Candy Crush Saga Levels

Candy Crush Saga level 77

This level is part of the Jelly levels and can be found in the Easter Bunny Hills episode. The objective of level 77 is to clear all the jelly. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 77:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 77 strategy

It appears easy, but alas it is not. Try to zap the chocolate with a vertical striped candy before releasing the locked in candy. Otherwise you can kill off as much of the Jelly as you want, but remember this is Double Jelly and once the locked candy goes, its chocolate heaven and you are screwed. If you can create a Color Bomb, that is the best way to go.

Remove all Jelly and score 50,000 points.

1 star: 50000 points
2 stars: 100000 points
3 stars: 150000 points

Level 77 cheats, tips and tricks

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Gavin McDougall: bullshit, on mine i have all the colours...

yun tsz Tzeng: mmm you are so lucky:P

Tefy Sol: Sos alto pelotudo, que te pensas? Si a vos te tocan todas buenas no es mi suerte. FORRO, ANDA ALAVARTE EL ORTO GIL!

Debora Juarez: Tal cuaaaaal!!!! jaja

Kowz of Rule: lucky ass BullShit!

Denise Formos: Ok so I'm on this level and have no clue what the stars are about. Can anyone explain to me in simple terms?

Alejandra Alvarez: stars just correlate to your score. minimal score = 1 star. super high score =3 stars

Vanessa Rodríguez Martín: pura cuestion de suerte...

emeraldflashlight: Um, where are the yellows and reds?

skillgaming: I'm playing on facebook, not mobile. The amount of different colours should be the same. You won't have purple candies f.e.

Mark Straver: But does somebody have a tip on how to get 3 stars on level 77? I have completed all candy crush levels on 3 stars except 77 and 313.

Matt P: Trying to get all 3 stars too and this level is causing me grief. I'm really starting to think it isn't possible

Macwood Fleet: yup. same problem. did you find any clues anywhere?

enigmablue3: Brilliant. After watching did this in my first go. Thank you. :)

dreamcastowner735: Nice! I've tried that but it's hard to get a second chocolate combo like that.

Dennis Pacheco: the amount of luck !!

0680496: its a matter of luck..

shanti junaidi: Playing this game and realized that the only thing that made me passed mostly the level is that stripe+chocolate ain't fun again...

taylorxteddy: This video helped me pass this immediately after watching! Did the color bomb + striped combo in 3 moves in my next life after watching! Thanks! :)

skillgaming: That's why we offer these vids. Congratulations!

eurika quirante: I never thought this would be possible, but it is!. I've been stuck for like a week, and I was able to pass this level by learning the strategy. Big thanks!!! <3

sagebombed: Managed to clear the jelly once in like, 30 tries, but I ended up not having enough points.

mtbking02: Ohhhh, it was so easy all along............

garrett4246: no lie, i just watched this video and then beat it on the next try. have to have chocolate and striped candy

大伊 陳: It is lie!!!! It didn't have any red and yellow candy!!!!Don't anyone find it?

sholinkawa: BULLSHIT why cant my level start like that

alex1the1great: This game is a fucking joke. Full of advertisements, repetitive, and "Nintendo hard." I always preferred Bejewelled instead. *goes back to trying to beat level 77*

huto1965: how do u know what colors r gonna land in middle strip where jellies r ?

大威 李: u r lucky!! i tried like 2X times as hard luck as i can...

TheAshleycole26: This was PURE LUCK to get this combo 2x

Carlos Fernandez: Just get as much of the big combos like that striped candy+chocolate in this level. And you can get lucky one time.

Denise Ransom: it's all about luck!

世能 陳: simply lucky..

BabyTsaiTsai: Helpless

Precure2013: I've made 3 chocolate balls 2 combinations 2 giant candies but still can't clear all the chocolates.

bunny y: loll

Alan Wong: U're so lucky

WiLLyxVKei: Its not only how lucky he was gettin the twice stripe&chocolate combo, i´ve got this but was useless.. the point here ir that the striple inside the jelly eliminate all the chocolate! damn lucky

yalili naranjo: pinche suertudo

tyrefetisch: Update... Just had two chocolates combination two times and one large candy... Ok, the jelly all cleared but the score was only 25000. I've never had more than 37000 in score. Has someone got any hints on how the hell you pass this level? And please, no comments like 'keep trying', I've played it over 180 times now and its impossible to get any useful combinations. I'll try for one more day now, then I'll delete this rubbish game.

yrio1217: the trick is to get those combo as soon as possible, so you get more score from those stupid fishs at the end.

tyrefetisch: This video is bullshit. This must be take number 234557328. I manage to get 5-6 of 4-combos, maybe one chocolate. I manage to clean away maybe 20% at the top. And I've been playing it for maybe 150 times now. Doing like he's doing in the video is just a joke. I never ever get that much combinations. Once I had 4 jelly left and 10 moves left, still impossible since I only got 3-combos and not a single 4-combo or anything helpful. Crap game

Barbara Uneamie: I don't see HOW watching someone else's game helps me to get passed MY level 77! There's a new combination with every new game. This demo tells me NOTHING! ugh!

saraheliz5935: I got two choco+stripe combos and it STILL wasn't enough to clear all the jelly. I quit.

