the block between number 1 and 3 on the last row? I think it is the same!!! I can't see the jelly under block number1 and 2 !!

John McClure: You can't see them, you just have to be lucky enough to either have a fish hit it or knock it out with a color bomb combination of some sort. It's very unfair.

eastmidlands: Hi, I'm struggling with this - could you please clarify what you mean by the last row?

Patricio Iglesia: Este nivel es imposible de pasar, no sabes donde estan las gelatinas q faltan...

Ricky Sangani: This level is do-able, I've managed to complete it, you have to use the fishes wisely

rrapunzell1: more than once I've cleared the top 7 rows, with well over the points needed. Have sent a request into asking them what is needed, and informing them they appear to have a bug

lipton2311: how the hell is this work?!!!! is a jelly now behind every rock and need a fish destroy it or wtf retardesd shit is this?

funfish73: You have to have a fish left to match after clearing all the jelly up top.

Ricky Sangani: I just completed this level, try clearing the top jelly 1st as mentioned by skill, if u get the chance to eliminate other jellys without using the fish make sure you clear that, the trick that helped me was I had a striped sweet and a wrapped up sweet I used it near the bottom which also activated 4 fishes to help me complete the level.

JUAN MANUEL DE LA GARZA GARZA: How can I pass this one?

Tonja Peery: I have been playing this for over a week now and I can't get it...I have broke all jellies and more blocks than you did here and it still says that I haven't won...I don't understand what it is I need to do to win this one...I was sure I had when I seen that I cleared more than you and got a better score :(

T ed: isnt all bricks with one layer of jellies? nicely done anw, still not getting the luck. =/

skillgaming: no just behind a few layers!

jeff german: I did exactly what you did and it says I have not cleared the jelly. This level is stupid.

Mark james: me 2

denishamx: you have to clear the chocolate dots on the lower line too

QNKDUB711: Yeah me too, many times, I don't get it!!!

Shalafi blablabla: I have exactly the same problem

Poeske1992: this level is a joke xD i cleared all jelly and all my fish just hit the bricks and still failed.

SweetDintheVI: Ok, I popped it earlier. Thanks

Steven Kim: Is the jelly random at the bottom levels? I've cleared the top so many times and the top of the bottom levels but the jelly is never the same behind the bricks.

skillgaming: i think they are fix, watch where my fish go to;)

Steven Kim: Okay I'll watch it again. Thanks and I subscribed! :D

skillgaming: cool, thx!

dummyaccount90: Been tinkering on this level for hours. Can you please identify which bricks have jellies. Many thanks

TheMezzoalto: they are definitely not mixed, I have cleared the entire top level with the stones and game not finished

manu ciao: what not to do?

manu ciao: skillgaming potresti essere più chiaro?!?!? nel video non distruggi completamente le gelatine superiori...o no?

skillgaming: english please. read/translate my hint comment if you don't understand this level.

skillgaming: The trick is to destroy the jelly on the upper screen manually and save up your fish. Then use the fish to automatically destroy the jellys hidden behind some of the toppings!

manu ciao: Your comment using the google translator: Destroy the jelly top manually without using fish. Use the fish to destroy jellys hidden. ok? But in the video above the jellies are completely destroyed with the use of fish!! (blue fish)

skillgaming: Why do you somehow translate my english comment into english again with google translater? No surprise you get some rubbish sentences.

manu ciao: When I use the last fish gelatin must all be destroyed. This is the trick?

skillgaming: kind of. just watch the video and how I save up the fish until the end.

manu ciao: You could write the makeup on google translator in Italian and then publish it? thanks

Simon Sho: Its not possible!


Ana Carneiro: eu não consigo passar este nivel...arrebento com o gel e nada....nao sei qual e o objetivo ou o que tenho de fazer.alguem sabe me ajudar?

Danni I I: que desgraçaaaaa

sabrina gizzo: I am confused! In the sample video it shows one jelly in the top row under the fish (far left). There are other videos online showing the jelly other positions in the same row. I have been playing and the shows up in different positions in the top row. One game, I actually removed the whole top row under the fish but still did not proceed.  No other level has been like this with the jelly moving positions under the "stones". Is it a glitch or what?

