Candy Crush Saga Levels

Candy Crush Saga level 35

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Lemonade Lake episode. The objective of level 35 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 35:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 35 strategy

Clear all the jelly and reach 130000 points in 60 moves to complete this level.

1 star: 130000 points
2 stars: 230000 points
3 stars: 280000 points

Level 35 cheats, tips and tricks

Racine773: Uninstall now! Because if you can't get off this easy level, you don't need to be playing this, it gets really difficult!

Yasmin Mohamoud: I've been stuck in this level for 4 days n I thought that was annoying until I read some of the comments in here of people being stuck for a month, am wondering whether if I try to follow this video if I'll get the same combo or whether I should just uninstall the damn app! No way am paying money for it.

edvin gomez: Candy crush os not Boeing

MrAlphafast: what program did you use to record this? it looks very clear, are you recording desktop or ipad?

Maria V Gandica: Para pedirle a ellos que me ayuden a desbloquear el 36. Auxiliooooo

Maria V Gandica: Estoy en el episodio 35 pero no he podido desbloquear el siguiente porq no carga la lista de mis amigos del Facebook. Qué puedo hacer? Alguien que me ayude por favooooor!!!

IgooorMenezes: Não consigo abrir o nível 36 nem "cá porra".

Diane Scott: The most boring game in the world? PROBABLY!

Mademoisselle Jessy: First try to do everything in bottom and then the rest is easy :)

jasmis1: Como le hago para pasar al nivel 36???

Marta Estevez: Como paso al nivel 36??? Ayuda porfavor

Lena Wilkinson: Any tips on how to get the chocolate candies? Because i know how to get them i just never seem to be able too

JuniorFrag92: This game is a total rip off of Bejeweled

Carol Burroughs: I have been on this level forever and have completed it several times but I can't reach the score of 331,040. It sucks

Dian Williams: Same with me, completed 6 times, but won't let me go to 36, sucks!

emmaleahlovelopez: Well that helps

jake lia: How do I accept tickets

oxygenpom: I've been stuck for many weeks, have completed the level several times but cant earn enough points (which is now set at 280,000) to move on. Seems an impossible task now without purchasing.

Dian Williams: Same with me, completed level 6 times, points just keep going up, sucks!

Emily Brown: What do you do after you complete this level? It says I have to ask friends on Facebook and I have but the new world has not appeared yet? :(

zocakola: I was stuck on this level for about 1 month then when I do complete it it won't let me go any further !!

Hina Iram: I had completed this level twice but still its not going ahead. Level 35 coming again n many times I have to complete it to go on next one :(

Maricely16: i hate this level!

ashley c: Why is your so much easy?? :(

iDanielBee: Fuck this levellllllllllll

Jessica Wallace: This person makes it look so easy im been stuck for 2weeks its pissing me off

OM3GAven0m: Hate this lv

iJoycetang: i've been stuck on this for 2 weeks :'(

Carley Mortimore: Been on this level for over a week now, really getting pissed off with it now. Getting candy crush rage lol

MrDardev: I hate this fucking level the corners keep fucking me up

ety1302: This level is about luck

3iraqia78: Lol everyone is saying fucking level. And they r right ! Shit.. Its been a week im stuck with it. Every time 2 or 3 gelly's left !!!!

franciscount: mi3rda de nivel oh

jacc mihada: Been Stucc For Like A Week

pratheesh john: i pass think fukin level now iam at 75

Jenna Griffin: Every time you do the level and try again its always different

Sophie McCidney: I'm already stuck for more than a month so...

Ryan Kaup: This level..FUCK. Been stuck for 2 weeks.

Amanda Chagas: Eu vou tentar fazer do mesmo jeito pq faz meses que estou nesta fase!!

lilis emmy hasmiati sanusi: stuck at this level for a week n getting bored :(

Jarsin09RC: Stuck on this levelfor sooo long seriously pissing me off! Its all luck as well.

MysTaria87: Wooooh, lol almost 2.5 weeks at it and I finally beat it. lmao

adel86360: I just finish it :) score 360100. 23 moves remain.

pratheesh john: how to pass this fukin level..???????

