Candy Crush Saga Levels

Candy Crush Saga level 65

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Minty Meadow episode. The objective of level 65 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 65:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 65 strategy

Candy Crush level 65 - another one of the most frustrating levels in Candy Crush - is guaranteed to hinder your game progress for at least a few days. Have no fear! Here are a few strategies and tips that will help you beat level 65 of Candy Crush in no time:

1) Clear the chocolate first
Aside from the bombs, the chocolate is one of the more annoying culprits to deal with in Candy Crush. You're in luck with level 65 though, because the chocolate can be easily contained. Make sure your first task in starting level 65 is to eliminate all the chocolate first. The reasoning for this (and this is useful for all Candy Crush levels containing chocolate) is because once you have cleared all the chocolate, it will stop re-generating itself. It's also important to note that the chocolate will only multiply when you make a move that does not touch or clear any chocolate. If you can make every move somehow touch the chocolate, it will be gone in no time, because the faster you clear the chocolate, the less chocolate will be able to re-generate, and you will be chocolate-free for the rest of level 65! Which will give you more time to focus on clearing the candies trapped in licorice X (see tip No. 2 for Candy Crush level 65) and making special candy combos to beat the level (see tip No. 3).

2) Clearing the candies surrounded by licorice X's
Another difficult blocker out of Candy Crush obstacles, because the candy that is trapped inside the licorice is not allowed to move, so you have to work around it by shifting other candies to break it open. The easiest and most efficient way to clear the licorice X's (especially on Candy Crush level 65 due to how they are placed) is to create striped candies. Make sure when you swipe your striped candy, it is positioned in an effective way (i.e. when you swipe it, make sure that it matches up in the same line as the licorice boxes, or try and move it to a position that can get to the licorice boxes). Wrapped candies will also work to destroy the licorice X's, although the striped candies are easier to make and you can hit 2x sides with one move. You want to save these special candies to clear the licorice boxes, because otherwise it is very difficult to match 3 candies simply by shifting candies and hoping they fall into a match.

3) Focus on creating special candy combos
After you have eliminated the chocolate and hopefully had some luck eliminating most of the licorice X's, don't focus on clearing the jelly. Focus solely on creating special candy combos. Even if you think you are wasting moves by not clearing the jelly, once you create a special candy combo you will have eliminated more jelly then you would have. The best ones are a striped candy + a wrapped candy, a sprinkle candy + a sprinkle candy, or a striped candy + a sprinkle candy. These 3 special candy combos are the best ones in terms of eliminating the most jelly in one move in Candy Crush. By using these on Candy Crush level 65, you also wont have to waste as much time trying to get in the little nooks which originally held the licorice X's in order to finish clearing the jelly. Also be sure not to waste your special candy and really try and go for connecting 2 special candies - the number of moves you will sacrifice will be worth it once you beat level 65!

4) Be careful of hiding jellies
The last tip, but one of the most important! Be sure you look at the entire board for the last straggling jellies. There is nothing more frustrating than thinking you have finally beat level 65, until you realize there was that 1 transparent jelly hiding in a nook. Don't let this happen to you and make sure you carefully observe where all the jellies are when you get down to the final few.

Ultimately for Candy Crush level 65, tips number 2 & 3 can go hand in hand as special candy combos are going to eliminate the licorice X's. However, tip number 1 should be your first objective and completed first so that the chocolate does not prevent you from eliminating the jelly. Once it covers the jelly, that is an extra layer you have to break off. Best to eliminate the chocolate at the start and not have to worry about it again. Level 65 is actually a fun level because the high number of moves it allows gives you the freedom to create some really fun special candy combos! And that is the most effective to beat level 65. Use level 65 to practice mastering special candy combos now, because the more advanced levels to come only get harder. Use these cheats and tips next time you attempt Candy Crush level 65 and you will be sure to get past it in a couple tries. Good luck!

Level 65 cheats, tips and tricks

markisthebest2000: I finally completed it today

zuhairah123: Oh

David Woodruff: this level took 6 days for me to finish it, but o man i got so lucky to accomplish this level.

golnazgh: I just passed this level... :-D you just need to get the right combos.. I got lucky!

BIZZMARKIE805: the best technique is to get rid of all the chocolate so it can stop growing back & then you need a little bit of luck getting the special candies, i got 4 special candies when i passed it, i combined some with the striped candies & that destroys a lot

Bradley Chester: im on 167 and its bloddy hard

serenophin: Just complete level 8 in pet saga and get the 5 bonus hammers, thats the easiest way to beat this level, i did it on my second try that way, but if you think is bad wait till you get to level 70 and 86 and 93 lol.....

Eric S. Pizarro: You can't pass this level unless you combine special candies.

Juliana Prior: Estou neste nivel a tem teeempão...

Diegoineedahugefavor: I've just passed this level, it's all about making special candies :)

safieroflove: Belive it or not but i passed this level, it was hard as hell BUT i was so lucky. It was all luck. Then i got stuck Again at level 70 and i hated it even more haha. But i passed it aswell. Now im at level 98. Never give up! Just sayin ;)

Alfred Stahl: Download for secret tips to next level

esveroarg1: hola , vi tu video de trucos del candy crush , queria saber si sabes como pasar el nivel 65?, tengo 50 movimientos, los casilleros con chocolates que van avanzado eso me quita movimientos para eliminar las 3 capas de gelatinas que hay en cada casillero. Esepro tu ayuda gracias¡¡

Brandon Christopher Rusli: Listen everyone, I know this level is a fucking bullshit... but if you just concentrate on the jellies next to the stupid chocolates, you would break the chocolates easier. just a tip for you guys... never give up, that's what the game wanted you to think and wanted you to buy the fucking things from the freaking yeti shop

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Mexicla Chavez: No life

mdhanchora: This...fucking...level

AiZa Ronquillo: Me I've stuck in this level starting last night but then again I will never give up I.know I can do it. I can pass this level ify friends know how to pass then I.know how to pass this level also...hahaha

Keith P: 1 candy left and couldn't beat it!

maxxyp23: I deleted this fucking game bc of this fucking level

1222114e: This level is bullshit

noork85: i am so jealous! i cant do it!!

CLmoviewatcher2011: Hey guys, don't give up, i know this level is hard as hell (i got stuck on it for 2 weeks), start taking out all the chocolate first, then try to make stripped and wrapped candies, and after this try to make chocolate balls and mix them with the stripped and wrapped candies.

Emily Aguiar: I've been stuck on this level for months


MsPercythegreat: the sound...THE SONG..the shiny eyes, my eyes are bleeding..i go from my my ipod to my mac and just cycle through every day...i hear this song in my nightmares...The horse..The horse stomps on my face til my brains fall out. I horrifically kill the little girl in my mind everytime i lose this level...I REFUSE TO BLAME MYSELF SO I BLAME IT ON HER. I PRETEND SHE IS THE ONE PLAYING THE GAME AND IM JUST MERELY WATCHING HER FAIL. that fucking loser,cant even win. stupid bitch.