EagleKenG1: I noticed that as well, very confusing level....

manu ciao: mah! anch'io le ho provate tutte ma non mi va sai l'inglese chiedilo a chi ha messo il video....

manu ciao: io ci sto con il traduttore di google è difficile spiegarsi....

manu ciao: PS se poi capisci il trucco....scrivilo in italiano!

law simon: i face the same problem, have tried 4 to 5 times to clear the all the jelly including the most top 5 "STONE", but still cannot proceed to next level

Ken Lai: I have done in last fish but still not completed. may i know why?

小桀 邱: 聽你這樣說仔細看還真的有一層果凍!! 請問你的粉絲團叫什麼名子呢? 

怡昆 陳: 遊戲英文名稱 後面+台灣 17000多個讚了


shoppers0508: 玩好幾次才發現果凍的位子好像會變啊.....要看很仔細,所以­奶油只會藏3個果凍嗎?真懷疑手機版怎麼看得清楚,在正中央上面­3個的應該比較好過

怡昆 陳: 每一個下面都有果凍 粉絲團有詳細說明 這邊無法貼連結

Marcus Marrion: i just passed the level

Marcus Marrion: Thanks Man

Marcus Marrion: Can you help me on level 350 

怡昆 陳: ok

詠絮 詹: 過不了丫!! 卡好久了

怡昆 陳: 粉絲團 有圖解 這邊不能貼網址...

kristian nguyen: had to fucking remove all , and one again

ThePuuuah: 过关啦!真是太感谢你了。。

怡昆 陳: 不客氣^^

Pin Chen: 果然要整個貼者螢幕看才看得出來有藏果凍的奶油,邊緣有一點點的­透明邊邊~到最後兩步幸好有看出來剩最後一個果凍躲的位置,過關­了感謝感謝~~

怡昆 陳: 不客氣 有空多來我的粉絲團逛逛 很多討論

Diwi ku: 更新过后这关已经变成过不去的bug了.当初285就很困难了.­..现在342更是变态

治良 辜: 你的意思就是说,下面每颗石头都要被鱼叮一次才能过关? 

怡昆 陳: 恩 

范 振崇: 不一定要魚咬用刷的也可以嗎?

范 振崇: 不一定要魚咬用刷的也可以嗎?

Wendy Yu: 真的很難, 我也試試你的方法~

江 念念: 要讓魚都吃過一次石頭是嗎? 

江 念念: 用你的方法過了 謝謝 

怡昆 陳: 能幫到你 我也很開心 ^^

louislinyu: 大神你要不要在影片說明那裡講魚會吃果凍阿,不然好多人都要你一­一講解XD

怡昆 陳: 我已經講解到吐血了..

怡昆 陳: 魚本來就可以直接吃石頭下面的果凍 如果你有用電腦玩 就可以清楚看到石頭被魚親過 下面的果凍會不見

雅琪 林: 我用電腦玩的~可是怎麼都看不出來果凍在哪呀 

yyyyoooo11: 板主,救命啊~現在的342 跟你的影片已經不同了 又多了好幾顆果凍 但依然只有25步!根本是要我們買工具過關的意思吧!

怡昆 陳: 我等等玩玩看 順便錄影

yyyyoooo11: 謝謝!我懷疑最下面那排全是果凍 奶油又厚 25步哪夠啊~我最好的成績是打完上面全部的果凍 還剩11步 按照你的影片應該是過關才對 結果根本不夠用!

怡昆 陳: 下面14個果凍躲在石頭後面 你要保留魚 清完果凍 最後放魚 就會過了 這方法 我已經交很多人 成功過342了

yyyyoooo11: 為何你的影片最下排的5個完全不用打完就可過關?請參考以下影片 我的342跟他的一樣 一定要打完下面5顆才行 而我相信那5顆絕不是魚一次就可擊破的 標題: Level 342 Candy Crush Got HARDER!!!

yyyyoooo11: 所以你的意思是魚會直接吃掉果凍而毋需把奶油一層層打散~ 那我再試試 謝謝你!!!

yyyyoooo11: 按照你的提示 我已通過了~ 謝謝謝謝!!!!

怡昆 陳: 不客氣 能幫到你 我也很高興 ^^

a0953999887: 還是分辦不出來勒,怎麼辦?一直卡關~救命阿"

luzi530: 請問14個奶油下的果凍是魚吃一次就夠了嗎

clairedkl: 還是不太明白怎樣過關.. @@ 意思說把14个果冻各打一層便過關.?? 

