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How to deal with tornadoes Candy Crush Saga?

Tornadoes are introduced beyond level 410:

The tornadoes bring Candy Crush to new level of difficulty.

You do not have any control over the tornadoes and you have no idea which tiles it will hit next as it is totally random. Therefore, it is almost impossible to line up for any special candy moves as it could just be destroyed in the next move. To add insult to injury, the tornadoes not only destroy tiles by random, it also leaves the destroyed tile in destruction for one more move. Therefore, you are unable to use that particular damaged tile for one more move.

You cannot do anything to prevent the tornadoes from happening and it does not go away unlike real life tornadoes.

The only way to deal with the tornadoes in Candy Crush is to understand how it works and work around it to plan your next move. And here is the secret:

After the tornado is done with its destruction, the tile remains unusable for one more move. Immediately thereafter, the next move, the damaged tile will heal by itself. The important thing to note is here, the tile that was above the damaged tile will cascade down to the healed tile.

So if you are planning your next move, take note of the tiles that are going to be healed the next move and you get an idea of how to plan for your next move. After all, the tornado does not come back to damage a tile that has just healed.
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