Candy Crush Saga Levels

Candy Crush Saga level 350

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Pearly White Plains episode. The objective of level 350 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 350:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 350 cheats, tips and tricks

MrFreeCandyCrush1: Watch the video on my channel to get unlimited lives, boosts, moves, charms, and lollipop hammers. It is not a hack, scam, or cheat. Its 100% free and 100% legal

97megaplus: Tp

Lefty7788tinkatolli: I could beat this without boosters, but boostergaming couldn't LOL

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ThumperBooBoo: You are all fagits

gaylakirkland: Cxx

Lefty7788tinkatolli: I just beat this level!! I have to say it is one of the hardest levels in the game. Pearly white plains is certainly a very hard episode. I beat this with NO BOOSTERS XD XD XD SO HAPPY!!

supermario3459: Congratulations !!!

André Eugênio: you don't give 3 stars

Angie D: Thank you very much DEH1963! Don't know what those guys' problems are? They must be drunk or something! lol

fascistaespanol: BOOORIIINGGGGGG .I.

THISISCGK: how does your mouse still work, surely it's covered in sweat?

qLIEtoMEq: I've been play for 2 months and I'm on 38 yes if I went to the next stage if I got 1 or more 2 I would be on 100 and sum but I get all 3 stars on every stage and want go to the next until I pass the target and get all 3 stars..makes it challenging....what level u on

Angie D: Here's a hint. If you don't like the game, stop commenting on videos about it and bothering people. Get a life. Bunch of morons.

Angie D: WTH? Why are you calling me a dumbass for? I'm a dumbass for writing a comment? Maybe you're a dumbass because your jealous that you can't win! What a bunch of jerks you 2 are!

philzara: He calling you stupid but I think your a dumbass

DEH1963: Your grammar and spelling proves that YOU'RE the dumbass!

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Angie D: @The Walrus- Who are you calling stupid?

Giang Nguyễn: Can you play for me level 65 :(

Michael Moschella: I never really liked Candy Crush. It's just a shameful ripoff of bejeweled.

qLIEtoMEq: People play cans crush the wrong way how many of y'all wait to get all 3 stars before u move on to the next stage cause that's what I's easy to just pass the stage but it makes it challenging when u have to get all 3 stars and pass every stage

Chantal Schot: Trust me, if you spend 3 weeks or more trying to pass a level and you finally pass it with 1 or 2 stars, you're moving on. I wonder how often you've been stuck for a long time and at which level you are now? ;)

Lefty7788tinkatolli: Well I have made it to this level. After 10 months of playing this game I have reached this point. I've made it this far, and now I am absolutely stuck solid. I can't get anywhere CLOSE to finishing this level, and now that you can't watch ads for lives any more, I feel this could be the end of my candy crush saga. I just know it will all end here and I will never progress onto the Fudge Islands...

Omar Nassouh: awsome!!

santiago lizarraga: nice 

supernova1186: The idiot who managed to waste that much time on such a stupid game should probably get a life or a job

Angie D: I just won on my 15th try without any boosters! :)

BFFLsforever13: I love how he says sweet and delicious and tasty! I live 4 those moments!

Lefty7788tinkatolli: Well... I'm on 348 now. I've just completed 347 which did my head in... and I get the hardest level of the game to look forward to :) << sarcastic smile.

7broncos30: Finally passed this level after 2 1/2 weeks with no help of boosters. Thought it was'nt possible. Up to level 358 now. 350 by far the hardest.

666VickyPollard: Thank you very much for giving me HOPE. =)

matrykslica: same, i'm still stuck for 2 1/2 weeks :))

howard stewart: oh good this game be beaten my mom is addicted to it and she's been using MY phone EVERYDAY just so she can use it

Adje Niemant: Mijn moeder is nog beter dan mij 71 jaar

FINALKILLCAMPR1999: I suk at this game

THErealW3DS: hey if you guys like candy crush check out my channel i post a cool candy crush experment!

janes sangita: stuck for 4days in this level arrggghhhhhh.....