Iris Spinelli: are you okay?

Orochifinikusu: Fuck this level

Christian Espada: Great Job on passing! Thanks to you I passed this level and now I am on level 191.Thanks so much!

ColaSlushie: I have been stuck on this for a month! Normally when I watch walkthroughs I do the level my first try, but with this one, oh no! -_-

Elluna Hellen: I've been stuck on this little bitch for like a week >_>.

Aston-J Dehsinotsa: My few tips on this one... Forget about clearing the chocolate individually, put all your focus on getting a colour bomb and stripy sweet next to each other as quickly as possible and blowing the level to smithereens. After this all chocolate will be gone and then you can start approaching this level like a normal level, starting from the top jellies working down to the bottom. Good luck and don't give up!

goodyuki2000: same here. GONNA GIVE UP:(

Baby NekoNyan: so the strategy is to destroy the chocolates first right?

wanpingyee: my friends

Sandy Méndez Sánchez: No manches, después de ver este video empece a jugar y pase FUCK YEAH :D

Astrid Borges: Me está matando-.-

win100000: Don't give up, everyone! This one's hard as hell, notably harder than a vast majority of later levels. You pretty have to make the colour bomb+stripe combination,but striped+wrapped is also good. Consider clearing all chocolate at the beginning if possible and try to prioritize clearing jellies and cages in odd places first, especially the upper ones. Make a lot of stripes, wrapped candy and colour bombs. Try to use the colour bomb with striped candy or use it to clear cages and odd jelly.

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safieroflove: I gave up at this level. Fuck it,  I hate it.

Sandra PB: lol

Melissa Ramírez Cotes: Same, 32 days ago I'm at that level.

Jonathan Guzmán: jajajajajaja voy en el 355 y esta super imposible no se si rendirme, cabe mencionar k ni un puto peso le he metido a esta madre jejejejejejeje

ivanes69: ya voy en el 110 me costo un wevo este nivel de mierda e,e

bombarderoazul: Concentrate on destroying the chocolate first, if you can't do it in one corner try it in another, don't let the chocolate spread, then always try to move candies up and down this should create opportunities to make striped or wrapped candies, occasionally you might create a chocolate bomb, if possible try to mix them together, it's hard but I hope that helps you out.

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Rian MacMahon: To the person who said that you can exit out if you don't like the I pulled up level 64 and tried to X but the only option I see is backspace but then the choice is to "play on" or "end game" .. and then you loose a life. So please advise this dumb gamer! Thanks

Omar Lopez: Men this shitin stok 1moth

Savannah Chris: Just found out a trick you guys may like. If you run out of lives on the computer, go to your phone and play the game, you will get an extra five lives. I really hate this level so much been stuck on it for almost a month now but anyways another hint is that if you are on your mobile device and you don't like your game board you can exit out of without using a life. Hopefully this helps!!

herbertaaliyah: I can't beat this level been stuck for a week

Kelli Baker: Hardest level on this game lol..been stuck on it for at least 2 weeks now!!

oscar jaramillo: cuando tengo un chocolate se explota solo no paso este nivel ...

Briana S.: Okay you got extremely lucky lol

Julian Martinez: Este nivel es imposible!!!! lo más cerca que estuve de pasarlo fue quedándome 5 gelatinas.... y no fue una sola vez..... 

xxMessiahbolical: Btw FUCK CHOCOLATE

xxMessiahbolical: This level was created by satan. Luckily it only took me something like 8-10 tries though.

MrJonboy36: Ive on this level for just over a week it is so my head in

klessard2862: Ive been on this one for a week now & this guy just flies right thru it w 10 moves to spare! So not fair lol

FazeCran: lol i remember being stuck on this lvl for 3 weeks, now im on 201 :D

panha keo: Thanks Q 

fobbishkidd: i've been stuck here for weeks!

crazychick96100: why is it so easy here and not on my iPod??

BootsAndCountry: This person makes it look so easy.

aisyah rusla: i hate this level !!

DaiSyna2007: You're sooooo lucky!

dhernzravana: Just passed this level after 5 days of playing.

porkeymanjoe: I fucking hate this one!!!

Joseph Martinez: I've been on this level for more than a month and I get down to 2 even 1 jelly and loose I play once a I don't thro my phone.......lmao stupid game

0727flyinghawk: Skillgaming....What's your strategy on this level ? I don't want to quit this game, but I sure want to get past this challenging level. Thanx !

lllA7MaDlll: I came here just to make sure it's not impossible ..

Jacqueline Martinez: Purest of Hatred

EdaEba: This level sucks

eyvonne jefferson: Ive been stuck for 3 months!!! hate this level.

Cristhian Belizario: I hate you

Gabriel Rhee: 65 is the worst

MrMilu1994: this level make me crazy

Cristhian Belizario: Fucking level

Paul Kearns: hate it 

farhancool1999: oh man i m stuck on this lvl by 3 months and now i stop playing this game hate it!

gustavocm: fucking level. stuck on this shit.

ALEXSANDRAjov: I have been on this level for 3 weeks!

Vigilantes187: Stuck on this level for fucking ages

brwnbutrfli79: I just passed...yayyyyy!!! Just waiting on tickets

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Juan Carlos: Es 2013 y sigo sin pasarlo ¬¬

SuperLordofthestring: i dont understan the fun on this shitty game

MsLadyt4life: I have been on this level for a month and I just cant get it :(

Marie Oakley: I'm stuck way hard this level

Sonia Martineau: I'm stuck ...

hakimikastawi: This level is tough! Until now i fail..

staufik90: Hi

Crystal Wai: it takes me about 2 months to finish this level.

riverarochelle18: Download

BOSSxMANxCART3R: And this video only helps if you get this same layout!!

serenophin: Which will never happen lol.

BOSSxMANxCART3R: I'm stuck on this level and am seriously thinking of just deleting this shit!

candy803843864: How come I won this level and it say I didn't clear all my jelly please do something about this

Ayokayz: Yeah lvl 65 is a doozie

MellySsi Kawaii: Am I the only one who finds these chocolates annoying????? OTL


bananpeng: you are really lucky!

BrokenHarp202: LoL. He said "Fuck yo hint!"

mauricio SF: incertidumbre al nivel 1000 :(

Clara Guzman: Llevo mas de 1 mes tratando de pasarlooooo!!! el chocolate me roba casi todo el chance de progresar!!!!!

bombarderoazul: I got really lucky on this level, beat it on the second try, I somehow managed to get two chocolate bombs at once, pure luck, no skill!!!

cis1987: If you have connected it with facebook, just do it´s much easier

bananpeng: 1 million views now.

tuan minh phan: green chimera yomen

IsabelleFrozenglimer: But this is on the computer it wont help me because I play it on the phone I never got past it D: .

