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Candy Crush Saga level 361

This level is part of the Ingredient Drop levels and can be found in the Fudge Islands episode. The objective of level 361 is to bring down all ingredients to the bottom. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 361:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 361 cheats, tips and tricks

Lefty7788tinkatolli: I am coming close to this level now. Is this level actually very very hard or is it just like one of those semi-hard levels? Cuz this video has a LOT of views for such a recent level.

Val Ja: I'm stuck in this level for 9 days because of the chocolates! If there are no chocolate, I think I can Complete this level. But no more chocolates!

Nora García: It might be just a coincidence BUT i was stuck in this level for weeks! And just know i tried playing it on my pc (instead of my phone) and i made it at first try (no boosters or specials). Maybe it was luck but.. who knows.. Try it out.

Carole Greenberg: Even though skillgaming used a booster and I did not. It helped to watch how he cleared it. I cleared this level with no boosters and had 6 moves left. But if one uses boosters that is not cheating. It just means they are willing to pay for the boosters instead of struggling for 2 days as I did. If it was cheating they would not allow you to buy the boosters.

Sandy De Jong: You bunch of ignorant people I have watched skillgaming play many CCS games and that is the first time he has used a booster. If he needs to use a booster its a bloody hard level. I always watch him play. And those of you that think its cheating bite ya bums upside down. you 2 can buy the LP hammer cheating would be using a stupid hack or what ever they are called. if you watched this you needed help too so keep your stupid talk for somebody that does cheat hacks and shit like that

Carole Greenberg: Actually, he used boosters on a few other levels, too. But like you I do not think it is cheating. You can buy the boosters. So how would that be cheating? Watching his videos helped me to clear this level.

krf7: i love how his name is skillgaming and the guy is a complete moron who can't do it without cheating

Lefty7788tinkatolli: Oh god I just realised that this is an extremely hard level. Great. 347 is quite hard enough!! And there's ANOTHER hard level SO SOON!? No one ever said that 361 was so hard!

Champloo Bebop: muahahahaha beat the level and I know the secret to getting the candies to fall correctly muahahahaha

Eric Lau: 咪咁9啦用埋d屈野

Randy Spivey Jr: Sucker came in handy I c i c

偉傑 徐: 爛 

paula piwonka: This game is becoming far to trite to play. The maniacal chocolate machine just ruins this game!!!!! 

Sian Tetley: Cheater!!!!!!

noumoewateengedoetje: Can you show us this game without using the booster?????

skillgaming: I'm bored to play this level 37972 times or more to solve it without a single lolipop at the very end. It's just a matter of luck.

noumoewateengedoetje: Well, I'll just have to keep on trying then. I struggled myself through level 350 even though I had no fish there to help me, so I guess that I wil succeed with this level too (in the end, after trying 37977 times)

Kathleen Henderson: I have been stuck on this level for at least 3 months. I barely play anymore because its just frustrating! Glad you were able to get it!

Jaco Haasnoot: Got it!!! It took me 2 days and about 20 tries... I'm soooo lucky!

bama519: Whoa, why all the lollipop hate? I'd smash candy on all freaking 45 moves if it would get me past this stupid level.

ricardoimperio58: Fala sério heim...assim não vale!!! Tem que ser na persistência..garra!!!

Valeria P.: Worst level ever!!!

bunny y: did it with 5 moves left..try making lot of vertical strip and the color bomb also

GREENALIENPICTURES: This level is hard. I never used a booster and I am stuck on this one. Any help will be appreciated it. 

wmt794613: I was stunned in the last move

Alvin Ray Cortes: It's not a very good help if you use a lollipop in the end. For those stuck in this level, what you need to do is to keep in mind the moves left. if it's already 31 and 16 , try to create a match so that the only vertical space left is where the first fruit is so that the fruits would stack together. Fruits will come in 30 , 15 and 1 if you can't gather any fruit.

Champloo Bebop: Also, if there are no more fruits on the field, then it will not follow this order

nuttMee: ไม่มีตัวช่วย ตาย

seigaku106: the success rate of this level is less than 2% for me..

critching: That feeling you get when you think you're finally going to do this level and you start it and the ingredient is already over the chocolate generator so you instantly know that you've fucked it.

Nima Dabiran: People i havent passed this lvl either but the fruit always apears on move 30 and 15(if no shuffles have taken place)so you can line them up if you want. still a tough and boring lvl.

Benjamin Yumol: WTF... Lolly user!!!!

Pat Swanston: You had to use a hammer to finish the Level should be possible without having to do this.

probeholic: comon... stupid booster are for loosers... i am at this level and it is a pita.. but i never used a booster so far, and i will not use them in the future..