Maria Joseph: You're good at this!

note2owns: I play on my phone with no boosters. Unlike the version on the PC through facebook you have to pay for powerups on your phone. Im currently on level 323 out of 365. Would be nice if they kept an accumulative score of all levels passed and ranked people that way as well.

Abbie McCarty: Im 10 and on level 300 and something and my parents wont let me buy any power ups :(

narficss: how do you pass without boosters!

janes sangita: my booster all no more...huhuhu

skillgaming: :( Candy Crush Saga offers some special events from time to time....If you play everyday you'll receive free boosters. Always save them up for the hard levels. Hope a next special will come soon!

janes sangita: in this level now,ha got jelly fish,my one dont hv...

skillgaming: I activated the fish booster, because this level is really hard to solve without any help...

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Zaharia Ramona: I can't pass this level.:( Untill now I didn't buy any booster. Help me, I'm stuck at 350 for 1 week...

Leidiane Medeiros: estou presa a dois meses boa sorte

Roxanne Piercey: im stuck on level 350 and i dont get fish on my screen either

jeiskina: I'm also to that level but my guess is that this person paid money to be able to get the fish on the start of that level. I for one refuse to pay a dime to this game

claire tan: made it to this level without paying a cent.

jeiskina: I'm at 320 without paying anything. I don't know if i should be proud or ashamed lol

Andre andr: Hello Guys! I just found this tutorial to hack Candy Crush Saga, you can try it now! w w w­­94&

danilovelez520: Can someone tell me if i upgrade my phone (jellybean) all my work on this game is gone. Ill have tvo start all over?

Roxanne Piercey: No it wont start over,when u log in on your phone it will ask you to conect to do that and the account will be synced to ur phone and when i clear a level on my phone i always goes in and updates my facebook through my computer

ahsan habib: I will try my best to finish this game even if it takes ever

ahsan habib: I m on 101 . I will will never pay one penny for the booster

Astriid94: when is the end of this game? :O I'm stuck on level 65, hahaha!

skillgaming: My personal guess is that one day there will be 500 to 1.000 different levels :)

GranTurismo4Recordss: Woaaaahhh now i'm doing 400!

Lefty7788tinkatolli: I think they should stop at 500 as it will be an episode finale but I know they won't.

TONY BRUNT: me too 

Pato Ortiz: no es dificil

Jr. Buscus: Stuck in level 342 it's impossible

zparck: omg you dont have candy crush friends????

Marisa Veralyze: I'm on level 27:(

Kingofboss2: You used boosters that's why you passed lol

billtheblagger: I'm on this level never drops for me like that!

Ivan Freirito: Neeehh just watched this to see if it deserves my time but nope

graymoe2007: Have not played the game but it looks boring

caaaaaaaaaz: agree

MinecraftVenedict225: Ive stuck on level 55 duh! 15 moves. 1 cherry many icings help "!

anyalify: amn I'm stuck in level 29

wetlknbouteskimos: This game is such a rip off

edahlara: I'm stuck in leher 79 for a few days. Arrrrghhhhhhh,,,,,

Emily Chen: i m on level 145!

Roby Zano: e perche tu hai i pesci?

Rynika Simms: My version don't have the fish =(

bornthisway1020: I'm stuck on level 1! LOL

Lisa Ma: hahah lol real funny bro

The Walrus: You're a special kind of stupid, aren't you?

Hacks218: candy-crush-saga-cheat.blogspo­

Kil Luminati: how the fuck is this the game that is hyped on my newsfeed??

Tung-Jin Wu: have no boosters, I almost passed this level with only one jelly left >"< still try hard to pass this

Jaeder Leal Carriel: With boosters stay so easy!! I want see without!!

Carole Greenberg: It took me the longest to clear this level out of all of them. I did it on my iPad with NO boosters. I see no point in showing people how to clear a board with boosters unless you work for Saga and you get the boosters free.

idontw8: I finally got off this level today on my tablet. It was a b#%*h

Hayley Matthews: Boosters....helpful lol

Dominik Matijević: First try, one jelly for me !! <3 :P

Brennick Cordova: At least we can spell Laurie..

