Candy Crush Saga Levels

Candy Crush Saga level 425

This level is part of the Objective levels and can be found in the Soda Swamp episode. The objective of level 425 is to collect all orders. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 425:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 425 strategy

This level is pretty tricky, not necessarily because of the orders you need to make, but the 10 move bomb dispensers, 2 in the lower right, 2 in the lower left. If you can swap out the bomb for a regular piece and remove the bomb it will give you a lot more room to work, but you still need to mix 5 striped and wrapped candies, as well as collect a pile of blue pieces. You are given one frozen wrapped candy in the center at the bottom, but other than that, you have to make it all yourself. Most of what you have to worry about is the bombs, but the cyclones don’t make life any easier.

Collect all the orders (230 blue, 5 striped/wrapped mix) and reach 45,000 points in 50 moves.

Level 425 cheats, tips and tricks

hakimwellington: I love it

hakimwellington: I love the candy crsuh saga games

Nina Martinez: what does the lucky candy do? what is it for?

Shiela Geecha: is this the last level? well, if it is then I congratulate thy. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Lefty7788tinkatolli: 6 boosters used. Bloody record for boostergaming.

z900064: 請搜尋 "Candy Crush Saga Level 425 - 3 Stars"

Hendra Susanto: totally agree with david0489.. this is where i draw the line. when playing it's all about luck with no brainer or strategic thinking than there is no point playing such game. Good bye Candy Crush. I have a real joy up to level 425. but i will never play Candy Crush again.

lucianod89: este nivel es IMPOSBILE de ganar sin booster, yo lo gane usando un par tmb

EyeShield Kwok: No need to spend money on booster, you can find tips from other users and share their special tips to help you complete the level without booster, i have not use any booster in this episode level 411 to 425, i completed yesterday

CAJUNPEPPER1: Can anyone tell me why the bomb coolers I purchased are not available for use with this level 425? I've opened a support case with the developer, but they don't address my question. I do not want to give them any more money until they resolve my case. But it makes level 425 almost impossible without power ups.

Melanie Lynn Bass: Even watching this video and being able to clear the bombs that fast - to share with us...It is so hard to make a strategy to set up for the "orders" - the tornadoes always take them!

EyeShield Kwok: this episode only lucky is the most factor..

EyeShield Kwok: i just completed it without any booster 5 mins ago.... 459360 points 3 star... but i have tried 200 times.. or more... so happy..

skillgaming: Congratulations, well done!

Melanie Lynn Bass: that is great!!! any advice?

EyeShield Kwok: Try to kill a blocks as well and find the color bomb to get the wrapped candy easily and mix, color bomb can reduce the move step to find the wrapped candy and kill the bombs, i can complete it because i kill the all blocks, kill bombs first and find the color bomb to get the wrapped candy easily, everyone know that wrapped candy is very difficult to find and mix with striped candy and also need to escape the Tornado.

EyeShield Kwok: remember to kill bomb and blocks first even if waste the wrapped and striped candy to clear the blocks, no any block can find the wrapped candy easily

EyeShield Kwok: Level 425 ,1. keep to kill blocks and bomb priority even if waste wrapped / striped or mix them to kill blocks and bombs, 2. find the color bomb (pls keep to clear the bomb) if you can because color bomb can help you to find the wrapped candy easily after no blocks, wrapped candy is very difficult to find it to collect orders,

Melanie Lynn Bass: thanks for the tips! I have done some of what you suggested -

EyeShield Kwok: if no idea the move which one, try to move the top candy and wait tornado to clear mid / bottom candy and wait them to move automatically because i think tornado always block you near the position which you move.

kakaboo: prob is when u keep the color bomb it is destroyed by the tornado usually in less than 3 moves

EyeShield Kwok: tornado always block you after you move, no idea to move you can move the top candy , i try too many times that i move the mid / bottom , tornado will block your way , collect the top blue candy / find the striped candy on top and tornado will clear the mid or more bottom candy , sometimes will auto make a wrapped or find the color bomb easily, really.

kakaboo: hmm yea for some reason I find it easier n possible to clear this lvl today. yesterday I couldn't even clear the blocks fast enough to reach the side bombs in 10 moves, but today I can do it 7 out of 10 times I play

EyeShield Kwok: nice, pls share your tips for others :)

kakaboo: I haven't cleared it yet but the closest I got was one wrapped+striped order left with 10 moves left (bomb exploded).. I have no idea why it just seems a bit easier compared to yesterday though.. anyone else feel the same ?