Bruno Rodrigues: I´m stuck for a week or 2 in this level =(.

ChakaraMains: You strongly recommend us to have a booster! Right!

jeffreybert45: completed this level with 10 moves to spare quite easy, just ensure the fruits in the exit lane then clear the path btw ignore the chocolate.

claudia antonelli: que envidia!

Ricky Sangani: I finally completed this level with 13 moves to spare

x19LUCA86x: level impossible without boosters. idiot level.

Banjamin Kao: 這關只有第1顆水果無法決定出處,其他3顆水果是可以自定的, 水果分別會在第30,15和0時出現,我們只要在31,16和1­步執行時, 消除非巧克力機上方的糖果,這樣水果就不會出現在巧克力機上方, 當然最後1步,就要使用消除整行糖果的招式,才能順利過關. 祝各位順利過關,有要翻譯幫助更多人,歡迎,你也將更功德無量t­hx.

seigaku106: 最後一顆最後5步出現...

Jocelyn Lee: Thanks you! : D

hahaman468: Should you think before you move each step?

skillgaming: I'd strongly suggest you to do so.

lamasmind: thinking or not thinking, one shit, it depends only of LUCK. I'm stuck on this LVL for about two Months or even more.... Still thinking...

Ricky Sangani: Me too still stuck on this level, u need pure luck

Kelvin Chew: I'm still stuck at this level...chocolates always in the way. Fruits dropping on wrong lanes...

Nima Dabiran: Fruit always apears on move 30 and 15 somake sure you get them lined up.

win100000: I don't like this level. It's about praying the fruit to appear at the right lane......

Donna Robinson: Can you do this level and post it without the use of Boosters? That would be great!

Lefty7788tinkatolli: Well done at beating this level boostergaming.

ChopinPlover: If you get the last fruit in fewer than 5 steps, almost no solution. Level 361 is pure luck... your skill you don't need this :p

Ricky Sangani: I'm stuck on this level and not even got close

glisnn8: do not post the video with FUCKING booster SUCK


Aiden Raccoon: I'm on this level now. I was one move away. No boosters.

HsingHan Ho: this level is too hard..

Eduardo Mattos: skillgaming stinks!!! alway use booster in harder levels after lv 250


Shawnna Kertzman: i have been stuck on this level for atleast a month now!! u make it look so easy.. i keep watchin this video and i just can NOT get passed it!!! :( help!!!!!!!

Jin Luo: More try, you can do it.

Ang H: Thanks Jin Luo, I used your advice to Ricky and completed 361 in the very next try :)

Jin Luo: You are welcome.

Jackie Yeung: How did you get that 3rd item to drop? You made a wrapped candy from 2 block away from the brick (solid piece) and it broke it. HOW??!?!?

Effie Campbell: I understand you got past it and made it look easy but I have yet to get a board so simple.. grrr

Kingofboss2: Finally passed this level and finished leve

inaraz araz: I've been stuck on this level for 6 weeks... need ur help!!!

7aijoo: try this

ThePurplemonster445: level 361 in candy crush is FUCKED!!! it doesn't send all the ingredients down

7aijoo: try this

bbqdota: this level fucking hard...

MrEdmundoWong: The 2nd drop at 30, 3rd drop at 15, 4th drop after the first 3 clears. After knowing this it's not very difficult. You can dictate where the 2nd, 3rd, 4th ingredient drop and even prepare a vertical candy on moves 31 and 16 to collect the ingredients the moment they show up.

John McClure: They always fall on the 15th and 30th moves? How do you dictate where the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ingredients fall? How do you prepare vertical candies on the previous moves? Sometimes the candies aren't lined up correctly.

ricardoimperio58: Parabéns!!! Estou há 3 dias nessa fase e confesso está sendo torturante...kkkkk

chrisbrewer2006: Nice one, I've been stuck on this level for ages, thanks for great video and the hint.

j ferrer: wow, excellent gaming... stuck in this level right now... thanks for the inspiration!

Vitor Caldeira: seems impossible for me so far!!!

Ricky Sangani: Omg I finally completed the level with 13 moves to spare, you won't believe what happened, the game before I completed I had a stripe candy going down with 1 fruit remaining and I did the stupidest move ever I mixed the stripe candy withe the chocolate realizing it missed the drop, i was gutted, but the next game I completed the level with 13 moves :) thank you for your advise

Ricky Sangani: Thanks dude, I've been trying that, hopefully ill get some luck too. I've came close a couple of times, your videos are much better than skill gaming he uses boosters, whilst you do it the legit way. Awesome videos once again

Dawn Marie: Bravo, thanks for the inspiration

Jin Luo: You're welcome.