RubyTheSpammer: 4 move was WTF

Keksduebel: what is this wizardry?

MightyManuil: Wieviel Glück muss man haben?

情人節 甜甜蜜蜜: This closed hard.....!!!! Card super long!!! Oh for almost 4 days ... Frankly I card 4 days even if long time ^ ^

Angie D: Omg I got so lucky! I got it in 2 tries because I got 2 chocolate-stripe combos! :)

Mustang8211: impresionante

Cambbott: I did the chocolate and a stripe but it didn't clear the evil chocolate(left 1), so I got screwed

Federico F. N. Torres: so serious luck! i cant EVEN make a choco candy because some candies blows up. hate this level so much and i can EVEN GET THE FREAKING 50K OF SCORE

Ramoana Stone: agh! I can't make enough choccie balls

MrUsshuber: i don't know why i'm obsessing over this, but the key is to get one or two choc balls. the lay out makes it pretty easy to get fours. get them all lined up together and kapow!!

MrUsshuber: i should add that it took me 10 times, though!

MrUsshuber: i watched this video, and just completed this level in less moves. i did get lucky in that i started out making choc balls... the chocolate itself was blown away before it started invading! there is good strategy here.

fisher00769: This is a joke. Two stripe+chocolate combo in 10 moves.

agc18: que vicio! ¿algún truco por ahí?

Geht DichNichtsAn: Zeigt einmal mehr, wie wichtig die Farbbomben in diesem Spiel sind

Candela Perez: genius not touch all the same candy 7

heny199345: Fucking level!!!!

robertyaku1996: Ooh nvm my comment down beliw ur playing on pc. Iphone app is diff

robertyaku1996: Bullshit hack. U only hv ghree colors. Ur missingg red and yellow

girlinmi: there is no read or yellow on this level.

f1oRlicious: i removed the helly.. guess what didnt made 50k points... fuck i hate this game

f1oRlicious: you have to get lucky to pass

MA S: No puedo avanzar maaaaaaaaaaas, grrrrrr

Tampabayraysgirl: Impossible!!

Kimberly Baker: Yeah I cleared all the chocolate in 3 moves .... still lost lol LUCK must be the answer

Leonard Butler: What strategy did you use to pass level 77. I'm stuck. Please help.

wujiahunter: luck, lol if you can get rid of the chocolate first, you win

Angel Luna: I cleared the chocolate too & still lost

Misty Williams: wow!this realy work==> candycrushsagasuperhack.blogsp­­­­ <<== i tested!!

Oscar Asuncion: wow working this hack==>> candycrushsagasuperhack.blogsp­­­ <<==

davidalaba77: go to cheats : watch?v=EmL6I7jUA0g

80kone: Dit is gewoon geluk

Ceeforcat6: I have different candies and different music and try as I may, I can never get the striped candies in the right places!! I've been stuck kere for weeks and spend my time giving lives to everyone else instead - much more productive :)

Wizeclanhd: my 77 is set up different the candy not the same

Cyntia Senepart: j'ai le jeu...

imperfections18: I'm glad that I got pass level 76 geez that was hard! But now this level...ugh! You were lucky that you all special candies...

Dollymixture68: I got rid of all the jellies but failed as was 200 points short arrgggggggg.

Pit S. Bogdanescu: This level was sick!!

gingerrmoe: wow that must be nice for you, getting all the right candies and all.

babakhanov35: Thanks for your tips.....I was able to move on....

word20: I have tried with no success one time it was one left with your advice, second did not success

itsgoodshit2: Is this the real level 77 of candy crush?? The target score is 100,000 and you only got 88,460, but you completed the level? How did you do that?

Julian Lin: it means he already finished the level with one star 100000 is that target for 2 stars

Kym Whitehead: My 77 on my computer is targeted at 50k. I don't play on my phone often at all, but it appears to have been easier on the phone.

onfoote: all I mean by saying that is that you should upload a more realistic run on 77. it's really one of the most antagonizing stages.

onfoote: you didn't even complete the level because you didn't reach the target score. beyond that this is the luckiest solve of this level ever. took me 20+ tries to pass it and I passed level 65 second try.

Sam Short: Wow wish I could be that lucky

Luz Reyes: so glad i found u!! already subscribed

Lan Cheng: I can't believe you managed to win in less than 10 moves

Ayokayz: Wow you got so lucky

WalkInPower: I agree that your videos are the ONLY ones that are helpful! Thank you for the tips and explanations!  I have been on level 77 all day and can't win it! I even matched TWO Chocoballs right away and it didn't accomplish much. It even left the chocolate in place! I'll get it though!