Jaco Haasnoot: This one sucks! I do not get close at all! Those f*cking bombs or no more moves!

manudriver666: Only 1 star wtf

Laurie Walters: No Kay I'm sure you can. You just have to go To the play store icon or your app store icon depending on which phone you have and install the update. As far as I can tell mobile doesn't go any higher than this yet. I finally beat it on my ipad. Just got lucky really.

Laurie Walters: This level blows! NO you DO NOT get fish with the level on PC or mobile device. And starting with a booster is like cheating. Most of these levels do not require exponential skill, you just have to play until you get a good board. The best thing you can do on this level is to release bombs until the end or wait as long as possible. They're almost impossible to pop once released. Good luck to everyone on this ridiculous level.

Kay Y. C.: wait a minute...u can get this level on your mobile device??? i can't!!!

NAILed2dawall: You started with boost not very encouraging :(

Shan Andy: is this the game everyone is talking about now days,i thought this was only for kids!

Bob Carotte: Is this the final level?

Benjamin Halec Gascon: Gg :)

MsEndlessRevenge: My level 23 :)

MrToasta0987: Lol, I'm stuck on level 29 :D

wovspoo2: Competition my dad level 162 he's better than his fb friends and me

vip920907: 可以啊

Camisha Henry: I just had one more jelly to knock out and my moves ran out this level is very frustrating now WHY

Esther van de Kamp: Is there anyone who completed this level without boosts!!?? The fish and magic candy in the beginning are bought. This level is only available on the computer, the app still needs to be update for the latest levels.

bunny y: ya me. i did on 2nd try. not as hard as level 347!!!

yamoon Huang: 請問不用任何寶物的話.350有辦法過嗎? 

rosamariageghege: Perche non posso continuare a giocare sono arrivata a livello 350 ma non ci sono piu percorsi come mai ?

arpil gurung: His face lol

bbqdota: finally...i finish dis level

jameslennox: you need to pay reAl money if you want use fishes and the bomb at the beginning, passing all levels without boosters is almost impossible, is what king games wanted

ajijemuran: this level so hard =,=!

CandyCrushHelp82: We can help your clear level 350 easily! Check it out here: candycrushhelp [dot] wordpress [dot] com

Con Polkinghorne: where do the fish come from is that a booster you have bought because I have been stuck on this for 3 weeks and there are no fish

kimico119824316: オレこのげえむすごくいいんだよ

Haylz S: This level is bloody annoying! I have been stuck on it for about a month lol.

GranTurismo4Recordss: Wait wait wait wait... Why in my game doesn't fall fishes??

Handicky Rianto: booster obviously 

luigithehedgefox9: Its a booster....

supermario3459: booster used...

guero1971pv: Im at level 145

Elja Morris: lol @ some comments ... hillarious.... @skillgaming you're champion! i just completed lvl 320 which was easier than some levels before it - i think somewhere around level 90 or something was rediculously more complicated - dont pay for lives!! not worth it...just fight the urge and wait a few hours if u have to.... or keep sending free lives to all ur cc fb friends when you get the opportunity and hopefully the favour will be reciprocated :-)

Melissa Crapps: I am playing it on the computer and I don't have fish. Do you have to buy the fish?and I can't access any levels higher than 335 on my phone or tablet. Do you know why this is?

noumoewateengedoetje: Here the same: no fish :(

Cheska Nicolas: Cooool

sarabeth1410: FYI if you play this level on mobile you will have no fish I think its like level 125+ if you play on your phone you wont get the fish* you need to play on a computer it sucks they should update the mobile app I know, im on level 66 myself but I've seen on other videos that people complain about this so I thought I would pass it on!

noumoewateengedoetje: I'm playing this level on the computer and her no fish too

jimmy doglay: where you getting the fish from, i am on this level and i see no fucking fish

Carlos Maurício: forever alone in you rank and.. you no have life?

