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Candy Crush Saga level 433

This level is part of the Timed levels and can be found in the Rainbow Runway episode. The objective of level 433 is to get a certain number of points in a limited number of seconds. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 433:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 433 strategy

This is a timed level with twisted candies, but don’t panic. There seemed to be plenty of opportunities to create color bombs here. If at all possible do NOT break through the cream blocks on BOTH sides of the board—those outer 2 columns are bomb dispensers. (I broke through one side by mistake, but I compensated by playing that side almost exclusively) I ignored the +5's locked in marmalade at the bottom.

Level 433 cheats, tips and tricks

joeschmoe2011: Anyone else having trouble moving the candy around on this? It seems like the game gets stuck...happened on two seperate computers now.

Sam Chan: where is 434?

z2sam: highest level posted on youtube at the moment haha xD

joeschmoe2011: BTW - the trick on this level is to get a candy ball and just match it to any colored candy (does not have to be striped or wrapped). The candy ball gives 15,000 points just for making it...when the candy ball hit the purple candy there were 13 purples plus the +5 purple. I'm guessing the game gives 3,000 per colored ball that is exploded by the candy ball. That gives 39,000 plus 15,000 for making a candy ball and exploding it...of course your mileage may vary...

Erica Lau: pls share the link of ur fan page

怡昆 陳: candy crush saga 台灣

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