Safak Ozdamar: no

mobkiller02: Can't get past it

Isabel Lopez: Llevo meses en ese nivel y no puedo pasar u.u

Paula Garcia: acabo de pasar me motiva ver estos videos jaja

Kimberly Tate: Ugghhhh!!! FOREVER STUCK ON 65!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iheartsjonas: SAME

ms18occ: I beat this level. Took me quite a while

Juan Esteban Henao Pineda: Detesto profundamente este nivel. Son más de tres meses atascado y no me da ningún "truco"

maucravelli: este es el primer nivel de una serie de niveles que daran dolor de cabeza!

Carlos Martínez: This level is hard D:

papir48: every lvl is different and my tip is to focus first on the chocolate Because after that you can make more combo's .But most of the time it's about a good beginning .Because if you don't .You will faill.

Joaquim Neto: vacilou nos 53 segundos brigadeiro por bala com listra...

Peckedtodeath84: I have a complex about the number 65 thanks to this level, lol.

Jonathan Weinraub: I keep getting 64/65. The iPhone might end up in a million pieces pretty soon!

MizzGaye2u: I have been on level 65 for nearly a month, i just want to give up! Gonna try again right now, thanks for this vid!

Ayshin Purswaytion: I love it when he says sugar crush lol

Racine773: When I say power ups, I'm referring to connecting four or five of the same colors together at the right time.

Lore Fernández: I've been stucked in this level for ages! No kidding like one month or more. :((((((((

CandyCrushHelp82: We can help your clear level 65 easily! Check it out here: candycrushhelp [dot] wordpress [dot] com

eD Santiago: 1 jelly left-0 moves left... -__________-

BenqzEdits: Ich sitze seit 1 Woche an dem Level!! -.-..

Tampabayraysgirl: Holy crap!! Almost one million views!!! This level really does suck!

SydneyIsSweet: addicting.

maryflorence50: ,?,

Cesar Caballero de jesus: i have 2 month in this level and you pased very fast

whydouneedakno: lol how do you know he did not fail it like 50 times in a row before passing it... Obviously he is not going to upload himself failing it constantly

darlingangelo60: *shit

darlingangelo60: This shot is annoying ass fuck already IM DONE!!!!!

babychanel21: Ive been on this level for 2 weeks lmao

kyle123465789: Fuck this shit

Paola Sabogal: LLevo 2 semanas tratando de pasar este nivel es tan frustrante cuando al final hay 2 o 3 gelatinas mas y no tengo mas movimientos

annelynd: i hate this level so much

pia morh: i think i m going to lose my mind ! lol

pia morh: i ve been trying this for weeks , i lost time , and i have had headaches bc i cant pass it !!!! sometimes i get horrible moves. and cant mix good candies.. it's a pain in the ass! i try and try but i cant! i have lost bc i have one jelly left ! ooneeeee! just one ... mother f** game T_T

Racine773: I got on this level today, and just got off today, you just have to be patient, and combine your power ups.

babychanel21: wat are power ups lol ;/

kaankiliccan66: So i can oly pass this if i am lucky??

magnusnus: at 0:53, why didnt you combine the master candy with the upgraded green candy?

Justice ForHeysel: the yellow one exploded it away before he could combine

Misterystorm Storm: Te tocan todas las bolas que necesitas casualmente!!!

Milagros Roberta: Been stuck on this level for months lol -__-

TreeckoAndCyndaquil: I did the double chocolate bomb thing it cleared ALL the candies but there were only 2 jellies left... T_T that was my last move i hate jellies and chocolate and CAGES T_T SPECIALLY CHOCOLATE!

TreeckoAndCyndaquil: Grr hate this level! My dad beat me here too T_T HE'S OLD AND I'M YOUNG IT'S IMPOSSIBLE THAT A 53 YEARS OLD CAN BEAT A 12 YR OLD KID LIKE ME! XD

Catrice Barnes: I can't stand this dag on level! I've only been on here for two days and I'm so fed up! Ridiculous man!!

mikemke14: Hate this level im stuck for like a week now!!!!

babychanel21: lol ive been on this level for daysssssssssssssssssssssss

henry3484: Hate this level with all my passion!!!

Caroline Ludwig: Eu AINDA não conseguí passar.

Kim C: im so jealous right now 

jrmaddu1: You got lucky as crap dude!!!

Leslie Cordero: What happens if you mix 2 chocolat

applelaurocks28: it zaps all the candy on the screen once

tasha1holla: I was stuck on this level for 3 days. And I beat It after watching this video. Yayyy

joseph campillo: I hate this level!!! First time I played it I had one jelly to break and 24 , ok then I thought this gonna be easy, shit I still haven't pass it, I've been stuck for a couple days

Britanny Bowers: This level hates me, it's been over 24 hours... .>.<

abby ilano: waa ive been playing that level for 2 weeks now </3

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rayya99: i have been on this level for over a month.....wish u could come and pass it for me 

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siti khatijah h m shah: please make a video for level 48

Mr123abc2002: 48 is easy -___-

linahelwa: Im stuk to the fuck lv 65 fu..

Bianca Ugalde: Sooooo.... You just played? I thought there'd more strategy to it (like start from the bottom or something) but guess its just liuck and well played!

Ste Olsen: To get 250 hacked mod points add code 79612

IxIKeViNIxI: you made that look too easy >.<

Marc Lawrence Mantillas: You're ASTONOSHING!!! Thank You!!!

319dori: I want to cry. Been stuck on this board for over a month!! 

TipsOnCandyCrush: Lol I never got that far. I did find this guide on candy crush though. its still new so not too many people know about it. Check out my channel to see. Its a really short video. Let me know what you think of the guide. I rated it a 9.5/10 Wish you guys the best of luck. Has anyone got to the final level? Maybe in the future they will just have like a flat rate fee so you can get everything. Facebook is really tight on the whole adding friends thing. I'm glad I found that guide.

BlackSN8K: I hate chocolate ever since I played candy crush!

finnchelgleek2013: This one is a BITCH!

Tieu Asjda: I fuking hate you for finishing this lvl :P I have stuck here for 3 weeks :( :@@

wildhorse78: A really difficult level. I played beetween 150 -200 times to get trough it. Those candies which are hiding alone in the holes are so difficult. Destroy it first. A really hard level, but if u get a lot of luck and with a bit planning how u place and moves the candies 2-3 moves ahead.

jnperez01: Disappointed with this game. Curious what all the fuss was about.. I was expecting something more than another knock off of Bejeweled.

AK33M: My thoughts exactly.

mizpandiezz: Ah i dont wanna say i hate chocolate!!

Didi Feliciano: all my life I loved chocolate until candy crush came!!!!!!!!!!!!!

skillgaming: haha, that's true!

Luis Philly: Is this what the Sheeple on FB are making a big stink about...Crap..Sheeple will do anything...I always tell my friend whenever you hear the Sheeple make a big stink about something 9 out of 10 its dumb..See Walking Lame(Dead)

zhouxen: I envy you :(

skillgaming: why so sad? You need a lot of luck in this level, just give it some more tries and you'll make it, too :)

zhouxen: Yeah I know. I thought the ingredient levels were the most horrible but this really is the worst (at least early on, there are levels far more worse than this) I've come across. I've been in that level for a month already and sometimes the game ends with 1 more jelly left, which is really sad.

sami elasri: i hate this level ive been stuck for soooo long. but what u did is magic lol

marco52521: I only moved 25 finish it done.