Robloxian1249: if you mix 4 blues you get a inverted at&t logo

Teri Thornton: How much you spent on this game? At least 3 boosts were used

iseethink seventwenty: wow! such a candy crush addict, im stuck at level 30

power741029: 為什麼會有魚?

john doe: bet this guy see them in his sleep

xochiquetzalt sotelo: :o 350 niveles y aún hay mas. yo que voy en el 105 =/ awww )=

José Miguel Casanova: In this level i haven't jelly fish. It's more dificult for me.

homebuddy222: Why dont i have jelly fish?

drapaovalle79: WTF! 350 LEVELS

harvey victor: that's what im saying too. im barely on level 105..

Misty Williams: i tested and work very good this hack==>> candycrushsagasuperhack.blogsp­­­­ <<=

Christian Depedro: Wow congrats on level in this game :D

Jorge Velasco: Es lamentable, de muy mal jugador usar buff para pasar niveles. Yo conosco varias personas que estan actualmente en el 365 sin haber usado buffs. Personalmente estoy en el 350. Yo pense que realmente eras buen jugador.. LAMENTABLE..

dmolke: I'm stuck on 33 :(

Cousin Joris: Je propose de vous passer votre niveaux en toute discrétion

Firepfoenix62: fuck you mother fucker

Kimlachula77: Hey I nd hlp in level 45 any suggestions?

SuperTruls123: Take the fish on they end he. Thats smartest hehe

宇宸 龐: it so fun

knjuw10: coud have done the big chocolate with the striped one;

WingChroniam: I love it when you mix to chocolate rainbows

Ryan Ross: lol looks easy

guancuanyan: Good

siwasit singsin: mine not have fishes.... why?

quangcool: da hell,,, how come I play from facebook and they don't have the fishes ???? no wonder i could not pass it

Nermont Pizdockin: Nice video! Btw if anyone wants free charms and boosters, go to bit.lyZfRLSk and follow the instructions given there.

Claire Mayden: U r good

Lok Sau Lo: so thats what will happen when a stripped candy and a fish mixes!

jazrubio8: les allier you are talking about another video

Les Allier: You say no boosters.. however you started with a striped, a wrapped, and a cookie already on the board. So there were boosters..

norder1994: He never said that, you idiot.

Lefty7788tinkatolli: whens 351-365?

fxdeath13: es el ultimo nivel o sigue?

Fran - BX: Hasta ahora es el último, pero parece que dentro de poco van a salir los niveles 351~365 >_<

Ricky Sangani: Thx :)

Ricky Sangani: I finally completed this level took me a week to do it, I clocked it on my last move and no boosting, feel so relieved :D

skillgaming: Congratulations, well done!

Ricky Sangani: I hate this level been stuck on it for a week

TheOWLCITYADDICT: Lol why didn't you combine the super candy and the striped one 1:17 it would have helped you alot

SpiralFaded: Because there is very less amount of yellow candies. He might want to save it for later uses.

Ricky Sangani: I'm still stuck on this stupid level

17yipsk1: You should have done the brown thing on 0:32 (top right)

Ricky Sangani: Other ppl have done this level without the boosters, the played it well

Ricky Sangani: I'm stuck on this last level, the stupid bombs always messes me up

swamigal: great game skill :) glad you did it this way for the last level :)

skillgaming: thank you so much, but I guess another episode will be released soon ;)

Todor Peev: i don't see any game skill here, only tones of luck. you've missed 3 times chocolate candys + didnt blow up the choc + yellow strip in very best moment when u had 4+ yellow on the down side of the screen. thats lame. sorry to tell it, but its true.

8539fella: but he/she passed the level in the end, whatever it takes i suppose

skilldarko: nice  :)

TheRabbitMan101: They add more levels?

pamelaquintero1: at 2:12 u have in middel of game 5 orange candys

skillgaming: haha, this makes me feel stupid!

TaikoChirai: well you didnt make that 5 candies but the happened after that make you looking smart.

TheHIVBABY: And you 12 inches of cock in your ass

glisnn8: what the fucking boosts

Edwin Choi: i am now lokking at level 350 and see how hard is it, or i will lokk at level 348 with i am trying it.

eliseo ricci: yo gane los 350 voy 1ro en mis amigos cuando salgan mas los voy a ganar muy rapido y sin trampa yo juego justo

ckarea55: why are there fish and cookie and candy pack at the start??

