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Candy Crush Saga level 392

This level is part of the Objective levels and can be found in the Licorice Tower episode. The objective of level 392 is to collect all orders. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 392:

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Level 392 strategy

So this is a bit complicated and deceiving. There is a chocolate fan in the center that continues to spit out chocolate non stop. There is a row of spinners just above the frozen wrapped and striped candies (3 wrapped, 2 striped) that you need to remove to get to the candy. Below the frozen candy is mystery eggs that you never know what you will get. You can shoot a vertical striped candy down to break through the spinner, unfreeze the wrapped or striped candy and set off the mystery egg. If you have what you need go ahead and mix them. The problem is once you do this once, everything else in the bottom is unfrozen or unlocked, so you have a chance that you might get one more of the matches all set up for you to help fill the order, but after that, you are going to have to make the matches for the striped and wrapped candies. Make the wrapped ones first and striped ones later. If you can only make striped ones, just keep making them and if you happen to come across a color bomb, use it to remove all the pieces of one color to make it easier to make powerups. There are only 4 colors here to allow you to pass.

Collect all the orders (5 striped/wrapped mixes) and reach 20,000 points in 60 moves.

Level 392 cheats, tips and tricks

ajijemuran: it is 20 000 ... not 200 000 !! :)

Wilma Kok: Cebra je hebt gelijk hierin. Te weinig punten voor de slagen die je maakt. Onmogelijk om naar 2 of 3 sterren te gaan.

cebra418: I had 32 moves left and still couldn't get a high enough score. It would be impossible to get 2 or 3 stars. Seriously

brexrocksx22504: I did it after trying for days!!!!!!!!!!!!! try to match the 5 candy matches asap, and then pray that all your moves left over give you enough points!

choikathychoi: getting 200,000 really sounds IMPOSSIBLE for me!! I successfully made 7 chocolate balls and done all the combos with 30 moves left! but I just got 190,000!!!!!! I have never stuck in a level for such long period awwwwwww!!!

GarethGWR: Just did this silly level tonight. Although I completed it with 35 moves remaining, reaching a score of 180,000, I got incredibly lucky during the Sugar Crush part when a cascade created a colour bomb. When it detonated it took my score up to 209,000.

Amy Taylor: I got all my combos and didn't make the 200,000 points then I got to 213,222 points and had one combo left and couldn't get it. Been stuck on it for 2 days now.

masskillingspree: 199,980! I hate this stupid level! i.imgur . com/MQHnpBN.png

eelw22: Ouch. That's got to suck.

amarokman: why have these levels that are 100% luck to complete :( takes the fun out of the game

groud123456: just finished this level..thanks for the least you have 7 rainbow chocolate balls. done

tovelina69: I HATE this level!!!!!! X(

hahaman468: I have tried so many times. Once a time I have 38 moves left, I got 189000 points, so I tried to make more combo bombs and chocolate balls to get more points, After making 3 chocolate balls and some regular bombs and collecting 5 orders, I had 15 moves left at last, and the result was even lower -- 159000 points!! So this level is really RIDICULOUS!!!

kian Ann: If only got unlimited paint brush and lollipop hammer then good :(

x19LUCA86x: Candy crush, you are closed with me. bye bye

Arnol Lp: I made it, with 4 movements left ^^

ada2209: i had 37 moves and the resoult was 197000. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy­yy

hahaman468: I did with 24 moves left and have used chocolate balls 3 times while playing and the result is 189000 points. RIDICULOUS!!!

hahaman468: I did it with 21 moves left, but got 160000 points. It's impossible!!

Ricky Sangani: Ahh that sucks dude it's silly to put a target of 200000 points, imagine getting 3 stars impossible.

Ricky Sangani: I think I've just ridden my luck I had 45 moves left and got a score of 205000 points :)

Ricky Sangani: this stupid level I had 28 moves left to spare and I get a frustrating score of 195000 points

Angelow07: Got 265 280 points on this one yesterday :)

Aaron Duke: you didn't.

