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Candy Crush Saga level 391

This level is part of the Objective levels and can be found in the Licorice Tower episode. The objective of level 391 is to collect all orders. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 391:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 391 strategy

You have 2 outer rows with nothing but 15 move bombs in them, an inner U shaped line of blocks that go away after one hit and leads you down to the 5 frozen color bombs. If you can make some matches with the bombs that are in the columns, go for it, but otherwise you need to get down to the color bombs and then use them to remove the bombs. Try to make striped candies and mix them with the color bombs to get a large amount of candy accounted for in one shot. After that, keep your eyes on the bombs and what pieces you need to complete your orders and you should be good to go.

Collect all the orders (77 yellow, 66, blue, 55 red) and reach 240,000 points in 40 moves.

1 star: 240000 points
2 stars: 500000 points
3 stars: 800000 points

Level 391 cheats, tips and tricks

Carole Greenberg: Good job. Tried this level a few times. Decided to come watch your video and I cleared the second time. It stinks that on the PC you lose a move everytime the game shuffles the candy. This does not happen on the iPad.

Vannessa Locker: Ridiculous level the score dont reach 1star

Bee Eff: thats right joe bong..i already finish many time..but my score can't get the limit..

Joe Bong: Why play on hp the score is very low.

Kim Serritella: That was only 1 star... 

Eli marcelino: P yahoo b

Val Ja: I finally pass this level! Stuck for 5days and my level is 395!

StephanieWinnett105: << wow not fake.really work.i tested

ying197724: luck

姮穎 李: 好的.請問ㄧ下 用電腦板的怎麼收愛心

姮穎 李: 哈.我不知道

怡昆 陳: 遊戲名稱+台灣 約17000多的粉絲

姮穎 李: 這個是...?!

怡昆 陳: APP 讓你手機可以玩FLASH遊戲的瀏覽器

怡昆 陳: 你一定沒加入我的粉絲團 我公告很多次了 >"<

姮穎 李: 可我只有手機.有什麼方法嗎?

怡昆 陳: 安裝(Puffin Web Browser) 就可以支援FLASH 不過很LAG....

姮穎 李: 手機玩會過關嗎?

怡昆 陳: 分數不好拿

念慈 許: 這關我怎麼玩分數都只有該到達的一半....... 怎麼會......

怡昆 陳: 用電腦玩就好了 手機有BUG

念慈 許: 真的手機跟電腦差好多 謝謝!! 

Renee Smith: Its fuckn crazy I keep beatin it but not gettn da damn target score!!! How da hell is it possible w/o buyn shit!

Qvn24: i tink you have to play it on the computer, otherwise on the phone it's near impossible

kkill5150: this level is fucking dumb. I'm stuck

Harvey Trinidad: How did u get so many points matching the candy? I did the same thing and didnt get anywhere near as much. How is that possible?

shinizikudo: Very hard to get enough points

hfalc: I'm having a really hard time to get the amount of points needed on this level. Too bad the score is not visible on this video...

Hung Kenny: 我打咗好耐都過唔到。。。就係分數唔到!

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