HaychHennessyx: Cant get past this fukin level

King: daam just now only 5 fking jelly left in the 4 corners tough level

Mary Stowe: Can clear the level but what about the 300,000 points you need to pass it? You DIDN'T do that!

King: guess you mush have the chocolate ball to pass this freaking round

siuking234: difficult

Yasmin Richardson: What is the trick on this one?

MysTaria87: I think you may have to get the two chocolate candies together and that will get rid of most of them @ :52 seconds. lol

skillgaming: Combining a stiped candy with a chocolate candy should be sufficient. Fir the last row try to create a horizontal striped candy to the bottom. Also before EVERY single move you should check if you can eliminate the top left / top right, cause these are the hardest to solve.

tyedye67: You lucky bastard

rochic1: man I have been stuck on this level for a week!!!

mzzrandomnessful1221: Im not the only stuck on this level. first i was stuck on level 29 but passed that after 5 days....smh. now im stuck on this one...smfh!

Gannondalf: i got to the stage where i had 1 jelly left, and 12 moves... still lost. fucking level is ridiculous, need so many special combos. all about luck

chaichaipanda wong: same as me....

SpiralFaded: I'm still stucked at this level since the day when this game released. How bad it was...

Wai Mei CHAN: omgomgomgomg

RoCongett: Can i give you my Facebook password and you complete the level for me? hahahah

Vania Ym: Wow

Jason Bush: Just cant do it 

Betsaida Luque: I'm stuck ok this level. Almost made it by one jelly. This sucks.

kagokadae: Playing a few days at this level on FB page ... I got quite good score but just a few jellies left ... can't pass it ... i need more .. maybe more than two chocolate balls ... so far I just got two the most.

Jolien Coetsiers: Stuck for weeks :( any hints?? It's hard to make a striped candy or any other combo's..

fennyting11: Why we can not open level 36? can you help?

180cming: This shit company want us to buy their f__king items to pass this level.

dangerduck95: no, my level is different to yours Ive got it on my nexus 7 and i play it on Facebook, which have the same level design but it is totally different to yours,it has a square part in the middle and you have to bring fruit also down as well as reaching a score too lol.our is harder lol.

skillgaming: Okay but strange, the design is still the same for me. I just checked it again. Usually if levels are changed they are changed for everyone, so I wonder what's that all about. Sorry if my video doesn't help some of you guys.

myrstar50: i am playing level 35 on facebook, and have not had the same screen as yours. the screen changes every time. don't know how im going to pass this level

SuperPurpleleopard: months i have been stuck on this....i swear they just want me to spend my money on an extra to pass

turkishhdlite: I feel this has become a problem of mine...

Hayley Matthews: Finalllyyyyy I cracked it! But now I have to wait for my friends to give me the golden ticket onto the next level. Three days hark work and now more waiting argggggg addictive game and waiting doesn't helpppoo

Heather Solis: I'm still stuck. For a week :(

Erin Bolstad: fuck this level

Angie B: can I be your Candy Crush friend?

Luciana Cassemiro: OTIMA DICA..:)

Andressa Fernandes: o dificil é fazer 2 brigadeiros juntos!!

restaurantchef: 2 friggin months..and can't get through this

music4sluts: im stuck in this level since like...4 months...

onebdp: finally beat this level! it took me about 2 weeks

MiSsGraCe2487: oohh!! genialll!! tengo como 3 semanas intentando y no hee podidoo pasarrrlooo!! hahaha ya me urgee salir de ahii...

kasakenob: 0:50 oh come on!

lilis emmy hasmiati sanusi: agree...get one ball its difficult...2 in same row

XDarkTempleX: what is the main tactic here? can you help me?

fisher00769: It's funny when it says No more possible switches after the third switch. This game is so fair...

ButterflyGathering: I've been trying for a week but i can't pass this freaking level!

Maria Z: The same happened to me :(

Barno Usmanova: neither do I

MEGABOREDME: hayy me too. ;( the closest I got was 4 more left.

