Candy Crush Saga Levels

Candy Crush Saga level 410

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Polka Palooza episode. The objective of level 410 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 410:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 410 strategy

The entire level is covered with double jelly and to complicate things you have 4 30 move bombs in each bottom corner, a chocolate fan in the center at the bottom and spinner dispensers in the middle 3 columns. Your small bonus here are the 2 frozen vertical striped candies on the far left and far right that will shoot down and give you one hit on the bombs to remove 2 of them, but you will need to create another vertical striped candy in the second and second to last row to completely eliminate them. Otherwise it will be extremely difficult to take care of them. It’s probably easiest if you take care of the 6 double jelly pieces in the 2 rows on top of the fan so you don’t forget which has chocolate and which doesn’t. Then go for striped candies and massive carnage with striped, wrapped and color bomb mixes.

Clear all the Jelly and score 155,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 155000 points
2 stars: 265000 points
3 stars: 295000 points

Level 410 cheats, tips and tricks

bunny y: OMFG i passed it after trying 1000 times :OOOO so ecstatic!!!

Christina Singh: Is 410 the last level

maucravelli: 425 is the last level at the moment

comfynumb1: Just getting this far in the game without using Cheats mean we are all AWESOME!!! .... Luck my ass!!!

comfynumb1: Hardest level yet!!!! If I had 3 lollipops i would have beaten it long ago.... But that would be CHEATING!!!!!.... And far less satisfying!!!!!

Like A Boss: hear dude, if you're so good finish this game without aid

Marcus Marrion: can you help me to finish level

fu cheng: 用道具還PO甚麼PO

適榮 莊: 當然有道具是可以用沒錯啦,但你還用了2次,這就稱不上厲害了,­但我是可以理解你想要贏的那種心情就是了

Steven Au: the most retarded level I hate this kind of settings nearly all luck no space for tactics

kakaboo: if u have played till this lvl (400+ levels of candy crush).. u would have known by now 99% of the levels are made up of 90% luck and 10% skill.... and ur partially wrong to say no space for tactics in this lvl .. cos u can use the liquorice to block the chocolate spawner almost 7-8 times out of every 10 times to play, and that alone helps a lot

Auto Au: indeed thats a 90% and 10% yup i did your trick too i play with thoughts to bring the best possible opportunities as well

Juan Pedro Luengas García: Even with that "strategy" this level is 95% luck. When you clear the bombs (with or without chocolate on the board) you are not even close.

kakaboo: i don't get why people keep whining this level and that level is all about luck. if you have played until so far (levels 425), you would already have known by now 99% of all the levels after like levels 150-200 are all mostly based on luck. but if u have the luck and still cant spot the candies, then there is no way you can clear the levels.

tweetybirdpee: 有本事在這關可以不用booster打到最後剩下最後一個jel­­ly才用lolipop已經很利害了好不好, 你有本事打到剩下最後一個jelly不夠moves才來說人家唄­­, 我也是打到最後一個jelly不夠moves也用lollipo­­p的說, 才可以過勒這關, 而且我很討厭一些人當人家用booster過關就在那邊罵, 拜託喜歡這個game就應該多買booster or charm來support這個game, 不然每個人都不買寶物玩不用錢的, candy crush saga很快就倒啦!! 你利害有本事不用booster來過關是你的事, 但是請不要別人用booster來過關時就在那邊罵人家在che­­ating...個人有個人的玩法, 請尊重別人的決定, 謝謝! 我自己就買勒Striped candy charm..雖然很貴, 但是長遠來說速很好用的寶物, 這個遊戲讓我玩的開心, 所以我不介意花錢來玩!

tsungting chiu: 敲一次就算了 還敲兩次! 害我看到後面!

WingChroniam: lol booster

MasamiOkuiFan: The most boring level in the game since 197.

trevor f: on my iphone the levels dont go to 410. it goes up to 365. do you know why this is?

Daboudibou: Facebook version goes up to 410, mobile only 365.


Ryan Klinkert: LOL BOOSTER. 

Ricky Sangani: This level was a nightmare I managed to clear the bombs after 2 goes but then struggled with jellies but managed to get some luck at the end

bunny y: 1:30 there was a strip candy to use at top right :/ anyway this level's just impossible..even with like 4 color bombs it dont seem possible! i hardly get one color candy :0

ajijemuran: help me.. i can't pass...this level so hard =,='

ernesto martinez: bosteeeeeeeeeeeer

bbqdota: im so lucky pass dis level without booster...