MrDizzo1992: This level will be the death of me

OhItsDEMI27: I hate the chocolate so much!

marsvenus2010: its easy when the pieces you need drop down

Movementxx: This level is fucking horrible, I've been stuck for atleast 2 weeks

JA Adande: how many more bejewelesque games do we need???

King: just passed it with 1 move left freaking level after like half a year..

MsCDee: i've been on this level Forrrrrreverrrrrrr!! still trying to get it done though!! how do you u get extra lives?

davidalaba77: go to cheats : watch?v=EmL6I7jUA0g

coeryibelle: Still left 10 moves... Never been like this... Awesome... U r pro in produce special function candy... So u can won easily... I have try this level for maybe 20 times

Elijah Jacobs: where can i find the pc version

skillgaming: Only on Facebook, there is no downloadable pc version like for mobile.

leeettaclarke: I. GOT. THAT. GAME

victordoge: I manage to pass this level using this hack -

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Mellissa Gahagan: ya u sure ur not trying to give us a virus if we click on this link...

Frankie Freeman: at least 4 weeks stuck and this only works if you have those pieces...this videos hasnt done anything i havent done. .

MiloONam: I'm stuck in this level for 2 months T____T

克均 侯: 五顆的怎麼做阿?? 

amarylisaaina: Seeing it so easy for you makes one wanna cry! I had it install on my phone n tab so i can past the level with twice the tries.stuck for a month already

billyais: Where do you play this?

CreeeperArmy: Facebook 

Jo Bowmer: I have been on level 65 for well over 3 weeks. I need help passing.. :O/

ELxLOBOx4812: aughhhh i been stuck in this level for more then two weaks

kakayyam: 這關真是他媽的太難過!

Jamiewaplington: um...

enjulian04: Yehey!!!after 48 years XD finally im done..

jetmir1231: How does this work. there are not the same colors everything its different on my level. hepl please

cargomanfuture: History yURL

2011djkuno: Dude you make it look so easy. You always get the round chocolate how do you do it?

enjulian04: demnnn this fucking Level!!!!! i dont wanna play this..

Emma Whitfield: stuck on this level. so frustrating

Monika Horan: this fucking level.. _-- I'm stuck in this level for 3weeks!!!

paulette coleman: I am stuck like chuck

Mellissa Gahagan: im stuck too. finally took hubbys advice to look at the video. We will see... i got down to one jelly and thought i was in the clear... nope lol

櫻 蘭: had stuck on this level for two weeks and finally passed it just minutes ago!

amyvitality66: That Chocolate bar can go to hell!! It can eat Chocolate ball as well too! D=

zoussitado: 根本就是運氣好而已

Shizum21: just completed after being stuck for a month yeya

RomliIronfist: I passed this board in less than 24 hours but I'm now stuck on level 70, been on it for 5 days now!!!!

Ryan Bengert: How do u ask for moves??

Ryan Bengert: He started with 52 moves. I only had 50. Wtf!!

skillgaming: they might have changed the level parameters. nevertheless you can now ask a friend for +3 moves.

NATALIE REED: Finally passed this damn level! Most of the time its stratagy but this one was luck lol

Kevinn: The chocolate can go die

hurricane086: i have been stuck on this for WEEKS. i can't seem to get passed this. what is the secret?

Philip Chan: the secret is : lucky

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TAROlovex3: Lol I finally passed this level today XD I feel so accomplished~


elwey5082: you get a lot of convinations, every time i play the fucking thing has to mix the candys because there are no convinations posible

iintoxikation: Ty ty i jus beat ittttt

36doggy: Thanks for showing it IS possible to complete this level...been on it a week. Level 29 took me 3 weeks. Thanks for giving me hope.

joeblack11855: I hate this board ima un install this game

Calle Börve: best 4 mins of my life!

skillgaming: poor guy ;-P But thanks for watching!

plasticpunch: get a life then..

VicciR: Been stuck on this level for over 2 months now. :(. Frustrating!

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Sandra Graham: @skillgaming :) so glad i found your channel! thnx for the tips :)

Sandra Graham: - not sure why ppl are getting pissed off. once you don't succeed; try again.

skillgaming: exactly!

mrsjazzy29: I have been stuck on this level for over a month starting to piss me off big time. cant get past it.

King: i have decided to quit the game just now 1 fuking jelly left and i have like 10 moves left but it keep sending shitty pieces down


symmetricalastic: @skillgaming The videos are not helpful because each board looks different. If you lose the first time the candied look different the second time around. I wish you talked in this and told us your strategy

skillgaming: Well it's mostly about luck and wait for the right set. You can learn basic tactics for certain levels here.

symmetricalastic: No there is a strategy. People do not win difficult levels how of luck.

TPBHockeyGirl: No way this would EVER happen. You know why? That first candy bomb or whatever the fuck you call it, would have been taken by the g'damn CHOCOLATES. It happens every time.

jennylynnfriedman: I cant pass this level for the life of me

skillgaming: :(

King: this level made me quit the game

rijenrijen rijen: dah fuck! how many times did u try to get it ? im stuck ages now on this level!

cher melissa: Im totally stuck on this bastard level.... its soooooo annoying!!!! arghhhh :/

TOA k: @TAROlovex3 visit my channel for this lvl! With step by step

TOA k: This actually don't explain how you do this level.. See my channel for a how to! :)

TAROlovex3: Omg I'm still on this level someone help T__T

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品萱 李: 卡在這關好久 >"""<

emilia Seraphim: can you play for mee ... :P i stuck !!! :(

Precure2013: I was stuck at 35 before TWO MONTHS, now 30 levels later i'm stuck at this one for A MONTH! But I was now stuck at 74. Just passed 73 yesterday.

Debbie Florey: 2000 games and still cant get it ive had it what does this video show? its not what my game 65 looks like

Edie DeMoss: Why does it take a lot of clicks to clear certain jellies, like in the corners, but not the others ones. This game is fixed so that they want you to purchase stuff.

bkyee18: you made that look too easy

txgirl M: I am stuck on this level. :(

chris shaw: i have finaly done it after 2 months:)

lorraine groom: please can you tell me where to find this game and play it on computer what address do I type in?

skillgaming: Watch the full video description and you will find the facebook link. you can also download this game for free on mobile devices.

SATAN576 .: this game is on facebook type in the name of the game and the game comes up

JanTubeHD: u can play it on facebook

Frank CHOI: facebook

King: i hate those shitty chocolate fuckers keep popping up waste many moves just to break them

lizzie mpl: took me a year to pass it .-.

cribbo188: this level was a fucker. wait til you get to level 125 it is similar to this one but MUCH harder

Loreane Melao: :( tem 1 mês que estou nessa fase e não consigo passar.... :( 

hiltonlam0128: It is very hard!!!

frasert5: I fucking hate this level

JanTubeHD: my mom finish dis lvl

symmetricalastic: Me too and the stupid chocolate build up! This level is worse than 29

rhodesdeniene: Two months and still stuck on this board

Taleigha W: Been stuck on this level for a week -.-

SublimexSanteria323: Damn this level... lol. on my 5th day n nothing... my lady passed it on her 3rd try n she is rubbing it all over since.. lol

Lefty7788tinkatolli: I beat this level on my third try through MASSIVE luck. Level 98 was the big bad one for me. Level 98 had me standing still for an entire MONTH.

