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Candy Crush Saga level 486

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Meringue Moor episode. The objective of level 486 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 486:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
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Video 7

Level 486 strategy

There are no jellies beneath the cannon, so unlocking the candies surrounding it is not necessary; however, you need room to create special candies, so you will have to unlock some as you go. The board is small and the chocolate can quickly overtake a corner not only limiting your candy flow, but not allowing you to break the corner blocks. And there are jellies under those.

Level 486 cheats, tips and tricks

vor 2 Wochen: This is one of those what I like to call "nickel-and-dime" levels, where almost every move only gets you one match. Hate them! Let's hope I get as lucky as skillgaming did, winning with the "bubblegum, bubblegum in a dish" pizza horn on the last move. Luckily there was no jelly under the pizza as there usually is. LOL LOL

vor 2 Wochen: you are so lucky

vor 2 Wochen: this level is hard

vor 1 Woche: This level is just FREAKIN' hard!

vor 2 Wochen: What the hell is happening to Candy Crush ??? Levels 426 to 500 are BORING. Abssolutely no novelty, no idea, this game is running and running and running in circle. Really NO INTEREST at all now. EVERYTHING is quite easy and you can't see any difference with levels that you have already met dozens of time. Is thie the best game ? No, Candy Crush is not worth a penny for 2 months. If they don't decide themselves to CREATE something new, this game is DEAD.

vor 2 Wochen: Nice

vor 2 Wochen: 喔喔。謝謝指正!

vor 2 Wochen: 是Saga啦 寫錯了

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