NG Flora: this is bull can u show others that u have to use tools to pass the level?? skillgaming? pls...

Gabriele Barberis: it's impossible...i'm not able to pass this level!!!!!

Chan Wai Lai: (I am from Hong Kong so I may make some mistake in grammar.) Finally,I can beat the level without booster! First, I mixed the wrapped candy and the striped candy at the bottom to clear the bombs and jellies.Then, I used the licorice to block the chocolate form expanding (the jellies near the chocolate expander was cleared).Next, I used the striped candy to clear the bottom right and bottom left's jellies.Finally, I cleared the remain jellies with a colour bomb and some striped candies.

kian Ann: Using wrapped candy and special stripe candy combination at the area near the chocolate generator should actually destroy the bombs or the combination of colour bomb and stripe candy...then follow that should block the generator but still after this very difficult

Songtse Chen: you made a terrible mistake at 1:33. you can pass it without tools. and yes i past this level without using any tool.

Jaycee Jocson: I finished this level by buying 5 extra moves, with 2 jellies left and luckily i created a color bomb to clear those jellies. So I think this level would be impossible to beat without using a booster. You'll be freakingly lucky without using any booster.

MA YU: 4:15 is the highlight

Rabi LI: Booster win...

kian Ann: I wonder if anyone Is able to win this level without any booster ? Maybe there is but UNLIKELY

Johnny Crush: I did it! 

vestiels: this could be the most tough level of candy crush , still stucking

lim ng: 什怎是外掛?如何看出?

vensh Kamatayan: cheater, ass looser...its impossible to finished that,, if you want to finished this level you have to buy a lot of lollipop.. thats it,

z900064: 開外掛+用道具 po上來做什麼? 丟臉

Tais Cruz: I hate it! I'm stuck on it!

Daboudibou: Honestly, the only thing that could give anyone a close chance to finish this level without boosters is to mix 2 color bombs which will clear liquorice, chocolate and bombs all simultaneously. After that, you can also hope to have a liquorice on top of the chocolate spawner to prevent its expansion and things become pretty standard. But like Daft Punk would say : "I'm up all night to get lucky."

mrlanhz: i mixed striped candy and color bomb twice... but it didnt hit these fuckin bombs =_=

Kelvin Tong: I think using Licorice to block the chocolate fountain or exchange the Wrapped Candy and Striped Candy at the bottom of middle could prevent the expansion of chocolate and clear all the candy boom respectively. I've tried these things several times but still stuck on this level

Sam Chan: cheater. 

AKarlon: Is there any way to get through this not using booster :( I've been stuck here for these days

gazolo: i just finished this one without booster. was very lucky, cleared the jellies near the chocolate machine early and let the licorice block the chocolate machine. then i got lucky with 2 sprinkle + stripe combos to clear the bombs and then just grafting at the end

daung231657: 2 hammer

張翰 邱: 開道具還有臉傳上來喔

苡君 曉: 410好像在整人 逼人買道具一樣 = = 

Gary Wooten: Hey,Skillgaming Guy So,Are There More Level Because Candy Crush Saga Is My Favorite Game!

skillgaming: Laterzzzz, there will be!

Carlos De-francisco: really boosters right boosters!! :llll

Tom van der Valk: Haar verwarde rockster in dutch ;).. so: Hair confused rockstar

tayhyewliang1172: What episode name is this?

david0489: This level is almost impossible without boosters. Inconveniently-placed bombs can roughly be cleared once every 5-10 trials, but even doing that is nowhere close to victory since you'd have accumulated too many chocolate grids by that time. And the impermeable liquorice. I'd say at least as difficult as the original #213 and possibly near the original #305.

Johnny Crush: What do you mean by "original"? They changed them in the meantime?

david0489: They've subsequently made the levels easier (by removing layers of meringue and jellies). The current #213 is not difficult anymore while #305 is still rather hard. I think skillgaming has these videos uploaded as well - you can compare with the newer versions of these levels.

yohan marcel: im still stuck at level 410, it's impossible to get rid of those bombs without using boosters.

david0489: Good luck.. if you encounter a game like the one uploaded here, be sure to use the hammers. You get 5 for playing a new game, and so if you have saved up it should be no problem. I'd rather spend 2 hammers than wasting more hours or even days trying to combat a boring level. After you clear the level it's up to you to leisurely play again to conquer it without boosters, for some personal satisfaction lol.

