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Candy Crush Saga level 95

This level is part of the Ingredient Drop levels and can be found in the Bubblegum Bridge episode. The objective of level 95 is to bring down all ingredients to the bottom. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 95:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 95 strategy

The tough part here is negotiating the landscape of this level. With one missing spot you have to move the ingredients over to get them to the lower transporter. Once it hits the transporter, you need striped candy to help get it down and out. Candy Crush Level 95 is a hard-to-beat level but you can do it by following our tips and walkthrough guide.

Bring the ingredients down (1 acorn, 1 cherry)

1 star: 50000 points
2 stars: 75000 points
3 stars: 100000 points

Level 95 cheats, tips and tricks

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mohd fadhir mohamad ali: He could win early at 1:22 by hit choc to blue candy :o anyway, thanks.

arnwine991: Still trying to figure it out

siewshan526: This level is very confusing!

ladyfoden: Why don't CC give you a clue as to what you need to do each level rather than 'Clear the Jelly'? Save wasting so many bloody lives !!

Ivana Tomic: tnx for help ;)

whydouneedakno: I did the difficult part as in clearing the ingredients but i didnt reach the 50,000 lolol

promonna: thanks for your help!!!!

Creepynight330: your video really helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pass the stage right away!!! a big good like><

Tampabayraysgirl: This. Level is so confusing. Thank god for YouTube. How does anyone know how to do these crazy levels without watching this first? I get what you're supposed to do now but damn it's freakin hard!!

Paula Despabiladeras: You already have the chance to finish the level by switching the booster with the blue one. You didnt notice? :p

skillgaming: I guess I did not :D

Paula Despabiladeras: Still, Job well done :p

Rennie Patolilic: hahaha indeed :P

bunny y: at 1:21 gamer shud have just switched big candy with blue one..would be simplerr

mariamarouli1: it's fucking difficult!!! 

Lewis Berryman: How come I have more candies when I play I also have yellow ones

Angie D: I did it on my third try the same way! It took me more moves though.

Lefty7788tinkatolli: Did this on second try with 36 moves remaining! (Got a score of 144,240). These are the 4 steps I did it in: 1) Got a color bomb 2) Got a striped candy 3) Mixed them 4) Repeat!

surya adhikari: bei mir geht es aber nicht weiter dort wo eigentlich die portale sein müssten bleiben die früchte einfach liegen gehen nicht runter

surya adhikari: hey bei mir fehlen auch die portale also wie soll ich das level nun schaffen und wo melde ich das ?

skillgaming: bei mir ist es aktuell genauso. die portale werden zwar nicht angezeigt sind aber weiterhin ganz normal aktiv und das level somit lösbar!

ilovemcfly90: moment mal!!!!!! bei mir ist da voll der fehler, bei mir sind nirgendswo portale! nur die pfeile. was solln der scheiss... und ja ich bin auf lvl 95.. so komm ich niemals weiter wenn das buggy ist.. na suuuupi. kann man das irgendwo melden?? :(

skillgaming: Ein Fehler ist das nicht, die Entwickler haben das Level wohl einfach einem Update unterzogen. Das passiert immer wieder mal. Mit Streifencandys oder einer Spezialkombo sollte es aber immer noch "relativ einfach" machbar sein. Es wird jedenfalls noch weitaus schwerer ;)

ilovemcfly90: was ist einfach xD? ich hab keine ahnun von streifencandys oder spezialkombos, wenn unten keine portale sind, können die früchte auch nicht durchrutschen, das heißt das nie etwas passieren wird :L naja hab mal n problem auf der seite gemeldet, bezweifle aber dass etwas passieren wird..

skillgaming: Hm vielleicht ist es doch ein Fehler, oder kann einfachsein, dass die Portale sehr wohl funktionieren und nur nicht angezeigt werden? ;) Werde es mir nachher mal genauer anschauen. Hatte es nur kurz angetestet und ebenfalls gesehen, dass keine Portale mehr angezeigt werden.

skillgaming: Das Level funktioniert immer noch genauso wie im Video. Es handelt sich lediglich um einen Anzeigefehler wenn die Portale nicht auch angezeigt werden. Oder die Anzeige ist extra verschwunden. Aber wie gesagt funktional alles piccobello ;)

fisher00769: 1:22 wouldn't it be just enough to blow the blue ones with the colour bomb? It would finish the level, I think with 21 moves left you would have had the score for a star.

skillgaming: haha you are right, I failed.

honeybloom92: und ich verzweifel schon an level 34 xD

skillgaming: Back mir 500g Kekse und ich spiele die 34 für dich!

honeybloom92: *dir 500 gramm kekse geb* =)

s1a1n1d1i: how you get here so fast

skillgaming: Watch my previous videos and you'll see ;)

ivana bojanic: hi, when is next level?

skillgaming: Level 96 is most likely to be expected for the mid of june (~ 2 or 3 weeks from now on).

almorametallica: thanks...