黃 詩婷: 怎看有沒有奶油壓 

怡昆 陳: 你注意看 被魚親過的 跟沒被魚親過的 仔細看就知道了 石頭的邊緣 不一樣

黃 詩婷: 真的~~要看很仔細= ="謝囉~~ 

怡昆 陳: 別藏私 記得把方法跟朋友說 ^^

霖 霖: 怎麼看? 差在哪?

怡昆 陳: 奶油塊 邊緣有白色的是有果凍 仔細看就看得出來了

laura ko: the jelly is almost unvisible, you have to really really really concentrate on the screen.

怡昆 陳: 哈哈 

Marija Velaja: First you need to clear 3 jelly on the top, after that try the clear all the down without activating fishes, after use fish.You are comleting the level when you touch every block at last once. 

Kian Beng Tan: every cake underneath is a jelly, which can only clear by the fish. So need to reserve the fish to get rid the jelly underneath the cake.

怡昆 陳: GOOD 

Cristina Bao Ye: 我已经把14个果冻打掉了还是没用。。。

怡昆 陳: 14個果凍 是指 下面奶油底下的14個....

小美 曾: 請問為什麼我把下面第一排全清除了還是沒過?

speedy94122: 两岸猿声啼不住,轻舟已过万重山...It feels good to pass this level !! Tip of the level. Remember this: If you have tried way too many times, and still cant pass this level, use some boosters to help yourself, why make yourself suffer for saving 1 to 2 bucks?

Vania Neves: impossível passar ... já fiz igual ao video e não passa :(

怡昆 陳: Clear all the jelly first try not to touch the fish there are 14 cream blew inside each have a jelly one fish can eas a pice of jelly you must keep at least 5fish is enogh for you to pass

SethKhmer OZ: is it a single jelly? or double layer?

怡昆 陳: single... 

Cris Miro: estou tendo a mesma dificuldade que foram citadas aqui. Ja tentei de tudo e não consigo passar a fase. Ajudem c/ maiores explicações.Grata

julio cesar castillo: no entiendo este nivel ya destrui todas las gelatinas que habia incluso la de las esquina y no lo paso alguien m explica

怡昆 陳: there are 14 jelly ..under the cream keep 5 jelly fish to eat it..

怡昆 陳: Clear all the jelly first try not to touch the fish there are 14 cream blew inside each have a jelly one fish can eas a pice of jelly you must keep at least 5fish is enogh for you to pass

Danni I I: aff demora muito,ta certo que precisa um pouco de concentração mas nem tanto 

TeresaKKH: 請教一下,我的果凍全打掉了分數也有到,為什麼都不讓我過關呢? 

怡昆 陳: 下面有14科果凍 在奶油底下 你必須盡量不要使用到魚 把魚留著吃底下打不到的果凍 這是過這關唯一的方法 285關 也是這種方法過關... 一堆人說我做弊 其實這是遊戲原本的設定

Fenny W: 卡在這裡好難弄喔 不知道哪一個還沒銷掉>"<

怡昆 陳: 貼在螢幕上看就可以看到了 奶油邊緣 會有一點點果凍

Gade Peter: 何謂一點點的果凍呢? 完全不會分...

starsmatch: 不好意思 我還是有點不懂 可以在解釋詳細些嗎

Val Faulkner: I have cleared all the jelly and only have the bottom two rows of blocks left. Shouldn't I be passing the level by doing this? I'm not sure what I'm missing. Any help is appreciated :) Thanks!

怡昆 陳: there are 14 jelly ..under the cream keep 5 jelly fish to eat it..

Ken Lai: I have clear all jelly with last fish still not complete a level yet. May i know why?

Marija Velaja: First you need to clear 3 jelly on the top, after that try the clear all the down without activating fishes, after use fish.You are comleting the level when you touch every block at last once.

怡昆 陳: thank you... 

speedy94122: 两岸猿声啼不住,轻舟已过万重山...It feels good to pass this level !! Tip of the level. Remember this: If you have tried way too many times, and still cant pass this level, use some boosters to help yourself, why make yourself suffer for saving 1 to 2 bucks?