Johnny Crush: Thank you! I'll search them. 

yohan marcel: i agree. im stuck at level 410 for several hours now.

Lefty7788tinkatolli: Level 305 was easy I beat it in just 24 hours. 213 took me about 2 days, but what do you mean the original? Did they used to be harder or something?

Aiden Raccoon: I haven't used a single booster yet and I'm not about to start. I had this whole level cleared with 10 moves to go and just had 2 jellies left next to the chocolate generator. I blocked the chocolate off with the licorice.

david0489: Congratulations! It's definitely a bonus to block the generator. But you must admit that your game was a very lucky one.

vartanpl: You can block chocolate on start with black item. I did it like this then connect 5+4 combo.

Mikey C: Unfortunately, I may end up paying for extra time on this level...


Kosimo Retrò: you're right, it's the same thing that I thought.

Tom van der Valk: Yesterday i finished level 395, today was the update o/ .. lucky me, but these levels weren't that hard. I don't think they will update it again tomorrow.


ramada341: Jfhgjcj

jaspertamarraify: Its evil

Liza doolittle: I think this level is for hackers and past/present buyers of power ups.

bunny y: OMFG i did it ..after 1000 tries!! dream come true :OOO

Chen Avery: Congratulations!

Debra Taylor: i can't pass level 90..

Nicole Hyman: This is like level 80

Marcus Marrion: can you try im sure you can.

Marcus Marrion: can you help me to finish level

Chen Avery: I can't pass this level anymore.... : (

disenchanted7: skillgaming dislikes this video

Marcus Marrion: can you help me pass level

StephanieMitchell660: << amazing.not this hack

Chen Avery: Level 420 almost kill me. I think 420 is even more difficult.

comfynumb1: I did not want to hear this!!! lol

bunny y: that was one AWESOME game!! damm im never gettin over this level :0

Matthew Tran: They have the nerve to give you fish instead of the stripes during Sugar Crush after how difficult this level was?!

greg mustard: Congrats ! I managed to pass this level today, after about 400 or 450 tries. Without any booster, but very luckily you can guess ! But what a sensation :)

bunny y: how did u pass? lend some tips please! this is just i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e :0

greg mustard: This is how I could win : 1) I had to do many many tries, as I already said :) 2) Not any color bomb in the whole game, but many good stuffs in the first 15 moves ("delicious") that cleared a good amount of jelly and helped me destroy 6 of the 8 bombs. 3) The chocolate generator blocked quite early by liquorice. Only on the three bottom squares, so I was not too much limited in the middle of the board.

greg mustard: 4) I managed, with a great deal of luck I admit, to clear the last 2 bombs (two stripped side by side). 5) At this stage the situation was good. I had 24 moves left, and not to much jelly to clear. BUT there was a big problem, since there was jelly in the TWO bottom corners.

greg mustard: 6) I spent much time thinking from this moment, since I had a feeling this could be the right one. I was concentrated on two things : - Not freeing the chocolate in the middle ; so no move that could clear the liquorice. - Trying to make combinations wrapped+stripped to reach the corners. 7) I was lucky. I could make these two combinations right at the good place. The corners were cleared.

bunny y: i cannot do ittt -.-

greg mustard: I'm sorry. I'm blocked at 417... :((

bunny y: i feel like crying :'( me stuck in 410 for life :/

greg mustard: 8) At this stage, I had 8 moves left, to clear the last 3 jelly blocks near the generator. Some luck again, the colors fitted well. I cleared the precious liquorice and reached the generator. 9) I cleared the last jelly block. Two moves left. Sugar crush ! Two stars. Happiness !!!! Good luck !! It's possible !!

daung231657: superb

Ricky Sangani: Very well played

vensh Kamatayan: another cheaters video..

win100000: No he just had a really, really great deal of luck, but he's not 'cheater'. You can finish this without booster, but it is stupid hard. Terrible level design that forces players to rely on luck more than anything. Only so-called strategy is to block the chocolate spawner by licorice, but sometimes you just can't do it and you get swarmed by chocolate.