EyeShield Kwok: if no idea to find wrapped candy even if remains a few move steps, also kill bomb first, and move on top candy will be better, tornado will help you clear mid or bottom candy , sometimes will auto find the wrapped candy for free move. i try it and it is really better to collect order easily <== after i try over 100 times and use this way until i completed it ( without any booster ).

kakaboo: thanks for the tip, another time I managed to complete all orders but didn't get enough blue candies.. the clear top candies if don't know what move to make really helped a lot , thanks. at least makes me feel that its possible to clear this lvl without any booster now. though a bit of luck is still needed sometimes to clear 1-2 of the bombs at the start

EyeShield Kwok: lucky 99% !  skills 1 % ! good luck

Melanie Lynn Bass: same here - I kept color bomb as long as possible - then tornado usually takes it. By the 11th move, I miss getting the color bombs in corners, yet kept going last night and started another strategy....

EyeShield Kwok: 3. use the color bomb to kill the bombs and try to find the wrapped candy if you can, 4. if no idea to find wrapped candy and color after clear all blocks, kill the top candy and wait the Tornado clear and move the bottom candy and wait for lucky star to help you, 5. LUCKY (your wrapped candy & color bomb can escape the Tornado )<== most important.

greg mustard: Can you tell me how you clear the first four bombs ? Any tip ? I never achieved this first step in 20 or 30 games.

EyeShield Kwok: you can move the bottom if you cannot find wrapped candy or stripped to help you, no idea ( cannot move in bottom or find color bomb or stripped / wrapped candy ) move nearly top candy with horizontal lane may be easily to find the stripped / wrapped / color bomb, sometimes. Tornadoes also are one of the problem, may help you to kill bomb or help you to find wrapped / color bomb when you have no idea to move and move the top candy. you can search another video without using any booster.

EyeShield Kwok: Lucky 99% , 1% skill, kill the top bomb first, then consider the bottom, step by step, tornado may be you r friend or killer.

greg mustard: Thanks for your help. This is the only one I have to pass now, since I finally made the 419 a few minutes ago. Will try to follow your advices, and tell you how I feel tomorrow :)

greg mustard: This is the answer : less than 30 tries and I already won ! 472k, 3 stars, no booster of course. Very very lucky this time (I was very unlucky on the 417...) So happy !

greg mustard: And EVERY stripped or wrapped candy is almost automatically destroyed by a tornado. If the devs dont want me ton win they can tell me...

psstansberry: I beat it today, after what seemed a thousand times. I almost quit playing, and there was a lot of luck involved. They only blew up one wrapped and striped combo during the game, and it destroyed a lot of bombs for me. This one was most difficult in the game. Hope they cool it on the complexity. I just play for leisure, There are no awards. They should keep it enjoyable..

ERB2888: Hey Skillgaming, do you know when they're releasing more levels on the Iphone? I also noticed you can't watch ads for more lives on facebook, they're definitely trying to get people to buy lives now. 

EuropeanGuy87: I manage to pass until level 424 with never using boosters, but they make levels so hard that it pushes us to purchase, but I won't. I like the levels are hard, but when they make it a living hell with those slow tornadoes, making your game double longer, please don't fucking put BOMBS to.. and not in the low corners.. assholes..


Melanie Lynn Bass: I enjoy this game, yet not this level with the tornadoes - no matter what you do, even with boosters, they mess up your strategy! I almost feel like someone is on the other end messing with my moves!! lol - It is very frustrating!!!!

david0489: The game will cease to be enjoyable if the devs insist on making such levels. At least 3 or 4 levels in this episode are so hard that they become boring. Not saying impossible without booster but what's the point if luck entirely dominates the game. The new blocker is extremely annoying as well - every move you need to wait before you can switch. And with them it's impossible to plan your moves strategically.

kakaboo: I personally think they know that the Candy Crush game will not last much longer in popularity, so they are trying to milk it as much as they can. Come out with levels that are seemingly impossible first - then make people who want the bragging rights and want to complete the levels fast to buy boosters/lives. Then after a while they go back and make the level a bit easier. Lots of my friends have already stopped playing this game before levels 250-300, when it the craze few mths ago

Gracie Susel: I´m stopping now. This level is too much for me

CAJUNPEPPER1: I agree. I'm starting to think about trashing this game. The devs ruined the fun with level 425, and they are so greedy. I've spent more money on this game than I have on a trip to Vegas at a 5 star hotel playing nothing but slot machines... go figure - Las Vegas costs less and it's more fun.

Jay L: Must be fun to play with a jailbreak phone :D

Stev Chia: this level is just unplayable without boosters.

Gracie Susel: and with boosters is the same :(

kakaboo: im not a fan of using money for this game but I always felt that u can win all the levels easily as long as you spend money. u are just using the wrong boosters. the boosters that u can use at the start of the game most likely wont help much at all except for the tick booster. this lvl - sweet candy to clear the blocks quickly first, add time to bombs, use lollipop to get striped n wrapped together, and not to mention the never ending amount of extra moves u can add with extra special candies

CAJUNPEPPER1: Did you use any bomb coolers?