Zoe Hunter: i've cleared the top row many times and still havent completed the this one a fix ???

serpiltasbasi52: Vhfuejfi3jrieovmwod

cristian preda: Rompo le gelatine come nel video ma non mi da il livello

Tee King: this is a bust I have seen no creams cleared at bottom and level is cleared but mines wont clear...we need to protest

SethKhmer OZ: i have managed to clear all the top but afterwards im stuck cos of the cream. i dont know where the hidden jelly behind the creams and plus i have used all the fishes. Is this depend on LUCK?

Stemully123: ive done the same cleared exactly what this video showed and i didnt clear the level.

SethKhmer OZ: how do u know which jelly u havent cleared? because u can't see due to the stupid cream on top.

Tinker Bell: Hi :0)...ok, you need to clear all the jelly you know about (I think theres one or two under the first row of cream in the middle)....BUT the MAIN point to clearing the level is to clear ONE top layer from ALL the bottom row!!.....You need to save a fish for as long as you can but keep clearing as much jelly as you can and you'll do it!!.....once I realised what I needed to do (sooooo not obvious!!) it only took about 7 goes!!....good luck :0) x

Pablo Picaso: Who was the hardest level you have played ????. For me was the 213 . I were 16 days to finish it . Then I think the others two were the 311 and the 97 ¡

Dirty H: level 97 can be a real pain in the ass.. it took me some time to complete that level.


Pablo Picaso: The level is not REALLY HARD, THE HARD PART IS MAKE 100,000 IN ONLY 30 MOVS .

LuSaJoDa: Ik snap van dit level echt niks.. had méér weggespeeld dan menig op de video's en NOG niet gehaald??? 

TaikoChirai: No bugs for this level just to keep the fish. try to clear all the jelly "you can see" can let the fish eat bottom jellies there are 14 jellies at bottom.

manu ciao: What is the solution?

maijja123: Thinking the same thing.

Pablo Gutierrez: it seems that you have to clear all the availables clear jellys and then with the fishes break the bottom jelly

Dirty H: Yeah something like that. I think this level has a couple of solutions.

SawasWoust: Hi. I have a little problem with this, I don´t understand something... At 0:59 you cleared all the yelly... But it not finished, only at 1:21... why? Can you explain it for me, please?

Pablo Gutierrez: it seems that you have to clear all the availables clear jellys and then with the fishes break the bottom jelly

Dirty H: I have no idea what it was... maybe some kind of bug or a hidden jelly.

Pablo Picaso: There are two hiden gelly . One in the left corner , and the other i dont know where is .. I think is in the midle. I´m playins it game and there is some gelly i cound find

hcsdave: Yeah, I think hitting those bottom two rows is what finally did it for me. Hang in there though, you've come too far to give up now! :)

ullakaos: See it is confusing and i think you might have a point about the bottom two rows cos I"ve played this level so much now and I keep clearing like the first row of the blocks at the bottom but I never get a clear level. Im ready to give up

hcsdave: Translation: This is definitely the most confusing level I've encountered.  Obviously all of the visible jelly needs to be cleared. I believe the top row of blocks randomly select which ones have jelly under them each game (but I may be wrong). I think that also each block of the bottom two rows of blocks needs to be struck at least once.

Elizabeth Franks: I think this has to be it, Dave. I've tried the game every which way, and what you say is the only thing that makes sense. I'm looking for patterns in the last two rows in all the examples on YT and there is no consistency. So I guess that has to be it! VERY frustrating to say the very least. I sure some of these levels came with instructions!

BoboTheKitten: I think u r right, each game i played hides the "mysterious" jellys under the different blocks, sometimes here sometimes there, n that is really annoying.. the last time i cleared all the jellys n also cleared the 3rd rows frm the bottom but nothing happened.. NO SUGAR CRUSH :'( i really dont understand how does this thing work, it's really frustrating.. maybe it's a sign that i should quit playing, pissed off by this level..

hcsdave: Speriamo che questo si traduce bene. Le mie scuse se Google Translate non fa un buon lavoro. Questo è sicuramente il livello più confusione che ho incontrato. Ovviamente tutto il visibile gelatina deve essere cancellato. Credo che la prima riga di blocchi in modo casuale selezionare quali hanno gelatina sotto di loro ogni partita (ma potrei sbagliarmi). Credo anche che ogni blocco di fondo due file di blocchi deve essere colpito almeno una volta.

manu ciao: Qual'è il trucco?????

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