Lanna Silverwings: Master!! I was stuck on this level for a week --'

kim karlen: Wauw!!

Kim Nyuk Chin: you are amazing! i dont really get how do you always get the candies the way you want it to be, or dropped miraculously most of the time! its like you control the candies. how do you do it and move without thinking so quickly?!

Babe Aguirre: do I really have to buy extra5moves and life ...ive been stuck in this level for a month....i will never waste or pay for non sense ...I rather play jewels, hidden chronicles ,criminal case etc...theres ,more game to play, this is not the same to level 65 I have evrytime I play it change...

Yokobaby216: stuck in this level for 3days. Be the second among my friends finally:')

kjhenley82: How do I play this game free and get extra points free without payment

swamigal: facebook

AzTkoun: I've been on this level for too long

kitty19930109: the fifth day in this level

Laurie Walters: I have spent longer on this level than any other! This is the worst!

johannybjb: Omg its too hard

almk5201314: stuck at lever 35

Hakim Yo: Omgahh i feel like giving up stucked here for so long alr.

xxuhackxx: O_O :(

saby Braun: ich versuche dieses Level mindestens schon seit 2 Wochen zu lösen -.- es treibt mich in den Wahnsinn

Diego Contreras: Entfernen Sie das gesamte Gelee!

Diego Contreras: Vamos SkillGaming

Diego Contreras: Gelatina y Chocolate y Fierros

Diego Contreras: vaya

HollowSnarl: The amount of luck involved in the making of this video is over 9000

alpitv: i just passed 275th level today :D this level seems very easy now to me :D

Sylvia Brockhoff: Ich bin seit Wochen in LVL 65 und wenn ich so nen Schokoball schaffe,wird er auch zack beim nächsten Zug zu 99% von der doofen Schoko verschluckt:( No Way auf normalen Weg das zu schaffen

KBK119: Das ist genauso schädlich wie Pornos kucken, das vermittelt ein vollkommen falsches Bild von der Realität :(

skillgaming: Einder der bislang besten Kommentare :D

giulia wendy: very good

giulia wendy: il video è fatto molto bene

zawpoh: мне понравилось

himexin: I still stuck on lv65T.Tstck thr 2week aldT.T

Bonnie calderon: if you try to take out the chocolate squares first they don't come back.

antonio soto soto: chinga tu madre pendejo, a mi no me haces guey, tu compras pendejadas y te ayudas, pinche culero!!!!

alpitv: i am playing since 8 days and got 106th level.. i am addicted i guess

Peta Thompson: and i'm still stuck on level64 :(

KaseyKahneFreak: I beat the level today finally :D

Angie D: The trick is to get rid of all the chocolate and try to form a chocolate ball and mix it with a stripe candy! I think that's the best way to win. It also helps to mix a stripe candy with the wrapped one and also try together rid of the corners most of all, because those always got me stuck! Good luck! :)

Angie D: It took me 5 days but I finally beat it! It would have been 1 day,but I messed up a move and got left with only 1 jelly remaining! So frustrating!

Karen M: I got a couple of chocolate balls, the first one worked good but the chocolate ate the second one, can't always depend on the chocolate balls and the chocolate is hard to predict.

lindita lamce: io sono ferma al livello 91 da due giorni, non mi carica piu il gioco..rimane al5% e non posso continuare giocare..aiutatemi grazie.

Krista Brewer: WOW.  I can't BELIEVE they make it look so easy

Wendy Braman: I think I played this one 100 times before I got it! Now I'm stuck on level 70. Well for the last 2 days I've been on 70. Lets hope I get "lucky" and get off it soon!! :)

Lefty7788tinkatolli: I beat this level on my 3rd try. (cuz i mixed a bomb and stiped candy) level 70 had me stuck for about 3 days but i beat it yesterday now im on level 77.

Lefty7788tinkatolli: DID IT ON THIRD TRY SUCK IT PEOPLE!! I think the fact i got a colour bomb and striped candy to mix helped.

JuBiiFiieber: das kann doch echt nicht wahr sein. ich krieg dieses scheiß level nicht auf die reihe!! und soooo oft hab ichs fast geschafft, da war nur noch ein gelee stück eigentlich wegzubekommen, aber ich habs einfach nicht geschafft!! das kann echt nicht wahr sein! und ich meine ich guck schon einmal mehr hin, ob da mehr rauszubekommen ist, aber ich schaffs echt nie!!! das ein scheißdreck!!!

Jazzabellable: Two months i've been stuck here. TWO MONTHS!!!! Everytime i close my eyes i see the damn sweets! Im going insane arrgghhhh!!!!!

swamigal: lol, I just reed the article how this is the most hated level and I solve it in the first try, was lucky all the way, got 4 choco and 3 times striped wrapped combo , finished it with 13 moves left :D

vero Nirv: Lol me to!!!! fuck! seems to easy :(

mariela jimena valdez: como lo conseguiste

MilagrosCastanares: I'm losing my head for this level

onebdp: I beat this level on my fourth try. guess I got lucky!

Seni Sotam: --'

Striker Fock: goooood 

KatherineJane001: Thank you!!! I was a week trying to finish this level, playing it over and over again. I couldn't get it!..but once I saw this video, I knew what to took me a while..but I finally did it!


Adrian Zyteja: the whole month im stuck on level 65 no hope for me do u guys know how can i restart the game from the beginning ???

krooner: também né? vieram uns 2352345 brigadeiros para ele mais uns 345346 combos.

MiiaMaria01: Level 167... -_-.... Aaaarrrrrrggghhhhh!!!!

fellipe soares: Esta fase é simplesmente impossível de se passar!

MrUsshuber: i found that the most striped candies you can get together, the better, and for some reason, the crackle wrapped candy works really well with the striped ones. triple dee dipple dee better to mix them all up with a ball of chocolate...

ADRIANA ALVAREZ: i just canttt pass it, spentt frenkingsss months in this level -.-

MrsLZombie: you don't know what is destroy all the gelees but don't have all points that i should have to pass the level. THAT WAS REALLY, REALLY FRUSTRATING

romynitus: Only you can make appear 4 chocolate balls in a row. It's just impossible to pass this level, I can't!! First time I'm hating the chocolate.

SpeedyGoFastAndFar: Oh my god! I FINALLY beat this level after 3 months of frustration!