Aiden Raccoon: I got to 180,000 with 27 moves to go, and I had some decent combos and a few color bombs. People can't even get 200K. Look at what it takes to get 3 stars. 800K. That's just silly impossible. Of course I could cheat to get it easily.

Angelow07: Funny how he goes from having 98k to 123k in an instant, just from using the bomb on a regular candy...

incident41: This level features all the worst ideas in Candy Crush at the same time. Namely, 1. the indestructible chocolate machine. There should be something to permanently nuke it from the screen. 2. neverending supply of licorice, which makes ordinary weapons much more ineffective. Hate it, hate it, hate it. 3. an inordinate amount of luck required to pass the level. Yes, 200k is fundamentally unreasonable. I finished this level 8 times already, an average score of 165k, already two times over 194k.

hahaman468: Yes, he should also add some time bombs so that no one can pass this level XD

kakaboo: ive nv used the bubblegum troll b4, but doesn't the bubblegum troll stop the chocolate spawner ? or at least the description says so

mdbgtft: Unfortunately the bubblegum troll only stops the chocolate spawner for a mere 5 moves

MsSaxgirl: me too impossible

aewallace81: I finished it with 28 moves left, I had a score of around 160k at that point after a good run of making colour bombs. The move bonuses took my score to 255k. Colour bombs make combinations far more likely, including more colour bombs. Try to have your eye on buiilding a colour bomb in one area while you try to create a goal combination in the other, you may even be able to use the collection of the combination to set off the colour bomb saving you a turn.

yelo956xl: 200.000 points: c'est impossible :-/

seigaku106: not enough points even though I finished the level...

Vitoria Hansen: Yes is possible Add me

lipton2311: its not possibel to get 200000 points, i did it with 30 moves left adn i reached 180000 points this is jsut retarded

tamspromises2: Same EXACT thing happened to me! I think I had 32 moves left. Not enough points. The 2nd time I did it I only had 2 moves left... not nearly enough points.

Luis Figueroa: Dude I did it with 35 moves left and I got 195 000 hahah xD.

bunny y: its possible..i just did with 36 moves left..and surpassed 200000

Da Baddest: xaxa

TheRabbitMan101: Hi

clairedkl: 我分數完全不達標, 怎麼辦........... T_T

jane25959646: 我最高紀錄走9步就湊齊了(剩51步),不也還是不夠分過不了關­...真的是氣死人了!!!

怡昆 陳: 巧克力球+包裝 作各兩組 應該就夠分數了

γιαννης αμπου-ζολωφ: omg i will never pass this one i guess :(

speedy94122: I left 37 moves and scored 222,940. I sure kicked ass

怡昆 陳: good

steve1237890: 我剩30步過不了, 又是不夠分 

sausage178: 試試用巧克力球+包裝糖果吧 很有幫助喔分數很高 

sunny Chu: 好厲害,我最多留27步,還是過不了....原來要留這麼多才夠­.

vartanpl: Same as me... 36 moves left. 210k

Henry Sun: OMG...我剩39步但還是沒過...分數要求實在好高!

kev7978: 这一关令我感到很很气馁。:(

怡昆 陳: 留幾顆巧克力球別點看看 分數好像會衝高 

musicianjoelin: I'm very surprised that one of your friends (on the left) beat this level with 400,000+ points and get 2 stars. Yes, I am aware that the point requirements have changed.

Don Bekham: Candy Crush Saga Secrets Here, Take a Look You Will Be Shock watch?v=-Ds9Jn1N-lY

greg mustard: I made it with 212000 since 200000 was required, only one star lol

Andrea Simpson: if you like working cheats for candy crush just download this(copy the link): bit. ly/14mDnYj unlimited boosters and lives.

Jeffrey de Roo: Easy lol im already maxed...

gslma: June 16th the points needed was 200,000. June 17th points needed dropped to 20,000. Much more reasonable! Thanks candy crush :-)

Adrienne Cureton: They did it as a BDay gift to

TheRealPeachesStalin: 33 moves left and still not enough points!

Jason Jiovani: Beat this level 5 times now without boosters and even with 25 moves left I barely break 150k... the points are outrageous on this one.