Spongebob George: I SUBSCRIBE WON IT :D WITH THE 2ND TRY! i make 2 color bomb with stripped candy!

Patty JT: Wow. Obvious

Bryan Miller: Dumbass couldn't even get 2 stars on tht!

covrachel acerado: I already clear all the box for many times but my only problem is i cant reach 1star T_T

Scott Lowe: What candy crush are you using doesn't look like the one on FB?

Jane Nesbitt: Great help...thank you :-)

melissawilderom: I am stuck on level 76 and I cannot figure out how to move the ingredients from one side to the other and get them to drop. I love your videos because you always post text instructions. Can you please do a video for this level? Thanks

TOA k: Hi melissa! I will work on it.. But in lvl 76, There are 4 Columns in each box right? and There are 3 boxes.. Left(top), Left(bottom) and Right.. The fruits starts falling down in Left(bottom) If you Crush any candy in the Rightbox or Left(top) these columns will shift:) The fruits has to fall down in the box Left(top) via the box on the right.. So the thing is to crush enough candies in the Right-box or Left-box(top) and the fruits will eventually fall down (in the Left box in the top)

Linda Eaves: Thank you for your tips on level 76. Due to your tips I was able to move on. I love the strategies and the game however addicting helps to give that anxious part of my mind something to think about. Puzzles have always served that purpose for me. A lot of people don't get it. TOA k, I have two questions. 1. Where would I find (preferably all in one place) an explanation of special candies and what they do when you activate them? 2. Does a page of possible candy combinations exist?

TOA k: Umm well Don't know or have any vids that explains specifically what you asked (1) but there are 3 kind of special candies: a striped(crush a whole row), packed(like a small bomb crushes 9 candies) and a chocoball(will crush all candies of One color).. Striped candies can be found if you crush 4 candies in a row.. Packed ones can be found if you crush a L-shape or T-shape.. You can see a lot of examples throughout my vids!:) a Chocoball can be found if you crush 5 in a row:) Good luck

TOA k: And if you manage to combine these special candies Together(next to eachother) 2 stripedcandies>will crush 2 rows.. a striped&packed will crush 3 rows horizontally and 3 rows vertically(one of the most used combo's :)) and a chocoball&striped candy will make all candies of one color a special Striped candy:) and the best combo is of course 2 chocoballs together.. it will whipe your hole board:) You can watch an example of this at the end of my vid about Candy Crush Lives cheat.. (2) I don't get

Deathwishdeluge Therecessionsucks: Level 76: If you can make special candies go opposite of tradition ( Breaking bottom to get more possible falling combos). Special candy combos in bottom left then check right side then top left. If not go right side , top left, then bottom left. That's what worked for me.

Deathwishdeluge Therecessionsucks: The top left is last , the right is middle, and the bottom left is first. That's the F-ed up order they put it in as a feeble attempt to be clever.

Scarlett OHell: I've done all this and still can't get past this level. gggggrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

angela ideran: how do you subscribe?

TOA k: Hi! click the subscribe button.. Just below the video:) Thanks!

Pamela Miles: Guess what? i am on waiting fire tickets to start level 81. But i am watching only your video's

Pamela Miles: lol No 78?

TOA k: Yes I just uploaded level 78! Good luck!:)

Pamela Miles: Out of all the Cany Crush Levels I have watched yours is the only ones that actually helps me. I finally subscribed so I can see more. Thanks for all you tips inside the video's.

TOA k: Thanks for your positive feedback!:) and No.78 I will try to work on!

Allacra: I won't even bother watching the rest since there are so many bonus candies within the first few seconds :-/

Claudia Osso: Es re difícil este nivel.......jajaja!!!

Netroxzse alves: eh cabo as vidas rsrs, + tarde eu tento denovo.

Netroxzse alves: sim sim,fui ajuda minha mae a passa akela e acabei gostando do jogo rsrsrs

Meudi74: Mateus, você chegou rapidinho no 77! Outro dia tava no 20, né? :)

Netroxzse alves: eh meudi essa ta dificil hem rsrs

neelie de jong: nou daar klopt niks van als je het kruis in de balk wegspeelt loopt het vol met bruine blokken

Ellen Linn: Looks like 77 to me!

Meudi74: No???

steph cass: this is not 77!!

pnailyfestylez08: Somebody beat it for me lol

NUMB3R441: Very good.

asoreckone: Porque pones esa música culera.

manilynmontero88: nice

skallah mon: this beat is sick

davidalaba77: go to cheats : watch?v=EmL6I7jUA0g

Rodney Thompson: What beat is that paying its hot?

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