Candy Crush Saga Levels

Candy Crush Saga level 98

This level is part of the Target Score levels and can be found in the Salty Canyon episode. The objective of level 98 is to get a certain number of points in a limited number of moves. The below videos are walkthroughs and they show you how to pass level 98:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Level 98 strategy

Do your best to break off the locked pieces and keep an eye on the 9 move bombs as they drop in periodically. They also score you 3,000 points when matching them, so it will help you get up to the high score for this level. Follow our tips and watch our Candy Crush Level 98 videos in order to beat the level!

Score 90,000 points in 40 moves.

1 star: 90000 points
2 stars: 130000 points
3 stars: 160000 points

Level 98 cheats, tips and tricks

hersheys831: been stuck in this level :'(

isaihtb1: This level took me only one try

hersheys831: good for you 

brint terrell: I been stuck on this level for almost 3 weeks.

TAROlovex3: ARGHH I hate this level =__= Still trying to pass it.

Angie D: They made this level so much easier now! Instead of 120,000 you only have to get 90,000! I just beat it without boosters no problem!

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Marissa S.: Wow great! I'm having a difficult time in this level :( still fighting to pass it

raywang1009: this level on facebook is easier than mobile

tland2u22: Bombs.. You have 8 moves to get rid of them. If you don't, they explode and end the game.

tland2u22: Jazzle. Look at the numbers on the bomb

jazzle hc: how come this level is crazy on fb??? i couldn't use all the says you got 40 moves. but as always my game stops when am with my 10th there something wrong with the game format???????? so weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!

fevermj: FUCK this level

albobro k: how come my bombs don't less more then 10 sec ?!!!! wtf

Barbara Reiñanco Ovando: puedo hacer los puntos pero es muy dificil quedar sin bombas :(

Angie D: I think on fb they gave me more points for destroying the bombs than when I played it on the iPad. But I still had to use the boosters in order to win because there was no way I could destroy all the bombs in time!

Angie D: This level was a pain in the butt. It took me 241 tries to win using 3 bomb boosters on fb! I think if you play it on fb you're able to get more points for some reason. But seriously it's impossible to win without boosters! They're free on fb so you should use them!

GuitarHaloChic: I think my game hates me. Except for right at the beginning it seems like at any given time I have 4-5 bombs on my screen with 1 hugging the right or left wall and none of it's other color buddies near it.

14292160reiko: akkkkkkk diffcult

14292160reiko: akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk many bomb diffcult

Angie D: Oh okay. lol Thanks anyways though. Your videos really help! I think I'm going to email the people on about it because I actually noticed that I do get a couple more pts (like 200) when destroying bombs in chain reactions but not 6000! So I think you're right, just don't know why I don't get more pts? lol

Francisca Frias: UU 

1982Elisina: Io ho fatto per ben 3 volte circa 130.000 punti, qualcuno sa dirmi che muoio lo stesso???

Angie D: How did you get 6000 pt at 2:12 when destroying the bomb when it wasn't in the second place of a chain reaction?

skillgaming: Good find! My answer: I have no idea :) It was just my personal theory that you get 6k for bombs which are destroyes in chain reactions, but it seems I was wrong. Perhaps it was simply a bug that has already been fixed? What I can assure you is that I used no hacks, etc. So there has to be an explanation. But I honestly don't know.

kakaboo: u get 6k if you can kill 2 bomb at same time that is 100% (2 same color bombs + similar color jelly) but not sure about the chain reaction

skillgaming: Ah, that might be a good explanation. Thx!

Linda Tate: Seems he can take his time doing this, mine always ends and tells me that the bombs are about to explode.

Kris Brown: Someone want to help me pass this level! It sucks! 


Luciana Araujo: Esse jogo é sorte,também fiquei presa,passei 8 dias tentando até vir uma sequência boa,desiste não,tem que tentar mesmo! :)

Lefty7788tinkatolli: Can someone give me some kind of hint on this? This level has had me stuck as fuck for weeks now. I get 70,000 on a good attempt!!

Michelle French: that is awesome, but you can't always tell if the ball are going to drop in that form.

yoker88: motherf!

tomas9660: This level is shit!!!

lindaboubou: oui merci je vous ferai signe quand j aurai passé ce niveau en 2020 peut etre mdrrrrrrrr

ltshears: mine does not give me 6,000 for eliminating the bomb 2nd in a sequence, i get 3,000 no matter what so how can i beat it.. been stuck on this level for 2 months now

Mario Jaramillo González: no puedo pasar esta etapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Federico F. N. Torres: this level is hellist shit cant get some cool 110K i get uo to 80K and no more.