Jason Jiovani: Beat it 2 more times just now, last one I had 36 moves left and took me from 100k to only 218k! but still, finally won!!

Ayshin Purswaytion: Level 392! You made it look easy. Awesome job mate. Cheers!

JESSICA JUNGAG: Guess what? they've lowered to 20k to get 1star!!! So unfair...We should be getting 3stars since we're above 180k (3stars)!

Jin Luo: You are right, one star scores from 200K down to 20K.

bbqdota: this level too easy for me.

ildottore46athena: I'm stuck here for more than a week and it gets really annoying!!

Jin Luo: Take a break, come back to play maybe to complete.

Elys55: This is the only level that I have 1 star on. I've only managed 283,000 so far and have played it multiple times. Reaching the 200k isn't difficult, but I can't get any decent cascade multipliers to achieve a 2 or 3 star score. :/

Jin Luo: You are very good.

Ricky Sangani: Thx dude

Ricky Sangani: I finally completed it, I had a staggering 45 moves left and scored 205000 points

Jin Luo: Congratulations

Ricky Sangani: This level is annoying, I've done it 3 times but 200k is impossible

Jin Luo: In the remaining 15 moves lift 150K or more and get as much as possible before the finish collecting five orders.

Jessica G: I made it more than 5 times already, but to get the score of 200k is just... impossible 0-o

portlandjo: I can collect all orders, but I can't get the score to reach 200K.. It's been 5 times already. Do you have any tricks to get the score?

Jin Luo: In the remaining 15 moves lift 150K or more and get as much as possible before the finish collecting five orders.

cintiamm70: es imposible llegar a los 200 000

Leng Guan Ho: level 16 is a level whereby, there is possible to candy crush without making a single move..

Leng Guan Ho: while the calculations are impressive, we cant dictate how the candies are going to drop. if it decided to have domino effect, just 1 drop after u have created 5 combos will be able to do it. this is akin to level 252, or perhaps level 16, whereby a high score can be created even without doing anything. everything just falls in place, after the last combo is made, and the domino effect just kicks in.

yawn74: To summarise when u have Y moves left , make sure it hits 200k - 3k x Y if not can give up already ... sad

yawn74: nvm 1 move left turning into stripe = 3k ++ as such really have to use domino effect such that your move must be more than 3k 60 + 120 + ...... >3k??? using maths ,,,,,,, 60 + 60x2 >3k 3 000 / 60 = 50 1+2+3+4 = 10 which can be equal to 4x 5 /2 = 10 10x11 /2 = 55 at least 10 chains of normal clearing such that it can hit 3k ,,,,,,,, wrapper + stripe = 5k ++ 200 k - 5k x 6 = 170k 170 k /3 = 57 moves left - impossible

yawn74: basically what i see from here is even if u got 20 moves left u got 180k already mainly bec of the domino's effect - normally clear candies such that it keeps on chaining , each chain increases by 60 points eg at 0:41 as a result of this domino effect u manage to get 180k now the more we should really complain about the developers !!!

Leng Guan Ho: you just have to keep trying. there's no way of calculating the score. out of 10 completed games that could be the one that hit 200k :)

Beatriz Tavares: I've finished it a few times but always tooo damn far for the 200k score :/

fjsnow: ditto-- I cannot tell you (nor do I care to admit) how many power-ups I've purchased just to make the stupid "order" criteria. And even when I satisfy the "order", I'm nowhere near the 200K it's requiring. I tried the level with the intent just to rack up points, not focusing on the "orders" and still got nowhere close. I dare say this may be the level that causes me to quit my addiction and go into a 12-Step Candy Crush Rehab program

Leng Guan Ho: while playing candy crush, sometimes we are too engrossed in clearing that level that we are stuck in. perhaps we could just stop for awhile and come back to that level again another day or so. For me i either stop or find interesting levels to replay

eelw22: Take a look at this level again. With the release of the new episode, they lowered the points requirement from 200,000 to 20,000. 200,000 required for 3 star now.

Leng Guan Ho: Thanks for information. Guess i have to replay one more time to get 3 stars :)

Barbara Mieling: Iwanttoplaythisge

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