sparkleprincess008: This level is making me want to quit the game. I refuse to buy boosters and this is the first video I have seen someone pass this level without boosters. Makes me think King is getting greedy and making levels almost impossible to pass without boosters just to get people to buy boosters to beat levels. I really liked this game too :(

vensh Kamatayan: yes its hard,, that vido was a cheats i ve seen, you cant finished this stage without booster, i tried so many times and all was a failure,,

daung231657: i think too can try pass by skill not boosters 

Brian Kuan: 太好運了,我玩了二天就是過不了,最少剩下一個薄膜,但還是沒過­..........Orz

tanws1980: Impressive! Good skills of playing! I think this is the most craziest level so far... I'm stucking at this level :(

Chen Avery: 呵呵, 小弟玩的太專注了, 沒有想到滑鼠在晃, 真是不好意思, 以後小弟會注意的 ^_^

Kelvin Tong: 玩了很久都過不了,這關是我覺得最難,應該是我花最長時間的一關­, 佩服,Good

怡昆 陳: 讚~ 滑鼠 晃來晃去 有點暈 而已~

Chen Avery: So lucky! The chocolates were blocked by the black spiral candy.

Chi Tong Wong: 好牌 , 有運 , 兼有技術 ! (y)

Felix Tam: This is the first video pass without booster

thepyopiou: You used a booster (it's said "without booster"), I always win previous levels without boosters but this one is impossible !^^ Could you help me ???

Marcus Marrion: can you help me pass level

james yiu: its this video watch?v=nj-fMSnaYSw

Johnny Crush: no, it's a different one

hahaman468: You used booster in 5:02!!!

Johnny Crush: I did :)

Insan Putranda: haha, one jelly remaining... too bad you used lollipop. still stuck for a week now..

lim ng: 你可以用道具,但不可以用無限步或無限道具,我已向官方投訴sk­illgaming等人用非官方方法

怡昆 陳: 水喔...不過他也是我的粉絲耶 >"<

fionapyl: 點解人地用booster就要罵,唔鐘意咪唔好睇啦,個 post又無話要教人點樣化解,真係乜都要鬧一餐既, ps:我玩呢關玩到想死啦,無法破解,嗚嗚,如果我有道具我都會­用呀

怡昆 陳: 我有創立一個FB社團 裡面都在討論糖果 這關一開始就要用"黑色蚊香"擋住巧克力機 看影片就知道了 應該不用文字說明 他們罵用道具的原因是 某人是使用作弊方式 外掛無限道具 拍了一堆影片 招搖撞騙 才會一堆人按不喜歡...

taurus yong: 这关玩到要哭了啦:'( 一就是颇不到炸弹而就是无法移动T_T

lim ng: Skillgaming這個不要臉的人,他差不多所有的關都使用­無限道具,我想問有什麼方法終止這人的户口?

lim ng:  vvvv

ianzxplay: 我想會給影片負評的原因 大概是因為看影片 也不會知道過關的方法 這樣的影片只是一種紀錄 對卡關的人來說 真的沒有什麼用.... 以上只是一些想法 沒有別的意思 還是很謝謝你上傳影片分享 跟創立粉絲團!!

怡昆 陳: 粉絲團 都有教學 很多人說 會給負評是因為討厭這關@@ 這關設計太難 應該下次改版會調整... 謝謝您的回覆^^

lim ng: Skillgaming這人用了無限道具,大家留意

小砂 翁: 這關真的好難,有時分數都要三顆星了,就是消不了那幾顆炸彈! 我卡了一個星期了,也覺得沒用道具真的很難過啊~ 更何況,只是一根棒棒糖。

taotaofeng: 就算用了道具,还是很牛,这关我卡了快一周了。

Edward Zhang: 这个包括之前的视频都做得挺好的。加油!