Ricky Sangani: Well played, I'm stuck on this level, you played it really well. All your videos are top

Jin Luo: Hello, Ricky Sangani, Thanks for your great admiration. The one thing you gotta keep in mind at Candy Crush Saga Level 361 is moving the fruit away from the top of the chocolate pot as soon as possible. Then, you will find the appearance of point-fruit. Good luck......

mom2mollymoo: What do you mean by the appearance of Point-fruit?

宜蓁 林: 可否幫我過 >< 我快瘋了:((

stephen cheng:  我玩左好多次都唔得 怡昆可唔可以幫手呀

yyyyoooo11: 你已經太厲害了 但我看到你的朋友打50幾萬分 是怎麼做到的?不用工具能有那種分數嗎?

怡昆 陳: 分數計算本來就有問題 有時候移動兩步 就20幾萬分了...

bannana clarice: 10000000000 

manuelbonezwth: Cuánto tardaste en pasarlo? 

India Bertram: Wow im only on 77 and im 11

Randy Spivey Jr: Very very very good

hfalc: wow that last move was lucky. I was so expecting you to use a booster there.

Bear Li: I thought lucky goddess looked on me. :p

harpertwin48: DdddddddddddDD

VianaTroll: :Aliens: 

Banjamin Kao: 這關只有第1顆水果無法決定出處,其他3顆水果是可以自定的, 水果分別會在第30,15和0時出現,我們只要在31,16和1­步執行時, 消除非巧克力機上方的糖果,這樣水果就不會出現在巧克力機上方, 當然最後1步,就要使用消除整行糖果的招式,才能順利過關.祝各­位順利過關 P.S:橫4合的是直條(消一直線糖果),直4合的是橫條(消一­橫線糖果) 都玩到361了,怎還搞不清楚xd

ChopinPlover: 條紋+彩色糖也不是隨機的,可以仔細看,從右上角橫的一排一排掃­, 如果是跟橫的交換,依序是橫直橫直。

ChopinPlover: 如果跟直的也是橫直橫直... 包裝+彩色糖未知XD

Wayne Lim: 我还卡再这关。。。。。。。太难了.....T.T 

Bear Li: 尽量把果子移到巧克力机旁边那排。 我也是玩很久才过关,最后那两步我只是赌看看是不是直条特效,只­是很幸运的被我曚到了!!!加油!!!

ChopinPlover: 自己組的可以控制直條或橫條, 若是第二步才組出來的,直的會變直條,橫的會變橫條, 不會隨機產生

richard hodge: Wow the way the ingredients all came out around the same place, has never happened for me, lol. I've had 3 or more color bombs and still not managed to get a single nut or berry down

lexley1832: i'm stuck here :(

Nithet Rangsiprakarn: You so lucky!! I'm stuck in this level !!

Trudy Bradley: I'm stuck here!

Randy Spivey Jr: Cookie from oranges HA got lucky :v)

Kathleen Henderson: wow, thats just luck that you got the ball at the end. I hate this level!

hcsdave: I made a pretty big mistake not eliminating the reds before the blues at 1:56, but yeah, I think this one is the hardest level, and that final chocolate ball was luck.

Kathleen Henderson: I was trying to clear the bottom first before bringing them down but I'm going to try to do it your way now.

Banjamin Kao: 這關只有第1顆水果無法決定出處,其他3顆水果是可以自定的, 水果分別會在第30,15和0時出現,我們只要在31,16和1­­步執行時, 消除非巧克力機上方的糖果,這樣水果就不會出現在巧克力機上方, 當然最後1步,就要使用消除整行糖果的招式,才能順利過關.~~­加油!

怡昆 陳: 謝謝 

veemon355: 有人可以幫助我過這關嗎? 這關我玩得很辛苦 這關根本是不可能玩到的!

怡昆 陳: 這關我已經過20幾次了@@ 都是幫朋友過....很難玩

veemon355: 你可以幫我過嗎? 這關很痛苦......

瘋了 瘋: 玩這關玩到快瘋了!

Josie Chen: 這關玩了一個月了玩不過.. 有誰可以幫忙的嗎??

chan honhang: 誰人可幫我破這關?? 我卡了很久了 如果有人幫我就加我facebook拉 honhangchan

diksun1003: 這關很難, 用了2星期才過到...

vip920907: 我才玩到44關

怡昆 陳: 慢慢玩 ^^ 這遊戲樂趣很多

戶 筱悠: 這關是我第一個玩到在哭的一關....

怡昆 陳: 夭壽~

戶 筱悠: 左上角那個是視訊嗎0.0?

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