ConquerTheCraft: Haha way. Lets Playing this game? Wow. I'm guessing your pc can't handle any other games.

precipice65: damn frustrating. i managed to win it at the very last move. i have to keep holding because i don't have enough points. i ended the games with 43000 pts. wth!!!!!

deejtechno22: I have the opposite problem. I get 3 stars but can't get them to the bottom.

TheLondonLuxe: Why do you have no yellows??

whydouneedakno: Cuz he plays on a computer

dc2010ist: I have been stuck there for 3 days!! ahhh!!

Leonard Butler: But on the plus side. My co-worker plays candy crush saga as well. She too has passed level 95. Even if I am not able to pass level 95 on my own. I have found someone that can.

Leonard Butler: How in the world did you get that lucky to pass level 95? I am stuck on that level. No matter, for I will not give up. I may I have used every strategy in my arsenal to try to pass level 95. But it was no use. I came close to passing level 95 twice. But I could not get the fruits to the bottom. I am not as lucky as the other players that have passed before me.

SuperRpotter: been on for a month, about to give up!!! frustrated!!!

aaron wilson: 95 every one woop woop

Sylvia Makus: That looked like pure luck!! Lol thanks for video

nyros23: No joke! I also beat it with first try after watching this video. Not just another comment about it either!!

Narc63: ME TOO LOL 

xiKyLaLa: I seriously passed this level after watching. Lol I'm NOT joking. I don't joke about candy crush. -_- I usually beat a level after I'm frustrated with it, and I was quite frustrated. Lol Thanks! :)

Evelyn Colon: Hey thanks for the video, got the level done after watching your video.

Elysa Rolly: Thanks!

Adam Chen: You make it look so easy.

Mark Nicol: People who say they pass a level because they watch a video on youtube are a joke, this game is about skill and luck

hajimiru: well, i gained tips after watching this video. it was really helpful :P

Elysa Rolly: I just pass it after watching this video.

frequentgameloser: I just passed level 95 after watching this video! Thank you so much! :)

fiona peeling: Thank you....xx

beckymacmillan: thank you! but twice i have been able to succeed with the fruit, but failed to reach the score, wha can I do? thanx

Adrienne Cureton: Yesssssssssssssss Thank You. I was stuck on this board for 2 das, But, I watched ur video and cleared it on the first try...Thank You :) First I tried it with the chocolate ball and striped candy, So i went back and watched the video again and BAM!!!

Felina Gonzalez: Thank you!

Lila Moon: thank you so much for all your helpful hints! They all worked!

j co: I love your videos! your tips have helped me out a lot, Thanks for taking the time to post them! :)

Susan Atkins: THANK YOU for your help, I was stuck on this level for quite a while, tempted to throw my tablet out the door LOL. I appreciate you adding text to your video explaining what to do!!! I completed it after watching this!!!

Charizarzar: Urgh I managed to get a packed and striped near the bottom and then it reshuffled and they went to the top

dbdlbrodigan58: I just played that move and the ingredients just stayed in the same place!!! Arrrgggghhhh!!! Help!

precipice65: its all about luck. i played tactics and calculated moves but kept failing. then all of a sudden i have a game full of candy bombs and candies. and i cleared the level.



Tracy Emard: whatever, i never get the chance to make so much chocolate

afunkybandit: Fake

TDRock8: Your tutorials are great! They always really help me a lot :)

MrBestfriends304: Thanks thus really helped

Toni Simpson: I got 69000+ on level 95. Why can't I go on? The level says 50,000 in one place and 7, 5000 in another. I have gotten "level complete" twice, and am listed on the board, but I am not asked for tickets for the next round. What gives?

acmdominguez70: Que

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