SynicleEntity: haha thank you for making my day

Gandalf The Baws: dude u fucking suck

SecretTuner: lol

Jay Vuong: you missed about 3 cookies set up right in front of you. not sure if u were going for them for this round but...

Vladimir Putin: he could have ended it much faster than he did....

eliseo ricci: es muy dificil ese nivel sos buen jugador para pasarlo robert agregame ELISEO RICCI facebook

stoff hdz: oyuki, yaki chan, chin chan choma, muralla china, empeladoles, lacismo, sushi, aloz, sulimi, pescado flito.

Thái Nguyễn Viết: good 

kin jimmy: 為什麼一直過不了~~玩到想要砸電腦~~為什麼為什麼為什麼??­???

怡昆 陳: 運氣 + 冷靜 一開始最好別做橫紋的糖果 保命

kin jimmy: 爆炸糖果不要放在炸彈周圍 不知道還要卡多久 我的運氣真的那麼背嗎~ QQ"

alex kiev: 你是怎麼做要堅強嗎?

怡昆 陳: 一直玩..早晚會過低...

Jenny Hee: 這關有要過到我往生的意思....超難!!過了幾個星期了耶!到­現在還是過不了

lobelia2: holy shit

Linda Zhao: Join粉丝团了,希望可以很快过这关!可以uplode一个带­讲解的350吗?

Linda Zhao: 卡在这关几个星期了,求救啊!!有什么窍门吗?

怡昆 陳: 到 candy crush saga 台灣 粉絲團 那邊很多350的影片 昨天我幫9個朋友過350...都放在粉絲團 沒上傳到YOUTUBE

Dylan Boynton: Ching chang chong

Dhoron Elpesao: Chu chai chang chu chu chang

ren gellwis: chin chun chun chun chin chun chan

Karen Lee: 卡關很久了.. >3<

江 念念: 我卡三個禮拜了 哭哭 好難過關喔 都差一點點 如果有道巨可是上面的糖果無法跟奶油接觸到我要先使用道具嗎?

naBACT: 唉........... 我也卡了一星期多........... 都是爆得太早 不然什麼也沒有 Orz 看似易的一關, 卻花了很久時間都過不了 X_X

怡昆 陳: 這關我天天在玩 等等上傳3星影片

naBACT: 這關真是一點都不好玩............ 玩得令人辛.........自信都沒餘下多少T^T

kin jimmy: 天天玩都沒卡到嗎@@"

Long Hin Cheung: 看完也是過不了.(淚 卡了一星期多,怎麼辨...(淚

怡昆 陳: 多做一點道具 選擇性比較高 堆在那邊等著用...

louislinyu: 大神自從285開始後我就會看你的示範影片XDD獲益良多。 現在也卡到了350.......

怡昆 陳: 加油~感謝你貢獻的點閱率 呵呵 

TaikoChirai: obvious moves not always best moves

Gill wu: 看這麼多人玩Candy示範後~~我最喜歡看你玩candy的示­範~ 

怡昆 陳: 感動... (擦淚...

clairedkl: wow, 好勁, 還有23步剩

怡昆 陳: 謝謝 ^^

clairedkl: 請問你有沒有上傅 351影片? 謝謝

Filipe Ricciardi Camellini: lol 

Brownie Brown: you think too long, there were some obvious moves

ouyujing: 看得出,玩家是个沉稳的人

Digna Nuñez: 你好,因為它是他們做這種事沒有一些懷疑中國人智慧和非常好,我­來自阿根廷和我玩甜但我在三個星期前的百分之七十七水準這在這一­水準並不是你可以通過它,作為理事會請吻我岳母

怡昆 陳: i don't understand...what are you talking about..

Digna Nuñez: 譯者翻譯不好,你是很好的遊戲......

怡昆 陳: thanks ^^

Jeff Young: 請問你是用什麼機型為何可以玩到350關,我的iPad只有27­5關。

Nok TienTien: 真想死...弄了十天...還是剩下來一大堆 jelly , 不然就是早早爆炸...怎辦?? 

怡昆 陳: 忍住有大絕招別按 太早啟動 扭蛋機 死亡率很高 先認真挖到地板吧...