Danni Punky: ich komm auch nicht weiter.. immer wenn nur noch 1 gelee da ist.. hab ich keine züge mehr.. ich verzweifel noch.. >.<

Omama1956: Das Level bringt mich noch um den Verstand, ich komme einfach nicht weiter

Peggy Thompson: Feels like forever on this level, im bout to pull all my hair out!! lol

L Roche: ive been stuck in this level for a month now!!!!!!!!

curvygemini: I'm stuck on this stupid level & it's been driving me nuts!!!!

laura van gemeren: Could someone we can help with this game level 65 to play? merci let me know something Facebook : laura van gemeren

MrOzzie27: no he got seriosly lucky i got 7 5 balls and it didnt work out bull scutter

moinmoinalda: ey warum hatt er 52 versuche ???

skillgaming: Die Entwcikler ändern die Startparameter schonmal, meistens nach unten. Deswegen lohnt es sich neue Level imer sofort zu spielen. Nun gibt es eben nur noch 50 Versuche. Im Video siehst du aber das ich am Ende noch viele übrig habe, also würde es auch mit knapp 40 noch klappen das Level zu lösen. Viel Glück!

moinmoinalda: achso danke 

MsPlisza: lol

fisher00769: Just reached the 100th life I spent on this cocksucker board. This level is full of shit. It's just impossible. How the hell do you always have so many chocolate balls? Out of a 100, I'm pretty sure that at least 20 I didn't even have ONE.

skillgaming: In level 65 it's really very easy to create a chocolate ball within AT LEAST every second board. But that's the skill part of the game. Search for or create xxoxx-rows or columns and finally fill in the x into the o ;)

Moozy Mathers: You're awesome! you know that ? ^

xSakuraChiaki: an dem Level häng ich bis jetzt am längsten..

laura van gemeren: zou iemand mij alstublieft willen helpen met dit spel ??

wisekrazykath: i cant do it i been on it weeks i flew through the first 64 level easy peasy ... i get chocolate balls with stripped candy and still left with 1 or 2 jellies ....

n00btube45: It took me 3weeks to get off this damn board.I hate them fungus ass chocolates that keep growing and growing!

yojana carrasco vasqez: no puedo pasarloooooooooooooooooooo

Dome w: ich hasse das level ich komm da nicht weiter

SWebb1029: The video is false hopes. You can't wait for the striped candy to get to the chocolate because just when you think you can make a move, the chocolate squares will cover the move you were going to make next. I rarely see any chocolate balls and when they do appear, they are so out of the way, that getting them close to another kind that would explode is nearly impossible.

angiel18: When you see 4 of a kind, try to explode balls on the sides to make it 5... and you just need to pay attention to the game :P I think there were harder levels before this one, like lvl 35, 45, 46, and 38 (many facebook friends stuck on it xD )...

Bonnie calderon: if you try to take out the chocolate squares first they don't come back. sometimes imposable but true.

s1a1n1d1i: you are lucky lucky lucky

Alysa Shirley: I done it !finally ! its only taken me 5 weeks !!!!!

Ganso Nogueira: Thank you!!!! 

Jeff Chavez: Any tips for those of us who are stuck?

skillgaming: First I recommend to eliminate the chocolate. Then try to create chocolate balls and wait until you can combine them with a striped candy. Also make sure that after each single move you always check the two upper rows & edges for destroyable gelee. If you don't do this, chances are high that you will fail the level with just one or two gelees remaining. Good luck!

Geht DichNichtsAn: Ich nehm alles zurücl level 70 nervt mich jetzt schon wieder voll an :p

Geht DichNichtsAn: übrigens gehts jetzt weiter, aber ich hätt mir die nächsten levels schwerer vorgestellt, bin jetzt schon auf level 70

MrsVeraLina: Ich sitz schon seit ner Woche an Level 65 :(

skillgaming: Ich guck jetzt mal deine Katzenvideos!

MrsVeraLina: Tu Dir keinen Zwang an ;) ich ärgere mich derweil weiter mit Level 65 herum:(

81LostSoul: jep so gehts mir auch...

MajaShah: ich sitz auch schon ne woche dranne, aber irgendwie ohne erfolg.

MrsVeraLina: Nach 2 Wochen hab ich es eeeeendlich geschafft.... und nu ärgere ich mich mit Level 79 rum ;) Also nicht aufgeben... (mein Mann jammert schon nach 2 Tagen, daß er das Level nicht schafft ;) )

MajaShah: und ich komme weiterhin nicht weiter. hast du einen tipp zufälligerweiße? selbst meine tochter weiß nicht mehr weiter.

Alysa Shirley: i just can't do it - spent days on it

skillgaming: with an easy set and some stripe-candy+chocolate-candy-c­ombos you'll make it, just give it a few more trys!

marcz31089: this is the last level?

skillgaming: For now it is, but new levels are going to be released within this month!

diego palma: its hard

Florin Dumitru: nice

Aswin Adirono: stuck here as well..

Leonard Butler: I have past this level long ago. One of my co-workers is stuck on this level. I have past it before, I am willing to pass it again for one of my co-workers. I need to remember which strategy I used to pass it.

sandra basket: omg I cant get off of this level 

uhalfsteppin5: 65 lvl not 35 and this one a bitch

Kristen Hunter: yes. sorry about that.

Kristen Hunter: this is level 31 not 65.

ananas102: It's 65. You can see it as it as the video begins. I forgot to hit record before hitting start, so it's only a brief flash, but it's there.

Chloe Kendall: you are wrong cos at the end it says "Level 65 completed!" DUH!

Nate Romero: this level is so hard i was suck on it for 2 months

cyndy6272: How do you get it unlocked?

LaTonya Moody: It's not easy. And these things don't help bc the candies are always random

ananas102: It is difficult, I agree, but obviously not impossible. I was stuck on it for a LONG time. Keep trying!

louise pascua: & I've gotten so close to finishing it. I had 1 more jelly -.-

louise pascua: I've been stuck on this level for more than a month. It's killing me. I hate it.

joe L: its all about luck on this game and I've been on it for 3 weeks now and still cant beat this level so much for my luck

Annette Yoder: I'm never gonna beat this level. I've been stuck on it for like a month...

JamieRawrasaur: im never getting this level.. haha

Marley Gibson: I've been on this level for over a month. GRRR.... But I see what you mean about getting the chocolates stopped first. Thanks!

RandomMan707: i beat it suckers know i am on 89. BOOM. Oh, and BTW i didnt use any booooooooosters BILL> YEAH

DCFCfanatic: I'm about to give up playing this game. I've been stuck on this level for a month. I can't stand it.

jalebi trivedi: hi, this level is created such a way that you spend money and buy boosters. who ever has gone further has made purchases of lolipops! it is true

silvestri98: no its not.

marco setiawan: This level is a total crap, even some of my friends also stuck in here. Whoever passed this level are just damn lucky!

Dwayne Ottley: 8 days

crunchie microwave: same

Andrew Willing: Omg this level is soooooooooooooo hard I'm stuck on it:(

markisthebest2000: Damn chocolate! Hate this level!

Portia Jamison: this level is really killing me... that damn chocolate

gnistregn: ur hot

Miss Bluebell: This level is driving me insane..... Those flipping chocolates !!