Stev Chia: Nope my stripped and wrapped candies just felt nicely for me to clear the bombs at the bottom. Well just give it a few try and u might find urself lucky enough!

CAJUNPEPPER1: Truly, counting from level 1 to level 425: I could have bought a brand new iPad with the money I've spent on boosters. And I don't mean the bottom of the line iPad. It's not just Candy Crush - it's the developer and all their other games. Greedy, greedy, greedy. That little laughing girl in Candy Crush: that's the developer walking to the bank!

rose ann: 2:43 missed 5 in a row

慶昇 黃: Use a lot of boosters,but it is a difficult level, I swear

jasrich74: at first those flaming things were like a new discovery to me but I am on 338

Lefty7788tinkatolli: 4 boosters used. Nice one.

Rakesh Ravindran Nair: @eexwjrh yeah i totally agree! BTW! if your bored check this good time waster! -->

Diego Alves: To na fase 182 e ta difícil que da ate raiva kkkkk'

vor 17 Stunden: to be continued?

dortiz323232: Really In 1 day I went to level 35 my uncle is at 190

Muhterem Yamansef: İm stuck in 117 im not joking

Kristyne Elizabeth: I HATE THE TORNADOES.. and adding them to the bombs is just horrible. I really think they're getting to the point where they're insisting you use boosters.. and I just won't do it. I hate this level. This may be the one that makes me throw in the towel.

justhavingfun2012: You're fucking addicted

ybmarried: This level is horrible!!! Good for you!! It seems like the tornadoes go where my pointer is, so, I've gotten to the point where I take the pointer off the board. I think I've been able to use all my moves one time. Good job for completing this!

KristeneGuzman: too much hassle with this. want working hack tested on july 2013? hack from Even my little sister is on 299 lvl now.

Escorpio123PS: I just noticed you are a girl wow :)

Nathaniel Lo: What is the clue? But actually I am not... >_<

Escorpio123PS: There is some skills here :). Congratulations ^_^.

Escorpio123PS: I'm at level 147. I have been playing this game for 20 days now. Is this the last level out of the last update that candy made recently?

Nathaniel Lo: Yes, this is currently the last level. ^_^

BigDreamers456: I'm stuck at level 97 for ages now...

Joshua Nivens: I'm at lvl 97. I see 425 and I know I'll have kids before I ever get that far.

lalokiss2000: Is this the final level?

W3TFART: I hate candy crush its taken over my life!

TargaTim: Amazing win. I don`t think I will ever pass this level. Can rarely get passed the bombs. Nothing that skill can help. It is pure luck that tornados will kill bombs for me, or I can make some easy weapons and be able to keep them.

hendrina1017: Buufppdsz

Elijah Josef Balila: ur good at this game im at lvl 17 at the train station those goddamn apples were fricking didnt go down the ground i only bringed down 2 apples

Tayyab5432112345: Them Tornados are Chuck Norris's farts designed to ruin your Game

rumchaser1able: I hate everyone over level 30 ....bastards lol

Punjan Patel: Level 36 ftw!!

W3TFART: lucky cunt i am stuck at 33 FML

Ricky Sangani: Well played mate, just started playing this level. Damn tornados and bombs

deaavaa: @::@:o

Lupe Rangel: I love you ssg

ElJohny00: I Completed the level!!!! I tried more tha 200 times but I did it with 493.280 points! huracains were nice with me this time

Hong Chau Yong: The tornadoes are not random... they are programmed to ruin your plan.... They should set it randomly...

Brittany Shook: Wow, y'all are hardcore players. I'm only at 161.

Carolinne St: Não sei como consegui ganhar essa fase. Agora não tenho mais nada pra fazer.

velikulta100: O novo episódio será certamente mais breve possível. :)

Marjatta Rautiainen: Bombs and tornadoes are a bad combination. Very difficult episode. However, I had just passed through this level. I had to use this plane, then sucker hammer, and additional transfers. :) - No more bombs, and a combination of a tornado, thank you. :)

EuropeanGuy87: I cannot, complete this level for nothing in this world. For me it's not the tornadoes, it's the bombs :(...

Lisa200684: Who wants to play this level for me ? Plsss

lunafish1000: Holy crap. I will never get to this level.

hakan gursu: im by level 68

mariofan291612: I like the tornadoes because it destroys my bombs a lot.

chuckuckuck: lol before the game was about 60% luck, 40% skill, now its 90% luck

musicianjoelin: Combine them altogether and you get only 0.46% of passing this stupid level.