Pinky Baloo: This level is way too hard I've got over 100,000 three times but can't get over 110,000. I think they're wanting us to pay for the boosters on this one but I'd rather give up the game than do that.

romynitus: This is impossible! I only get 90.000 points... but 126.000?? Yeah in another life :( And the bombs only give me 3000... i've tried it all but still :(

Patrik Vaněk: Zasraný koolo !!!!

fisher00769: I can't believe that they came up with something even more annoying than chocolate. These bombs are driving me nuts. Once I had 120k but I still had 5 moves left and a bomb with a 3 tick on it. which was technically impossible to clear.

amykins812: 109,000+ on my last try.. grr... cant get it!!!

michael98400: i got once 109 800 soooo close !

amykins812: I finally beat it.. I am stuck on level 135 now lol good luck :)

Angel Armond: can not pass this level :(

Dhina Nadar: mine is 150,700 , tried for almost 1and a half month... 

ibratinhio: I don't get it, it seems like you are getting 6000 points for every bomb you explode, but I only get 3000. Can you explain how you are doing it please?

skillgaming: You get 6k if you destroy the bomb in the second place of a chain reaction and even more when 3rd, etc :) If you destroy them directly it just brings 3k.

ibratinhio: I see, thanks, I will give it a try. This is the level I'm having the most trouble with so far!

ibratinhio: Nah man I don't know what's going on. I've tried destroying them in the second place of a chain reaction and I still get 3k :(

michael98400: also with me, it stay 3000

Mikko Öhman: That may have been the case earlier, but now you will always get only 3k for bombs unless you use super candy to wipe them out.

yojana carrasco vasqez: esta dificil

Mari Carmen Martínez: Me gustaria que las publicaciones fuesen en español.para poder enterarme de lo publicidad.gracias un juego estupendo.

OrchidMysty: Target 90 is too high .... should be 80 to enjoy playing the game with strategy.

takalucann: These BOMBS r worst than the CHOCOLATES!! I played level 79 over 30 times N paid $3 bucks for the lollipop N 5 extra moves to pass. BUT this level 98 is RIDICULOUS! This game is ADDICTING n one of the better matching game but its also a big time MONEY EATING game. I probably spent over $20 buck to get to level 98. If you're NOT willing to spend the money, you're not going to pass certain level cause some level require extra help.

fzef dazd: that's not true some levels are indeed very hard to pass without extra help, but it's possible I'm already at level 98 without any extra help

Loree Lilygreen: I have scored over 110 but i still never cleared the level...I don't get it...Gonna give up i think!

takalucann: U have to score over 110 and get at least ONE STAR to pass this level.

Kathy Purcell: board shuts down before bombs run out. At least let the time run out of bombs first before shutting down because that's bull shit!!

Diane Friesen: I've been on level 98 forever it seems. It won't let me play more than 10 moves without shutting me down. Doesn't matter if I blow up the bombs or not. Can anyone help me with this problem?

Judi Fraser: I am stuck on 128. Can't figure out how level is played.

Linda Tate: If I took my time like you are doing, the bombs blow up and kick me out.

Iride Giordano: un aiuto per il livello 97

vera campbell: can some one please tell me how to get off 97

Lynne Stewart: I have been on level 98 for soooo long. So frustrating. So here's hoping that the secret you shared helps me :)

Lefty7788tinkatolli: Yup the makers insist on keeping the score at 110,000. They obviously don't give a flying fuck about their users.

Lefty7788tinkatolli: This game is literally gonna bring me to an early grave. LOWER THE F*$(ING SCORE NEEDED!!


Lefty7788tinkatolli: Please lower 110,000 to 90,000!!!! I can barely get 80k!!!

Rebecca Quirk: i've been stuck way too long on this level! good grief!

Lefty7788tinkatolli: Seriously 110,000 is way too high. One time I got a colour bomb and a striped candy to mix twice and it only came to 89,000.

Lefty7788tinkatolli: been stuck on this level for about 2-3 weeks. Maybe longer. Maybe a month idk

Beryl Payne: What annoys me they give 35 ? move then stops half way through !! Either have number of moves or get the bombs -not both together I'm thinking of giving it away - all they want it to keep buying their cheat modes. NOT ON

Elysa Rolly: It says to get 90k points I made 106k but failed. I don't get it.

keithwright24: this fuckin game is frustrating. I get the Sugar Crush but it won't allow me to pass because I dont get the ninety thousand funky ass points

zuzpirito2: Llevo como tres meses en esta etapa por la shit aun no la puedo pasar D:

Val Faulkner: I figured it out... if you remove a bomb, you get 3000. If you can remove a bomb again in the very next turn, you get 6000. But, I still can't pass this level... lol

DavidMad83: why sometimes they give you around 6000 points for bomb and other times around 3000?

Meudi74: No idea... I thought it was according to the time it takes for us to clear it, such as, if you remove it right away you get 6000 and if it takes more than 1 move it gives you 3000, but sometimes it gets 6000 when it's already in the middle of the board... who knows :D

Bigfellr: Idk if I should buy it or not

Merry Christmas: thanks for watching, the boosters are free, no need real money.

Hadlowj: People really need to learn to read descriptions.

Merry Christmas: thanks for watching

Gary Dumlao: Gago madaya ka

Merry Christmas: thanks for watching

Lakersfanneworleans: What did u use at the beginning to make everything crush?

Merry Christmas: Color Bomb + Striped Candy

PATTY PERRY: yah i can do this too,.......if i spend my hard earned cash (40.00$) on a boost like that ,wow you suck duide,this isnt a cheat lolz

Merry Christmas: Free Booster, no need money.

PATTY PERRY: yah right? just the paint brush alone is 39.99 how can anyone spend real money on a game booster,i mean 99 cents is ok once in a while,but 40 bucks,give me a break,yah whatever*

Tiffany Pina: How much have you spent on the perks?

Merry Christmas: $0.00 , free booster

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