tweetybirdpee: cheating是那些用外掛不花一分錢有一推寶物的人, 那些人才叫cheating無恥......frank kun...我支持你!!^__^

tweetybirdpee: 有本事在這關可以不用booster打到最後剩下最後一個jel­ly才用lolipop已經很利害了好不好, 你有本事打到剩下最後一個jelly不夠moves才來說人家唄­, 我也是打到最後一個jelly不夠moves也用lollipo­p的說, 才可以過勒這關, 而且我很討厭一些人當人家用booster過關就在那邊罵, 拜託喜歡這個game就應該多買booster or charm來support這個game, 不然每個人都不買寶物玩不用錢的, candy crush saga很快就倒啦!! 你利害有本事不用booster來過關是你的事, 但是請不要別人用booster來過關時就在那邊罵人家在che­ating...個人有個人的玩法, 請尊重別人的決定, 謝謝! 我自己就買勒Striped candy charm..雖然很貴, 但是長遠來說速很好用的寶物, 這個遊戲讓我玩的開心, 所以我不介意花錢來玩!

nick858858: 已經是神了 不管有沒有用道具

Alan G: 好厉害 好厉害

momo119125: 呢關........^.^要過版都已經好有難度..d人無玩過­唔知姐...頂死左朱古力機都未必過到.....我試過有剩20­步...差一格白色..比黑嗎嗎d蚊香頂很死...

怡昆 陳: 影片拍得再好 還是有人會按不喜歡... 我也沒註明是無道具版...

win100000: 你最好加在title上有用道具 (e.g. 1 booster used),如果不是會有很多人走來投訴.... BTW, frankun是你的名字嗎?

怡昆 陳: 我又沒說是無道具 人情冷暖 我上船那麼多影片 還是一堆鄉民 給我不喜歡的評價.. 我自己開心就好了... >"< frankun 是我的名字.. 英文加中文合體 frank+kun (昆)

win100000: 對,你開心就好吧,這關實在太難,就是只用一下道具也好棒的說 :D 謝謝你細心回答 ^^

怡昆 陳: 不會低 我英文比較差 所以很多英文評論 都沒有回應... 謝謝你

bunny y: annoying level :0

x19LUCA86x: yes, you are right

isadorasolis: ruim de mais

tcxak ayyıldız: amazing :D

x19LUCA86x: ty ;) , very hard..

白 李: 410超難過 又沒有特殊工具!

x19LUCA86x: yes, it's impossible without boosters!!

mike smith: it should be possible. @0:51 you should have swapped orange and green so the wrapped candy will go down, and you could switch it with the red stripes so clear all bombs.

x19LUCA86x: no, the red stripe will be eaten by chocolate, it would not work :)

x19LUCA86x: at 0:59 I had to change the orange with green, chocolate disappeared and I could combine the blue and yellow to eliminate all the bombs

SophievonBeethoven: It s icredibol

x19LUCA86x: it's very very hard..

choikathychoi: why dont you make the chocolate ball @ 2:25? just wonder

張翰 邱: because next step chocolate machine will eat the chocolate ball

choikathychoi: oh i see! thank you :)))

x19LUCA86x: ^_^ 

x19LUCA86x: nice answer

fzlik: but u can make wrap candy

x19LUCA86x: eheheh 

ISAAC SHUGS: im only on level 76 and i cant beat it for the life of me

Spazactaz: This level makes me want to quit. So annoyinggggg.

Akram Al-massri: lucky board from the beginning + a great skilled you've got in there! perfect combination indeed :)

thepyopiou: Very good job by the way !

thepyopiou: I'm tired of trying this fuck*** level ^^ How did you do ?! Your're lucky, aren't you ??

fu cheng: lucky guy 

ryan liew: well play, very intelligent move

Ricky Sangani: Well played

kian Ann: Well done...I very much amaze that u can clear the game without booster ,GOOD

lim ng: nothing special, i got 6xxxxx

Chi Tong Wong: very good !!!

Johnny Crush: Thank you!

Bierhirn: Shit! I thought, I am the king! - But this level smashs me down! :-/

mdbgtft: Incredible. You made it look so easy

Marcus Lundberg: Wow, you really had it handed to you at times there..

Marcus Marrion: marcusmarrion@rocketmailcom

Marcus Marrion: add me on fb i give you fb id

Marcus Marrion: ill be very happy if you can finish level for me

Marcus Marrion: can you please help me

ajijemuran: damn i cant pass. stuck 2 weeks

Marcus Marrion: can you help me pass level

Jin Luo: The first time, lowered vanilla bar, Plugged chocolate pot, and then remove of bombs, be careful to shy away plugging chocolate pot vanilla bar.

Ba Gawk: Why can't I be fantastic as you?

Jin Luo: Come on. You can.

VeeJay Gellido: Wow

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