MagicKnightUmi: I'm on this level now.

AZ Chapman: how do u make groups of five i can not figure it out

Enmanuel Madera: mine is totally different :/ :(

skillgaming: ? The level design should be the same, it's just the candys which are chosen at random.

Tasha Goldsmith: Unfortunately, it's not the case... unless they changed something, it's a different pattern altogether. :(

skillgaming: Of course you can :)

courtemanche437: wow, 82k more than the minimum score and you only get 1 star?

s1a1n1d1i: you so lucky

Milagros Limonta: Yes,

skillgaming: Can you send me a screenshot of your level 35 to info a skillgaming . de? I just checked CCS and the level design is still the same for me!

Milagros Limonta: its no the same like mine :_

skillgaming: What do you mean by that? Do you have a different level structure / level design?

Geht DichNichtsAn: Hab´s soeben geschafft ;)

skillgaming: Cool, Glückwunsch!

Geht DichNichtsAn: Hate this Level . . . I´m about to try it since 6 Days . . . .

skillgaming: Einfach mal etwas eniger maulwurfn. Dann klappts auch! ;D

Geht DichNichtsAn: Ich spiel ja schon seit Tagen, genau wie meine Freundin, die klebt auch da fest *g*

cocopelli72: did you nailed it?

Geht DichNichtsAn: I´m level 86 now ;)

axftyh: I get closed to winning then I dont have any good moves!! Bullshit

hischackkkxo: I beat level 35 and cleared the jelly and got 2 stars and still I can't advance to level 36 :( it only says get more by spending 99c or you ask fb friends.. I'm so frustrated!!

Jennifer Akridge: you have to beat the score AND clear the screen too to advance to level 36.

hapibth0pel3ss: I try to start from the bottom but they never give me any moves!

Adrian RAMOS CLIVELLÉ: Pero como se desbloquea el nivel 36

shaapoopiee: After level 35 u need to complete 3 quests to move to 36

Murphybrown41: How do you use the boost?  Is paying the only way?

Murphybrown41: I've done this and gotten the little fishies. What next?

Murphybrown41: I'm stuck in level 35! I have crushed numerous times. How do I move on to level 36? Get me out of this mess. I want level 36 or I'll quit!

Hina Iram: I had completed this level twice but still couldn't go on next one.level 35 coming again n many times I have to complete it to go ahead

nancyowennelson: I also. I've completed three times. and don't move forward.I thought perhaps there is a trick to that level? Do you have to pay to go further?

steven ross: Finally got through this level. Go for the 4 & 5 combo's. Always watch the upper and bottom corner's. Toughest one's to clear. 

Fran M: I have done this round but level 36 is locked, and nothing no explanation how to get to 36screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm­mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm­mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm­mmm

steven ross: I've been stuck on this Level for days. Toughest one yet for me.

MEGABOREDME: I've been stuck on it for a week and 2 days. Sad. ;(

biscaya08: I passed this level without cheats.

MEGABOREDME: You can't cheat on a game like this. This is purely based on the combination of candy that will appear on the level when you load it. Anyone can pass it, with the luck.

jeff wahrer: just completed with 40 moves left and a high score of 386440, thanks for the tips!

christine addo: I just passed this on my first try without having to use those power thingys . I felt like so smart until I realized it was just my luck. lol

TOA k: Please see my channel for Howtodo levels witch actual explanation:) nice pass though!

aznchikki96: This took me over 30 tries to pass xS fml

Beastaphile: You would have had this beat with 18 moves left if you would have switched the multi-colored truffle thingy with the orange striped piece.

MsCookieKirby: there were no orange candies in line with the jelly needed at move 18....I combined them later with more orange candies on the board and it still didn't clear, so how could it have done it at move 18????? The trick is knowing WHEN to combine specials....

therealaltoids: you did have a 50% chance, there was an orange candy in the bottom  left that was in the same plane as the last jelly space

LG141602: How do you get the ticket for the next level? it says unlock more levels.

eliaslopez1266: My mom couldn't pass the level it was hard for her


glukeus23: FLUKE!! 

ninacarney2008: help!!  I have completed this level but still can't move on to the next level..