Margaret Roberts: I give up playing no longer.

UwishUwereMe2: We're all too busy playing this infuriating level to bother commenting.

Mellissa Jones: i still cant beat this annoying level smdh

joshua morales: 28k views no comments ?

Amanda Thompson: you seem to have way more moves than we get on the mobile version. And you got so many special candies, is that happening for you with luck?? HAA!

bobgnops: this video is dumb you ass dont make any video cause your dumb .....go suck a fuck face .. this gamee is soo hard ahhhhhh.. i clear the chocolate over a 100 timessss ....this dont work

LittleMissEpicOnMSP: It's the corners!!! The corners pee me off

Don Bekham: Candy Crush Saga Secrets Here, Take a Look You Will Be Shock watch?v=-Ds9Jn1N-lY

OhHeyItsElijah: Thanks! Your tips were really helpful. But do you have one for level 68 though?


Ashley Middlebrooks: Hell super pissed. The corners are what's getting me. Plz help

amado guerrero: iPad is cursed ....

FitriMars: Thanks Dude..your tips help me... ^_^

ELIZABETH GARCIA: F this level someone beat it for me lol

gindaburra: My chocolate grows like it is on speed. Does a piece grow straight after every move or is my ipad cursed?

Andrew Willing: Man lvl 65 is hard

max13ut: Hello. I'm Hank and i lost 20 lbs in 2 shits!

CircularStopSign: Shit tutorial.  You don't use the tips you show, you use cheats, and you fail the level. Seriously?

Shirley Davis: the level 65 on my computer doesn't even look like the one on your tutorial. .bbbbbbahaaaaaaahhhhhhh .my bottom lefthand corner is mostly red................its must be a hoax......................

CircularStopSign: I literally didn't say any of that.

slade6alpha: This game is rigged and this level proves it.

Ivan Lobets: Hello! I'm Ryan.I did -30 lbs past 2 month.Go to

Reen Savage: Been stuck on this one for about 4 days, all these comments aren't very encouraging! My best friend is on level like 230 at this point so I'm feeling really dumb!

Nenci7: I did it FINALLY! yeeeeeeey


Igor Tarabik: Hello! I'm Brittany.I did -40 lbs last one month.Visit

malfieisnotonfire: after literally watching 30 seconds of this video, i decided to give this level another try and it totally worked! omg ive been stuck for days!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

TOA k: Very nice!! you're welcome:)

Shakeel Sahib: TFT

dcdweerawardhana: That was fantastic content. I was so confused observing my associate go from being lame to a ladies man. He went from zero to hero. He pretended he didn't realize. Then he told me while he was wasted. He said he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you will discover it... He's dating a stunner... Lucky bastard!

Narc63: IT TOTALLY WORKED THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was stuck on this level for over a month now lol it was driving me insane.. literally but I finally decided to YT it & found your vid.... & to think it was that simple the entire time...

wowfighterfreerunn: what the heck! i tried and failed like 25 times and i watched ur video and cleared the level by far! :O is it magic?

dudex170: my mom plays this alot and she EASILY knew all dis newby stuff

Michelle Cabrera: I spent 2 and a half months on this level I'm still stuck

Hayden Manning: After almost two months passed level 65 yesterday. My eyes light up like a Christmas Tree when realized I only had one jelly at the very bottom and five moves left.

DaBlackSmokeMonster: How the fuck can you do a tutorial on this game when the candy is always in random positions. All very well saying hit the chocolate candy with wrappers ones or whatever but it's hard enough getting the choc candy let alone hitting it with another special.


iamveeezy: Same here... twice with just 1 jelly

alexis marasigan: 3  jelies left :/

seekeroftruth111: failed with 2 jelly squares left :(

corey danson: i hate this fuckingg levil !!!!!!!!!

Steezeandmac: this level is proof that satan exists

nin10doadict: The people who made this knew that jelly in corners was the worst thing in the game that could ever be come up with. So they put jelly in 16 corners at once, then threw other annoying junk on top of it. Their stupidity is incredible. Why would they do this? Did they forget that games were supposed to be fun? Did they not want you to see later levels? Were they ashamed of them or something?

thenameslynith: thanks so much, i finally passed! with the help of some boosters lol

ekdikeo: what a fucking waste of a video. If you're going to write a damn text description and then fail the level, just WRITE A FUCKING TEXT DESCRIPTION.. don't make video for crap.

TOA k: The video is useful to show examples.. the text description is to guide you and show some tips.. If I did pass this level, the tips still are the same though..

H4L0PL4Y3R4L1F3: I beat this level in two tries without boosters...guess im just lucky.

countingstars2u: What happened around 1:35? Please let me know. I've never seen that before.

Anna Louise: When there is no more possible moves, the game automatically shuffles the candies so you can continue to play:)

kimmybbbyeah: Sorry. Misunderstood. But I still don't see the point.

kimmybbbyeah: Why do people post these? We all get different and random colors do these wont help.

urmydstny1: my start screen colours are different

finnchelgleek2013: I seriously think Satan designed this level. I've been stuck on it for over a month now, and it makes me so frustrated I just wanna throw my phone!

Camsmom2007: I CONCUR!

Christina T: i feel your pain majorly. i am about to chuck my phone at the wall

Semajj Philly: LOL I definitely agree with u! I gotta keep telling myself its not the phone, its the damn game lol

charmayne peel: 10 weeks myself and I've got 64/65 at least 12 times,,,,and I don't want to buy any extras!!! help me! this level is pissing me OFF!

WTFWalrus: I hate this level.....

Tameka Kelsey: So pissed I've been on this level for a week and a half!!!

YolandaBrissette315: << this hack work.i tested

qSynnc: I have found an unlimited lives glitch on my channel (UNPATCHED)

TreeckoAndCyndaquil: OH FINALLY :O

Sara Batey: BLOODY hell i played for 3 weeks stuck on this level my trick was play it on my laptop n after 3 attempts i finished it :|

keilastgo: I agree w liquidpig and only been stuck for 24 hrs. I even got the app that gives me immediate live which I dont have to wait for 30 minutes for each to load at a time n still nothing works. Supposedly tjeres an app that can help u skip levels, but I wasnt able to download it onto my phone. Smh

Stephanie Parks: i have been stuck for 2 months now i have got rid of all chocolate first then all but 1 jelly it is annoying me now what else can i try?

Jed174: I passed this on my 4th attempt lol

liquidpig: I've been stuck forEVER on this dastardly level. I've figured out everything you suggested in this video already, but thanks anyway for the tips. I'm sure it helps a lot of people! Now if I could only beat this frustrating thing.. I can't believe how hard it is.

WEETxIKNIET: I beat it yesterday after 3 weeks

leah brown: omg thanks so so so so much was suck for 3 days xx

Johnson Chan: thanks for yr generosity. u ve help me many levels...

TOA k: You're welcome!