Ba Gawk: Them irritating tornadoes

Kaisha Diaz: Iyurdjdh infect r eh Jr fegrgdtd g

Kaisha Diaz: 26 me my life games

Kaisha Diaz: I am in the level 50. so difficult

xStarriSkies: Hello, I recently found a blog that teaches you all the cheats that a girl knows. She just started yesterday, but she's still posting. I'm trying to get everyone to start reading it because it's true and working cheats. Her name is Candie King, related to Candy Crush. Here is the blog site if anyone wants to try it. candiecrushsagacheats.blogspot­.com Enjoy. :)

Chrystie Trinidad: Whould you send me lives

greg mustard: Completed it a few minutes ago with 472k points, 3 stars. No booster. Less than 30 tries (I had spent 350 lives on the 417...) Very very lucky and happy !

jpxusked: Well done. Although, this is another one of those levels that basically brings you to the point of quitting. There aren't many levels this bad, but the few that are are aweful. Clearly it is now possible (as we can see), but it lost its "fun" factor days and days ago. This level goes beyond luck - i've only been able to get by 20 moves left a couple of times out of 100.  Sadly I can't even get close.

MsCookieKirby: You were so lucky! I have been stuck here for days,,, The tornadoes didn't explode any of your combos.. Every time I get a combo together they destroy it...Sick of it, but I'll do it one day! Well done!

Nathaniel Lo: thanks, but actually I had tried hundreds of times before I won the first time (with one star). So, you are right, but you have to keep on playing. =)

portlandjo: I hate the stupid tornado

Nomin Evader: Like if you raged at this level so bad... HATE THIS TORNADO

Sebastián Franco Loyola Pérez: I finally passed it! Got 531,380 points but there was a catch... I was doing ALL GOOD until I had 15 moves left to mix another striped+wrapped... guess what, tornadoes again -.-... basically I had to buy 5 extra moves and a Free switch ='/ IT'S THE FIRST TIME I BUY BOOSTERS LMAO... I feel bad.

Jacky Kwan: I've reached all the way to this level without any boosters so far, but this level is really harsh. I once thought it can't be passed without boosters until I see this. Nice work!

Terence Ching: Many people said this level could not be passed without boosters. But you had proved that it is indeed possible, fantastic!!!

EyeShield Kwok: I completed it too 459360 points,and this video proved that if you no idea kill blocks , bombs or find striped wrapoed candy , move top candy will better, really

Eduardo Mattos: WONDERFUL!

4deathmatch4: just completed too with 293k points:)

Nathaniel Lo: good to know =) This level is really harsh

vor 17 Stunden: to be continued?

怡昆 陳: YES

KT LEE: 昨晚剛過,最難的一關,打了30+次,曾有一次到手的勝利被風吹­了。

aboutyuy71: 咦...可是最後這些關卡手機版沒有啊~這樣怎麼一直洗牌?

怡昆 陳: 你誤會我意思...死了就重來 一直玩的意思.. >"< 我好友很多 每次死光再打開 愛心就會補滿...

aboutyuy71: 請問您不用道具,這關過幾次了呢?我發現失敗夠多的次數後,他好­像會給一次比較甜的安排,不曉得您有這種感覺嗎?

怡昆 陳: 一百多次@@ 一直洗 會出現好排^^

justinlam33: 有時候要靠運氣- -.....

lim ng: 使用無限道具才是問题。

lim ng: 我覺得使用道具並不是問题,而是使用無限道具才是盼

Nathaniel Lo: 看來你的朋友都是高手呢!!

怡昆 陳: 有幾個是道具過關低 真的要無道具過425 很難...

榮榮 諸: 打敗龍捲風的高手!! 

怡昆 陳: 你的名字竟然是疊字 >"<

榮榮 諸: 故意弄得不是本名啦= ="~哈 

marco quevedo: Wow! Genius... Dang! What a boring thing... Using boosters whoever.

lim ng: This siftware can find un leenet....rigt

lim ng: No ,he using unlimited booster,cheater

EyeShield Kwok: using booster no fun , bad

慧远 江: But in this level,you will need to use boosters because it is very hard to pass level.

EyeShield Kwok: i completed this level at 1:28 AM HKT today without any booster. 3 star 459360 points.

lim ng: You use unlimited booster?

Tiziana Palazzini: Ma come si fa? E' impossibile!!! Con tornado e bombe non ti dà scampo!!! Così non è più divertente, ci vuole solo molta ma molta fortuna . Tiziana;

Kristyne Elizabeth: I can't pass it. I honestly don't know if it's possible without boosters.. which I won't do.. UGH.

Lisa200684: I hate this level.. I almost won 2 time...

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