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Candy Crush Saga level 417

This level is part of the Ingredient Drop levels and can be found in the Soda Swamp episode. The objective of level 417 is to bring down all ingredients to the bottom. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 417:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
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Video 7

Level 417 strategy

Okay, you have 3 ingredients to bring down the entire left column and then over to the right hand column that is filled with 4 and 5 hit blocks. All of the 6 cyclones are over on the right side initially, but shoot over everywhere, so try to move the ingredients down and shoot a few horizontal striped candies over to help clear out more. You are given 2 coconut wheels that you should use vertically right at the beginning before you lose them to plow through some of the blocks at the top to make room for the ingredients once you are ready to bring them over. and then down and out.

Bring the ingredients down (3 acorns) and score 30,000 points in 40 moves.

Level 417 cheats, tips and tricks

charlene marufu: level 425 is the worst been stuck for days

loftlo: The tornado is not a problem. The problem is that there are too many tornadoes, which leaves usually only one or two possible moves. And in most cases, whenever there is a chance for me to make a horizontal striped candy, they destroy it. The only good thing is that they also destroy grey bricks.

MrEdmundoWong: With this tornado crap they basically convert this 90% luck game into 99% luck. The funniest thing is that tornado destroy everything except jelly. MAKES NO SENSE. King is running out of ideas.

Ricky Sangani: I hate this level still can't get passed it

Andy Cassell: what the fuck have tornado's got to do with candy. 95% luck 5% skill = more money 4 boosters.

Ricky Sangani: This level is so frustrating lol

kakaboo: well at least this lvl is still a bit fun even though frustrating. 410 was the nightmare after having no nightmares for so long

Nok TienTien: what the hell level 417...

bbqdota: booster king oOo...

win100000: The entire Tornado Mechanics are completely randomized and unpredictable. This takes away all the strategies in the game, leaving only luck. Seriously, this is the first level that people win if they don't try. You just focus on clearing bombs, which is sometimes impossible to kill. The tornadoes can kill the bomb, but really rarely. Verdict: This level is just luck. Even purchasing boosters will only get them killed by tornadoes.

skillgaming: yep

Froslass Mismagius: I kinda agree, but I was guessing that the tornado won't step on the same column twice. I'm not sure whether that's true, but I tried noticing on one tornado in a level and I found out that it won't land on the same box each move.

Froslass Mismagius: Sorry, I take back my words. The tornado WILL land on the same box twice, thus making it's steps completely unforeseeable.

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greg mustard: I could play ohter levels. 419 and 421 are simply impossible. 420 and 422 are very hard. Everything is just random now. No strategy. No fun. Only luck with storms. This the END of candy crush saga as far as I'm concerned. See you.

x19LUCA86x: Hello greg, you're absolutely right, I think just like you! Now it is a stupid game and random. Wins only those who have good fortune, he does not win who is good.

greg mustard: Finally made it after more than 300 tries... Absolutely dont know how. Never ever again.

greg mustard: Impossible for me.

x19LUCA86x: yes is very very difficult

BubbleWitchSaga: Awesome Gameplay!

x19LUCA86x: tyvm!!

Terry Bogard: damn! your luck is so amazing, u barely played, the game did all the hard job

greg mustard: More than 300 lives for me and nada

greg mustard: All the storms are always on the left side. On average 4 ou 4,5 about 6 storms are left and the others are right. I really dont understand how YOU can win.

yinan wang: this is very lucky, gj

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