Alycia Jordan: Its soo hatd

NottyGurlStyle: I think it's 6 wks for me now

makeishao85mo: i been stuck on this level for lik A WEEK NW I NEED HELP LOL

marsvenus2010: 1st i have never had a board that set me up as well as this.

gayacidqueen: 2 sprinkle balls is the best way to rock this lvl. Or wrapped + striped combo.

Vincerama: Sometimes it's just dumb luck. I think it might be better to save the special candy until you can combine them with that big mega candy.

arch05bh: still stuck

Geraldine Handa: Chocolate is bad for you.

destroyer276: Still stuck .... Pwe.

Carlos Melgar: Este nivel esta cabron y pierdo 5 minutos mirando a este perdedor. No mamen

felicityshagwelle: What's with the chocolate 'growing' back uncontrollably?!?! Arrrg.

carlotapoo: wtfs the point of putting this up. i just wasted 5 mins to watch you lose!

DiandraAngel: I hate this level!!!!!!!!!

TheSkaterzchick: Been stuck for a month! Whaaaaa :-/

TOA k: Don't you have some free Boosters? If you play on the Facebookpage you get a few free boosters:).. unless you already used it of course.. Good luck!

marielynne nichol: Stuck for a week now....

SakuraKinomotoFan: I would run out of turns

SakuraKinomotoFan: I'm still stuck on this level too :( I would get close then I would run out of tue

niggguhcrazy: I've been stuck on this level for about 3 weeks now. I hate this level! The chocolate is what makes this annoying.. Lol.

florence thomas: I just want to take the chocolate out of the screen so I can win the game, and so I can eat it!

ZeroOneOneZeroOneOne: this is so far the most annoying level for now since I'm stuck here for a week

haywardab: @cgfnieg yeah thats what everyones been saying btw! check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while >>>

DMonroe68: @fgwvyny yeah i totally agree! and dude! you would probably enjoy this online game ==>

McBontra: Ok, you told me everything i already knew and tried.. Stuck for a month now :)

TOA k: @TOA k good luck !

TOA k: @symmetricalastic hi! Just like Jezzabeanz said! :) it's the order what to do first and second.. Etcetera .. N

TOA k: I did passed it though a long time ago.. I don't think if I passed it would add any extra value to this how-to .. Hope you pass this lvl good luck!:)

TOA k: It just show a certain method/tactic.. A tactic what would increase your chance in passing this lvl.. It's not a cheat or something so please understand this is only to show you a certain method..

mrijexxx: You did not even make it how is this a usefull howto if you showed us that your method failed?

symmetricalastic: and I have been stuck on it for six days. It is exasperating

symmetricalastic: I still don't understand. Every board the candies are in a different arrangement. I don't undertsand the technique.

Jezzabeanz: He means, you focus on breaking the chocolates first, then you focus on breaking the caged candies. Once you've done that you just try and break the corner ones. It's not how good the board is, it's what you prioritise. 

TOA k: Glad that you made it fruit!:)

angieredfruit: OMG thank u so MUCHHH!!!!!! Just y trying this one time, I made it!

BubbleWitchSaga: Awesome gameplay!

TOA k: Thanks! 

Amy S: Not gonna work if u dont have the fish power up things or anything else to help ya.

Merry Christmas: thanks for watching :)

delanski2012: my buddy was stuck on level 30 for a week and a bit. Gave me the phone to see how he need one more fruit to drop with only two moves left. You wouldnt believe it but i made two moves of my own and the cherry fell and stopped right before it drops then BOOM a power up explodes and the cherry drops off the screen. COMPLETE! We were hollering like Chicago just won the cup again. lol

Merry Christmas: thanks for watching :)

Merry Christmas: chocolate ??

roooose16: Are you fucking serious? $8 for 5 extra moves? What a joke! No one in their right mind is going to pay $8. We want a cheat without paying anything.

Merry Christmas: no need real money, all boosters and extra moves are FREE. thanks for watching. :)

delanski2012: Not on my phone theyre not.

Dillon92166: where's the chocolate?

Merry Christmas: no chocolate. thanks for watching :)

Annue Ackles: Grrrrr.......this level is driving me berserk i am falling out of love with chocolate.

Michael Moore: you had some fucking luck mate

vietdnguyen430: He just got lucky at the end.....

musthsjen: I did it yeeeessssss i just posted that i cant pass level 65:then i played it now n made it whew

Tiffany Fung: Ive been stuck on this level for the past 2 weeks!!!

charmayne peel: I do everything this video does!! What am I MISSING!!!!!!

Luticia Ward: makes me want to knock down chocolate bar display down at the grocery store..grrrrr

Marvin Lara: Me toooo ... Greer

LaurelVentura: This game is making me hate chocolate, lmao.

CandyLaStar: this level is so hard I can't believe this is the level I been stuck on for about a 2 weeks now! all the others seemed pretty easy compared to this one!

Nkaozoua Her: I've been stuck on this for 2 months.

CanadianErin: UGH I *hate* this level -- enough so that I deleted the game! You make it look sooooo easy though. I never get the "good" matches, and the damn chocolate always goes onto the only good moves I have. And I never get possible 5 in a row, either. Thanks for posting!

Jessica Jacobson: Im still stuck but clear chocolate first! Match as many candies as possible to make the "special" candies. Swapping Stripes and sprinkled will help a ton! Lots of paitience! Good luck everyone!!!

veruschka001: This is the first time I hated chocolate! =_=

veruschka001: This is the first time I hated chocolate! =_=

veruschka001: This is the first time I hated chocolate! =_=

trumpetSL08: I hate this level its hard. I hate that chocolate :(

sharpyshark1234: Hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi­hihihihihihihihi

katesgram: This level is kicking my butt! I cannot figure out which direction it is going to clear when you match a striped candy. I thought at first if I matched a vertical one it would clear vertical and likewise with the horizontal but it doesn't always seem to work that way. What is the secret? Is it random?

Meudi74: It does clear in the direction of the stripes, but if you match two striped, regardless of their stripe direction, it will clear both ways, like a + :)

katesgram: So it has to do with the direction of the stripes on the candy rather than on the direction you make the match?

Meudi74: The direction you make the match defines the direction of the stripes. Then, when you match the striped candy, it will clear in the same direction as the stripes.

katesgram: Thank you so much- this has helped greatly- I may even manage to finish this level eventually! I have gotten to just one jelly left on at least 2 occasions before I ran out of moves.

katesgram: This level is kicking my butt! 

CHOI cherry: Difficult to play

Benolu Olu: Finally beat it after watching this video. I had been spending two weeks at least 3 times a day for 5 tries each time! Trick is Just be patient and don't use ur stripes too quickly try to use a combination of two stripes/ super candy and you may not get it first time but eventually you will!

kimthebest66: Help meeeeee !!

Mertpro1: Help im stuck on it.

Meudi74: There isn't really a trick, just make lots of special candy and combine them to clear the jelly from the hardest spots. Good luck!

frutefi: You'r right, you have to mix lots of 4 with 5's .... and try try try...

lauu63: any tip for this level?

kadriye gültekin: bu hile deilki bana hilesi lazm

Gem Blue: I cant do it :(

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