Ada Patrice Laud: i have the same problem!! HELP!!!

Prometheus: daamn those in the corners really hard to break just now left only 4 blocks

Killmaster153: I hate tis level i am 2 weeks here


lobelia2: i wanna know how many tries did it take this author to pass this level? 50?

MsCookieKirby: I don't remember exactly how many tries it took for me to pass the level the first time, a few but certainly not 50..... To make a reasonably good video it usually takes me 4 or 5 times.. I record them all until I get one I am happy with...

priscillaxoxoxox: Does anyone know if I don't have a Facebook, And I pay the 99 cents, will I be able to play the rest of candy crush or just one level

sethbaker: You have to get at least one board bomb (chocolate ball mixed with striped) and one mega-wipe (striped mixed with wrap). I just made those names up and am sure they are called something else. But you get the idea.

layzsailor: its pure luck. Like poker, doesnt matter how great of a player you are if the dealer keeps giving you a shitty hand

Leonard Butler: Me and 29 other players have been stuck on this level for months. What strategy did you use to pass the level?

Cindy Zultowski: i been stuck a few weeks, did you ever figure it out?

katseyes54: Please excuse my ignorance but, how can a video help someone win a level? The board is always different and the moves happen so quickly it's impossible to follow. Short of learning how the special candies work .... I must be missing something .... would someone enlighten me so maybe I can get out of this cursed level and move on! ;-)

Loveto thebones: Exactly.

Sk dragoN: it will help me cause his strategy was different to what i was doing, now i'll have a better chance knowing his strategy.

EWAShock: The purpose of this video is to demonstrate strategy. This player carefully selected piece movements to create special items that clear out more of the candy and jelly at once. Yes, the board is different, but there are only so many combinations possible.

MEGABOREDME: This is not supposed to be considered a tutorial because it will not help you at all. You just need to hope for the best that Candy Crush's level 35 actually provides you adequate combinations of candy that are attainable at 60 moves for you to move on with the next level.

rowlett1212: Good shit

Luz Divina Gutiérrez: Como le hago para continuar después del nivel 35

angelmaureen23: Open and candy crush saga

lasean64: Open level 36. I won 35 and Damon, Elizabeth gave me life or ticket.

evelyn hippolyte: How can I start to play the game

Dirty H: you can download the app on your mobile phone or you can play it on your pc on facebook.

seewhathappens1: What about the iPod?

Dirty H: I have no idea if it's available on the ipod.

SEScreven: I've cleared this level numerous time, but I still do not move to level 36. What's the problem?

Dirty H: On the facebook version you need 3 friends to help you to pass to level 36.

urmydstny1: how do i get to level 36 if i dont have face book?

PANYAWATH CHOTI: แล้วมันจะผ่านยังไง

energieslight: I am so stuck on this level, I want to uninstall the game on my iPad!! grrrr

Dirty H: Relax it's just a game :-)

Mary Stowe: Once again it says "level completed" but not really. You ALSO have to get 300,000 points and you don't!

Diz0713: 140,000 is enough to clear the level -.-

JKD1001: Yeah I can only get 5

JKD1001: How is this a walk through it's not like every single person is going to get the same draw as you do when playing this level

Dirty H: It just shows how i completed the level.

laura meadows: just watched video ,picked up on some strategy !!  I am currently stuck on level 35 even after clearing gels and tying the points

Shiela Surman: I cant move on to 36 either have done 35 three times

James Benedict: I have the iPhone version. I completed level 35 with 3 stars 3 time already! How come I am unable to move to the next level?

Susan Gaither: That is exactly what has happened to me. I have no idea what to do.

loannguyen799: GM

Hunter Hoffman: Fps sucks man

prettybabylissa: im sorry to say this, but seriously i cant understand what you are showing to us how to win right now , i wish you demonstrated how to do that. p.s im not a witch who will just make the game like that you know...

hcsdave: This is really just the strategy to beat this particular level. I've created some audible tips on more specific subjects though, I've just posted a link to the tips in the comments

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