Nok TienTien: 從沒如此氣餒 ...想找人幫忙完成... hehe 

怡昆 陳: 慢慢玩 離改版還很久...

Nok TienTien: 下一步真的不知如何走...能將圖發給你指點一下麼?

怡昆 陳: 你太客氣了 都玩到350關了

Nok TienTien: 這關非常變態...令人"信心盡失"

西門 彥: 無話可說 佩服

manu ciao: WOWWWWWWWWWW 

adann Tai: 重點就在5:37,太害了!

janes sangita: stuck in this level..plz help me

gul11and: Do my level plzzz :P

TaikoChirai: Which level is that

ulmis66: Really nice play and still very close finish!

Marcus Marrion: can you help me to finish level 350 the closest i got was 2 jellies to clear

LOve69coOkies: Got lucky!

KristeneGuzman: too much hassle with this. want working hack tested on july 2013? hack from Even my little sister is on 299 lvl now.

John McClure: Pretty lucky getting that chocolate near the end and that final move where everything exploded was also pretty lucky. I couldn't figure out how you were going to finish as there were no purple candies around your striped one that still had jelly under it. Hope I can get that lucky so I can finish this level. I do like playing this one as there is no licorice or chocolate blocking you at every turn.

aries4656: terrible level!!! I don't understand why it has to be so difficult!

aersink: So you crack down and purchase and purchase boosts, thats why.

Angie D: I won this one on my 15th try without boosters! :)

Jas L: actually at 4:11 you can create another booster, beside the row of orange by clearing the green and red, the orange will align. anyway this level is really difficult

WinxEnchantixClub: I HATE THIS LEVEL. stuck on it for more than a month now!

SuperFrostyHeart: Ending was so lucky!

Pablo Picaso: 9 days ¡¡¡¡¡

animlnitr8: Btw, I can't even get close to beating this level!

animlnitr8: Nice. And very lucky! At least you did it without boosters unlike Skill Gaming. I hate his videos!

Justin Casar: The chances for a good player to beat this level without boosters is 1/200 good luck.

Christian Oppedijk: I've been stuck for a month now... an all time record for me :(

Sue Davies: ive been stuck here for a month too, no matter what i do i cant pass it, i thought level 65 was bad grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

rottweilerexpress: 20 more failed attempts and i'll bid goodbye to you candy crush, level 350 you are one heck of a level!

conceptpapar: Hate............this lev

Patric Andersson: at 4:15, I would have moved the green at the bottom middle up, you would have removed the 3 green and the 3 red, and the orange would have landed so you made another 5 ball.

wendel chucks: here are some tricks for candy crash saga

itzzzme27: I so hate this level.. If their trying to make me quit this game, they just succeeded!

08bam09: hahaha I'm stuck on this one bigtime... I see you just barely got it... this one is super tricky... You made a few moves I would'a done differently... so, maybe that's my problem... Need to not waste moves in this level for sure!!!!!!!!! (I HATE BOMBS)

Samantha Sabitsch: I literally CANNOT beat this level. It's making me so mad. I've never ever wanted to give up on this game, and thanks to this level, I'm so close to doing so.

ietjeboentje: stuck here forever, think i am gonna give up :-(

timvoodoo2: lol i been stuck for a month now

ietjeboentje: my son played it out for me, now i'am stuck in 356, pffft :-)

Ayshin Purswaytion: These levels look so delicious. I can't wait to hopefully one day get to them.

HunterHM1489: you could've won with moves to spare, if you had worked the chocolate ball down to the purple striped candy at 4:05

Kenneth Pabiona: Stuck at level 379 can you make a vid?

Nuannthongsiri: stuck here for many days, I think I need more luck ;-)

brendan martin: your the best candy crush player i am on level 349

ale gomez: buen video !

TaikoChirai: 最後一個果凍是故意不吃的?

Bear Li: 有個『非官方』candy crush saga臉書專頁,專頁名字如下:Candy Crush Saga 台灣 版主還蠻精通遊戲的,有問題也可以往那裡問看看!! :)

麗純 黃: 手機只能玩到350嗎?何時更新啊?

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